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When Qian Lingyu knew about the matter from Mu Feng, he was at a loss for words. At first, he tried to inquire about the reason, but as Mu Feng did not even know about it himself, he failed to get an answer.

Qian Lingyu immediately thought of contacting Gu Xijiu to check on her, but Mu Feng halted him. She was still sad because of that matter, so why would he want to ask her about it?

Qian Lingyu thought what Mu Feng said was right and decided against contacting her. After pondering for a while, he went on to pack his luggage and immediately left for the Feixing Kingdom.

When Qian Lingyu appeared outside Gu Xijiu's bedroom, she was undoubtedly surprised. Because she had stayed at Tianju Hall for such a long time, she would naturally know how strict the rules imposed on the students are; they usually would not even have time to walk the streets. How could this brat suddenly appear here right now?

Qian Lingyu did not dare to ask her about "that matter" directly and commenced with some perfunctory formalities, such as "How are you doing?", "Are your friends doing alright?", and, "Have you settled down well?" and the like. He bombarded her with these ba.n.a.lities; the only sentence missing from his a.r.s.enal was "What fine weather we have today hahaha."

What type of person did he think Gu Xijiu was? Qian Lingyu was wringing his hand a lot and looked constipated, of course, she knew that he had something to ask but did not dare to. She thereby asked him bluntly, "If you have anything you want to say just spit it out. Aren't you tired of beating around the bush?"

Qian Lingyu finally found the courage to ask, "Xijiu, I heard you and Celestial Master Zuo…"

Gu Xijiu knew what he was about to ask and sighed. It looks like the news about her breakup with Di Fuyi has entered his ears. Who was the loudmouth?

After Gu Xijiu came out of the forbidden lands with Di Fuyi, they did not appear together often; the in the city do not even know the relations between them. Because she wanted Di Fuyi to give her a surprise, she never announced their relations.h.i.+p to the public. 

Now, come to think of it, thank G.o.d she did not make the announcement! Or she would be a laughingstock right now.

"We've broken up." Gu Xijiu remarked dismissively.

Qian Lingyu's eyes brightened up! However, he immediately thought that it was inappropriate of him to respond selfishly, so he put on a straight face. After sizing up Gu Xijiu, he noticed something amiss, "Xijiu, you've become a lot more tender!"

Gu Xijiu touched her face and said with resignation, "You can think of it as being unburdened from the weight of love and regaining my lost youth."

Qian Lingyu kept silent. 

He took a look at Gu Xijiu's visage again. Aside from noticing that she has become a lot more tender, he could not see any traces of the lifeless pallor that women usually have after a breakup. He felt relieved.

He was never good at comforting people, so thankfully, Gu Xijiu did not look like she needed anyone to calm her right now. He wrung his hands for a while and finally thought of an idea. He would ask Gu Xijiu out on a date to walk the streets or watch a show so that he could get her to feel relaxed and spend time with her to build up their relations.h.i.+p. However, his proposal was rejected by Gu Xijiu as she did not have time and had to go to the palace.

There have been rumors about some paranormal stirrings in the palace recently. Therefore, the emperor of the Feixing Kingdom, Rong Jialuo, had invited Gu Xijiu for an exorcism. 

Gu Xijiu's current position in the Feixing Kingdom is already faintly comparable to that of Celestial Master Zuo. The citizens of Feixing Kingdom would go to her every time they encounter any hards.h.i.+ps and so would the palace.

Gu Xijiu wanted to keep herself occupied as well so that she would be distracted from thinking about all the tumultuous matter. Therefore, she has been agreeing to all requests for help since a while back and became as busy as a spinning top; she did not even have the time to accompany Qian Lingyu.

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