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Little Long Xi quickly placed his hands on the crystal coffin and said as though it was a promise, "I'll not let you continue to suffer this way! I'll save you, I'll let you have a better life…"

The scene changed again; Gu Xijiu was being carried out from the coffin. She seemed to be frightened as that was her first time coming out from the coffin. Thus, she hugged the man who took her out tightly.

The mad scientist put on a set of nice clothes for her and smiled gently, "Baby, you like me huh? Call me daddy."

She looked at him with her big round eyes and finally spoke, "Call me daddy."

The mad scientist was speechless.

She was carried away and placed on a bed with another baby, then she realized the other baby looked exactly like her! The only difference between them was a red jade hanging on the other baby's neck.

She stretched her hand to grab the jade but the mad scientist immediately hit her to stop her. It was very painful but she twitched her lips tightly and did not cry.

There was a couple beside the small bed, they were looking at the two babies, "They are exactly the same!"

The couple left with the mad scientist after looking at her as though they were judging an item.

A moment later, Little Long Xi rushed in and looked at both of the babies by leaning on the edge of the bed.

Both of the babies were crawling on the bed, they were wearing the same clothes but the only difference was, one was wearing a jade and the other was not.

Little Long Xi had been watching them for a while and then told the babysitter to get something. He then quickly swapped the jade to the other baby after the babysitter left the room...

She was very happy as she finally got the jade. While she was playing with the jade, Little Long Xi pat on her head, "I've promised, I'll give you the best life…"

Suddenly, Little Long Xi ran out as he seemed to recall something.

After a while, the mad scientist returned. He stood beside the bed and looked at the babies for a moment and suddenly smiled. Next, he took down the jade from her neck and put it back to the other baby. He then pats on Little Gu Xijiu's head and said gently, "My dear, you're my best and perfect creature, you'll have a bright future, how could you only be the daughter of a rich family? You'll be the top genius… Long Xi is stupid, he almost ruined my plan…"

She could not understand but only looked at him as she was still young. Then the Ye couple came in and carried their child away.

Little Gu Xijiu was sitting there and watched as the Ye couple left.

Gu Xijiu was awake from the dream with a shock. She sat up and leaned on the bed pillar.

This dream was different from those she used to have; it was very clear and she could still remember clearly even after she woke up.

There was sweat on her forehead as she did not expect to have that kind of dream.

She tried to recall and reorganize the dreams, and finally, she got a conclusion.

The dream was supposed to be real and it should be his subconscious memories of the past. However, she was too young when things happened and eventually she had forgotten about it when she grew up. Surprisingly, she managed to recall it through the dreams.

In fact, she was the cloned child!

What Long Xi told her seemed to be real, so did the Firmament Stone.

Long Xi thought he had swapped the two babies, however, the mad scientist had known about it and managed to swap them back secretly.

She guessed Long Xi did not know the truth and thought she was the real Ye Hongfeng.

In fact, she was not. She was the cloned child with new genes injected by the mad scientist.

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