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At the Celestial Academy, there was a great deal of excitement. People were walking in all directions and  talking as if they were excitedly discussing about something.


“I wouldn’t have thought that the Imperial City would send an army to Duan Ren City. Could it be that the attack of the Mo Yue Country is so strong that Duan Ren City is already unable to resist anymore.” said someone in a low voice on the main street of the academy. That person heaved a sigh. It was one of the military students of the academy. He had always revered Liu Cang Lan. He wouldn’t have thought that these days, Liu Cang Lan would also be unable to resist.


“It’s probably the situation. Otherwise, they would have secretly sent students of some big inst.i.tutions to practice there. They wouldn’t have declared a state of war. This time, the Imperial City has given the order to send the most outstanding disciples to Duan Ren City as well as the real army.” replied the other person. These two people were hurriedly walking as they spoke.


These two student were walking in the same direction as many other groups of students.


At that moment, There were people wearing silver armour riding horses outside of the academy. They looked majestic and strong.


In front of these people were the students of the Celestial Academy. They were riding horses as well and some were even riding ferocious beasts. They were waiting to leave.


At that moment, a horse galloping could be heard in the distance. A white silhouette appeared and was galloping toward that location at full speed.


White clothes, white horse.


“Wen Ao Xue.”


When the crowd saw the face which was as beautiful as any woman, the crowd was stupefied. Wen Ao Xue was leaving with them as well.




The white horse neighed while it slowed down and Wen Ao Xue glanced at the crowd while smiling. Immediately after, he arrived amongst the military students who slowly parted and created a path for him to lead the way.


Next to them, the leader of the army troops glanced at Wen Ao Xue in a cold and detached way and asked: “Wen Ao Xue, why do you want to go to such a place?”


“Luo Yu, if you can go, for what reason can I not go?” asked Wen Ao Xue while smiling. His beautiful eyes looked enchanting.


Luo Yu groaned and didn’t look at Wen Ao Xue again. He turned his head towards the officer of the silver-armored troops and said: “The time has come for us to leave. Let’s go.”


“Alright.” said the officer indifferently while nodding. “Prepare to leave.”


But at that moment, the sound of galloping spread in the air again. Inside the academy, a group of armored horses were galloping at full speed while a cloud of dust rose behind them. The one at the very front was a very handsome young man. He looked majestic and powerful. He was galloping there at an incredible speed. His horse, surprisingly, was a dragon colt horse, a horse of extremely high quality.


On the young man’s left and right, there was a single person on each side. One of them was a girl wearing a fine veil on her face. She looked holy and pure, like a celestial being.


On his other side was a beautiful woman. She looked heroic and vigorous.


But many people were astonished when they saw the young man on the dragon colt horse. It was Lin Feng.


These days, at the Celestial Academy, people who didn’t know his name were rare. The fact that he was appearing at that moment was amazing.


Lin Feng was also going to Duan Ren City. He was personally going to go to the battlefield. Besides, two beautiful women were following him.


“You arrived.” said Wen Ao Xue while smiling at Lin Feng.


Lin Feng nodded to Wen Ao Xue. Of course he had arrived, he was leaving as well.


At that moment, that n.o.ble military man, Luo Yu, looked at Lin Feng and said in a low voice: “Lin Feng.”


Lin Feng looked at Luo Yu wondering who he was. He didn’t know him.


“What’s the problem?” asked Lin Feng.


“Nothing.” said Luo Yu while shaking his head. He then continued: “You defeated Hei Mo only because you’re lucky. I hope that, on the battlefield, you will remain that lucky because it is not a place where you can just play around.”


When he finished talking, Luo Yu turned around, didn’t look at Lin Feng again and started moving.


“Lucky?” Lin Feng was stupefied. He defeated Hei Mo because he was lucky?


Lin Feng laughed and shouted at Luo Yu: “Same for you, it would be a great shame if you didn’t come back alive.”


When Luo Yu heard Lin Feng, he stopped his horse. He released a cold energy from his body which moved towards Lin Feng.


At the same time, he turned around and galloped towards Lin Feng at full speed while punching towards Lin Feng which emitted a strong whistling noise as it pierced through the air.




Lin Feng’s horse neighed and Lin Feng flew up in the air before landing on the ground. There was blood on the corner of his mouth.


He then kicked the dragon colt horse, which had immediately fell down onto the ground while unceasingly neighing causing him to be dismounted.


From the moment when Lin Feng had talked and the end of that attack, only a short moment had elapsed. Luo Yu’s attack had been like a storm, quick and perfect.


While looking at Lin Feng, Luo Yu laughed coldly and said: “Did you think that I was like Hei Mo and that you could act so impudently in front of me?”


The crowd was astonished and amazed by Luo Yu’s move. He was so strong.


Even though Lin Feng was monstrously gifted and could defeat Hei Mo, the difference with Luo Yu was gigantic.


Luo Yu was the seventh ranked student of the Celestial Academy. Hei Mo and him were very different. Luo Yu didn’t need to use a special skill to have the strength of the seventh Qi layer.


At that moment, the crowd saw Lin Feng standing with blood on the corner of his mouth. He was standing perfectly straight and a glow emerged around his body. In his hand appeared a sword which glowed with a silvery white light. It looked extremely sharp. It was absorbing sword energy as if it was alive.


An incredible amount of battle energy spread in the atmosphere from Lin Feng’s body. It was extremely sharp and powerful. Everybody was instantly terrified.


Besides, inside that battle energy, there was sword Qi.


“Huh?” the crowd was stupefied and looking at Lin Feng in a strange way. Lin Fen surprisingly wanted to fight?


Luo Yu frowned while looking at Lin Feng. He was surprised.


He only saw that Lin Feng was walking slowly. In the blink of an eye, the battle energy as well as the sword Qi immediately emerged and pierced through the air at full speed moving straight towards Luo Yu.


At that moment, a loud neighing sound spread in the air. Luo Yu’s horse had felt the energy and was terrified, it immediately fell onto the ground and started crawling. Luo Yu’s body was thrown onto the ground.


“You cowardly animal.” coldly shouted Luo Yu. He immediately attacked like a madman. His horse neighed and immediately after, its heart twitched, it wasn’t moving anymore.


Immediately after, Luo Yu raised his head and looked at Lin Feng. An extremely cold expression could be seen in his eyes.


Without saying anything, Lin Feng walked towards Luo Yu and when he arrived in front of him then raised his sword above his head.


An extremely powerful combination of battle energy, sword energy and deadly energy filled the air. The hearts of the people in the crowd were pounding.


It seemed like Lin Feng had become much stronger in comparison with when he fought against Hei Mo, much, much stronger.


Lin Feng hadn’t stuck with his sword yet but the sword energy was already enough to make the heart of the people in the crowd beat faster. Each of Lin Feng’s actions was enough to astonish them.




Lin Feng said one word and swung his sword in a downwards arc towards Luo Yu. It seemed like that sword was going to reach Luo Yu’s body at any moment. Deadly Qi waves were rolling in the air like a black cloud.


Luo Yu looked concentrated, a terrifying Qi emerged from his body. When he saw Lin Feng’s sword approaching him, Luo Yu raised his hands out of which a bright and resplendent white light emerged. A terrifying strength flowed from within his hands.


“Crrr!” a distinct cracking sound spread through the air. The bright white light disintegrated under Lin Feng’s sword. The silver deadly sword immediately continued moving towards Luo Yu.


Luo Yu’s facial expression finally changed. He was dumbstruck. He heavily stepped on the ground and raised both of his hands. He quickly moved backwards. That sword caught his face leaving a thread of blood down his face. That sword had nearly cut him into two.


But Luo Yu didn’t have the time to take a breath, he just saw Lin Feng flicker and come towards him again. That deadly sword was rus.h.i.+ng towards him again. Lin Feng and his sword were the same, expressionless and cold. It made Luo Yu’s heart feel extreme dread.

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