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Chapter 1906

Chapter 1906: Ancient Demon Clan’s Great Emperor

Lin Feng’s eyes were all black. Uptala had turned into a Blue Uptala Lotus and had taken him so far, they were probably a great distance from the Great Imperial Song City already. Maybe the Ancient Demon Clan wasn’t far from his present location?

Lin Feng picked up the loot before landing again on the Blue Uptala Lotus. He looked grave and solemn as the Blue Uptala Lotus disappeared.

The small world of his spirit was improving as Lin Feng became stronger. He had already started creating new lands around Xue Yue. The only thing was that n.o.body lived there yet.

Lin Feng came back with a Blue Uptala Lotus, arriving at the foot of the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree.

“Minister, this tree is similar to your path. I will plant your lotus here,” Lin Feng said hoa.r.s.ely. He put the lotus he was holding down into the soil at the foot of the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree. Instantly, many small other lotuses appeared, a special energy surrounding them.

“I’ve heard about the transforming teachings and about Marks of the Path. The Minister has turned into a Blue Uptala Lotus. That lotus is a Mark of the Path. In the future, Minister Uptala will also be illuminated by this beautiful tree, as will the people of Xue Yue,” whispered Lin Feng.

He slowly walked away before raising his head. He saw Feifei and Xiao Ya.

“Brother, that lotus…” Xiao Ya’s eyes twinkled with delight when she saw the Blue Uptala Lotus.

“An elder grows lotuses. Its Dao determination will reach every corner

of Xue Yue. In the future, it’ll be helpful for you, you’ll be able to study Dao intent!” Lin Feng said with a smile.

Xiao Ya walked up to Lin Feng and hugged him with a smile. “You’re becoming stronger and stronger!”

“Xiao Ya, we’ll go and look for your grandfather soon!” Lin Feng said, hugging Xiao Ya back. Even though Xiao Ya was now slender and elegant, Lin Feng still thought of her as a little girl and not as a woman.

“Lin Feng, I’ll get you some drinks and food!” offered Liu Fei, also smiling in welcome at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shook his head, “Feifei, I have things to do. I’ll come back when I have time.”

“Alright!” said Liu Fei with a nod. Lin Feng came back regularly now. They were already happy to be able to see him more than before.

When the Ancient Demon Clansman broke the talisman, the strong cultivator on the sacrificial altar suddenly turned furious. Gigantic waves appeared in the demon pond.

The cultivators who were in the water looked up at the strong cultivator on the altar, who stood up and said, “They died! I really want to see who dares kill people of the Ancient Demon Clan!”

The cultivator turned into a black light beam, vanis.h.i.+ng towards the horizon.

Many of the strong cultivators rose up into the air.

Lin Feng was actually heading in the opposite direction of the Ancient Demon Clan, but he sensed some demon Qi moving towards him. That Qi was more powerful than imperial Qi, it was great imperial Qi!

He turned around, and saw demon

demon Qi pulsing out behind him. He was astonished. A dazzling sun appeared in his hand and streaked across the sky. At the same time, Lin Feng released fire energy to follow the sun disc. He had several Great Imperial Weapons, but he mainly used those he had modified already.

Boom boom!

The earth and sky shook violently. A gigantic wave of demon energies rolled towards him. Lin Feng couldn’t even see it all clearly.

Eight suns suddenly appeared and collided with the demon wave, the force of their meeting hurling Lin Feng away violently. A gigantic hand appeared in front of him.

“Explode!” shouted Lin Feng extremely loudly. The eight sun discs moved towards the cage-like hand and attacked it. However, the demon light beam behind it continued moving towards him. Lin Feng was driven backwards once again and coughed up blood. He had the sensation his body was going to explode.

Finally, Lin Feng saw a silhouette of someone in black clothes. This person was much stronger than those who had attacked him before.

Lin Feng had inspected the corpses’ precious items and had realized that those people had impressive physical skills. Most of them studied two ancient books. One of them was to modify one’s physical form and develop a DevMara body, which allowed them to control demon energies better. Because that skill was too powerful, sometimes it made people’s veins explode and killed them. Thus, many of them practiced that skill in a demon pond, it helped them survive the process.

Lin Feng had realized that their strength rose to the skies when he fought

he fought against them. They were extremely brutal and aggressive. And now he was facing a great emperor, this guy was terrifyingly strong!

“My people died on the Milky Way battlefield. Does that have anything to do with you?” asked the strong cultivator, watching Lin Feng icily. He looked like a demon king as he floated there, arrogant and imperious.

Lin Feng’s eyes glittered. An ebony black demonic hand appeared in his grasp. Its strength rose to the skies and the air shook.

The strong cultivator from the Ancient Demon Clan was surprised at Lin Feng’s reply. That demon hand was from a very strong cultivator of the Ancient Demon Clan. The strong cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan obtained those hands and legs to a.s.sist them in their cultivation, they were precious treasures. Those items should have been in Juxiao’s hands, but now this outsider had them?

It meant that Juxiao had died before Lin Feng!

“I killed them all!” A boat appeared under Lin Feng’s feet and started humming with power. He suddenly shot away.

“You think you’re leaving?” the great emperor hissed icily. He waved his hands, and energies rolled in waves towards Lin Feng. Ahead of Lin Feng, demon stones appeared and rained down from the sky. His boat wouldn’t be able to move forwards. Five fingers as heavy as mountains were falling towards him.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. At least this person wasn’t using Dao strength, he was just using strength. As long as that person didn’t understand Dao energy, there was hope!

Lin Feng waved his left hand, and a terrifying hand imprint terrifying hand imprint slammed out. Lin Feng didn’t flinch. His boat charged straight towards the great emperor of the Ancient Demon Clan. His eight sun discs were dazzling and pressing down on the great emperor.

The great emperor released demon Qi and more demon mountains appeared, moving towards the sun discs. Explosions rang out loudly.

“Die!” Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with towering death strength. Hand imprints filled the air. At the same time, death swords cut the wind. Lin Feng looked like he had gone berserk.

“Death Dao!” The demon cultivator’s eyes went wide. His soul strength turned into an ancient demon, as indestructible as a mountain.

The boat suddenly rose up into the air. Lin Feng continued filling the air with terrifying demon hands. As he rose up into the air, his left arm cracked. It was like all his bones were about to be crushed.

What a terrifying strength!, thought Lin Feng. If he hadn’t had two Great Imperial Weapons, he would have died already. And this great emperor hadn’t understood Dao strength yet! The difference between great emperors and medium-level emperors was astonis.h.i.+ng. Lin Feng couldn’t even make his enemy’s soul shake.

At that moment, a new group of people appeared in the distance. Lin Feng frowned. Blinding lights appeared, and his boat moved towards the people who were arriving.

“Come back!” shouted the great emperor of the Ancient Demon Clan when he saw Lin Feng move. He knew how terrifying Lin Feng was, these young people couldn’t do much against him. Maybe someone like Juxiao could compete with him, but surprisingly, Juxiao had been killed too!

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