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Gu Xijiu was a little upset before, but now, the unsettling thought disappeared entirely. She could finally feel a sense of relief. She hit her head gently to remind herself that she should not be so petty.

Like what love gurus always said, women in love did not think straight. It seemed like it was the same for her. Every time a matter was related to Di Fuyi, her ability to reason would be significantly reduced. Even Luo Zhanyu would become more sensible than her.

If she knew it earlier, she would not have walked away from him when they met in the streets. They would have a sweet reunion.

When she finally made sense of her relations.h.i.+p issue, she decided not to get entangled with it anymore. She continued to ask, "By the way, I see that Meng Suyan is here as well. Isn't she supposed to be with her fiancé? Haven't they met? Or is she here to see you shortly after they have reunited?"

Hesitatant, Luo Zhanyu shook his head lightly. "Her fiancé has already remarried, even his children are already growing fast."

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

For countless times, Gu Xijiu heard Meng Suyan repeatedly say that they made their promise never to be apart. Her fiancé even promised her that she would be the only woman for him. Her Kung Fu was indeed remarkable but she refused to talk about it, worried that she would die in the Dark Forest if her heaven's gift claim was proven to be untrue. This was all because she was reluctant to leave his side.

However, the news spread, provoking Celestial Master Zuo. He tested and proved that she was not a heaven's gift disciple. In despair, she managed to see her fiancé one last time before heading for the Dark Forest. He grabbed her hand firmly and told her that he would always wait for her to come back, dead or alive. He said he would wait.

Knowing that he would wait for her, Meng Suyan was determined to escape. She had to, as she could not bear seeing her fiancé live a lonely life. As it turns out, her fiancé never waited.

After years of being entrapped, she finally made her way out, only to find out that he had already become the ideal son-in-law for the mayor. He had a beautiful wife and two children. The eldest child was six years old.

Tracing back the timeline, her fiancé got married the second year after she was trapped.

Gu Xijiu knew that Meng Suyan was a tough woman. Since her fiancé was already married to someone else, she would no longer cling to him obstinately. It was normal to see her here, instead of being with her fiancé.

Her years of persistence were after all, futile. Gu Xijiu was impressed, as she could still act as if nothing had happened after taking such a bad knock. She also contributed a lot to their last fight.

It was a bright night. White and fair, the roof was gleaming in the light. Gu Xijiu found Meng Suyan on the roof, drenching in the moonlight. The lady was wearing a green dress. She sat up straight, like a bamboo.

There were some bottles beside her. It seemed like she had drunk a lot, but she was not drunk yet.

She saw Gu Xijiu emerging and offered her a bottle. "Will you drink with me?"

Gu Xijiu did not hesitate. She took the bottle and downed a few mouthfuls. Then, she sat watching the moon with her.

"Xijiu, do you think that all men are unreliable?" Meng Suyan muttered.

Gu Xijiu knew that she was holding her emotions back for too long and needed a listener. She did not disprove her point. They clinked bottles and continued drinking.

Mystified, Meng Suyan's eyes were dim with lost hope. "He was once in love with me. He would come to see me a few times a day. No amount of time spent together was ever enough. He made so many promises to me, but never fulfilled any of them." She took another sip and chuckled. "Do you know what I saw when I went to see him? He had set up my memorial tablet at home to honor my pa.s.sing. He even asked his children to pray to it from time to time."

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