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PMG Chapter 1676

Chapter 1676: Enemies

"Ten types of abstruse energies!" the woman from the Moon Imperial Palace was amazed.

Not only her, but the entire crowd was surprised. Very, very few people had a body which allowed them to understand ten different types of abstruse energies. Many people had to give up most types of energies after they broke through to the Huang Qi layer. Usually, people's energies became weaker as they became stronger, however, those who had a body which allowed them to understand ten different types of abstruse energies could make their energies level up indefinitely.

Of course, people who could study ten types of abstruse energies and could make them fuse together were even rarer.

Lin Feng had a body which allowed him to understand ten different types of abstruse energies and his energy fusions were perfect. He wasn't weaker than Yang Yan. After breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, maybe that he would become less good at making abstruse energies fuse together.

"Everybody, if you argue amongst each other, I won't be happy." said the woman from the Moon Imperial Palace, shaking her head. Then, she slowly walked towards the pavilion on the lake. The girls there looked nervous, they wanted to find a boyfriend amongst those geniuses.

After a short time, the geniuses on the boat made it to the pavilion, and then the girls stopped dancing.

"Please come." said the women.

They calmly followed the women and glanced around. They quickly realized that the ground was changing as they moved ahead, even the lake was disappearing. They were actually in a palace, but they didn't realize it yet.

Progressively, the crowd sensed that they were falling into darkness. There was a slight wind, stars, a moon, it really felt like they weren't in a palace but outside on a beautiful night.

There were many pavilions in front of them, each of which were connected. In each pavilion, there was a woman leaning against a, looking at the moon.

"These are the celestial women of our group, you can make friends with them if you'd like." said the beautiful woman who had taken the crowd there. Then, she walked backwards, and everybody gazed into the distance. They couldn't see the faces of those beautiful women, but they could guess that they were extremely beautiful.

"Beautiful like in a dream." whispered Qin Shang sighing.

There were nine women waiting there for them.

Lin Feng suddenly noticed one of them, and she looked familiar!

He slowly walked towards the pavilion and sat down.

"Yi Ren, the celestial girl." said Lin Feng. The beautiful woman turned around and smiled at him.

"Lin Feng knows her?" thought Lang Ye, surprised. Lin Feng had immediately called that girl by her name, which must have meant that he knew her. Interesting. They had never seen Lin Feng in Vast Celestial Ancient City before and now he knew a girl from the Moon Imperial Palace.

"How beautiful, she looks so s.e.xy. I like that kind of girl, I bet she's really good in bed." thought Yang Yan. He then walked to the pavilion in which Lin Feng was already at.

The girl smiled thinly, looking as beautiful as before.

"Long time no see." said Yi Ren Lei in a gentle way. Lin Feng was confused, what was Yi Ren Lei doing there in the Moon Imperial Palace?

"How should I call you, celestial girl?" asked Yang Yan as he smiled at Yi Ren Lei.

"Call me Yi Ren." said Yi Ren Lei, smiling back.

"Yi Ren the celestial girl." Yang Yan couldn't take his eyes away from Yi Ren Lei.

"The Moon Imperial Palace has thousands of people, but I've heard that the celestial women from the Moon Imperial Palace are incredible, I wonder if we could…" said Yang Yan smiling as before. "If you express the wish to."

"No need to look at her." Lin Feng poured alcohol in two and gave one to Yi Ren Lei.

Yi Ren Lei took the gla.s.s and smiled at Lin Feng, "She's already mine. Go and find someone else." said Lin Feng, raising his gla.s.s at Yi Ren Lei. He didn't even glance at Yang Yan, how arrogant!

"I gave you face and now you're still acting rude." said Yang Yan, grabbing the jar of alcohol and setting it on fire.

"p.i.s.s off!" said Lin Feng, slowly turning around to look at Yang Yan. Yang Yan frowned and suddenly released fire energies.

They glanced at each other, they looked like a demon and a fire G.o.d.

Yang Yan's looked into Lin Feng's eyes, feeling the nine netherworlds water flowing into his body.

"Die." said Lin Feng sounding like a demon. Suddenly, Yang Yan closed his eyes and stood up. He opened his eyes again and suddenly, flames came out of them.

Lin Feng then ignored him and took out his own alcohol. He said indifferently, "How long are you going to stay here?"

"Very good." said Yang Yan, hammering the table with his fist. Then, he turned around and left. Lin Feng had defeated him, so he wasn't very happy.

After Yang Yan left, the table he had set on fire was bright red.

Yi Ren Lei looked at Lin Feng, thinking inwardly that he was the same as he was in the past.

"When did you arrive here?" asked Lin Feng. She looked angry and released ice energies onto the fire to extinguish it.

"Two years." said Yi Ren Lei smiling.

"Two years." Lin Feng was surprised and asked, "Are you leaving with me?"

Yi Ren Lei shook her head and smiled, "Back then we agreed, after the hundred days we'd each have our own path."

"What kind of cultivators does the Moon Imperial Palace raise?" asked Lin Feng.

"My love, you're worried." said Yi Ren Lei smiling. "The Moon Imperial Palace is different from what you think. If you don't believe me, you can look at the others."

At that moment, the men were already in several pavilions. Lin Feng glanced around at the girls, noting that they were all incredibly beautiful, but their Qi was different from Yi Ren Lei's.

"Different Qi, but beautiful." whispered Lin Feng. Yi Ren Lei smiled and nodded, "You all think of yourself as hunters, but you don't know how many of you hunters have turned into prey. If even one of you fails, then the Moon Imperial Palace wins."

Lin Feng frowned. Indeed, those people were from ancient clans, and they were extraordinary, not to mention their powerful ancient scriptures.

PMG Chapter 1677

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PMG Chapter 1678

Chapter 1678: G.o.dly Imprint King Body

By the Ice-Moon Lake, there was a waterfall, and even a whirlpool. Imprint lights appeared around Dugu the Winner, 360 of these ancient imprint lights appeared and started rotating around him.

"It's raining mountains, they oppress everything."

"That's an imperial imprint, it can turn into a deadly stroke which could be used to kill even emperors."

"Indestructible imprints which violate the laws of physics. How terrifying. The Ancient Dugu Clan really are the best at controlling imprints, especially when they possess the king body of the clan." thought the crowd.

"World King Body, he's extremely strong."

World lights appeared all around Lang Ye, the world lights were mysterious while they looked deadly. They surrounded all the imprints and then it started raining energies. They weren't moving yet, they were just releasing energies, and testing the waters.

Suddenly, terrifying imprints reappeared all around Dugu the Winner, at the same time, a gigantic swastika talisman appeared in the sky.

"Those are Buddhist imprints." thought the crowd. The gigantic swastika descended from the sky, making Lang Ye look tiny next to it.

"The imprint king body allows a person to control gold energy, and even though it hasn't turned into cosmic energy yet, but he'll probably break through to the Huang Qi layer when they do." thought Lin Feng.

"Gold abstruse energies are good for attacks, but when a cultivator who has a G.o.dly Imprint King Body uses them, they become explosive." The difference between ordinary people and strong cultivators was even greater once they started using abstruse energies and cosmic energies.

Apart from the Ancient Buddhist Imprints, many other terrifying imprints appeared, a.s.saulting the world lights. Finally, Lang Ye reappeared with the Celestial Ancient Coffin in his hand. As it rose to the sky, two different types of strength appeared.

"World strength is very strange, so I'm sure that the World Clan's king body is quite powerful." said Dugu the Winner. His 360 imprint lights slightly faded.

"The Dugu Clan's G.o.dly Imprint King Body is not bad either." said Lang Ye calmly. He had protected himself this far, so he was satisfied, he had seen the G.o.dly Imprint King Body.

"Chu Chun Qiu's strength is his ancient imperial intent, the Holy Sun Clan have terrifying explosive sun attacks, the Ancient Witchcraft Clan have mysterious powers, the young people from the other clans and sects from Vast Celestial Ancient City will also have no problem breaking through to the Huang Qi layer." thought Lang Ye. He had also meant to include Lin Feng who had a special body which allowed him to use ten types of abstruse energies, and then Meng Qing who was from the Snow Clan and also possessed a special body type. That generation didn't lack strong young cultivators.

"Only in the end will we be able to see who the true winners are between those of us with special bodies." Dugu the Winner looked solemn and respectful. With that, he rose up in the air and recalled his energies. Then, he disappeared.

"It's not only between people who possess a special body, it's between everyone." said Lang Ye, gazing into the distance at Cang Xiao and the others.

The battle was over, but the crowd didn't feel pleased, they wanted to see more. The World King Body and the G.o.dly Imprint King Body were incredibly rare, let alone to be facing each other.

Lin Feng felt very enthusiastic. He glanced at Yang Yan, who was also staring back at him.

"Not everybody has a body which allows them to control ten different types of abstruse energies, but even then, you cannot begin to imagine how powerful Ancient Holy Clans are. Having said that, you relied on yourself, which isn't bad." said Yang Yan before he rose up in the air.

Lin Feng didn't look at him. He glanced at Chu Chun Qiu and the young man from the Ancient Witchcraft Clan, both of whom looked calm, but still, Lin Feng didn't underestimate them. Even Qin Shang and Bai Qi seemed strong.

The crowd dispersed, leaving only Lang Ye, Lin Feng, and Cang Xiao.

"The Moon Imperial Palace has officially reappeared in Vast Celestial Ancient City. I'm sure they will invite even more young people." said Cang Xiao, smiling indifferently. He was very interested in the celestial girls of the Moon Imperial Palace. If he could get one of them for himself, he'd incredibly happy. Not just the girl, but the Moon Imperial Palace also had incredible ancient imperial books.

"Let's go back." said Lang Ye in a calm way. Then, they both rose up in the air and left.

Back in the Heaven Clan's territory, Lang Ye, Cang Xiao and some other people were walking together, arriving where Lin Feng and Lang Ye were staying.

"Lang Ye, I've been staying in the Heaven Clan for quite a while already, and I feel like I'm disturbing you here, so I'll be leaving with my wife." said Lin Feng to Lang Ye. He wasn't friends with those people, and he had the feeling that they didn't want him to stay there. Back on the boat, Cang Xiao had asked Lin Feng to get down, which he still wasn't happy thinking about that.

"Alright, I'll leave with you then." said Lang Ye, nodding. He understood how Lin Feng felt. If he had been Lin Feng, he would have done the same.

"Brother Lin, Brother Lang Ye, is there anything making you feel unhappy? The Heaven Clan is gigantic, so if you need more s.p.a.ce, we can show you other rooms." said Cang Xiao, his facial expression suddenly changed when he heard them. Then, he smiled at Lin Feng and said: "Brother Lin, if I did something wrong, please forgive me."

Lin Feng perfectly understood why Cang Xiao acted that way but Lin Feng just smiled and said: "Thank you, I have things to do though. I'm off."

Cang Xiao was being nice even though he had a higher social status than Lin Feng but Lin Feng couldn't stay there the whole time. Lin Feng then started leaving.

"Who does he think he is!" said Cang Yue, his facial expression changed drastically. Lin Feng was humiliating him by declining his invitation.

Lin Feng heard him but ignored him. Lang Ye remained speechless as well. Cang Yue also tried to call on him, but Lang Ye had brought Lin Feng, so he wanted to leave with him.

Qiu Yue Xin came to Lin Feng as Lang Ye asked Cang Xiao, "Please say goodbye to Cang Ling for me. I'm off."

Then the three of them left.

"Lin Feng will see!" said Cang Yue in a cold way, feeling humiliated as well.

"No need. If he wants to leave, then he can, he's not our prisoner. It turns out that he's extraordinary, which explains why Lang Ye and Lin Feng are such good friends. If he doesn't offend us, don't attack him." said Cang Xiao calmly.

"Hmph!" Cang Yue was unhappy and groaned coldly.

Lin Feng and Lang Ye left and found a place to land. They could do whatever they wanted if they weren't at the Heaven Clan. The only problem was that they couldn't hear much about the outside world if they secluded themselves. Lin Feng was still a bit worried that Yi Ren Lei was with the Moon Imperial Palace.

Later that night, Lin Feng was walking around on his own, looking at the sky. A silhouette descended from the sky with 360 imprint lights around them. That was the G.o.dly Imprint King Body: Dugu the Winner.

Lin Feng and Dugu the Winner weren't enemies, so what was that guy doing?

PMG Chapter 1679

Chapter 1679: Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures

In the air, Dugu the Winner remained silent and said nothing. He jumped forwards, his ancient imprints launching at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng condensed demon energy in his hand and punched the air in Dugu the Winner's direction. In a flash, the ancient imprints broke, and Dugu the Winner landed in front of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at him in a cold way. What was wrong with Dugu the Winner? They weren't enemies, so why was that guy attacking him?

Lin Feng released sword Qi which tore apart the imprints, causing explosions to resonate in all directions. Lin Feng felt the pressure as Dugu rushed over to him, his Buddhist imprints leading the charge.

Lin Feng rose up in the air, attacking the ancient imprints using his Great Earth Destruction. The imprints broke apart, and Lin Feng shouted furiously, "You're not Dugu the Winner!"

Lin Feng had seen Dugu the Winner and Lang Ye fight, he knew what his energies felt like. Dugu the Winner was extremely strong, but the person he was fighting against now had something different. Lin Feng felt like he had already seen those eyes.

"It's you." Lin Feng recognized the eyes from when he went to the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. Not only were they pretending to be Dugu the Winner, they were actually using the 360 imprints. That guy could imitate other people's attacks.

"Could it be the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures?" thought Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn't have time to think though, he had to react quickly.

"Attack!" Lin Feng used his sword energies again. Gigantic canyons formed all around, however, his opponent was smiling in a cold way, like he wasn't under any pressure. Suddenly, millions of clones appeared, seemingly millions of imprints filling the night's sky. Lin Feng started feeling dizzy looking at them all.

"Illusion." Lin Feng's eyes became pitch-black as he jumped above. His sword Qi descended, destroying the illusion and leaving a gigantic crater beneath him.

After the illusion fell apart, terrifying suns suddenly appeared.

"Sunlight." Lin Feng frowned as he saw a sun moving towards him.

Lin Feng used his Desolate Ksana attack this time, causing the sun to explode. Lin Feng then released more demon intent.

As Lin Feng landed on the ground, the Earth beneath him exploded, turning into a cage to trap him. As soon as the cage started to trigger, Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword intent flooded out, instantly overwhelming the cage and making it break apart.

Fissures appeared in the air and the ground, however, in the next moment, Lin Feng's opponent was already running away at full speed.

Lin Feng looked at his opponent, he was still facing him as he ran backwards. To make things even stranger, he was still smiling.

He hadn't managed to kill Lin Feng, and given Lin Feng's speed, he probably wouldn't be able to hold out much longer.

However, numerous clones flooded the sky, making it impossible to guess which one was the real one.

Lin Feng glanced around and stopped moving, there were too many clones to attack.

"He's so fast. If I had known that before, I would have used my talismans from the start." thought Lin Feng.

"That guy isn't any weaker than those who have king bodies." thought Lin Feng. It wouldn't be a lie to say that this guy was one of the most terrifying cultivators Lin Feng had ever fought against.

At that moment, a strong wind blew and a cultivator appeared, it was Lang Ye.

"What's wrong?" asked Lang Ye.

"I encountered a terrifying cultivator who could use the skills and techniques of the G.o.dly Imprint King Body and the 360 imprint lights, amongst others' skills we've seen recently. I think he has the ability to imitate people's attacks." said Lin Feng. Lang Ye frowned, "I find it surprising to hear that you met such a cultivator."

"I think I've seen him before." Lin Feng continued. "I think it might be the person I saw in the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. I told you about that already."

"It's him." thought Lang Ye, looking more surprised.

"Should we go to the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan and see?" asked Lang Ye.

"That's what I want to do." said Lin Feng nodding. Then, they both started flying in the direction of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. Lin Feng didn't know that at that moment, Qiu Yue Xin was shaking violently as a terrifying Mercilessness energy was rising to the skies.

"No…" Qiu Yue Xin felt very cold and her face started looking distorted.

Finally, her eyes changed, and she started walking.

A silhouette appeared in front of her, she looked beautiful, even perfect. She had a veil covering her face though.

That silhouette stopped not far from her. Qiu Yue Xin walked to that mysterious woman.

The mysterious woman turned around and started leaving. Qiu Yue Xin followed her silently, neither of them saying anything.

Lin Feng didn't know about that. He was with Lang Ye, and they were heading towards the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. As they approached the Clan, they realized that many other people were going there too.

"Nothing has been heard from the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan for such a long time, and now some people are trying to make it rise again." said someone next to Lin Feng and Lang Ye.

"I don't know who's doing it, but one thing's for sure, the clan hasn't been completely destroyed. Only members of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan can activate the deployment spell, and they must be at least core disciples." said someone else. The other one nodded, "I've heard that they might have been hiding underground."

Lin Feng and Lang Ye accelerated. Finally, they arrived on the site of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, but they were astonished at what they found. Instead of ruins, there were ancient palaces, and though the Qi was, the buildings looked pristine and beautiful.

"Is that the ancient Celestial Evolution Holy Palace?" whispered Lin Feng.

"It must be one of the main palaces, the others have definitely been destroyed." said Lang Ye.

PMG Chapter 1680

Chapter 1680: Ancient Holy Clan

"The Celestial Evolution Holy Palace has existed for thousands of years. I wonder if there are treasures inside." thought Lin Feng. He gazed into the distance and some Qi approaching them quickly. People raised their heads and saw a middle-aged man wearing a white robe, capable of crossing thousands of meters in the blink of an eye.

"The Master of the Heaven Clan is here." thought the crowd.

"That's Cang Ling's elder, his strength is unfathomable." said Lang Ye to Lin Feng. The Celestial Evolution Holy Palace attracted many strong cultivators. Cang Ling's elder represented the Heaven Clan, so he made an appearance for his clan.

Boom! At the same moment, the sky became distorted elsewhere.

"The almighty cultivator of the Chu Clan is here." said Lang Ye. Lin Feng glanced at him. Chu Chun Qiu's Qi was similar, but that person's Qi was just infinitely more powerful than Chu Chun Qiu's. He was probably a celestial emperor. (Editor's note: I'm not sure that celestial emperors have been introduced before, or if this is an error)

Following them, many more terrifying cultivators arrived. Lin Feng noticed one cultivator who was surrounded by millions of shadows. That was probably a strong cultivator from the Dugu Clan.

As expected, those people immediately ran towards the main hall of the great palace. The crowd watched as terrifying energies and threads of G.o.dly awareness invaded the palace, all attempting to find treasures.

"Good Heavens, the holy palace has reappeared, so there must be treasures inside. However, the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan has disappeared for a thousand years now, so stealing their treasures won't be easy." said a Taoist monk.

"Huh…" Lin Feng gazed into the distance. Why did that guy appear each time treasures appeared?

"Master, you're not dead?" asked Lin Feng.

Yan Di smiled at Lin Feng and said, "You're still alive, so why would I be dead?"

"You can leave the forbidden area alive, you're even more resilient than I thought." said Lin Feng.

"Places which house people are not really forbidden areas." said Yan Di. He then looked at the central part of the palace where a terrifying energy was emerging from.

"What kind of oppressive and destructive strength is that?" thought Lin Feng, s.h.i.+vering. His face turned pale as he looked at the main palace.

"As I said, it won't be easy to get any treasures." said Yan Di. His facial expression didn't change, he even looked amused. People around him rolled their eyes, thinking, "That guy is still in the mood to joke?"

Destructive energies gradually filled the air. The incredible cultivators who had gone to the main palace came back now, rise through the air.

Finally, after they flew dozens of meters into the air, the destructive energies disappeared. None of them dared go back down. After a short time, they all left in different directions without saying anything.

"Everybody, now is the right time to get precious treasures, why isn't anybody else doing anything?" asked Yan Di to the crowd. Some people glanced at him in a cold way.

"I won't take anything, but I'll go inside and have a look." said Yan Di smiling. Then, the crowd watched him fly towards the central palace.

"d.a.m.n." thought Lin Feng. Yan Di dared go inside, but Lin Feng wasn't worried, instead he was confident in Yan Di's experience. As expected, after a while, nothing happened. Some people released their G.o.dly awareness and found that the Taoist monk looked at ease inside, he was currently stealing treasures!

"Hmph!" an emperor groaned and ran towards the palace. If that Taoist monk could go inside, why not him?

After he got in, the crowd saw that nothing was happening, and more people decided to give it a try.

"Let's go." said Lin Feng to Lang Ye. Then, they both went in the direction of the main palace. Inside the main palace, they found a chessboard which had the force of seven stars. (Editor's note: There's no indication as to what force of seven stars means.)

"That chessboard is an ancient deployment spell, we can't activate it." whispered Lin Feng. There were many pieces on the chessboard and moving them would probably have disastrous consequences. Maybe the strong cultivators from before had moved them.

Above the chessboard were black lights.

"What is that item?" thought some people.

"That's the Celestial Evolution Chessboard of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan." said Yan Di, as if it was a matter-of-fact.

"It could be the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, but since I've never seen it, I can't be sure." whispered Lang Ye.

"How do you know if that's the real Celestial Evolution Chessboard and not a copy?" asked a strong cultivator.

"I can't be sure either. Also, there are sure to be the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures inside." said Yan Di, pointing deeper inside.

"If you think the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures are inside, why don't you go and take them?" asked a young man in a cold way. That was Chu Chun Qiu.

"If the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures were inside, would you go and take them?" asked Yan Di to Chu Chun Qiu indifferently.

"Of course I wouldn't. I'm leaving." said Chu Chun Qiu. Then, he turned around and left looking confident and at ease.

"I'm too weak, so I can't take the treasure. I'll go and take some other treasures." said Yan Di. Then, he turned around and left as well. People were angry, he had come in first and now he was leaving already.

"Let's go too." said Lin Feng to Lang Ye. Following Yan Di was the best thing to do.

But when they left the main hall, a terrifying energy filled the air. Great emperors had appeared, pus.h.i.+ng the cultivators already there away.

"They can help." thought Lin Feng.

"Argh…" at that moment, someone shouted furiously. A terrifying b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi rolled in waves.

"A powerful cultivator from a b.e.s.t.i.a.l clan has arrived." thought the crowd.

"Why do beasts want the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures?" At that moment, 360 lights appeared next to Lin Feng and Lang Ye. It was Dugu the Winner.

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