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Chapter 915 - Interception

Sacred Lords didn't usually appear in the outside world, and this was the Grand Elder of one of the Eight Big Families. Furthermore, there were three young, talented disciples of the Ji Family next to Sacred Lord Star Demon.

"I'm just taking these juniors to the Imperial Palace so that they can increase their knowledge. May I know why Sacred Lord Duanmu is here?" Sacred Lord Star Demon's expression was the same as usual as he gave a general reply

The Duanmu Family was based in the northeastern region and was only one province away from the Imperial Capital, but Duanmu Qing had appeared at the borders of the western region. He probably had an important issue for him to come here.

"I had some important matters I needed to attend to, so I had to leave the family." Duanmu Qing also gave a general reply, but it didn't make anyone unhappy.

However, everyone from the Ji family instinctively looked at the golden-haired and golden-eyed youth.

Zhao Feng was the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor of the Cang Ocean, and he had re-cultivated after taking over the body of a disciple from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. This place they were in right now wasn't too far away from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

In addition, Ji Lan was certain about this golden-haired youth's mysterious eye-bloodline techniques, and everyone else was sure that a genius with an eye-bloodline like his had never appeared in the Duanmu Family.

The ident.i.ty of this youth was extremely similar to Zhao Feng, and Duanmu Qing had come all the way here to take Zhao Feng back to the Duanmu Family. There was only one reason - the battle to become Crown Prince.

Even the top eye-bloodline family in the continent wasn't able to see through Zhao Feng's mysterious eye-bloodline techniques in the Divine Illusion Dimension or here. He could definitely help the Duanmu Family get one more spot.

"Sacred Lord Duanmu, the teleportation array has been fixed. I'll be going first."

The group from the Ji Family said goodbye to Duanmu Qing.

In reality, the city teleportation array had been fixed a while ago, but no one dared to interrupt a conversation between two Sacred Lords.

"Grand Elder, what was with Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline technique just now?" Ji Wuye couldn't help but ask after they left. At the same time, the other two Elders and juniors paid attention. From their point of view, only Sacred Lord Star Demon could tell them the answer.

Sacred Lord Star Demon had reached an incredible mastery of the Purple Star Eyes and was still creating more eye-bloodline techniques that were suitable for the Purple Star Eyes. He had contributed many new and powerful eye-bloodline techniques for the Ji Family. Therefore, while Sacred Lord Star Demon's cultivation wasn't very high, his eye-bloodline techniques were terrifying.

"Disintegration." Sacred Lord Star Demon only said one word.

"Disintegration?" The other five people were puzzled. Zhao Feng lightly said this word as well when he used his technique.

"Grand Elder, I know an eye-bloodline technique as well that can decrease the power of another eye-bloodline technique, but it's completely different from Zhao Feng's."

Ji Wuye didn't quite know what the word meant, but he had seen similar eye-bloodline techniques.

"The eye-bloodline technique of that junior is similar to dispersion eye-bloodline techniques." Sacred Lord Star Demon thought for a while before slowly responding, "Dispersion eye-bloodline techniques find the critical point of an attack and destroy it in order to decrease its power. You can think of that junior's technique as dispersing all the critical points of the attack."

Those from the Ji Family were stunned by what the Grand Elder said. They knew that dispersion-type eye-bloodline techniques required an enormous amount of energy, and the damage was very low. Only certain eye-bloodlines could use such a skill, let alone put it to great use.

Grand Elder said that Zhao Feng had dispersed all the critical points.

Destruction and dispersion were completely different. It was like destroying a wall. Destroying it was extremely easy, but if one wanted to break through the wall while still keeping the bricks intact, it would be extremely troublesome.

How much soul power and eye-bloodline power were needed for one to reach that level? No wonder Zhao Feng stopped halfway through.

"Those are just my conservative thoughts." Sacred Lord Star Demon seemed to think and spoke slowly.

Everyone instantly went silent. They were all masters of eye-bloodline techniques and knew that Grand Elder was speaking the truth.

After watching those from the Ji Family leave, Zhao Feng and Duanmu Qing also entered the teleportation array. The other remaining people let out a breath only after the two Sacred Lords left.

"Who is that golden-haired youth? He managed to defeat that genius of the Ji Family with just one move, and it was an eye-bloodline technique too!" A youth from the City Lord's force was stunned.

After being teleported to a neighboring city, the master and disciple duo sat on the flaming chariot once more and shot into the sky.

"Zhao Feng, was that the new ability you gained with the evolution of your G.o.d Eye?" Duanmu Qing revealed a surprised look. Even he didn't know the theory behind Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline technique.

"The left eye only increased my sight and dispersion ability. The eye-bloodline technique I just used was created by combining that with another eye-bloodline technique I know." Zhao Feng explained. He told Duanmu Qing the new ability of his G.o.d's Eye and how it was formed.

"Looks like I was wrong." Duanmu Qing tried to see it from another angle. Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline technique wasn't as terrifying as he originally thought.

Zhao Feng could only make part of a soul attack disappear, and it required a lot of energy, which is why he had to stop halfway through. It also didn't seem to contain any offensive abilities.

However, because no one knew the principles behind it, they found it mysterious and powerful. After all, humans were scared of the unknown.

The two talked for a bit more before Zhao Feng entered the Misty Spatial World.

The sparring just now made Zhao Feng understand a lot of things. Disintegrating Ji Wuye's soul attack was completely different from disintegrating rocks and flowers. The latter's soul attack also contained physical damage.

Zhao Feng's left eye received a large amount of unknown information, which made his eye hurt and caused him to stop. After Zhao Feng digested this information, he would be able to disintegrate Ji Wuye's attack next time much more easily.

Zhao Feng had suppressed his Soul Intent to Ji Wuye's level in order to test his technique. Sacred Lord Star Demon had definitely seen this, but he was only interested in Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline.

Zhao Feng didn't mind showing it off. One could tell that the new ability was not normal since even the little thieving cat was scared of it.

"Every time I disintegrate something, I receive information about its structure, and this information is stored within the golden ball. I can check it any time I want and don't need to use my left eye to replicate it like in the past." Zhao Feng was very satisfied by this.

"Atoms and particles have some similarities… particles contain elements."

The more Zhao Feng disintegrated things, the more he understood. Zhao Feng guessed that, if he could fully understand this information, dispersing and disintegrating anything in the future would be a lot easier.

"Particles aren't just made up of the elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. There are different amounts of different elements, and the structures they form are different as well."

Zhao Feng was completely immersed in this world, and he delved deeply into this topic. More than a dozen days pa.s.sed, and Zhao Feng now knew the structure of particles.

"The physical body, the soul, and Mystic Light Sacred power form the body of a Sacred Lord. Their defense and recovery ability are extremely strong, but if I could split those three powers apart…"

Zhao Feng started to think. If he could split the physical body, soul, and Mystic Light Sacred power of a Sacred Lord apart, then their advantages would drop dramatically.

Of course, this was just Zhao Feng's hypothesis. He couldn't confirm it without practice, and he didn't have the ability to disperse in a wide area yet. The bigger the range, the more pressure and energy required.

However, one thing was for sure - Zhao Feng's dispersion ability could ignore the defense of Sacred Lords and split apart their Sacred bodies. If these Sacred Lords didn't know anything about atoms, they wouldn't be able to heal themselves; they would have to rely on the basic recovery speed of their Sacred bodies. This would mean another card for Zhao Feng that he could use to threaten Sacred Lords.

"The deeper I go, the more I feel like the golden eye is unusual. It seems like I can continue to dig even deeper."

Zhao Feng was like a starving person who discovered a buffet as he delved into the world of particles.

Right now, understanding everything was the most important. Half a year pa.s.sed in a flash, and Zhao Feng focused on this one topic alone.

Circulating the golden eye required too much Soul Intent and eye-bloodline power, so Zhao Feng could focus only on it; because of this, he didn't use the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique to mult.i.task. Besides, Zhao Feng's cultivation, Golden Kun Sacred Body, and Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique had broken through not long ago and needed time to consolidate.

"Zhao Feng, we're almost at the Duanmu Family," Duanmu Qing's voice sounded, and Zhao Feng came out of the Misty Spatial World. He looked forward and saw countless beautiful elegant buildings and streams ahead. It was like a garden of the G.o.ds. The Duanmu Family was surrounded by mountains, and the only exit was a stream that was dozens of yards wide.

"Elder Qing, who is this brat?" Five Elders from the Duanmu Family appeared at the entrance to the Duanmu Family. They had been waiting here for a long time.

"This is my disciple," Duanmu Qing replied as he radiated the aura of a Sacred Lord. The terrifying aura caused the air nearby to become heavy. Duanmu Qing looked down from above, as if he was a king.

The five Elders were all just Emperors but acted as if they were interrogating Duanmu Qing. This obviously meant that the Grand Elder was behind their backs.

"Elder Qing, please calm down. We're not here to trouble you." An elder in green robes was slightly weaker and immediately gave a wronged expression under Duanmu Qing's Sacred Lord aura.

"Elder Qing, Zhao Feng is one of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo and is rather infamous. He's not suitable to join the Duanmu Family."

"Zhao Feng offended too many forces in the Divine Illusion Dimension. The Duanmu Family has just started to recover our name, so we can't tarnish it."

Several Elders spoke and made Duanmu Qing's expression change slightly. After all, Duanmu Qing was from the Duanmu Family and wanted the Duanmu Family to rise once more. He knew what kind of person his disciple was, but stealing from others in the Divine Illusion Dimension was understandable. Did the three-star super forces not do the same thing to the two-star powers? The strong ruled while the weak were eliminated.

However, these "experts" had fallen at the hands of someone they thought was weak and felt as if they had lost face, so they tried to get their face back by trash-talking that person.

"Elders, that isn't the true reason, right?" Duanmu Qing calmed down and said.

The Elders all stopped and lowered their heads. It indeed wasn't the true reason.

A beam of green light suddenly shot out from the Duanmu Family and lit up the place nearby toward Duanmu Qing.

"This is the true reason," a bright but old voice swept over.

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