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PMG Chapter 1035

Chapter 1035: Mu Chen's Supervision

Everybody was in the palace, including those who had been eliminated.

Xuan Yuan, Yang Zi Lan, Yang Zi Ye, they were all there.

"Boom!" Yang Zi Lan released terrifying energies towards Lin Feng. He wanted to kill Lin Feng right away.

Lin Feng looked at him indifferently. He didn't even try to dodge the attack.

"HOW INSOLENT!" shouted a furious voice which made the whole palace shake. Sound waves crashed onto Yang Zi Lan's body which left him crawling on the ground and spitting out blood.

"Brother!" Yan Zi Ye looked alarmed.

Yang Zi Lan looked back at Hou Qing Lin while still spitting out blood. He didn't dare get furious again. Hou Qing Lin was incredibly strong. Even if Yang Zi Lan was rich and powerful, he couldn't do anything against Hou Qing Lin.

"Next time, I'll kill you!" said Hou Qing Lin coldly. Lin Feng was furious because Yang Zi Lan was disrespecting this holy place, Tiantai.

He had shown disrespect for Tiantai and its inhabitants. Yang Zi Lan was actually this impolite. Hou Qing Lin's attack wasn't even enough to punish Yang Zi Lan.

Yang Zi Lan didn't say anything. He felt like he had lost everything.

He belonged to a rich and powerful family. He had managed to climb up the stairs. He had thought he'd become an imperial cultivation disciple, but in the end, he was eliminated by Lin Feng.

Now, people would make fun of him in Ba Huang.

He couldn't even get his revenge while Hou Qing Lin was there. Hou Qing Lin could kill him with one finger. If he tried anything funny again, Hou Qing Lin would kill him. He was the emperors' direct disciple, he didn't fear the Yang's.

Yang Zi Lan was supported by a rich family, Hou Qing Lin was supported by emperors..

"You don't know how to differentiate good from bad." said Lin Feng mockingly.

Xuan Yuan looked at Lin Feng coldly, but didn't try anything.

Lin Feng glanced at Xuan Yuan and saw murder in his eyes. Of course, Xuan Yuan was furious. He was so strong, he was so famous, losing against Lin Feng wasn't something he longed for. Everybody knew that if Lin Feng and he were at the same level, he wouldn't have lost.

The news would spread quickly in Ba Huang.

"I told you clearly that those who had been eliminated could either continue practicing cultivation in Tiantai and apply to become imperial cultivation disciples in the second batch. Of course, you can leave too. Someone can show you the way if you want to leave. n.o.body will force you to stay in Tiantai." said Hou Qing Lin.

Many people sighed. They had pa.s.sed the first part of the exam, but not the second part. Now they didn't know what to do.

"You can go now." said Hou Qing Lin slowly. Those who had been eliminated simply left.

"I hope that you will become an imperial cultivation disciple and that you will stay in Tiantai so that they can protect you forever." said Yang Zi Lan coldly Lin Feng. Then, he left. He was crushed. A genius like him had failed.

"Forever? Ridiculous!" said Lin Feng glancing at him coldly. Surprisingly, Yang Zi Lan was threatening him. How ridiculous!

The Yang siblings left. However, everybody understood that the Yang Zi Lan wouldn't let Lin Feng off this easily. If Lin Feng ever left Tiantai, they would find him and kill him.

After they left, Hou Qing Lin took the crowd out of the palace and back on the road. There were palaces all around them. Everybody looked at those 81 palaces in the distance and hoped to end up in one of them soon.

If they became imperial cultivation disciples, they would be able to have their own palace in Tiantai. How glorious!

"Let's go." said Hou Qing Lin to the crowd. They continued walking. Someone suddenly came running up to Hou Qing Lin.

"Brother, how's it going?"

That person was also one of the emperors' direct disciples, Mu Chen.

"It's alright. We can switch now. I won't be worried if you take care of them. You just have to make sure they feel exhausted." Mu Chen smiled indifferently. Hou Qing Lin shook his head and smiled wryly, "Brother, you're too generous."

"Alright, be merciless." Mu Chen laughed wholeheartedly and Hou Qing Lin said, nodding, "Alright, they're yours. Brother, don't be too nice to them."

"Alright." said Mu Chen nodding and laughing. Hou Qing Lin then left.

After Hou Qing Lin left, Mu Chen smiled at the crowd and said, "You must be tired after those difficult challenges. I'll take you to a nice place!"

Mu Chen smiled indifferently, he gave everyone the impression he was easy-going. However, what did he mean by a "nice place"? They were wondering. Besides, from what Hou Qing Lin had said to Mu Chen, they were even more curious.

PMG Chapter 1036

Chapter 1036: Mu Chen's Philosophy

However, everybody understood that to become a strong cultivator, one couldn't be merciful.

Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu's first recruitment process was extremely important. Mu Chen was the emperors' direct disciple, so if he did anything good for the candidates, it also had to be in accordance with the objectives set in the frame for the recruitment process.

Therefore, when Mu Chen said he was taking them to a nice place, only few people felt relaxed. A vast majority of them were actually getting ready to fight, getting ready to fight for a palace that is.

Mu Chen took the candidates to a palace that was different from the one Hou Qing Lin had taken them. The palace looked like an illusion and contained a particular energy.

"Inside, the oppressive strength is going to crush your bodies. It's similar to the energies which were used on the flight of stairs. It's not entirely the same though, inside, the lights will take you to different places." said Mu Chen smiling. Everybody was wondering what it was, was it a deployment spell? Different lights, different places?

"If you want to become imperial cultivation disciples and obtain one of the 81 palaces, you must enter. Going inside that palace can be beneficial or fatal. Now, you can decide whether you want to take the risk or call it quits. If you decide to give up now, you can still stay in Tiantai and practice cultivation for a hundred days and you'll have the opportunity to apply as a second-batch student."

That was a nice place according to Mu Chen…?

"I'll repeat, you can choose what you want to do now, you can give up or you can put your life in the hands of fate!" said Mu Chen.

"As a cultivator, I fear nothing!" said someone and then immediately jumped into the lights. The energies were oppressive.

"Boom!" He released pure Qi, but the energies kept oppressing him. It seemed like he was going to suffocate. The energies were even more oppressive than the staircase from the first exam.

"Bzzz!" A terrifying sound invaded the atmosphere and that candidate disappeared.

"He's right. Cultivators are fearless!" said someone else who then jumped in. Many people followed. The same thing was happening to all of them. The pressure seemed very high and then they slowly disappeared.

Lin Feng didn't move. He slowly sensed that oppressive energy and frowned.

Lin Feng had the sensation that the intensity of the energy was different from one moment to another. There was a pattern. The more a cultivator could the oppressive energies, the more oppressive the energies became.

"Mu Chen said that those lights could take us to different places, I suppose the opportunities will be different depending on how long we can stay in those lights." thought Lin Feng. He then said to Qiu Yue Xin, "Yue Xin, when you're inside, try to endure the lights as long as you can until you absolutely can't stand it anymore."

"Alright!" said Qiu Yue Xin nodding. She looked like an obedient child.

Lin Feng walked into the lights and in a flash, a terrifying energy oppressed his body. That energy was terrifying. No wonder so many people couldn't endure it for that long.

Xuan Yuan followed Lin Feng into the lights. He wanted to try competing with Lin Feng again.

Inside the illusion, Lin Feng had defeated him and killed him. Xuan Yuan had to gain back his reputation. Otherwise, he would never gain back his self-confidence.

Lin Feng didn't mind. Lin Feng had already humiliated the Yang siblings and Xuan Yuan. He had his revenge. The most important thing now was to become the emperors' disciple and rank as high as he could in the compet.i.tion. After becoming an imperial cultivation disciple, all those people who wanted to kill him wouldn't be able to anymore, at least, he would be safe in Tiantai.

The energies became even more oppressive, but Lin Feng looked relaxed. That wasn't difficult for him after having practiced in the magical flight of stairs.

More and more people ran into the lights. Some people used their own strength to endure the pressure longer. Most people were convinced that the longer they could stay inside, the better. Otherwise, after the flight of stairs, why would Mu Chen bring them there?

"Bzzz… bzzz… bzzz…"

Many people disappeared.

Those who could endure the pressure were less numerous. The energies were becoming even more oppressive by now.

Lin Feng sensed the fifth wave of energy coming and it was very intense.

He circulated his blood strength throughout his body and closed his eyes. It seemed like he wanted to fuse together with those energies and with the natural force of the Earth and sky.

"In the flight of stairs, the energies could propel people away. This energy is different, the pressure is downwards, as if one had something heavy on their back. It continues to get heavier until you teleport." thought Lin Feng calmly. At that moment, the pressure was extremely intense. Lin Feng continued condensing energies, if the oppressive energies suddenly disappeared, his own energies would propel him to the clouds.

"Maybe the places we're being sent are up in the sky." thought Lin Feng. He opened his eyes and raised his head. Everybody had first moved up before disappearing.

No matter what, Lin Feng wasn't going to give up. The energies were powerful, but at least they were useful to practice cultivation under. Lin Feng was fearless. He didn't mind suffering to become stronger.

Everybody disappeared and in the end, only Xuan Yuan and Lin Feng were left.

Mu Chen looked at Lin Feng and smiled when he saw how perseverant he was. That was interesting.

"I hope you'll become stronger, little boy. Our master sent my fellow disciple to Gan Yu to singularly find you after all." thought Mu Chen. That was the world of cultivation. They didn't mind most things. Even though their teacher attached such importance to Lin Feng, if he couldn't persevere, then he was worthless. He had to be determined to remain interesting. n.o.body was willing to waste time on an unmotivated or ungrateful student. Only if Lin Feng took great efforts, would the emperor would respect him.

PMG Chapter 1037

Chapter 1037: Portraits of Emperors

Xuan Yuan didn't manage to surpa.s.s Lin Feng, once again. He ended up being propelled upwards by the energies leaving Lin Feng as the last one.

Lin Feng felt like he was going to suffocate, his body was shaking.

Finally, Lin Feng sensed that he was rising up and he disappeared.

"Bzzz!" It was as if he had been attacked. The lights propelled him high up in the sky. In a flash, he was in another world. Lin Feng glanced around to see what was new.

There were stones and walls all around him. There were drawings, carvings and paintings. All of them were portraits.

"They all look extraordinary." thought Lin Feng glancing at those portraits. All those portraits contained an incredible energy too.

Lin Feng walked around and observed the paintings. His attention was drawn to a portrait of a man who looked extremely aggressive. He was holding an ax. He looked like he wanted to chop the whole world apart with that axe.

Lin Feng could sense an incredible Qi emanating from that portrait. It had to be an emperor!

Lin Feng stretched his hand and touched the painting. He immediately had the sensation that the man was attacking him with his ax. As if he was trying to chop Lin Feng in two.

Lin Feng took back his hand and continued walking around, still shocked by the experience.

Lin Feng stopped in front of another portrait. It was a handsome and cold-looking man. He had the eyes of a beast. It was difficult to forget such eyes.

Lin Feng turned around quickly. He didn't want to start at that portrait for too long. His G.o.dly awareness wasn't strong enough.

"Maybe Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu drew those paintings." thought Lin Feng. Apart from emperors, who could have produced such powerful paintings? They all contained an explosive power.

Besides, all those portraits probably depicted emperors. Otherwise, Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu wouldn't have put such terrifying Qi into them.

But why put all the paintings there? There were hundreds of thousands of pieces in there. Each of them looked incredibly real. That must have meant that Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu had seen them personally.

How many emperors were there in Ba Huang Province?

Maybe there were emperors from Ba Huang Province, Jiu You and maybe even from the Holy City? Lin Feng was sure that Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu had seen those people personally.

Lin Feng continued walking around and stopped in front of each painting.

Very quickly, Lin Feng found out that the paintings on one wall were different from the others. There were only a few paintings on that particular wall, but they were less distinct than the others. Maybe Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu had painted them that way because they hadn't seen them personally and had relied solely on their memories to paint them?

"Eh?" Lin Feng looked at them and suddenly had déjà-vu.

There was one portrait of a man wearing black clothes. He looked demonic and scary.

"The demon emperor!" Lin Feng had seen the demon emperor's statue in the Jade Emperor's palace.

On his side was a woman. She looked incredibly beautiful. Her face was covered with a veil so Lin Feng couldn't see her facial traits clearly. It probably meant that Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu had never seen her face either. She looked emotionless and expressionless.

"Is that Empress Xi?" thought Lin Feng. In the Jade Emperor's palace, the empress' Qi wasn't distinct. However, she was extremely beautiful, just like this one.

In the Jade Emperor's palace, the statues had been created by the Jade Emperor himself. He had depicted the great emperors he admired. He had also left a note which said the empress had died.

"The three lives great emperor!" Lin Feng noticed a painting with a very particular Qi. Lin Feng recognized the three-lives demon emperor, three bodies, three types of cultivation.

Apart from the three emperors and great emperors, there were a few other portraits of very strong and powerful people. Lin Feng would never forget those people. Maybe they were powerful emperors from the antiquity.

Of course, Lin Feng didn't know if the lives of emperors and great emperors had limits. As long as they didn't die in battle, couldn't they live for millions of years? Weren't emperors and great emperors who were alive in the antiquity still alive?

Maybe they were immortal!

Lin Feng had seen something similar with the three-lives demon emperor.

"It seems like the demon emperor, Empress Xi and the three-lives emperor are very famous. The Jade Emperor wasn't the only one who admired them. Even though Emperor Yu and Emperor s.h.i.+ have never seen them, they also admire them. They just relied on their memories to paint them." thought Lin Feng looking at the paintings.

He could only guess. He didn't know where he was and why those paintings were there. However, he enjoyed looking at those paintings.

In Ba Huang Province, Xuan level cultivators were considered extremely weak, Tian level cultivators were ordinary, and Zun cultivators were considered fairly strong. Cultivators had to be, at least, emperors to be admired. Then, they could have their own disciples, their own followers.

Lin Feng could only guess about emperors. He didn't know enough about them.

When a cultivator reached such a high level, he probably only stayed with people at the same level, which meant other emperors. Lin Feng couldn't imagine what it was like to be an emperor. He didn't even know where they lived.

"I am the one who stayed the longest in the lights and now I'm surrounded by portraits of emperors with incredible energies. If I practice cultivation in here for a few days, it will probably help me a lot." thought Lin Feng. Mu Chen was one of the emperors' direct disciples. He seemed to think highly of Lin Feng, just like the Sadhu or Hou Qing Lin.

Lin Feng still didn't understand what his relations.h.i.+p to these people was, were they friends, future fellow disciples, was it a teacher-disciple relations.h.i.+p?

Besides, Mu Chen had said that those places could be dangerous. But in that room, Lin Feng hadn't seen any danger yet.

PMG Chapter 1038

Chapter 1038: Coldness and Death

Lin Feng didn't ask himself too many questions. All in all, he had an opportunity to become stronger so practicing cultivation was the best thing he could do now. He would benefit from Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu's paintings.

Lin Feng walked to the center of the room and sat down cross-legged taking out his Tian Xuan stone. Lin Feng sensed all the energies of the paintings distinctly.

Lin Feng visualized the emperor with the ax, his ice-cold eyes, it seemed like he could crush people's souls with his eyes. It was as if n.o.body dared look him in the eyes. There were definitely many things to study in there.

Lin Feng opened his book spirit.

Lin Feng sensed his surroundings distinctly, clearly and slowly, visualizing all the paintings. He could only manage this task slowly. He was realizing how terrifying those paintings were while slowly familiarizing himself with them. The energies were becoming even more intense. If Lin Feng was careless, the paintings would attack him.

After a long time, Lin Feng opened his eyes and took a deep breath.

He had used his awareness to study the paintings, but the longer he studied them, the more terrifying the energies became. So he decided to take a break.

"I can only study one painting at a time. If I managed to study them all, it would be incredible for my cultivation." whispered Lin Feng.

Actually, he really wanted to study only one of them in detail and master it. But in the end, he did things differently. It was such a rare opportunity that he had to make things compact. Studying them all a little was beneficial as well.

Very soon after, Lin Feng started studying again using his Tian Xuan stone and his spirit. He was slowly becoming stronger. Studying imperial teachings could only make him stronger.

Besides, those weren't ordinary portraits, they were portraits of emperors which contained essential aspects of their own cultivation.

After nineteen days, Lin Feng was still sitting there and he didn't know how much time had pa.s.sed.

"Bzzz!" A strength appeared in the room and the Qi became increasingly intense. It turned into a whirlwind and slowly condensed around Lin Feng.


Lin Feng sensed the energies and opened his eyes.

What was going on?

Lin Feng didn't understand. What a terrifying strength.

He frowned. Could it be a sign that he had to leave the place?

"Towards the ma.s.sacre place, at all costs, come out alive!" said a mysterious voice at that moment.

Ma.s.sacre palace? At all costs, come out alive?

That voice wasn't Mu Chen's voice. They had probably sentenced the candidates for their last exam.

Many people were going to die inside, but the survivors would become imperial cultivation disciples.

The energies surrounded Lin Feng as he realized that the voice was echoing. He lowered his head and realized he wasn't in the palace anymore. He was in a terrifying empty s.p.a.ce full of energy. There were many people under him and they were all surrounded by the energies as well.

"Bzzz!" Lin Feng had the feeling he was in a s.p.a.ce, like the path to mysterious world where the Jade Emperor's palace was.

"Boom boom!" Lin Feng fell down on the ground and he suddenly felt like all his bones were going to break.

"Where am I?" thought Lin Feng. There were pale lights and an evil Qi. It was strangely cold as well.

"Desolate Qi! I can sense some desolate Qi!" Lin Feng sensed desolate Qi very clearly, especially since he had absorbed it before using his b.e.s.t.i.a.l consciousness.

"The energy which brought me here was extremely powerful, maybe it brought me millions of kilometers away from Tiantai."

Ma.s.sacre place… That place was probably where the final exam would take place.

"How to finish the exam though?" thought Lin Feng. Where are the thousands of people he saw in s.p.a.ce while being brought there? They were probably all in that mysterious place with him.

Lin Feng started walking, without knowing exactly where he was going. He just wanted to see if anyone else was there and how big that place was.

He was very cold. Had that place undergone a ma.s.sacre?

"Slas.h.!.+" Lin Feng heard a sharp sound and he was suddenly surrounded by deadly energies.

He felt ice-cold. People had died there and he was certain of it now. That energy was so cold that it seemed like it could kill people without any resistance. They could just wait for death.

"How could I die here?" thought Lin Feng feeling determined. He suddenly released some energies.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng furiously while turning around. The soundwaves produced by his voice contained demonic energies and made the entire atmosphere shake.

"Slash, slash…" subtle sounds spread in the air as Lin Feng was surrounded by those piercingly cold energies. It was as if he could see other people there. At that moment, a dagger filled with ice-cold energies moved towards him.

"p.i.s.s off!" Lin Feng raised his hand and punched it

"Boom boom!" Lin Feng's punch reached a person, who then turned around and ran towards a forest.

"Third Tian Qi layer!" Lin Feng used his Xiao Yao agility technique and moved extremely quickly to chase that person. That person had managed to hide their Qi. It probably wasn't someone who was sent there with him.

PMG Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039: Terrifying Ma.s.sacre place

"Surprisingly, there are people inside that forest who can hide their Qi and who are seemingly very strong. Where am I?" thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng had the feeling he was inside an illusion. The cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer probably knew the surroundings quite well. Lin Feng didn't really understand what was going on yet, though.

If his G.o.dly awareness hadn't been strong enough, the attack a moment before would have killed him.

"You think you can escape?" said Lin Feng coldly. He used wind intent to move even faster. Coupled with his Xiao Yao agility technique, he was as fast as lightning.

However, the enemy didn't leave any trace of Qi. Lin Feng had to be careful, otherwise, he could easily be jumped again.

"No wonder that cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer attacked me." thought Lin Feng. He tried to release Qi to see if he could find the enemy.

That person knew they couldn't escape so they turned around. Lin Feng had the feeling it was an illusion, a deadly illusion at that.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng furiously while releasing energies and punching the air in front of him. His punch contained demon seal energies.

"Boom!" Lin Feng's demon seal strength restricted his enemy so they could barely move. Lin Feng had broken through to the fourth Tian Qi layer and his opponent had the strength of the third Tian Qi layer, therefore it wasn't difficult for him to gain the upper-hand.

"Boom boom!" That person crashed on the ground and blood splashed out their mouth.


That person released ice-cold dagger energies. As Lin Feng wasn't too far from them, their cold energies felt even colder.

"Die!" said Lin Feng coldly. He had studied the emperors' paintings and was prepared for some battles. His opponent could barely move after being punched.

"Boom boom!"

He was crawling now. Lin Feng trampled on their arm and crackling sounds were heard. The opponent gave a horrible shriek.

"Why did you attack me?" asked Lin Feng. The opponent looked at him in an evil and cold way.

"Since you're here, why would you ask?" asked the opponent.

"Where are we?" asked Lin Feng coldly. The opponent looked at him in a strange way. How had Lin Feng made it there?

Besides, he hadn't thought that he would lose with his abilities and his illusions. He had killed many people, many of whom were as strong as Lin Feng, sometimes stronger. In the illusion, it was usually difficult for people to counterattack. However, Lin Feng easily understood his attacks and had even chased him. Maybe Lin Feng was a manhunter?

"Don't you know?" asked the opponent coldly.

"I don't know." replied Lin Feng.

"How did you come here then?" asked that person coldly.

"I asked you a question, answer me, maybe I won't kill you if you tell me." said Lin Feng, just as coldly. What? Maybe he wouldn't kill him? He still had a chance to live.

n.o.body was merciful there. How could Lin Feng be merciful?

"Are you serious?"

"If you continue asking questions, I'll change my mind." said Lin Feng coldly.

"We're under the Huang Sea, in a place made of fire. It's also a place of ma.s.sacre. Many extremely strong cultivators and imperial cultivation disciples come here to practice. They come here to kill people and become stronger. It's a place where life and death coexist. Here, people fight for strength, not for glory." said Lin Feng's interlocutor. Lin Feng was surprised. He was under the Huang Sea, no wonder there was desolate Qi!

"According to legends, that place was created by several strong cultivators from the Ba Huang Province. They took huge risks to create that world. It is also very beneficial to practice cultivation here. EVERYONE who wants to become an imperial cultivation disciple has to come here at least once. If they die here, then it means they're not strong enough to become imperial cultivation disciples. There are also several imperial cultivation disciples who come here to practice. They're the only ones who can come here without any restrictions. And only emperors can send people here. Disciples who belong to rich and powerful families have to ask emperors for their permission before coming here. Therefore, when people come here, they're merciless and will try to kill everyone. That's why I tried to kill you." said that person.

That was a place of ma.s.sacre… People went there to kill… And those who wanted to become imperial cultivation disciples had to come here at least once.

"No wonder Mu Chen sent us here. We have to ma.s.sacre people." thought Lin Feng. He then asked again, "How vast is this place? How many strong cultivators are there?"

"It's as vast as a city. There are only Tian level cultivators here, if there were Zun cultivators as well, it would be difficult. I don't know how many people there are total though. There are people from the entire province. Apart from imperial cultivation disciples and rich young cultivators, there are few others who are sent here. Therefore, I think there should be a dozen or several hundreds of thousands of people." replied Lin Feng's interlocutor.

"How can we get out?" asked Lin Feng.

The other remained silent.

"Tell me the truth, if I think you're lying, I'll kill you without hesitating." said Lin Feng coldly. He had the impression that his interlocutor was scared.

"Cultivators of the first Tian Qi layer have to kill ten people here. There are people who guard the territory and altars of sacrifice, so you have to go through them to get back to your imperial territory. If you have broken through to the second Tian Qi layer, then you must kill twenty people, and so on. A cultivator of the ninth Tian Qi layer layer must kill ninety people." said Lin Feng's interlocutor.

Lin Feng had to kill so many people to get back. No wonder that place was a place of ma.s.sacre. He didn't want to tell Lin Feng because Lin Feng might then kill him. That would be one of forty down.

"So I need to kill forty people to get back…" thought Lin Feng. How cruel. To become an imperial cultivation disciple, to become a really strong cultivator, he had to trample on other people's bones and corpses.

In that place, one could live or die, but they had to be a good hunter!

"We can't stay here too long. Our battle will attract more people." said Lin Feng's interlocutor. There were many people in there and weak people had to be careful not to become prey.

PMG Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040: Hunting

Lin Feng nodded. It was part of the exam to become an imperial cultivation disciple. If he encountered a cultivator at the top of the Tian Qi layer, he would be in mortal danger. There were also the imperial cultivation disciples who often came to practice.

Lin Feng took his foot away off his interlocutor's arm. He was surprised and said, "Thank you."

"How many people did you kill so far?" asked Lin Feng.

"18." Lin Feng nodded. His interlocutor still had 12 people to kill before leaving. In Tiantai, there were 1000 candidates, all of whom had to kill a few dozen people. Maybe in the end, even less than 81 of them would make it out.

"Let's stay together." said Lin Feng indifferently. That person frowned.

"You don't want to?" that person suddenly looked scared. n.o.body was nice there. If he didn't obey, maybe Lin Feng would kill him.

"No, no, no problem. I'm staying with you." said Lin Feng's interlocutor.

"Ah…" in the distance, someone gave a horrible shriek. It wasn't far from them.

"Over there." said Lin Feng. Lin Feng's new partner didn't mind, Lin Feng seemed strong. Lin Feng was surprisingly kind too, he hadn't killed him.

"Slash, slash…" they only walked a few meters before they heard another sound. Lin Feng stopped again and frowned.

"I feel like someone is watching us, I think someone is hunting us." said Lin Feng's new partner. He seemed afraid. He was hunting others so far and now he had the sensation people were hunting him. The nightmare was starting.

However, Lin Feng remained silent and continued walking as if he had said nothing.

"He seems so relaxed." thought that person. The energies were getting even more intense.

"Slas.h.!.+" At that moment, a sharp sound spread in the air.

"Boom!" Lin Feng raised his fist and punched the air, breaking the attack.

"Slash, slas.h.!.+"

A flower appeared in front of him, and it looked strangely dangerous.

Lin Feng ran forwards and punched the air again. Someone fell down and blood splashed. That person was dead.

"He's dead!" Lin Feng's new partner was astonished and turned deathly pale. He hadn't seen who had killed that person. He had probably sensed their Qi a moment before.

Lin Feng walked towards the corpse and turned it with his foot. That person's throat had been slit by a sharp blade.

Lin Feng remained silent and continued walking. He was surrounded by a a pale white light and an ice-cold Qi. It looked like his body was covered with snowflakes.

"We can't continue. It's a dead end over there." said Lin Feng's new partner. Lin Feng continued though.

"Come with me." said Lin Feng turning his head. His new partner kept shaking his head and said, "I can't stay with you. I'm off. See you!"

Then, he turned around and ran away from Lin Feng.

"Come back!" shouted Lin Feng. However, the guy acted as if he hadn't heard him and ran away.

"Slas.h.!.+" a beam of light moved into the distance. Blood splashed and that guy collapsed.

"Hunters of darkness……" those were the guy's last words. Even though Lin Feng said he could forgive him, he had ended up being hunted by someone else but…

There was n.o.body there.

There was seemingly nothing in that forest. Lin Feng didn't see anyone. The energies he used to kill that guy illuminated the atmosphere for less than a millisecond, almost impossible to trace.

"Hunters of darkness!" whispered Lin Feng. In a flash, he had killed several people around him, but he hadn't seen them.

Lin Feng had no choice but to be cruel in there.

He then continued walking calmly.

Lin Feng wasn't shocked by death anymore. He had killed so many people in his life.

Snowflakes were floating around him.

Nothing could affect Lin Feng's mood though. Snowflakes were floating around him and he felt calm and serene, as if he were strolling in a park.

"Slas.h.!.+" An ice-cold light appeared.

"Bzzz!" At the same time, an empty s.p.a.ce strength appeared too.

Sounds spread in the air. But Lin Feng wasn't affected, he was hiding in his snow illusion.

"Boom boom!" Then, suddenly, his empty s.p.a.ce illusion disappeared. Lin Feng, who had been calm, suddenly looked vigilant and released sword energies.


"Boom boom!"

Rumbling sounds spread in the air. An incredible quant.i.ty of sword energies invaded the atmosphere. At the same time, Lin Feng punched the air around him, but still couldn't see anyone. He had to protect himself.

From the darkness, someone groaned with pain. There were other subtle sounds, and after a short time, it became calm again. There was absolutely no sound anymore.

Lin Feng was motionless and lowered his head. There was blood. Lin Feng frowned, he realized what had happened.

Hunters of darkness…! Shadows!

Lin Feng hadn't seen anyone.

"Mister Kong!"

Lin Feng suddenly looked grave and solemn. He remembered the Yun Hai Sect and the old man in the mountains who had sacrificed himself to save Lin Feng.

Mister Kong's spirit was a shadow. He could kill people without being seen, just like that person a moment ago. Maybe that person had a shadow spirit like Mister Kong.

Lin Feng signed and continued walking. That place was incredible!

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Peerless Martial God Chapter 1035-1040 summary

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