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Chapter 814 - Zhao Yufei Joining In

In the air:


Jiu Wuji's tall figure fell from the sky into the valley, causing a cloud of dust to rise into the air.

It was right at this moment that the Thirteenth Prince and the wrinkled elder arrived.

Their hearts shook. They both knew Jiu Wuji's battle-power clearly – only Zhao Yufei could suppress him. It could be said that Jiu Wuji was almost unrivalled against everyone below the Emperor level, and his battle-power wasn't weaker than some of the most famous Peak-tier Kings.

“The fight ended so quickly! How did those purple-haired thieves manage to do it?” The wrinkled elder was dazed.

They just arrived, so they only saw the result, not the process. From their a.n.a.lysis, Jiu Wuji and the purple-haired thieves shouldn't have been fighting for long.


A silver-gray cat only slightly bigger than a palm wrapped a golden-gray whip around its neck like a necklace.

“That cat…” The arriving experts all felt weird. The wrinkled elder and the Thirteenth Prince thought that they had seen the little thieving cat partic.i.p.ate in a fight between Kings.

“Retreat!” Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng sped into the distance with a flash of silver and purple. The thieving cat also disappeared.

Cough! Cough!

Jiu Wuji tried to get up a bit. The dust was still falling, and he looked powerless and stunned.

“Jiu Wuji, with your strength, you shouldn't have been defeated so badly.” Jiang Chen arrived.

The expressions of the arriving experts were full of shock, and their eyes all twinkled. Under the current situation, no one dared to chase after the purple-haired thieves even if they had the speed to do so.

“I underestimated that purple-haired youth….” Jiu Wuji's expression was solemn as he told them the process. He didn't reveal his guesses about Zhao Feng.

Jiu Wuji had controlled the fight in the beginning, but Zhao Feng's Soul Dao Domain had turned the tide at the very last moment. Adding on the little thieving cat's ability to stun, Jiu Wuji was utterly defeated.

If they fought again, Jiu Wuji still might not win, but he wouldn't be defeated this badly.

“Looks like… what Ji Lan said was true. The scary one is the younger one,” the wrinkled elder said after some thought.

The young King from Grand Duke Yuan's Palace and company all knew how terrifying Jiu Wuji was. Everyone's attention had been attracted to Nan Gongsheng, who specialized in the laws of s.p.a.ce; they ignored the other purple-haired youth. Reality proved that the one they ignored was the truly terrifying one.

In the air around the valley, the leaders and elites of several forces gathered together. They had lost confidence in chasing after the purple-haired thieves after this event. After all, the enmity between both sides hadn't reached the stages where only one could live. However, Jiu Wuji, Jiang Chen, the Thirteenth Prince, and some others were unwilling to give up this easily.


Eventually, a bright flash of light and a surge of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi appeared.

“Who's there!?” all the elites yelled.

“It's Zhao Yufei…!” The expressions of Jiu Wuji and several other Kings couldn't help but change.


A slender and elegant G.o.ddess in purple landed near the valley.

Why did Zhao Yufei suddenly come here?

“Zhao Yufei, the Duanmu Family better not have some sort of relations.h.i.+p with those purple-haired thieves.” Jiu Wuji's expression was ugly as he interrogated.

Back in the ruined city, the Duanmu Family was the only force that the purple-haired thieves hadn't stolen from, so they were the biggest winners among all the forces.

“Purple-haired thieves? They managed to escape from you?” Zhao Yufei asked.

Hearing that, Jiu Wuji instantly became angry due to embarra.s.sment. Being an older elite, he had basically lost all face; first he lost to Zhao Yufei, then he lost to the purple-haired thieves.

Some of the other forces' leaders also had ugly expressions.

“Sister Yufei!” The purple-golden-robed Thirteenth Prince's eyes lit up as he immediately came over.

The wrinkled elder couldn't help but sigh helplessly. Some people that knew more information revealed understanding looks and started to whisper with each other.

It wasn't much of a secret that the Thirteenth Prince liked Zhao Yufei. Their ages were kind of close, and the Thirteenth Prince was deeply attracted to her appearance and aura when he saw Zhao Yufei once in the Great Gan Imperial Capital.

Zhao Yufei had the bloodline of the Spiritual Race, meaning that her skin was like that of a G.o.ddess; she couldn't be compared to normal females.

Countless members of Big Families and various prodigies thought of Zhao Yufei as the G.o.ddess of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. Among them, the n.o.ble Thirteenth Prince was one of the top compet.i.tors.

Although the Thirteenth Prince wasn't very talented amongst the princes, the current Great Gan Sacred Emperor loved him and had even given him the Sacred Emperor's Sword.

“According to what I know, the imperials have asked the Duanmu Family for a marriage, and even the Sacred Emperor has the intention to make the Thirteenth Prince and Zhao Yufei a couple.”

“Really? Will the fallen Duanmu Family reject such a chance?”

Discussion broke out amongst the group, and some geniuses looked at the Thirteenth Prince with envy and jealousy. It was the dream of countless people to marry such a n.o.ble G.o.ddess with such a rare bloodline. However, due to differences in status, normal geniuses had no chance at all.

“Sister Yufei, this is what happened…” the Thirteenth Prince excitedly told her what happened when they tried to capture the purple-haired thieves.

In the past, Zhao Yufei was very emotionless toward him, but this time, she took the initiative to ask, making the Thirteenth Prince overjoyed. Therefore, the Thirteenth Prince told her everything he knew. What made him especially happy was that Zhao Yufei was paying great attention, and a light even flashed through her eyes when a “small cat” was mentioned.

Brother Feng, have you really appeared? Then why…? Joy appeared in Zhao Yufei's eyes.

This was something the Thirteenth Prince had never seen before. She was like the girl next door.

“Zhao Yufei, what are your intentions?” Jiu Wuji asked. Instinct told him that Zhao Yufei cared a lot about the information regarding the purple-haired thieves.

“Isn't it obvious? I want to join you in chasing and killing them,” Zhao Yufei said coldly.

“Ahh!?” The nearby elites were all surprised.

“Kill them? The Duanmu Family has nothing against those two thieves; they even benefitted off them.” Jiu Wuji's face was cold, and some other older elites were also suspicious. There was no logical reason why Zhao Yufei would want to chase after the purple-haired thieves.

“Jiu Wuji, when you fought with those two thieves, did you sense that the youth in black had a pure G.o.d Crystal – not a substandard one – in his spatial domain?” Zhao Yufei smiled and asked.

Pure G.o.d Crystal? Jiu Wuji and company started to think.

“That's right, when I fought with the youth in black, I did sense a strong surge of power within his spatial domain,” Jiang Chen nodded his head and said.

Jiu Wuji, Jiang Chen, and the people who had fought with Nan Gongsheng had all felt the aura of the Evil G.o.d Crystal.

“My bloodline is extremely sensitive toward Primal Crystal Stones, and that is a true G.o.d Crystal,” Zhao Yufei explained.

Hearing this, the present elites all understood. Apparently, Zhao Yufei had the bloodline of the Spiritual Race of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, which was extremely compatible with Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

True G.o.d Crystals were incredibly rare even in the continent zone. Even some Sacred Lords and DemiG.o.ds would fight over pure G.o.d Crystals.

“Great! With the help of Yufei, I believe we can kill those two thieves.” The Thirteenth Prince was overjoyed. He obviously didn't mind spending more time with the G.o.ddess in his heart.

Although Zhao Yufei was only the step-daughter of the Duanmu Family's Grand Elder, she had the n.o.ble bloodline of the Spiritual Race, which any force would like to marry.

“With the addition of Lady Yufei, the possibility of success will increase dramatically.” Jiang Chen nodded his head.

The number one beauty of the Jiang Family, Jiang Feixue, started to talk with Zhao Yufei. They had seen each other before.

With the addition of Zhao Yufei, every force present became much more confident, and with the attractiveness of the Evil G.o.d Crystal, the pursuers increased.

Zhao Yufei, Jiu Wuji, and the other Kings started to gather together and discuss.

Brother Feng… I will find you, Zhao Yufei decided. She believed that, during the last couple years, Zhao Feng should have already confirmed whether Liu Qinxin was dead, so he would now return to her side.

In the air above a sea of trees, a streak of silver-purple light flew with two figures inside it.


Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng let out a breath as they glanced back. Zhao Feng was extremely weak due to his limited cultivation. Utilizing explosive battle-power required a lot of energy and bloodline power.

“If Jiu Wuji is already so strong, then how strong is Zhao Yufei?” Nan Gongsheng murmured.

Back in the True Martial Sacred Land, he had fought Zhao Yufei to a draw, but now, she had already surpa.s.sed him.

“Nan Gongsheng, with your current growth rate, you will be able to reach the peak of geniuses in the continent zone. In the fight just now, you didn't even use your Qiankun Sword or your other cards.” Zhao Feng drank a sip of spiritual liquid before shaking his head with a smile.

Jiu Wuji was an old elite that could be ranked within the top thirty on the Imperial Genius rankings.

Nan Gongsheng was silent for a while and started to think. How would Zhao Feng at his peak fare against the top prodigies of the Imperial Genius rankings?

“Let's continue following the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.”

Zhao Feng chose a specific route, and he guessed that, because Jiu Wuji was severely injured, the other forces should have stopped chasing after them. However, what he didn't know was that Zhao Yufei had joined them, so the pursuers had not only not given up, they actually expanded and became even stronger.

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