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The smiling young man moved down towards the arena and slightly nodded at Lin Feng. He then said: “I’ll referee the life and death battle, but I don’t know if anyone has any objections to me being the referee?”


Lin Feng was pleasantly surprised. The young man had a very kind and friendly look to his face. He had a warm smile on his face, and he gave off a gentle impression. He was perfect to referee. n.o.body would believe he held ill intentions when seeing the young man.


Even though Lin Feng didn’t know him, he thought he seemed like a perfect referee.


Lin Feng’s gut feeling made him think that there must be something wrong. It was too perfect to possibly be true.


“I agree with that.” said the young, n.o.ble and wealthy cultivator. He looked surprised.


Mu Fan was astonished when he heard his friend. Mu Fan didn’t know the young man who had just appeared. However, the young man who had proposed to be the referee had to have a high status; otherwise, his friend would have never accepted. Besides, he couldn’t contradict the young n.o.ble cultivator even if he wanted to.


“What about you?” asked the young man towards Lin Feng. He smiled and added: “Don’t worry, I will make sure that the rules are applied and that you both can have a fair battle. I will also make sure that n.o.body comes provoke you after the battle.”


What nice words!


Lin Feng looked pensive. He was trying to guess who that young man could be, but he had no idea. Lin Feng was sure that the young man had a very high status and wasn’t an ordinary person.


“Alright, since it’s that way, you can referee our battle.” said Lin Feng while nodding. Even though Lin Feng had the impression that it was too perfect to be true and that there was something happening behind the scenes, he still agreed. If he had a high status, then he wouldn’t propose to referee and then violate the rules; he would lose face… And that would be unnecessary.


“Thank you.” said the young man while smiling and nodding his head in a very polite way.


Lin Feng turned around, looked at Mu Fan and said: “Shall we.”


Mu Fan stared at Lin Feng’s eyes but couldn’t see anything inside except coldness and calmness. There wasn’t the slightest bit of anxiousness.


The man in charge of the cage left.


Mu Fan and Lin Feng were facing each other in the cage. Lin Feng still looked calm and fearless.


Mu Fan raised his head and asked ironically: “I am Mu Fan, student of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, would you like to tell me your name?”


“Duo Ming.” said Lin Feng without thinking.


At that moment, Lin Qian and Lin Hong were astonished!


“Duo Ming!”


Why did that name sound so familiar! His name was surprisingly Duo Ming.


Back in Yangzhou City, Lin Feng had also worn that mask when he introduced himself as Duo Ming.


“Lin Feng?” whispered Lin Hong. It was such a coincidence that Lin Hong couldn’t believe they were different people.


“It can’t be Lin Feng.” said Lin Qian while shaking her head. “If it were Lin Feng, how could he remain that calm while next to us? He even calmly glanced at us a few times. Besides, Lin Feng was not weak but in Yangzhou City, he had only recently broken through to the first Ling Qi layer… It is impossible that he broke through to the fifth Ling Qi layer within half a year.”


There was a four layer difference between the first and the fifth Ling Qi layer and it was a huge difference. The great majority of people required much more time to achieve something like that. If somebody was able to break through to two Ling Qi layers in less than a year, they were definitely a great genius. But even the greatest cultivation genius in the world could never break through four Ling Qi layers in six months.”


Lin Hong nodded when he heard Lin Qian. Lin Feng would have never been willing to fight against the Fifth level Daemonic Fire Lion. Therefore, it was impossible for that person to be Lin Feng.


What was happening at that moment was just a coincidence, nothing more.


Inside the cage, Mu Fan laughed and said: “Duo Ming? We’ll see if your arrogance is founded.”


When he finished talking, Mu Fan released a cold force which crashed into Lin Feng’s body and oppressed him. He had the feeling his body was being weighed down by a mountain of weight.


“Force?” Lin Feng was surprised. He hadn’t thought that his opponent would be able to control forces. No wonder that the n.o.ble young man was willing to give him the Daemonic Fire Lion as a gift. Mu Fan was a talented genius and would probably be able to tame the Daemonic Fire Lion with only a little work.


When Mu Fan saw that Lin Feng was surprised, he felt proud of the power he had obtained. It seemed like Duo Ming had overestimated himself after all. If he was already feeling oppressed by such a small amount of force, it would be easy to win against him.


“You just have a very big mouth! You’re oppressed by just a little bit of force. Your strength doesn’t even enable you to resist my power. Don’t worry, I can release much more force than this. You could never compete with me. I now know that I was wrong to think you could be my opponent. You were just rus.h.i.+ng to your own death.” said Mu Fan.


When he finished gloating, he took a step forward and released even more force which immediately surrounded Lin Feng’s body, causing him to feel extremely heavy.


“Force, so what?” said Lin Feng while smiling. His body made a slight movement, and suddenly, the force around his body weakened a great deal.


Lin Feng took a step forward, transformed into a shadow and then he moved directly into the opposing force.


With each movement Lin Feng made, whirlwinds were created around him and the atmosphere was emitting noises which sounded like tearing paper.


It seemed like Lin Feng wasn’t affected by the force and was tearing through it.


“Huh?” Mu Fan frowned and groaned. He took another step forward and released an incredible amount of his force, which emanated extremely high-pitched whistling sound. His force was getting sharper and sharper as it moved towards Lin Feng.


But at that moment, Lin Feng raised his hand and ignored the force released by Mu Fan. Something, which looked like a poisonous Qi, emerged from Lin Feng’s hand and surprised everyone.


Lin Feng controlled force on a much higher level than Mu Fan. The force he released was different from that of Mu Fan. Because Lin Feng had a great deal of understanding when it came to forces, he knew how to make force almost invisible or change it to a thicker and heavier force. That is why Mu Fan’s force didn’t affect Lin Feng in the slightest.


When the crowd saw the small amount of force that Lin Feng was using, which wasn’t sharp at all, they were all surprised and had the impression that he was in an incredibly dangerous situation.


“I can control forces and my attacks are extremely powerful. Besides, I have already broken through to the fifth Ling Qi layer. I am not scared of you at all.” said Mu Fan while laughing. He stamped his foot onto the ground, which made a cloud of dust rise into the air.


An even larger quant.i.ty of force emerged from his body and was moving towards Lin Feng’s shadow at full speed. Suddenly, a bright white light illuminated the area between them. Everybody’s eyes were wide open watching this scene.


“That guy is very strong. He can move quickly, he can control forces and I can even feel some pure Qi.” said some people in the crowd while gasping in astonishment.


It seemed like Mu Fan was incredibly dangerous. He definitely deserved to be a member of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. He was extremely strong. The situation was getting dangerous for Lin Feng.


“Hehe, that guy, Duo Ming, will regret that he acted so aggressively against brother Mu Fan. He will not be able to withstand a single attack that our brother Mu Fan will launch. Mu Fan will definitely be able to kill Duo Ming with little effort.” said the students of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. They all agreed on that and were all convinced that Lin Feng was just going to die.


Lin Feng’s calm expression never left his face. It seemed like everything that was happening had no effect on him, as if the battle wasn’t affecting his mood at all.


Lin Feng and Mu Fan were moving closer and closer to each other. The forces were getting more and more intense within the atmosphere. Dust was sent flying all around. The two silhouettes were becoming hidden within the cloud of dust.


There was still energy in Lin Feng’s palm, which emitted a dazzling light.


“Psss…” Suddenly, a small noise spread through the air, and a small dark light flashed through the air which made Mu Fan’s body freeze in terror.


“Energy attack…”


How terrifying! In his mind, Mu Fan could only see the hideous silver mask transforming into an omen of death!

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