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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Mo Fan was stunned for quite a long time as he watched the fight.

Nie Dong was the vampire, yet why did it feel like he had encountered a ghost when he was battling against Zhao Manyan?

However, Mo Fan did not just stand there while Zhao Manyan was occupied with the fight against the vampire. He had completed his fiery Star Pattern, and his right fist was fully covered in flames.

Mo Fan's eyes felt like they were burning. He glared at the vampire and threw his fist at the ground angrily.

"Rose Flame: Fiery Fist: Nine Halls!"

The burning energy rapidly surged into the ground. As soon as Nie Dong hurled Zhao Manyan away, the burning pillars with scorching lava burst out from the ground like a giant fire cage.

Nie Dong was about to back away when a fire pillar sprang out from the ground. He dodged to the left, yet he was driven back by another fire pillar. He had nowhere to run. The flames between the pillars washed across him, and he cried out in pain as the fire burned him.

The power of the Fiery Fist: Nine Halls was enough to inflict serious damage to the vampire, who was roaming through the flames, blinded.

Nie Dong ran aimlessly, trying to escape from the fire. He swiped his claws wildly, tearing through the walls of the surrounding buildings. His aimless attacks posed no threat to Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan.

The flames had not dispersed yet, but Zhao Manyan had already finished casting his Intermediate Spell.

"Light Protection: Rampart!"

Zhao Manyan quickly summoned a wall-like light barrier in the direction Nie Dong was running. The vampire slammed into the wall, and skin that was able to withstand the fire was immediately scorched by the light barrier.

Zhao Manyan cast the same Light Element Intermediate Spell again when he saw how effective it was. The second wall made of light appeared in front of Nie Dong, whose skin was further scorched, leaving him in overwhelming pain!

Nie Dong was already injured to begin with. His neck was torn open by Liu Ru, and still bleeding. Otherwise, he would not be so easily suppressed by the two weak Magicians.

For a vampire, losing his blood was the same as losing his power. The amount of blood lost correlated with how weak he was.

Searing marks from the lightning, burned skin from the fire, scorched wounds from the light, blinded eyes, and vaguely hurting fangs. Nie Dong finally realized that he was currently in a pinch...

Luckily, a vampire's hearing was better than normal humans. He was able to hear the sound of cars from the bridge not far away, which helped him to regain his sense of direction.

He turned around and quickly grew a pair of wings leathery wings, his body hidden under the jagged bones of the wings. He quickly flew out from the two light barriers, heading in the bridge's direction.

Mo Fan tried to use Lightning Strike to paralyze Nie Dong, but he was very nimble in his winged form. He weaved his way through the lightning tendrils, dodging them agilely.

The Lightning Strike did not hit him many times, so it was not enough to fully paralyze a creature like the vampire. He was about to draw the Shadow Element Star Pattern under his feet, but gave up when he suddenly remembered that the Giant Shadow Spike was useless against the vampire.

"He's running away! Quick, find a way to stop him!" blurted out Zhao Manyan.

None of Zhao Manyan's Spells had the capability of confining and impairing the movement of an enemy. He could only stare at Mo Fan with a blank face. If he were able to cast five Light Protection: Ramparts in an instant, he could forcibly align the light barriers and use them as a cage.

"Don't worry, he won't be able to escape," Mo Fan's legs glowed crimson, which slowly materialized and wrapped around his legs like a piece of armor.

Mo Fan activated the Blood Tabi and chased after Nie Dong down the empty street.

"The guy is flying and you're running. How are you going to catch him?" yelled Zhao Manyan.

In the meantime, Zhao Manyan was not willing to give up either. He immediately rushed back to his luxurious car nearby.

He inserted the key and ignited the engine. He was about to step on the pedal when he suddenly saw a golden ray appearing above the vampire in the direction the vampire was heading into.

The ray of light split in a crisscross pattern, forming a golden net.

The golden light net suddenly lunged at Nie Dong, who was forced to return to his original appearance when he touched the light that was enchanted with a sacred force...

The light net wrapped around Nie Dong and fell to the ground. The burning effect from the light almost melted through his face!

"AHHHH!!" Nie Dong struggled wildly. His previous smug, proud look was nowhere to be seen, replaced with him shrieking out like a monster with a horrifying appearance.

The other end of the net had gathered into a string, with the Little Loli's fair, tender hand holding onto it.

Lingling was wearing a satisfying smile, like a young but cunning little fox. As a Hunter Master, she had no fighting capacity, yet she was a genius at using tracking and hunting magical items.

The vampire could easily dodge the Light Binding Net if it was used at the beginning of a fight, but the net was cast when the prey was trying to run away in a panic, the vampire had nowhere to escape.

Nie Dong seemed to have captured Lingling's youthful scent, and recalled he had encountered the same scent at the North Country Club before. He sprang in Lingling's direction, hoping to scare her away with his sinister appearance.

Lingling remained in her position. Her wrist had the net of the Light Element tied to it. The vampire had no chance of escaping from the light net.

"Lingling, move aside!" yelled Mo Fan furiously. He had totally unleashed the rage that had acc.u.mulated in his chest for a long time!

Mo Fan activated the active power of the Blood Tabi, and as he approached the vampire, he leapt into the air and gave the creature a flying kick to his face!

Using magic might destroy Lingling's Light Binding Net, so the physical power of the Blood Tabi had come just in time. Overwhelming force gathered on Mo Fan's right leg before it smashed into Nie Dong's face, producing a loud crash.

Nie Dong spun in the air within the Light Binding Net, and flew over thirty meters away. A sedan which was parked illegally on the side of the road was smashed into pieces, showing how powerful the kick was!

Two white fangs broke off, dropping to the side of the smashed vehicle.

Nie Dong's fangs were already loose when he bit Zhao Manyan's golden s.h.i.+eld, and Mo Fan was aiming his kick right at his fangs!

Once the fangs broke, a vampire was not far away from death, as a vampire had only one way to drink blood!
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