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Chapter 805 - Ancient Mysterious Palace

“Its target… seems to be the ancient mysterious palace as well!”

Xuanyuan Wen's gaze landed on the large shadow of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, which was charging toward the depths of the Divine Illusion Dimension.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon released an aura of Destruction wherever it went, causing countless beings to tremble and shake in fear. Even someone as strong as Xuanyuan Wen felt the pressure and didn't dare to approach.

At this moment, Xuanyuan Wen revealed a thoughtful expression. The ancient mysterious palace of the Divine Illusion Dimension was not something that many people from the lord dynasty knew about. When the Divine Illusion Dimension and continent zone connected, this place was at the very center. Normally, no one would be able to reach the ancient mysterious palace.

However, at this instant, the sudden appearance of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon destroyed Xuanyuan Wen's plans for the ancient mysterious palace. He wouldn't be able to hide the existence of the palace from everyone else anymore; the momentum of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was simply too strong.

“There are advantages and disadvantages.” Xuanyuan Wen smiled. “With the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon leading the way, it might be able to destroy all the laws and arrays in the ancient mysterious palace.”


He took out a unique token and crushed it. A strong but hidden undulation surged toward another part of the Divine Illusion Dimension.

Most messaging functions would be heavily limited in the Divine Illusion Dimension, but some could still be used.

Xuanyuan Wen then followed the direction of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

At the same moment in time, elsewhere in the Divine Illusion Dimension, Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng were still following steadily from behind, occasionally taking a break. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon became faster and faster, and it easily reached the speed of an Emperor. Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng were unable to catch up.

Zhao Feng was extremely skilled in tracking, so he wasn't scared of losing track of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon. In reality, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had flown without any fear or wariness, so anyone that had even a little experience in tracking would be able to follow it.

“As I thought, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi here is becoming denser. We're reaching the center of the Divine Illusion Dimension.” Zhao Feng looked toward the distance.

The beasts they had met on the way were becoming stronger as well.

Of course, there was a lot of fortune on the way as well, and they occasionally saw the figures of others from the outside world.

The point of connection into the Divine Illusion Dimension was very big, so all the forces from the lord dynasty and the oceans nearby were able to enter. There were at least several hundred two-star forces that had entered, and this was a conservative number, not even counting those from major families.

Of course, not many forces were able to send in Void G.o.d Realm Kings unless they were at least a three-star force or from the Eight Big Families.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng landed on a hill, then started to rest. In order to make sure they could handle any emergencies, they didn't want to expend too much of their Yuan Qi.

Instead of resting, it was better to call it cultivating. Zhao Feng took out the King-level Crystal Core of the Purple Wind Lightning Lion and started to cultivate the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique.

This forgotten dimension still had its original landscape, and the Yuan Qi here was much better than the outside world. Cultivating here was much more efficient than in the outside world. Zhao Feng's G.o.d's Spiritual Eye found some plants that were extinct in the outside world on the way as well.

With the help of the Wind Lightning core, Zhao Feng's cultivation was slowly and steadily increasing.

The Wind Lightning Crystal Core contained a Wind Lightning True Yuan dimension, and it was very compatible with Zhao Feng. In just a short while, Zhao Feng's Yuan Qi recovered, and the size and quality of his Crystal Core were increasing.

I still need some time to break through to the Great Origin Core Realm, Zhao Feng thought.

After all, the Origin Core Realm was a long process of acc.u.mulation, and the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique wasn't a normal skill.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Feng decided to alter the path of his cultivation. He stopped focusing on the quant.i.ty and started focusing on the quality of his True Yuan.

The core within Zhao Feng's dantian showed more signs of crystallizing.

I'll first raise the quality of my True Yuan to the Great Origin Core Realm. Zhao Feng had a target.

The reason he did this was because he would be able to become stronger within a shorter amount of time and gain more explosive strength.

To reach this goal, Zhao Feng entered the Ancient Dream Realm.


Zhao Feng's consciousness entered the whirlpool in his Soul Sea. In the next instant, he stepped onto an ancient piece of land. The pressure here was far stronger than the Divine Illusion Dimension, but with the force of his Sacred Lightning Body, he could easily walk around here.

There were still several Spiritual Fruits on the tree, and most of them were ripe. The python and bird were both still guarding.

Zhao Feng took a fully ripe Ancient Dream Realm fruit and took some bites out of it.

The Ancient Dream Realm fruit was extremely useful for bodies and bloodlines. A while back, the child DemiG.o.d had eaten a few when he was a King, and it strengthened his Sacred Body.

However, it was hard to digest the spiritual fruit, and it took a long time, otherwise Zhao Feng wouldn't have eaten it only now.

His consciousness then returned to the Divine Illusion Dimension.

Nan Gongsheng was cultivating behind Zhao Feng, and his spatial domain glittered with the power of the Evil G.o.d Crystal.

Zhao Feng found that the Evil G.o.d Crystal and Nan Gongsheng's spatial domain were a.s.similating each other. The Evil G.o.d Crystal was the core, and the wicked power of the Evil G.o.d Crystal had eroded Nan Gongsheng's spatial domain. Some of it had even merged into his Crystal Core.


Wisps of wicked purple light glowed amongst the silver light around Nan Gongsheng's body. A purple-colored half-moon mark seemed to flicker on Nan Gongsheng's forehead, as if it was the mark of an Evil G.o.d.


With Nan Gongsheng's every breath, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby would move and act as if it was bowing down to a G.o.d.

As expected of the Evil G.o.d Crystal. Nan Gongsheng is becoming stronger and stronger, but I don't know if he'll be able to truly control its power, Zhao Feng thought.

Of course, Zhao Feng's progress was shocking as well. He had eaten the Ancient Dream Realm spiritual fruit and had the Wind Lightning Crystal Core of a King. In just half a day's time, it was obvious that Zhao Feng's bloodline and body had become stronger. He reached the late stages of the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body and was starting to progress toward the peak fourth level, and he had only digested a small proportion of the Ancient Dream Realm fruit.

Bo~ Bo~ Weng~~

Zhao Feng appeared within a whirlpool of water and lightning, and the nearby Water and Lightning Yuan Qi roared. Rain and lightning surrounded the air above the hill, and anyone within a hundred miles of it could feel it clearly.

“The Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique has broken through to the 6th level.” Zhao Feng revealed a joyful expression.

The first three levels of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique were the foundation of Wind Lightning, and after that, one would construct the first of the five elements. Now, Zhao Feng's Water of Wind Lightning had reached the sixth level.

“I'll be able to construct the second element of Wind Lightning at the 7th level – the Wood of Wind Lightning.” Zhao Feng was looking forward to this.

The Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique cultivated the five elements. The construction of another element wasn't just an increase in direct strength, it also meant that more techniques and abilities could be used. Furthermore, an extra element meant that the Sacred Lightning Body would become more resilient against that element.

For example, Zhao Feng currently used the Water of Wind Lightning to refine his Sacred Lightning Body, so he had a strong resilience against Ice and Water attacks.

Zhao Feng's core within his dantian had almost fully crystallized. Apart from the quant.i.ty, there wasn't much of a difference between his True Yuan and someone at the Great Origin Core Realm.

Adding on the fact that he had the Sacred Lightning Body and the Wind Lightning Technique, these two sacred techniques, his battle-power was comparable to a half-step King, and that was without even taking into account his hidden cards, bloodline, or G.o.d's Spiritual Eye.

“Let's go.” Zhao Feng got up. Although the majority of the Spiritual Fruit hadn't been digested yet, he could slowly absorb it on the way.

When he fully absorbed this Spiritual Fruit, Zhao Feng's Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body would reach the limit of the fourth level, and he would be able to crush normal half-step Kings with just his physical body alone.


Nan Gongsheng let out a long breath and got up unwillingly. The Evil G.o.d Crystal had strengthened his spatial domain and his Crystal Core. The feeling could make anyone lose themselves in it.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng leapt over the hill and continued to chase after the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

An ancient ruined city came into sight after a couple dozen miles, and they could hear the sound of battle.


A white beam of light sped out from the ruins toward them.

“Quickly chase after her! That evil girl from the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty has stolen the Mind Calming Pearl and the Soul Healing Wood.”

A bunch of figures sped out of the ruined city chasing the white light.

Hmm? Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng couldn't help but look over. They had seen people fight before, but this was the first time they had seen several hundred people all gathered together, and they were all elites.


One could see the faint image of a female with a pair of transparent wings in the white light. Her aura had reached the Void G.o.d Realm.

There were two people that had reached the Void G.o.d Realm King in the chasing group, and the others were mainly at the half-step King level or the peak stage of the Great Origin Core Realm.

“Fellow friends in front, can you please stop that evil girl from the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty?” a young King wearing some old armor yelled.

The speed of the female with wings surpa.s.sed everyone chasing her, so none of them would be able to catch up. Only if Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng stopped her would they have a chance to take her down.

“This girl seems to have some sort of treasure on her…. Get back here!” A light flashed in Zhao Feng's eyes as sent out a punch through the air.

The female with wings revealed a disdainful look as she saw a Small Origin Core Realm youth attack her. However, her expression changed dramatically the next instant.


The punch contained an enormous physical force that could kill normal Great Origin Core Realms.

The female with wings was fast, but her physical body was her weakness. Adding on the fact that she wasn't expecting it to be so powerful, her figure shook in the air as she was almost injured.

Right at this moment:


A wicked silver light that glittered with purple rushed toward the female.

“Spatial technique!” The winged female's expression changed dramatically as she realized that these two were unusual. Nan Gongsheng's silver spatial domain glittered with purple and radiated a wicked power that even she was afraid of.

“Two young masters, please let me live. I will give you all my treasures….” the female with wings begged and cried.

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