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Chapter 947 - Stunning Treasure Glow

Within the Great Gan Imperial Palace, the ancient and weird stone tablet floated in the sky, and there was a unique energy undulation as it connected with the ten white screens around it. Within the center of each screen was a prince.

The experts around the great all and in the clouds could only see the image around the princes. The clarity of any images away from them were blurry.

At this moment, almost everyone's attention was gathered on the Second Prince's screen.

"The Second Prince also came to the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground."

"Unfortunately, the Second Prince didn't go in himself."

"Why would a prince take such a risk? If they met danger and had to use the pseudo Crown Prince Seal to ask for help, that would be the end of the trial for them."

The experts in the clouds discussed with one another. Entering any forbidden ground in the Crown Prince trial was extremely rare, so it attracted a lot of attention. Everyone wanted to know if there were still any ancient treasures within the ancient dimension.

"The Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground is one of the most dangerous forbidden grounds in the Imperial Tombs. Luckily, Chen'er is far away from that place." The powerful male understood the Thirteenth Prince's personality very well. If the Thirteenth Prince was there and realized that the place wasn't quite as forbidden anymore, he would definitely enter.

The halls with the tensest atmosphere were obviously the Ninth Prince's and Second Prince's halls.

"Will Zhao Feng be okay entering the forbidden ground?" An Elder from a two-star power was puzzled. While he didn't exactly think well of Zhao Feng, he was still part of the team, and he had already used the array in his Dragon Jade. If he died, the Ninth Prince would lose a team member.

"There shouldn't be any problem since Old Ying is leading the group." Although Duke Nanfeng said this, he didn't feel certain. Back in the day, he also partic.i.p.ated in the Crown Prince trial, and he knew how terrifying the forbidden grounds were.

Apparently, even back then, the Wind of Darkness in the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground showed signs of becoming weaker.

Within the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Grounds:

"Another inheritance!" Lei Tong was stunned.

On a wall ahead of them was an ancient stone door. There was a layer of water over it that gave off a multi-colored light.

Most Sacred Lords left their inheritance behind in a natural environment and awaited those that were destined to open it. The reason why there were so many entrances outside of the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground was because these inheritances had already been discovered, but no one had conquered them yet. Their entrances were exposed, but the contents were still available.

Almost no one knew anything about the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground. Only the Sacred Lords that were about to die would risk coming here to set up their inheritance. In terms of fairness, the entrances probably should've been re-hidden or something, but no one cared anymore. It's not as if finding an entrance would guarantee success.

"Fortune is indeed everywhere." Jing Kai couldn't contain his excitement and instantly leapt into the air.

The members of the purple-robed elder's group looked at one another and entered the stone door before Jing Kai. Old Ying and Zhao Feng quickly followed behind them.

At this instant, Heaven and Earth changed. Everyone arrived on a desolate island surrounded by black tornados. There were countless whirlpools in the water around the island, as if this was a place of despair.

"This is definitely the inheritance left behind by a late-stage Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord." The elder in purple robes spread his senses and was extremely excited.

This Little World inheritance had been damaged as well. There were countless cracks in the Little World, and gusts of black wind flowed everywhere, but this place was still able to function despite its heavy damage. From this, one could see how unusual it was.

"But why are there Black Wind Yin Ghosts in this inheritance?" The young Emperor looked ahead. There were countless human-shaped skeletons on the island, with no signs of anyone alive.

Countless Black Wind Yin Ghosts walked eerily around the island. At the very center of the desolate island was a wooden tower. There was a glow of treasures coming from it, and it was so bright that the entire wooden tower lit up with a golden color.

"A Sacred Lord most likely set up their inheritance here, but when the source of energy supporting the Little World ran out, the Wind of Darkness finally eroded this place and ultimately killed any human-like beings, turning their souls into Black Wind Yin Ghosts." The elder in purple robes was excited.

From the looks of it, the test of this inheritance was to kill the Black Wind Yin Ghosts. This was the inheritance of a late-stage Sacred Lord, and the test was actually so simple.

"Old Ying, which members of your team specialize in soul attacks?" the purple-robed elder asked with a smile.

This was the time to team up.

"Just me," Old Ying replied without hesitation.

"That's no good. Lei Tong and I - two Quasi-Sacred Lords - can both use soul attacks. This means that your group is contributing less manpower."

The purple-robed elder shook his head and gave Zhao Feng a glance before continuing to speak, "Although Zhao Feng is only a late-stage King, he was able to tame a rare beast like that giant bear. His Soul Intent definitely isn't weak, and he must've learned some sort of offensive Soul secret technique."

The purple-robed elder gave a faint smile and inspected Zhao Feng after saying this. On the other hand, Zhao Feng looked at the wooden tower and acted like he didn't hear anything. The elder in purple robes felt slightly awkward; he couldn't see through this junior at all.

"He only specializes in illusions and doesn't know any offensive skills," Old Ying replied for Zhao Feng. He could feel that this group was hiding their ill intentions, so he felt like he should hide Zhao Feng's true strength and make them think he was weak.

"How about Zhao Feng takes out some spiritual pets to use them as cover for us? If he does that, we can split the resources 50-50 in the end… or we can do it depending on our skill again. What do you say to that?"

The elder in purple robes wasn't willing to give up. While Zhao Feng only had the cultivation of a late-stage King, the elder in purple robes could feel that this youth wasn't simple, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to obtain so much in the Divine Illusion Dimension.

When it came to Zhao Feng, many things that shouldn't have happened had happened anyway, so the elder in purple robes wanted to probe Zhao Feng's hidden cards.

"That's true. I don't want to obtain anything without putting in any effort." Zhao Feng put his consciousness into the Misty Spatial World and picked out more than a dozen black striped venomous scorpions at the late-stage King level.

The stingers of the black striped scorpions were venomous and had the ability to erode souls. To a certain extent, it could be considered a soul attack.

"Great! Old Ying, your beast tamer is indeed not simple. These black striped venomous scorpions are also beasts from the Imperial Tombs, right?"

The eyes of the elder in purple robes sharpened as he looked at the black striped venomous scorpions on the ground, and he felt smug. Another one of Zhao Feng's hidden cards had been revealed.

Zhao Feng gave a glance toward the elder in purple robes but didn't say anything.

"Let's start." Since Lei Tong lost to Zhao Feng in the last inheritance, he was getting impatient to release his anger.

"Let's go, Old Ying." The elder in purple robes shot out, and he released a surge of Soul power.

The elder in purple robes thrust out his palm, and a surge of purple light that could damage the physical and soul dimensions shot out.

Ultimately, he was a Quasi-Sacred Lord that had attempted to break through to the Mystic Light Realm before, so he knew a bit about merging his soul and True Yuan together.

At the same time, a large number of Black Wind Yin Ghosts on the desolate island were attracted over. They turned into condensed black tornados and swept toward the group.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Old Ying's figure started to move through the air. The hand hidden in his black robes pointed out, and several dark beams of light merged into the air and hit the critical points on the Black Wind Yin Ghosts.

Old Ying used an extremely profound Soul technique that also contained the laws of s.p.a.ce.

A dark pearl of lightning appeared in Lei Tong's hand. All he needed to do was pour his Soul power into it and the pearl of lightning would be able to release Lightning-elemental soul attacks. This was a support-type item that he had prepared specifically for the Crown Prince trial.

Ahead of Zhao Feng were more than a dozen black striped venomous scorpions that attracted the firepower of the Black Wind Yin Ghosts.

Under their combined attacks, the number of Black Wind Yin Ghosts on the desolate island started to decrease. All the Black Wind Yin Ghosts were destroyed after two hours.

The six instantly charged into the wooden tower that was giving off a thick glow of treasure. They would split it by whoever got there first.

Old Ying, Jing Kai, and the elder in purple robes entered through the front door while Zhao Feng, Lei Tong, and the young Emperor flew toward the window on the second floor.

"A peak Earth-grade weapon!" The young Emperor paused for a moment.

Everything within the wooden tower, such as the mirrors, paintings, and candles gave off the aura of peak Earth-grade items.

"Heaven-grade weapon!" Lei Tong's eyes locked onto a row of golden maobi (Chinese writing brush used to write calligraphy) next to a table, and he charged over. This was a set of peak Earth-grade items, and their combined force had reached the level of a Heaven-grade item.

"Battle technique!" The young Emperor charged over to a stand next to the bed, and there was an ancient book lying on it.

On the other hand, Zhao Feng flew toward the bed and found several dozen substandard G.o.d crystals and pill bottles underneath the pillow.

"Junior, are you thinking of taking all those substandard G.o.d Crystals for yourself?" Lei Tong leapt toward Zhao Feng after putting away the Heaven-grade maobi, and lightning started to crackle on his hands.

Zhao Feng's expression remained the same, and he simply put the pill bottles and substandard G.o.d Crystals into the Misty Spatial World.

Lei Tong revealed a faint smile as his palm flashed with lightning toward Zhao Feng.

"Hmph!" Zhao Feng snickered coldly as he circulated his Fire of Wind Lightning and punched out.


The exchange of fist and palm caused lightning and fire to explode. Zhao Feng remained unmoving while Lei Tong was sent cras.h.i.+ng onto the wood floor. His right palm was scorched black and numb, and the blood within his body started to toss and turn.

"How is this possible!?" Lei Tong was shocked. Although he only used 60% of his full power just now, why was he the one at the disadvantage? The opponent was just a Void G.o.d Realm King; how could Zhao Feng be so strong? The elements of Fire and Lightning contained within his attack made Le Tong's heart rate speed up.

"Lei Tong? You two…" The young Emperor put the book away and saw the scene of Lei Tong flying into the floor. He was just about to question them, but…

Boom! Boom!

The entire inheritance started to shake. The air above them started to shatter and extend downward. The ocean below started to rise.

This desolate island was about to be swallowed by the water.


"Not good, this Little World is about to crumble!" The purple-robed elder's voice sounded from below.

"Zhao Feng, Jing Kai, let's go!"

Zhao Feng's expression changed slightly. He took a few more items, then flew into the air.

The six figures flew out from the cracks of the Little World and returned to the Black Wind Canyon. They were all dazed the instant they came out, and their gazes all gathered onto one spot.

A nine-colored glow of treasure came from the depths of the Black Wind Canyon. Its light was so strong that it broke past the black wind and lit up the sky. It was as if there was a peerless treasure in the depths of the Black Wind Canyon that had exceeded the Mystic Light Realm, and it just woke up. Even the Black Wind Canyon was unable to hide its glow.

"What… what kind of treasure is over there?" Jing Kai swallowed his saliva and was unable to move his gaze away from the nine-colored glow.

A group of four jumped out from a pathway hidden by some rubble on the other side of the Black Wind Canyon.

"Could it be that a substandard G.o.d weapon has appeared?" An elder with a goatee from the Second Prince's group looked into the distance with shock and joy.

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