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Chapter 920 - Entering the Imperial Palace

"Younger brother Ninth Prince, congratulations on recruiting such an expert," the Eighth Prince said.

He and Luo Zun felt disgusted and helpless when facing Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng's mysteriousness and his troublesome ways were deeply imprinted in their hearts.

However, the Ninth Prince recruiting Zhao Feng didn't change the situation much. After all, the force behind the Ninth Prince was too weak, and he didn't have many strong experts. His overall strength was still ranked very low.

According to previous experience, the Crown Prince only came from the princes ranked in the top five. Those that were ranked lower had almost no chance of winning.

They went to the Imperial Tomb to find fortune and consolidate their strength. They might be able to receive a high position of power in the future, and it would be even better if they could join the Grand Imperial Hall.

However, there was still some time till the battle for Crown Prince, so no one knew what would happen.

They greeted the Ninth Prince and soon left. There was nothing to say between Zhao Feng and Luo Zun.

"Luo Zun." The Eighth Prince could sense that Luo Zun was acting weird, and he knew why. When they first met Zhao Feng, he wasn't even a True Lord. They didn't put him in their eyes at all, but now Zhao Feng had become a peak existence amongst the younger generation. His ranking on the Imperial Dao geniuses had risen to 7th place. It wasn't a good feeling seeing a weak ant become stronger step by step and surpa.s.sing them.

"Eight Prince, I'm fine. Zhao Feng will definitely not be my match when my dual-element Little World is formed." Luo Zun's eyes suddenly released a bright light as battle intent burned in his heart.

He was now a Void G.o.d Realm Emperor. The main difference between Kings and Emperors was the understanding of Heaven and Earth and the power of their Little World. If Luo Zun was able to fully form his dual-element Little World, he wouldn't be scared even of old peak Emperors.

"That's good. Even if our next talk doesn't go well, our overall strength will increase."

Even if he wasn't the hot candidate to become the Crown Prince, the Eighth Prince was going to give it his all and leave no regrets. The Imperial Tombs had many secrets. It wasn't always the strongest that won.

The Great Gan Imperial Palace was extremely magnificent and was filled with golden light. It was as if there was a golden-scaled dragon staying here. The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within the palace was several tiers higher than the outside world, and there was the invisible protection of providence here.

The princes stayed in the areas of the palace with the densest Yuan Qi.

Many members of the imperial force greeted them on the way.

"Your Highness Ninth Prince."

"Ninth Prince is back?"

"Your Highness acquired a lot this time."

While they were greeting the Ninth Prince, they were also inspecting Zhao Feng curiously. They didn't need to ask; they knew that this person that the Ninth Prince had recruited was extremely young. What did he specialize in for the Ninth Prince to take him here personally?

However, those that didn't think well of the Ninth Prince didn't pay much attention to Zhao Feng. Most of the people that were recruited by a prince were legends from the older generation. There were some exceptions, such as Xin Wuheng under the Fourth Prince, but Xin Wuheng was famous across the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. Who knew what kind of place this golden-haired brat came from?

"He's too young. Even if he is talented, he's inexperienced, so he won't be of much use."

"Of course, only those with strength and intelligence know what to choose."

An old butler quickly came forward when the Ninth Prince returned.

"Your Highness, just a while ago, Grandmaster Beast Tamer Liang Sang from Sky Pond City came to visit." The butler had a joyful expression as he reported while he also inspected Zhao Feng.

"Okay," the Ninth Prince replied before leading Zhao Feng to a side hall.

The old butler paused for a moment. Beast Tamer Liang Sang was someone that the Ninth Prince placed great importance on. He wanted to recruit the man but had been declined. Now that Beast Tamer Liang Sang had come to visit, the Ninth Prince was acting like he didn't care. There was definitely something going on.

"Your Highness, Liang Sang said that if you can give him five rare Peak-tier King beasts, he will agree," the old butler followed behind and continued.

"If Liang Sang comes again in the future, just decline him straight away," the Ninth Prince led Zhao Feng to an extravagant side hall and told the old butler.

The old butler was stunned. Decline him straight away? Could the Ninth Prince have already found a beast tamer? It wasn't that golden-haired youth, right?

"Could it be that his Highness has already given up on the battle for Crown Prince?" The old butler shook his head. Such a young beast tamer was definitely not a match for Beast Tamer Liang Sang.

There were a few princes among the ten princes that weren't actually interested in becoming the Crown Prince. However, these princes still had the ability to take people into the Imperial Tombs with them, so a lot of forces paid a heavy price to try to obtain a spot and let the geniuses of their families or factions go in to find fortune.

From the old butler's point of view, His Highness may have sold a spot to some faction or family.

"Ninth Prince, I'll be staying here for now then." Zhao Feng was very straightforward and direct. The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi here was extremely dense, and he had the protection of providence here. Cultivating here would be much easier.

"Brother Zhao, I have some things to attend to. You can stay here without worry. If you need anything, just tell Butler Qi."

The Ninth Prince and Butler Qi told him some things before leaving with Old Ying.

Zhao Feng walked into the hall and entered seclusion.

His cultivation was still too low. There was no limit on age for the experts that entered the Imperial Tombs, which meant that it wasn't just an exchange between those of the younger generation. It was also between the previous generation and elites of the older generation.

Each team had someone responsible for a certain aspect. Since Zhao Feng was using the Ninth Prince to protect himself, he would help the Ninth Prince as much as he could.

The G.o.d Tribulation head floated in the dimension of his left eye above the golden ball.

Zhao Feng found that, even though the purple mist had disappeared, he could summon the power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning, and it would automatically disappear and merge into his soul.

Zhao Feng's soul was more condensed than others. A strong soul meant a strong mind and strong Soul Intent. Furthermore, his soul contained the symbols of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning, which would appear whenever he circulated his soul power. Therefore, any of Zhao Feng's soul attacks would contain G.o.d Tribulation Lightning.

Once his Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body broke through to the 6th level, he would be able to use the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning Soul Body to refine his Sacred Lightning Body. At that point in time, Zhao Feng's soul and physical body would both contain the Intent of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning, which would be of great help when he faced the G.o.d Tribulation in the future.

Zhao Feng split his consciousness into four parts.

The first was to absorb the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning. The second cultivated the Fire of Wind Lightning. The third comprehended the structure of particles within the golden ball, and the fourth refined the Sacred Lightning Body by using the power of Scarlet Lightning Blood Fire, which was formed by merging the Blood Devil Sun bloodline and the Fire of Wind Lightning.

"Fire Scaled Gra.s.s, Fireweed…"

Zhao Feng took out the Fire elemental resources he had bought from the Saint Herb Pavilion and used them.

If others saw this, they would curse at him and cough out blood. These resources were extremely rare, and even peak Emperors would turn them into spiritual pills first, but Zhao Feng just directly ate everything.

"I haven't removed all the poison from the Sky Rainbow Fire Beehive yet, so I'll use it later."

The aura of Fire radiating from Zhao Feng's body instantly rose, and his Fire of Wind Lightning started to boil. His Fire of Wind Lightning True Yuan quickly circulated and absorbed the medicinal energy while the remaining part of the energy was absorbed by the Blood Devil Sun bloodline.

On this day, the Fire of Wind Lightning within Zhao Feng's Crystal Core rose rapidly.

"My Fire of Wind Lightning has consolidated at the early stages."


Zhao Feng let out a breath.

He understood most of the theory behind particles within the golden ball in the dimension of his left eye. After all, Zhao Feng hadn't disintegrated many items yet, so he hadn't really received any important information yet.

"There's nothing of value to disintegrate in the Little World of the Misty Spatial World," Zhao Feng concluded. If he wanted to disintegrate flowers, he could just disintegrate real flowers of the outside world.

Zhao Feng's eyes suddenly lit up. There was an Earth-grade weapon within the storage of the Misty Spatial World, and he took it out.

"If I disintegrate the enemy's weapon in battle… hehehe."

Zhao Feng circulated the power of his left eye, and a faint golden beam of light shot through the weapon, but the Earth-grade weapon didn't change even after a long time.

"Creating any weapon requires a couple dozen or even hundreds of materials, and they're refined together through high temperature. The atoms have changed shape and have merged with each another."

Zhao Feng stopped the disintegration and closed his left eye. Just now, his left eye had received a lot of information regarding the structure of metallic elemental atoms. However, most of these atoms had changed shape. The toughness of weapons was decided by how condensed the atoms were, and the countless atoms made Zhao Feng's head dizzy.

"As I thought, disintegrating a weapon isn't realistic."

Zhao Feng had to give up for now.

At the same time, within another hall.

"Reporting to the Thirteenth Prince, these are the people that the Ninth Prince took into the palace a while ago."

A servant knelt on the ground and handed over a white piece of paper. The Thirteenth Prince took the white piece of paper, and the image of a handsome male with golden hair and a golden eye entered his mind when his Soul Intent touched it.

"This… isn't this Zhao Feng!?" The Thirteenth Prince immediately stood up with an enraged expression.

"What? Chen'er, you said that the Ninth Prince took Zhao Feng into the Imperial Palace?" A powerful male sitting on a chair in the back stood up with deadly eyes.

"Uncle, it's Zhao Feng, but the color of his eye and hair has changed." The Thirteenth Prince was completely sure.

"Bunch of tras.h.!.+" The powerful male had an enraged expression.

He wanted to kill Zhao Feng, and his subordinates had promised him that Zhao Feng would die, but now Zhao Feng had entered the Imperial Palace and was most likely the Ninth Prince's subordinate now. Since he was now part of a prince's force, they weren't allowed to touch him.

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