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Chapter 762 - Battle of Ten Years

In an empty desert within the Canopy Great Country, a male with black hair and a youth with purple hair faced each other. Their clothes rippled in the sandstorm.

“Zhao Feng, I hadn’t thought that the difference between us after meeting again would be so big, but I still want to fight,” Yu Tianhao’s voice was deep, and a strong surge of battle-intent appeared in his eyes. Under this state of battle-intent, Yu Tianhao’s mental energy was strengthened, and his half-step King Intent started to rise.

Facing such an opponent, Zhao Feng sighed in his heart. He admired Yu Tianhao; any other person facing someone with such difference probably wouldn’t even have the courage to fight.

“Yu Tianhao, ten years isn’t up yet,” Zhao Feng smiled and acted nonchalantly. It had only been slightly over seven years since the bet, not ten years.

“I’ll be heading to the main Yu family in the continent zone after this, and I don’t know long I’ll be there. Since we’re both right here already, we might as well fight.”

Yu Tianhao obviously knew that the time wasn’t up yet, but Zhao Feng’s power ignited his battle-intent and potential.

Continent zone? Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled, but he didn’t say anything.

Both of their auras started to radiate within the sandstorm. A Magnificent Power surged from Zhao Feng’s body and connected with Heaven and Earth. His Emperor Intent allowed him to reach a peak.

Just the aura alone made Yu Tianhao feel unable to breathe, but his battle-intent became stronger. Any other half-step King probably wouldn’t even be able to think about fighting back, but Yu Tianhao was able to ignite his battle-intent.

“There’s such a weird and strong bloodline apart from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodlines?” Zhao Feng sighed.

“Hmph! The Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodlines don’t rule supreme in the Fan Universe. After you reach the continent zone, you will know that there’s something called an Imperial Dao bloodline,” Yu Tianhao snickered coldly.

Imperial Dao bloodline? Zhao Feng knew of the Imperial Dao bloodlines, but he didn’t pay too much attention to them since Imperial Dao bloodlines were something from after the Ancient Era.

“The Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodlines are facing extinction and are only getting more impure whereas the Imperial Dao bloodlines are constantly competing against each other. Only the strong will survive,” Yu Tianhao’s voice was full of confidence.

Everyone knew that the Ten Thousand Ancient Races came from the Ancient Era, but it wasn’t as if older things were automatically more powerful. For example, the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes only appeared after the Fan Universe was formed. The Eight Great G.o.d Eyes were closely related to the Ancient Era, but they were relatively recent.

As time pa.s.sed, the bloodlines of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races became more and more impure while the newer bloodlines kept on evolving.

“The Heaven Battling bloodline is an Imperial Dao bloodline, and it isn’t any weaker than a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline. My Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline is elite even among the Imperial Dao bloodlines.”

As soon as he finished saying this, Yu Tianhao’s bloodline seemed to start burning.


Yu Tianhao seemed to duplicate as a mysterious and cold figure appeared behind him. The actions of the two were in sync with one another, and Yu Tianhao’s every movement and breath contained stunning battle-intent that could destroy all power around him.


The Magnificent Power nearby started to shake, and part of it was even ripped off. In this instant, a G.o.d of War seemed to take over Yu Tianhao’s body as a brilliant orange light shot into the sky. If it was the Magnificent Power of a normal King, it probably would’ve been pushed away by Yu Tianhao’s power completely.

“Heaven Battling Axe!” Yu Tianhao raised his hand, and a bright orange axe slashed through Zhao Feng’s Magnificent Power and toward his body.

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised. Even under his suppression, Yu Tianhao was able to ignite his battle-intent.

“Break!” Zhao Feng slowly pushed out his palm, and an illusionary city appeared in the air.

Even Yu Tianhao’s battle-intent shook.


Seven years had pa.s.sed, and the two prodigies fought head-on against one another once again, creating a storm that swept over a hundred miles.

In the storm, a black-haired male groaned and moved back several steps. Yu Tianhao’s face was pale-white, and there was a b.l.o.o.d.y mark on him.

Zhao Feng’s Intent was terrifying, and he had even merged the Illusion Domain into it. The illusion Domain could create attacks based on the Dao of Illusions. Just from the first exchange alone, Yu Tianhao was injured.

“You’re suppressing your cultivation to the half-step King realm?” Yu Tianhao’s eyes twinkled.

He realized something in the exchange just now. If Zhao Feng’s True Yuan was at a King-level, then he could’ve severely injured or killed Yu Tianhao.

“Suppressing?” a bitter smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s face. His cultivation just dropped to the half-step King realm.

In reality, when he faced the three Kings earlier, his cultivation was already at a point between the Origin Core Realm and the Void G.o.d Realm. Of course, Zhao Feng still had an Emperor-level soul; after the cleansing of the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning, it was still as strong as normal Emperors, but he was 30-40% weaker than when he fought against the Emperor of Death.

The weakening of his lifeforce and cultivation were the fastest. Zhao Feng estimated that he had already lost fifty years of his lifespan – more than half the lifespan of a normal human. He was unable to affect the Cursed Words of Death; they were something that had exceeded normal laws.

“Yu Tianhao, I can defeat you in three moves even with the cultivation of a half-step King,” Zhao Feng soon became calm. As long as he had his Intent and G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye, he could recover very quickly just like the child DemiG.o.d. He could even re-cultivate the stronger Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body and Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique as long as he dealt with the Cursed Words of Death.

“Three moves? Then let’s settle it in three moves!”

Yu Tianhao’s battle-intent surged up once more and became even stronger despite his injury. His bloodline seemed to boil, and the figure behind him expanded in size.

“Unparalleled Under the Heavens!” Yu Tianhao sent out a palm that glowed as bright as the sun, and the power was comparable to Domain-level Kings. A terrifying Intent seemed to materialize from the attack, and it could shake one’s soul and heart.

“His battle-power has risen to another level,” Zhao Feng’s expression changed slightly, but he wasn’t scared. He sent out a normal punch, and this time, he merged the Illusion Maze Domain and Mystic Ice Domain at the same time.

Peng~~~ Boom!

The clash instantly created a cold layer of ice around everything within several hundred miles.


Yu Tianhao flew out, and a layer of frost covered his body. The blood leaking out of his mouth instantly froze.

“The third move!” Yu Tianhao gritted his teeth as the image behind him released a brilliant glow of light that seemed to devour Heaven and Earth. His mental energy Intent was comparable to a Peak-tier King.

At this instant, Yu Tianhao’s battle-power was comparable to a Peak-tier King.

“It’s over,” Zhao Feng took a deep breath as his three spatial domains stacked on top of each other.


The desert that they were fighting in shook, and a chasm appeared in the ground.


The image behind Yu Tianhao’s back instantly shattered, and his face went white.


His body fell onto the ground and he fainted.

“Yu Tianhao, I didn’t expect you would be able to form complete King Intent in the last three moves,” Zhao Feng murmured.

His Divine Sense scanned over Yu Tianhao and found that his state was similar to when they fought last time. The Unparalleled Heaven Battling Bloodline could increase one’s battle-strength continuously, but they would pay a price after using it. Simply put, he was overusing his energy.


With a thought, Zhao Feng sent Yu Tianhao several hundred miles away.


Sovereign Yu Xingchen flew through the air and caught Yu Tianhao.

“Zhao Feng, I will remember this in my heart,” Yu Xingchen bowed in the direction of Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng smiled and nodded as he left the desert and headed toward the main headquarters of the Iron Blood Religion.

Yu Xingchen had found Zhao Feng before the battle. There was no doubt who was going to win, so Zhao Feng had agreed to Yu Xingchen’s request to go easy and not severely injure Yu Tianhao while also igniting his Unparalleled Heaven Battling Bloodline.

Reality proved that, even with the cultivation of a half-step King, Zhao Feng could easily defeat Kings.

A while later, Zhao Feng returned to the Iron Blood Religion headquarters.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat appeared and inspected the people with curiosity. Patriarch Hong, Tiemo, the skeletal Division Leader, and company were all present.

“Master, the Scarlet Moon Palace I’ve created has become the number one force in the Azure Flower Continent, and it will protect the balance of the Azure Flower Continent,” the skeletal Division Leader reported.

Half of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion had been taken over by the Scarlet Moon Palace while the other half was killed, but despite the lesser numbers, the Scarlet Moon Palace’s strength surpa.s.sed the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion at its peak. The Ghost Corpse Cursed Array alone could kill Kings.

“Skeletal Division Leader,” Zhao Feng ordered, “From today onward, you shall guard the Azure Flower Continent. You will regain your freedom after the Scarlet Moon Palace has stabilized.”

“Master….” hearing that, the skeletal Division Leader was filled with disbelief and excitement. After accompanying Zhao Feng for so many years, it had improved dramatically, but it never expected it would one day be free.

Zhao Feng did this out of consideration for himself. The skeletal Division Leader and the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array had reached the end of their potential. The former could at most become a King, and no matter how strong the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array was, it couldn’t really threaten Emperors.

Zhao Feng was aiming for the continent zone and people above Emperors; thus, it was better to just leave the skeletal Division Leader in the Azure Flower Continent and let it cultivate by itself.

After completing all of this, Zhao Feng got up and prepared to leave the Azure Flower Continent, but he gave the skeletal Division Leader one more task.

“The child DemiG.o.d has escaped my control and is definitely hiding in some corner cultivating. You need to keep an eye on his whereabouts after I leave,” Zhao Feng said solemnly.

At the moment, the child DemiG.o.d would definitely be scared of Zhao Feng and not dare to appear, but Zhao Feng didn’t have the time nor energy to pursue the child DemiG.o.d. Besides, the two hadn’t reached a level where one of them must die.

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