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Chapter 1897

Chapter 1897: Military Strategy

For the strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland, this was a great battle. They hadn’t lost anybody, and they had killed famous cultivators from the Ancient Demon Clan! They were all amazed by Lin Feng. His understanding of life and death was deep and advanced. Joining hands with Lin Feng was something great! He could even transform their energies!

They had also obtained great things when defeating their enemies. Now, they could defeat more enemies, so they could also obtain more things!

“We should gather together with the other cultivators from h.e.l.l. Jalacandra Fairyland can’t win alone. We have to join hands with other people,” said someone at that moment gravely. They couldn’t flinch. They had to move back, form an army and fight for power. The outsiders wanted to invade the Celestial Country!

“Indeed!” many people replied positively.

“Let’s go.”

Their silhouettes flickered, they retreated and began to gather. Everybody realized that a powerful army was going to attack them.

That kind of battlefield was too terrifying. Two armies from two different worlds were going to fight, and n.o.body could do anything to stop it.


People were running back and forth, everyone was on edge.

Lin Feng and the others gathered together somewhere. Each time people saw them, they s.h.i.+vered.

Someone said to the crowd, “People who don’t have an imprint in their third eye must be destroyed, without any exception. There will only be this one battle.”

“He’s the descendant of one

of the Ten Yama Courts’ kings. His name is Yang Mian. He understands Dao power and is at the top of the Huang Qi layer. He is terrifyingly strong. He sounds like a real leader!” said someone next to Lin Feng. Everybody nodded. In h.e.l.l, leaders were all obstinate and unruly.

“Everybody, you all know that those people probably come from the other world. We control death energy, we have the advantage and can win. Therefore, let’s all release death strength and then move together. If they fight in our sea of death strength, we’ll have the advantage!” said Yang Mian loudly. Everybody heard him clearly. They had to agree on some things before fighting and be strategically efficient.

“Yang Mian, we don’t know how strong the outsiders are. We should wait for them here. If the difference between them and us is too big, then we can escape,” said someone in the crowd. Many people agreed.

“Everybody, don’t worry. I’ve already sent some extremely strong cultivators to the front to check them out. They will soon tell us about the outsiders,” replied Yang Mian. Everybody felt relieved. At that moment, everybody was getting ready to protect themselves.

The atmosphere on the Milky Way battlefield suddenly became chaotic. However, people remained silent, although it was rather suffocating to endure.

A strong wind started blowing, Yang Mian and the others gazed into the distance. They saw a silhouette surrounded by a whirlwind, closing

closing on them quickly. The scout said to Yang Mian, “We have about the same number of people, and they’re not far away. They will arrive soon!”

“Alright!” said Yang Mian solemnly. Then he said to everybody, “Everybody, let’s form nine vertical lines and leave some s.p.a.ce in between for people to move freely when attacking.”

Silhouettes flickered, turning into a gigantic wall. It was spectacular thing to watch as death Qi began to gather and pulse thickly all over the sky.

“Everybody, remember, after attacking, everybody move back. Don’t move chaotically, let the death strength do its job. Even those who can kill within a short time, do so when they rush over to us. Don’t underestimate them. Be careful. We’ll have the advantage if we fight smart!” said Yang Mian.

Everybody agreed and nodded along. At that moment, in the distance, a powerful and gigantic army appeared, preceded by sonic booms.

Lin Feng was in the crowd too. At that moment, he looked determined. This battle wasn’t going to be as easy as Yang Mian thought it was…

Cultivators didn’t like being humiliated, that was the reason why they joined hands to fight. It had to do with life and death. Lin Feng was going to fight because the other army could pose a threat to all of them, otherwise why would he fight? The battle between h.e.l.l and the other world had nothing to do with him.

A light beam suddenly shot

suddenly shot across the sky and lit up everything, and the wind picked up. The people from h.e.l.l frowned. In the distance, a gigantic fire dragon appeared. s.p.a.ce even started burning around it.

Yang Mian looked glum and said coldly, “Let’s release ice h.e.l.l strength to stop their fire.”

After that, the people who controlled ice energy released some. The temperature fell as it moved forwards. The very air started freezing.

The fire and the ice collided. A strong wind brushed against people’s skin. Gigantic whirlwinds appeared, as sharp as blades. The enemies also had a strategy!

“Earth and gold strength!” shouted Yang Mian extremely loudly. In a flash, a s.h.i.+eld made of gold and earth strength appeared before them. The outsiders couldn’t see clearly anymore, the earth and gold Qi had also blotted out the sky.

“Destroy!” shouted someone extremely loudly. The gigantic s.h.i.+eld broke apart.

Yang Mian made seals with his gigantic hands. An imprint appeared and grew to colossal size. The blade-sharp wind crashed against the gigantic imprint, forcing it back.

“Break!” A powerful strength pulsed out. The atmosphere seemed like it was going to collapse. Dazzling lights appeared everywhere. People could barely see the sky and the air seemed to be squeezing them!

“Release h.e.l.l death strength!” shouted Yang Mian extremely loudly. The crowd all released death strength. However, that death strength couldn’t pierce through the enemies’ attacks. The crowd felt desperate and their hearts started pounding.

“Back!” said Lin Feng. The strong cultivators The strong cultivators of Jalacandra Fairyland looked glum, but they trusted Lin Feng and all of them pulled back.

“Disperse, everybody move in every direction chaotically. Like this, we can’t fight, we’re just easy targets!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. People released strength in every direction, however, the next waves of attacks continued filling the air in their direction. The enemies were getting closer and closer!

The air seemed like it was going to collapse. Another powerful whirlwind appeared, and many people were destroyed. That tactic was deadly!

“Ji Chang!” Lin Feng was astonished. He looked at the outsiders and noticed one of the leaders: it was Ji Chang! Ji Chang was using Cyan Dragon Totem attacks with nine Cyan Dragon Totems on display. He looked like a king!

When I joined Champion University, he was already an incredible cultivator. Now, so much time has pa.s.sed. He has even obtained the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree. He must be at the top of the Huang Qi layer! He probably knows about Dao intent. Among the people of the Huang Qi layer, he must have no enemy at all!, thought Lin Feng.

In Champion University, the Celestial Country was known, and as expected, there was a pa.s.sage between the Continent of the Nine Clouds and the Celestial Country. The problem was that back when Lin Feng had joined Champion University, he was still a new student, and only strong cultivators in Champion University knew about the Celestial Country.

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