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Chapter 749 - Pursuit of Death (12)

In the air above the limitless ocean, a dark figure entered an island where the Yuan Qi was much thicker than the Azure Flower Continent.

An hour later, within a one-and-half-star clan on the island.


Screams sounded from everywhere, and the Emperor of Death stood in the air as his tattered Little World of Death enveloped the clan.

"Emperor, why are you slaughtering my clan?" a Sovereign kneeled on the ground and asked in a trembling voice. His eyes were red.

"The Luo Lin Clan has no enmities with the Emperor, please spare us…." another Sovereign begged.

Even though it was just a broken Little World, it wasn't something a one-and-half-star clan could fight against. Forces that hadn't reached two-stars were less than ants in the eyes of the Emperor of Death.

"Tentacles of Death!"

Black tentacles started to shoot out from the Emperor of Death's body and wrap around the cultivators at the True Spirit Realm and Origin Core Realm. The lifeforce and essence of these cultivators started to flow away, and color started to appear in the Emperor of Death's pale face as his Yuan Qi was replenished.

Tentacles of Death was a healing technique that devoured the lifeforce of others in order to heal himself and recover his Yuan Qi. The greatest advantage of this technique was that it was fast, but the weakness was that the replenished Yuan Qi was impure and needed time to refine. If he overused it, it would change the origin of his True Yuan and wouldn't completely heal him, especially if he was already severely injured. Furthermore, relying on it too much could leave hidden injuries behind.

However, even though it had these weaknesses, Tentacles of Death was still a heaven-defying method.

Within an hour's time, the entire Luo Lin Clan was destroyed by the Emperor of Death.

"I've recovered 40-50% of my Yuan Qi, but my injuries haven't healed as well as I thought…." the Emperor of Death murmured.

The Luo Lin Clan had turned into a mountain of white bones, but only those at the Origin Core Realm or higher would be effective on him if he used Tentacles of Death.

Several hours later, the Emperor of Death destroyed another one-star clan and recovered 60-70% of his True Yuan.

"The recovery of my injuries is quite slow…." the Emperor of Death's eyebrows locked together.

Damage that could injure an Emperor wouldn't be easily healed. Furthermore, Zhao Feng's Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning contained the power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning.

"I need to find some Kings in order to recover faster…."

Thinking up to there, the Emperor of Death left this island and found that there was a two-star sect nearby after soul-searching a Sovereign Lord.

Normal two-star sects were obviously nothing in the eyes of the Emperor of Death.

Half a day later, at a two-star sect named the Scorching Sky Sect:

"Emperor of Death, why are you attacking my sect!?" a bulky male surrounded in blue flames roared.

Cries sounded from all over the Scorching Sky Sect as the Emperor of Death used his Little World of Death to cover any experts at the Great Origin Core Realm or higher.

"Tentacles of Death!"

The Emperor of Death's black eyes landed on the bulky male in blue flames, and the latter's soul seemed to freeze. He was unable to fight back, and the Tentacles of Death soon wrapped themselves around the male in blue flames and started to absorb his lifeforce and essence.

"Emperor of Death, stop~~~!"

The sound of flying appeared, and three Void G.o.d Realm Kings arrived. One of them was a good-looking female wearing a dress; she was a Peak-tier King.

Hmm? the Emperor of Death was slightly surprised. He didn't expect reinforcements to arrive so quickly.

The traces of him killing two whole one-star clans had been found, and these two-star sects had the ability to send long-distance messages to one another.

"Hahaha…. Four Void G.o.d Realm Kings, including a Peak-tier King, will be enough for me to recover some injuries," the Emperor of Death laughed and started to circulate the power of his Little World of Death toward the Kings.

The bulky male in blue flames started to become skinnier as his lifeforce and True Yuan were sucked away.

The expressions of the three Kings that just arrived changed dramatically, and they charged at the Emperor of Death without hesitation. They only had the courage to fight the Emperor of Death because he was injured and his Little World was broken.

"Emperor of Death, you shouldn't kill so many people and create so many enemies. My older brother is Emperor Yu; I believe you've heard of him…." the female in the dress was extremely charming.

However, the Emperor of Death snickered coldly, "Fake righteousness. If you were in the same situation as me, you cultivators of the Righteous Path would be even more savage than me."

The Emperor of Death wasn't dumb; he didn't go around killing everyone he saw in his spare time. On the contrary, he knew the aforementioned principle very well - the first time he was killed was because he had made enemies out of too many Emperors, and several peak Emperors teamed up to defeat him.

However, desperate times called for desperate measures, and the Emperor of Death needed to use the fastest method to recover. Only with such a method would he have any hope of turning the tide and obtaining victory.

Boom! Boom! Bam~~~~!

The three Kings clashed against the Emperor of Death. The Emperor of Death remained nonchalant; he was easily suppressing the three even while using the Tentacles of Death to absorb the lifeforce and essence of the Origin Core Realms and the other King.

The Emperor of Death didn't use all his strength because he didn't want to accidentally kill these Kings.

"The Emperor of Death is severely injured and can still suppress us so easily!?"

The expressions of the three were solemn, and they were stunned. What kind of battle had the Emperor of Death been through for him to resort to this method to recover his strength?

Right at this moment, the male in blue flames finally turned into a pile of white bones from the Tentacles of Death.

"It's your turn," the Emperor of Death licked his lips. Using the Tentacles of Death on Void G.o.d Realm Kings was much more effective.

The hearts of the three Kings went cold, and they had thoughts of retreating.

"Endless Death!"

The Emperor of Death laughed gruesomely as an abyss appeared in his Eyes of Death and covered the three Kings.


The three Kings screamed as they entered an ocean of Death.

"We've fallen into the illusion of the Eye of Death!" the female exclaimed, but no matter how they struggled, they were unable to escape the erosion of the power of Death.

"Tentacles of Death!"

The Emperor of Death's figure appeared above the three and wrapped them in tentacles. At the same time, the three Kings started to struggle in the physical dimension. The female was barely able to awaken, but the Emperor of Death put his hand down on her shoulder and froze her thoughts.

"…so this is the strength of a peak Emperor?" the face of the female was pale-white and filled with bitterness. Even though the Emperor of Death was injured and his Little World was broken, he wasn't someone that they were able to handle.

Right as the three Kings were about to be slain:


An arc of lightning flew in from the limitless ocean and closed in on this direction. A maelstrom of flames and lightning started to emerge into Heaven and Earth.

"So fast!" the Emperor of Death exclaimed as his hand on the female stiffened, and shock appeared on the female's face as she saw signs of hope. It seemed that the Emperor of Death was being chased by someone even more terrifying, which was why he was running around and slaughtering others to regain his strength.


A piercing sound resounded through the air, and the face of the female went white. Her soul shook, and the s.p.a.ce nearby seemed to be restricted by a certain power. It was as if she couldn't dodge no matter what she did.


The female felt blood splatter everywhere as a scarlet-golden arrow pierced into the Emperor of Death's body. A dark mysterious carving glowed on the surface of the arrow and radiated an undying and immortal aura.


The Emperor of Death groaned as pain surged in his soul.


The golden crown on his head released a brilliant golden light alongside a Soul undulation.

"That arrow contained a soul attack!" the female felt her soul go cold, and she felt as if ten thousand crackles of lightning had sounded.

Under that attack, the Emperor of Death was slightly injured as he faced the burning sensation of the Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning as well as the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning.

The female used this chance to escape the Emperor of Death's grasp. The other two Kings weren't as strong as the female, so they were still held down by the Tentacles of Death.

"Senior, save us~~~!" the female flew toward the magnificent aura closing in. A male with scarlet-golden wings and purple hair holding a bow appeared. His left eye was purple and seemed to flash with lightning, and it was full of cold killing intent.

"It was him that forced the Emperor of Death to this situation…?" the female was in disbelief. The aura of life from this newcomer was extremely young, but the power radiating from it wasn't weaker than the Emperor of Death. There was a powerful confidence to it, and even more importantly, he was unharmed, which made it clear that he was the pursuer.

"Emperor of Death, you're actually using such methods to recover your injuries? No matter what you do, you won't be able to heal from damage caused by G.o.d Tribulation Lightning, even if you die."

Zhao Feng was shocked, and his expression went cold as he inspected with his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye. If it were damage caused by a normal Emperor, the Emperor of Death might be able to recover from most of it, but the power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning couldn't be healed so easily.

"Hahaha…. Zhao Feng, although I haven't fully recovered from my injuries yet, my energy has. Just the two of you alone aren't my match," the Emperor of Death laughed out loud.

He realized that Zhao Feng's Yuan Qi hadn't fully recovered yet. In order to chase the Emperor of Death and not give him any time to rest, Zhao Feng's Yuan Qi would be slightly depleted.

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