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PMG Chapter 1516

Chapter 1516: Violating Rules

"Brother, I'm now a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer." said Lin Feng smiling. He released strength and smiled.

"You want to try and have a fight?" said Mu Chen. Lin Feng was surprised and shrugged, "Don't bully younger disciples!"

"I'll control my strength!" said Mu Chen. He wasn't joking, so Lin Feng wanted to fight now.

"Alright!" said Lin Feng. If Mu Chen wanted to challenge him, why not? Even though Lin Feng was now a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer, he sighed on the inside because Mu Chen was so strong. He was gifted at hiding it too. If Mu Chen wanted to kill Lin Feng without being seen, it would be very easy.

"You can attack me, but don't control yourself." said Mu Chen. Lin Feng nodded and released demonic energies immediately.

Lin Feng couldn't sense Mu Chen's Qi, it was as if Mu Chen didn't exist.

Suddenly, Lin Feng jumped forwards and used his Deadly Demon Punch.

Mu Chen raised his fist nonchalantly and his strength turned into a thousand threads of force.

"Break!" said Mu Chen. Lin Feng's aggressive Deadly Demon Punch dispersed instantly. Lin Feng was incredulous, but he didn't stop. This time he raised both fists and used Deadly Demon Punches in which he condensed force into.

Mu Chen looked indifferent, he just raised his fists again and blocked them.

Lin Feng released sword energy and slashed ahead of him.

"Slash, slash…" Mu Chen didn't dodge. His threads of energies destroyed Lin Feng's attack, but more threads of Lin Feng's energy moved towards him. Then, Mu Chen destroyed the remaining energies with his fists.

Mu Chen smiled and raised his hands, collided against Lin Feng's fists. Lin Feng felt that his soul was going to get kicked out of his body. He was shaking violently and was violently propelled backwards.

"Brother, you understand soul strength!" Lin Feng realized. No wonder Mu Chen was an adept at hiding. He knew the intensity of each thread of energy, so he knew how to react.

"Yes, your attacks are quite strong now. You can make them even better though." said Mu Chen.


In the eastern part of Ba Huang, at the limits of the world. The Messenger and Emperor Dong were in the sun castle.

"Your Highness The Messenger, thank you for helping me." said Emperor Dong politely.

"Don't worry, I promised you that I'd do it." said the Messenger nodding.

Emperor Dong smiled and took out a ring, "Your Highness The Messenger, a gift from the Qi Clan."

The Messenger took the ring and said, "Even though I don't involve myself in the small world's affairs, I am in charge of this pa.s.sage. n.o.body can go against my will here."

"Of course." said Emperor Dong smiling. "Your Highness The Messenger, you can change the destiny of this small world."

"Indeed." said the Messenger smiling. He was satisfied with the praise. Emperor Dong then left, "I'm leaving, Your Highness The Messenger."

Emperor Dong then left the castle.

After Emperor Dong left, the Messenger walked to the sun pattern in the palace and a counterforce rolled in waves.

Lin Feng and Mu Chen were still practicing in the mountain range. Lin Feng was sweating, but he was having a lot of fun. It seemed like the sun was going to fall from the sky, it was scorching hot as. .h.i.t their backs.

"Eh?" Mu Chen frowned.

The sun was getting nearer and nearer before two gigantic golden word appeared in the sky: THIRTY DAYS!

"How audacious!" thought Mu Chen seemingly furious. The Messenger was stealing the sky and putting up a sham sun. He was violating the rules of the small world!

"Brother, what's going on?" Lin Feng didn't understand. What was that? Everybody in the small world could see that.

"Only the Messenger can do that because he controls star date strength. He's telling us that we have to go to the Holy City within thirty days, otherwise he's going to close the pa.s.sage." said Mu Chen in a cold way.

Lin Feng became upset after hearing this. Last time they wanted to go to the Holy City, but the Messenger had refused. Did he intend to prevent them from going?

Everybody in Ba Huang and Jiu You saw that. In some places where it was initially raining, the rain stopped, and they instead saw those gigantic golden words. Ordinary people were speechless, what kind of strong cultivator was that? How could he write in the sky?

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Emperor Yu was with some disciples, but he stopped and cursed out loud. The disciples were surprised, how come Emperor Yu was so upset?

Emperor Dong also saw that. He was smiling indifferently and thought, "The Messenger has been in charge of the small world for such a long time, he's becoming even more audacious."

In the Celestial Walls Manor in Jiu You, the old man raised his head and his facial expression suddenly changed. He frowned as he said, "How audacious! He dares violate the rules."

Yun Fei Yang and Bei Yan Yun stood next to the old man. Bei Yan Yun asked, "What's going on, teacher?"

"Someone is violating the rules of this small world!" said the old man. He controlled himself and tried to look calm again. Then he said, "I wanted to help you become stronger at your own pace, but now we can't because we must hurry!"

The old man rolled up his sleeves and took Yun Fei Yang and Bei Yan Yun away.

PMG Chapter 1517

Chapter 1517: Emperor Dong's Revenge

Emperor Dong was resting in the Qi Tian Mountain, in Xuri City. He took out a mirror which possessed a terrifying empty s.p.a.ce strength.

"Go!" Suddenly, he shook his hand and the mirror shot up into the sky. The ancient mirror diffused ice-cold lights as it fused together with the sky and disappeared.

A light appeared in Emperor Dong's G.o.dly awareness, it was Emperor Yu's silhouette. He condensed that silhouette with his G.o.dly awareness and made it fuse together with the mirror.

In the distance, Mu Chen and Lin Feng were flying, but suddenly Mu Chen stopped and raised his head. Some lights were s.h.i.+ning upon them with a strange type of Qi.

Lin Feng sensed something too and raised his head. However, Mu Chen didn't see anything, and Lin Feng couldn't either. They shook their heads because they didn't know what was going on.

Back in Xuri City, many strong cultivators saw those lights, and they didn't understand either. That mirror was moving too fast. It was moving even faster than some of the strongest cultivators they had ever seen.

In a small abandoned village, Emperor Yu was teaching Xing Zhan some cultivation principles.

"Strength is good, but you need to be faster, otherwise, you'll be in danger if you meet cultivators who are stronger than you." said Emperor Yu to Xing Zhan. Xing Zhan was a beast, his attacks were explosive and powerful, but he was too slow.

"I understand." Xing Zhan nodded. Emperor Yu smiled, "You can go have a rest. Tian Chi, come here!"

"Alright!" Tian Chi was seated near them. He smiled and walked to Emperor Yu, but at that moment, Emperor Yu raised his head and saw some flas.h.i.+ng lights.

"Teacher, what's going on?" asked Tian Chi.

Emperor Yu frowned. He couldn't see anything, so he just shook his head. However, at that moment, Emperor Dong found Emperor Yu and his disciples.

"Emperor Yu, you're going to die!" Emperor Dong rose up in the air, pulled his mirror away and streaked across the sky.

Emperor Yu didn't know what was going on, so he continued teaching his disciples.

Suddenly, Emperor Yu sensed some terrifying energies. His facial expression changed drastically as he shouted furiously, "Go, everybody go!"

"Boom!" The s.p.a.ce around them exploded as meteorites fell from the sky. Then, Emperor Yu jumped into a crater with his disciples.

"Boom, boom, boom!" the ground exploded in several different places. Then, Emperor Dong appeared. He immediately punched the air in Emperor Yu's direction.

"Teacher, go!" after the disciples saw Emperor Dong, they understood why Emperor Yu was panicking. Their faces also turned deathly pale.

"p.i.s.s off, all of you!" Emperor Yu jumped forwards and sealed the s.p.a.ce. Emperor Yu could only help his disciples escape. He had no other choice.

"Boom!" A terrifying strength oppressed them, causing the ground to crack. Emperor Yu's stone armor was breaking apart and he was bleeding.

Emperors' force was multiplied by a thousand. Therefore, for emperors, the Earth and sky were not a problem. However, medium-level emperors controlled cosmic energies even better. Emperor Yu was a low-level emperor and knew he couldn't compete with a medium-level emperor. He had to save his disciples before he could worry about protecting himself.

"You will all die, none of you will escape!" said Emperor Dong. With his mirror, he would find and kill those people sooner or later.

"Die!" Emperor Dong released cosmic energies which reached Emperor Yu, making him cough up even more blood.

"Argh!" Emperor Yu shouted and released terrifying Earth energies. Everything around him exploded, and a hole appeared in the air.

"Bzzz!" Emperor Yu used Emperor Dong's strength to create that hole. He wanted to jump inside, but Emperor Dong smiled coldly. Emperor Yu wanted to escape? Where could he go?

"Destroy!" Emperor Dong jumped, and fissures appeared in the sky. Then he chased Emperor Yu into the empty s.p.a.ce.

Ah…" a horrible shriek sounded as Xing Zhan fell to the ground, soaked with blood.

"Xing Zhan!" shouted the others. Their eyes were bloodshot. They were all fixedly staring at that hole. Their teacher and Emperor Dong had jumped inside because he wanted to protect them, but Emperor Yu couldn't defeat Emperor Dong!

How had Emperor Dong found them?

They all looked desperate.

"What's going on?" The Great Ape Emperor appeared.

"Emperor Dong came to kill our teacher!" said Tian Chi. His face was deathly pale, and he was terrified.

"Bzzz!" A silhouette appeared and punched the air while jumping into the hole. The Great Ape Emperor and Tiantai's disciples were incredulous, how fast! That person was completely silent too.

"It's the Taoist monk!" The Great Ape Emperor could tell that it was Yan Di. He knew how strong Yan Di was. Besides he had directly jumped into the hole.

"Who's that?" asked Tian Chi. He couldn't see the silhouette. He feared that it was one of Emperor Dong's allies.

"It's the Fire Mountain's new emperor, Lin Feng's friend. He came to help." said the Great Ape Emperor. "That person has broken through to the Huang Qi layer recently, but his strength is unfathomable, he's even stronger than me. I hope he's here to help."

Tian Chi and the others were still very worried.

"Let's leave!" said the Great Ape Emperor to the disciples. Emperor Dong was there, so maybe the old emperor of the Si Kong Clan would come and kill them while Emperor Yu was preoccupied.

"No need. Emperor Dong can find us anywhere. I sensed something a short time ago and so did our teacher. Some lights appeared and then disappeared. A short time after, Emperor Dong arrived." said Tian Chi shaking his head. He understood what was going on. Emperor Dong had used a special treasure to find them.

"All the emperors of Ba Huang are in danger then." said the Great Ape Emperor. Emperor Dong could find all of them at a moment's notice.

"Our teacher told us that we had to leave within thirty days after those gigantic golden words appeared in the sky. It seems like we have to join hands to protect each other from Emperor Dong and the old emperor of the Si Kong Clan."

The Great Ape Emperor nodded, he realized that their problems were multiplying. Did those thirty days have anything to do with Emperor Dong?

PMG Chapter 1518

Chapter 1518: Dead End

Tian Chi and the others could only sit there and pray. They couldn't fight against a medium-level emperor.

"Mister, can you heal Xing Zhan's leg?" asked Tian Chi. The Great Ape Emperor remained silent for a few minutes. Xing Zhan's leg had been cut by the cosmic energies of a medium-level emperor, so healing his leg would be very difficult.

"It seems like I lost my leg!" siad Xing Zhan, trying to smile.

"Xing Zhan!" Tian Chi and Mu Bei didn't know what to say to cheer him up.

"Today, we're still alive thanks to our teacher. A leg doesn't matter. With my strength, even without that leg, I can still practice cultivation and fight." said Xing Zhan smiling. Tian Chi and Mu Bei nodded. They admired him for his courage. They raised their heads and tried to see if their teacher was going to come back safe and sound or not.

After a long time, finally, two silhouettes appeared again.

"Emperor Yu!"

"Teacher!" the disciples ran towards him. The two people were Yan Di and Emperor Yu.

Emperor Yu didn't look fine. He was bleeding, and he looked like he had lost all his strength. His Qi was very weak as if he was going to die.

"I'm alright." said Emperor Yu trying to smile. Tian Chi and the others' eyes were bloodshot, crackling sounds popped they clenched their fists.

"Emperor Dong!" Tian Chi was furious.

"Yan Di saved my life. I would've have died without him." said Emperor Yu smiling. He controlled Earth cosmic energy which allowed him to increase his defense, but Emperor Dong controlled empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energy, which had a slicing characteristic. Emperor Yu couldn't escape either. Yan Di had intervened at a crucial moment.

"Thank you, Master!" said Tian Chi to Yan Di.

"It was a pleasure." said Yan Di calmly and serenely.

"Teacher!" in the distance, Lin Feng and Mu Chen came back. They pulled a long face.

Emperor Yu smiled at them and said, "We must hurry and inform all the emperors of Ba Huang. Emperor Dong has a precious item which allows him to find us anywhere."

"Bzzz…" some lights flashed in the sky.

"That's precisely that thing!" said Emperor Yu while looking at the lights which had quickly disappeared again.

"We can't stay in Ba Huang for too long it seems." said Mu Chen as he gazed into the distance. Emperors were fine, but young people had to be very careful.

Emperor Wen quickly appeared looking distraught, "Emperor Dong has an ancient mirror which allows him to find people."

"We need to inform all the emperors of Ba Huang." said Emperor Yu to Emperor Wen. Emperor Wen nodded and said, "I understand. My dad has already starting informing people. Emperor Yu, your injuries…"

Emperor Yu shook his head. He had been injured by cosmic energies, even though his life wasn't in danger, his injuries were very serious. His strength was affected. It would be difficult for him to recover.

"Yan Di!" Lin Feng turned to the Taoist monk. He knew a lot, so maybe he knew what to do.

"I'm not a healer, and I don't understand life cosmic energy either. I can't heal him." said Yan Di. "Once in the Holy City, you should find a medium-level or a higher-level emperor who understands life cosmic energy. That or a great alchemist or doctor."

Yan Di then turned to Xing Zhan and said, "Your injuries are less serious than Emperor Yu's."

Emperor Yu was a bit disappointed. Emperor Dan was a great alchemist, but he was dead. He had to go to the Holy City to find a stronger cultivator who could help him. But then again, why would those incredible cultivators help him?

"Mister Xiao!" thought Lin Feng. Mister Xiao was mysterious. He had saved Lin Feng's life before and his medicine didn't leave a negative impact on Lin Feng's cultivation, it even helped him become stronger.

"Don't worry about my injuries. We need to come up with a way to leave." said Emperor Yu calmly.

"Is the Messenger the only one who can send people to the Holy City?" asked Lin Feng. The Messenger wasn't very nice, and he was friends with Emperor Dong.

The emperors looked pensive, there were several exits, indeed.

"We can't consider the other one." said the Great Ape Emperor while shaking his head. "In Ba Huang Province, there is only one exit, but in Jiu You, there is another one according to legends. But it's in a forbidden place in Jiu You where even emperors can die."

"Indeed, there' no need to consider Jiu You's exit." said Emperor Wen.

"A high-level emperor can pierce through the barrier of the sky." said Yan Di.

"High-level emperors can break the sky barrier. That's why the strongest cultivators of this world are medium-level emperors, high-level emperors will just leave." thought Lin Feng. So, the light beam which had emerged from the three lives scriptures had the power of a high-level emperor.

While everybody was thinking. Emperor Wen's father and Emperor Dong were racing against time. Emperor Dong continued using his mirror, he wanted to find Lin Feng, but after he saw that Lin Feng was with Yan Di, Emperor Dong gave up. He didn't know who the Taoist monk was, but he was too strong. His cosmic energies were terrifying, and his holy mark strength was astonis.h.i.+ng. Yan Di had attained the highest degree of perfection whilst using holy marks.

After that, he looked for the Six Desires empress. That evil woman had made an alliance with Emperor Yu. He wanted to capture her alive and use her as a s.e.x slave. Not just her, but her disciple, Yi Ren Lei too.

PMG Chapter 1519

Chapter 1519: Emperor Wu Tian Jian

"Emperor Yu, Emperor Dong hates Tiantai, which is why he looked for you. After you, whom do you think he will hunt for?" asked Emperor Wen.

"Maybe that he will also look for the emperors who joined in the Qi Clan's destruction." said Emperor Yu.

"Yi Ren is in danger." thought Lin Feng. Her teacher had come on the day when the Qi Clan was destroyed. Apart from those few emperors, the Watchers' Father had come too, the Six Desires Empress, the Emperor and the others. Emperor Dong would probably choose the Six Desires empress first.

Lin Feng looked at Yan Di and hesitated. If he asked Yan Di to go, they wouldn't be able to protect themselves against Emperor Dong if he came back.

"Jiange!" suddenly thought Lin Feng. He gazed into the distance and said, "Yan Di, go to the Heavens of Desire's Palace, everybody else can come with me to Jiange. We'll be safe there."

"That sounds good. Yan Di, you're very strong and very fast. You and Emperor Wen's father can stay together." said Emperor Yu.

"Alright. No problem." said Yan Di. Then, he disappeared.

"What a terrifying speed. He's even faster than me." thought Emperor Wen.

"Let's go to Sword City." said Lin Feng.

"I also want to see the old man of Jiange." said Emperor Yu.

Lin Feng and the other strong cultivators landed in Jian Ge. Jiange's people welcomed him politely. Jian Mu even welcomed them personally. Mu Chen immediately left after that. He wanted to find the other disciples from Tiantai.

Lin Feng didn't bring people to the Sword Grave though, he went to the Sword Grave alone.

As soon as the old man saw Lin Feng, he smiled indifferently and said, "I know what's going on outside. The two sides violated the rules and now such things are happening."

"Rules?" Lin Feng was surprised. He didn't understand. Were there rules between the Imperial Union and the Watchers?

"Master, my teacher wants to see you." said Lin Feng.

"Tell him to come." said the old man calmly. Lin Feng went out and called Emperor Yu.

Then, they came back. The old man sighed and said, "You're like me now, what a pity!"

Emperor Yu bowed politely before the old man and said, "I am not worth mentioning in the same sentence as you, Master."

"Don't be that polite. Have a seat." said the old man. Emperor Yu smiled at Lin Feng, "Lin Feng, please sit down too."

"Your body has been cleansed, so you are starting to be one with nature. You can't stay here, you must leave for the Holy City where you will have more opportunities." said the old man.

Emperor Yu shook his head and said, "Back then, some old friends and I wanted to leave but one of my friends died from the Imperial Union. It changed both our destinies."

"Therefore, you need to make sure things end differently."

"The Imperial Union is becoming even more audacious, and they have influence. They want to take control over Ba Huang and Jiu You. Therefore, we can only strike back, otherwise, the end results will be tragic. You've seen what happened." said Emperor Yu to the old man.

The old man remained silent for a few seconds and finally nodded: "Indeed, the Messenger has also forgotten what his responsibilities are. You didn't do anything wrong. Maybe to them, the small world is like a game of chess. You're playing quite well."

Emperor Yu was happy that the old man agreed. Then, he slowly stood up and bowed respectfully, "Thank you for helping us."

"Me?" said the old man smiling wryly, "I'm like you, I'm injured. I was injured by cosmic energies, so I can't fight."

"I'm sure Emperor Wu Tian Jian doesn't know what impossible means. You've existed for five thousand years after all." said Emperor Yu. The old man looked at Emperor Yu in a strange way. Lin Feng's eyes were twinkling.

Was the old man of the Sword Grave Emperor Wu Tian Jian who used to amaze everyone five-thousand years ago? He had become so old that n.o.body knew him anymore. Indeed, five thousand years before, none of Jiange's current people were born yet.

The old man looked at Lin Feng and stretched out his hands which had scars and blisters left from his sword.

"Lin Feng, and the other disciples from Tiantai are really talented. You can place all your hopes on them." said the old man tapping Lin Feng's shoulder.

Emperor Yu nodded, "Indeed, Master. I am ready to die for them."

"We can die, but they can't. That's why I'm asking for your help." said Emperor Yu bowing. Lin Feng was clenching his fists so hard that his nails pierced through the palms of his hands.

"What makes you act so brave?" sighed the old man. Emperor Yu was an emperor, so cultivation was the most precious thing he had in life. Who was willing to die for other people when cultivation mattered most?

"My fellow disciple who has been there for me for hundreds of years gives me faith." said Emperor Yu smiling in a resplendent way. He missed his friend.

"Emperor s.h.i.+?" thought Lin Feng.

PMG Chapter 1520

Chapter 1520: Chessboard

Emperor Wu Tian Jian whispered, "I spent my entire life practicing sword cultivation. Even if the members of Jiange think dearly about me, in my life, I've never actually had a friend or lover. I've always only loved my sword. Do you understand what I mean?"

"I understand." Emperor Yu nodded. Why would Emperor Wu Tian Jian have compa.s.sion for Emperor Yu?

"But you like Lin Feng and I'm injured. If you stay like this, you'll die sooner or later. You know Lin Feng, you know how he is, if he reaches the clouds, he won't forget you in the future."

Emperor Yu continued trying to convince Emperor Wu Tian Jian. The old man smiled and said, "Maybe that little boy is the friend I've never had." said the old man kindly.

Now he was smiling in a resplendent way. Emperor Yu also smiled. They both looked at Lin Feng in a kind and gentle way, as if they had been looking at their own son.

"I'm off, Master, see you around!" said Emperor Yu before leaving. Lin Feng watched him leave. Their conversation had made him think about many, many things, including the mysteries of the small world.

"Master, are there rules between the Imperial Union and the Watchers?" asked Lin Feng to the old man.

The old man nodded and said, "Very old rules which have been determined for a long time behind the scenes. The Imperial Union doesn't only kill people who have the potential to become emperors. n.o.body would waste time trying to do that. Their goal is to eliminate some people or block some others. If they want to eliminate someone, they kill them, if they want to block someone, they control them."

"But some people from influential groups in Ba Huang don't want to be killed or controlled, so the Watchers help them. During the events in Fortune City, it was decided who the Watchers would protect. Those people are the Imperial Union's main targets. They are also the symbols of the Watchers, the Watchers' Father places high hopes on them. He hopes they'll create a better future for Ba Huang, or that they'll leave and comeback, annihilating the Imperial Union once and for all."

"So we can't say that the Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan control the Imperial Union." thought Lin Feng.

"For the people behind the Imperial Union, the small world is like a chessboard, it provides them with an endless quant.i.ty of cultivators. Every hundred years, they choose some. Therefore, the Imperial Union will always exist because they're from there!" said the old man calmly.

Lin Feng remembered the banquet in the Qi Empire. Many imperial disciples had appeared and attacked their own teachers, which made sense now.

"My teacher knew something was going to happen, but he didn't say anything." Lin Feng knew that his teacher had something to do with the Watchers, maybe the Great Ape Emperor did too, and the old emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals.

"You're right, he knew but he needed the Imperial Union act first. They let the Imperial Union attack so that everybody could have a reason to attack the Imperial Union." said the old man.

Lin Feng nodded. For the Watchers, it worked to their benefit. After the wedding ceremony in the Qi Empire, many people had started banding together to fight against the Imperial Union.

"The Watchers don't want you to stay in Ba Huang. They want you all to leave the world eventually." said the old man.

"The Watchers hope we'll be able to annihilate those who control the Imperial Union. That way, the safety of the small world will be guaranteed." said Lin Feng.

However, the old man smiled thinly and shook his head, "No, you're wrong."

"I'm wrong?" Lin Feng was very surprised.

"You're wrong." said the old man nodding, "New groups keep appearing and disappearing. You underestimate the potential of the people that a small world can create. In the Holy City, many groups of influence fight for small worlds like crazy. In their eyes, small worlds are not worlds, small worlds are treasures. They train geniuses in small worlds."

"You cannot imagine what the Holy City is like. You should never underestimate a small world, every hundred years, geniuses from here go to the Holy City, and maybe ten people leave each time. But imagine the number of geniuses who emerge in a thousand, ten thousand or even one-hundred-thousand years. Amongst them, then again, imagine the most talented of all those talented people?" said the old man smiling. Lin Feng was pensive.

Some of those people had the potential to become peerless cultivators.

A small world is not only a world where geniuses are chosen, it's also a nice place to practice cultivation. People like Xia Tian Fan, Zhou Tian Ruo or Gu Li all go to small worlds to practice cultivation.

"Why don't they send medium-level emperors to this small world to take control of it?" asked Lin Feng.

"Because there isn't just one group of influence that controls this small world, they have agreements, and there are rules. If you're strong and destroy everything or act as a horrible ruler, then you just waste the small world's potential!" explained Emperor Wu Tian Jian.

This time, Lin Feng remained silent for a very long time before he said, "So our teacher hope that someday, we'll control this small world!"

Emperor Wu Tian Jian smiled. If they became extremely strong, that small world would be safe. If they controlled that world, then n.o.body would be able to harm the people in there.

Lin Feng and Emperor Wu Tian Jian didn't continue talking. Emperor Wu Tian Jian stood up and continued cleaning the Sword Grave. Lin Feng was seated and seemed pensive. He was thinking about what Emperor Yu and Emperor Wu Tian Jian had said.

Each time a battle happened in that small world, it was as if strong cultivators were playing chess!

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