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Chapter 1985

Chapter 1985: Terrifying Great War

The Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan shouted furiously. Cyan lights filled the air and a silhouette appeared in front of him.

“World strength!” the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan frowned. He looked at the cyan lights and the old man who had appeared in front of him.

“That’s world strength.” The people in the distance frowned. World strength was very rare and mysterious. Those people were from the mysterious World Clan?

“Destroy!” the strong cultivator of the World Clan punched the atmosphere in the direction of the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan. A strong and explosive wind started blowing, threatening to collapse everything. Strange cyan lights flashed in every direction.

The Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan groaned icily and released an endless number of cyan dragons towards those lights. A terrifying destructive strength filled the air, and the strange lights exploded and crackled against it. The cyan dragons looked immortal, and in the end, the energies dispersed.

At the same time, another strong cultivator appeared next to Lin Feng, cyan lights surrounded them both and they ended up in another world.

“Why is the World Clan helping him now?” demanded the Saint Emperor of the Ji Clan to the Saint Emperor of the World Clan icily. The cyan lights in the air were indistinct. He had been taken away to another world.

“Lin Feng is our friend,” the Saint Emperor of the World Clan replied indifferently.

The Saint Emperor

of the Ji Clan looked stupefied and said, “I see. Well, let’s see if the World Clan can protect him or not!”

The World Clan and the Animal World were from abroad, the Ji Clan, the Ying Clan, and others were from the Holy City and they were Ancient Holy Clans, they ruled over the Holy City.

“Try, then,” said the Saint Emperor of the World Clan icily. Many years had pa.s.sed since the last time they had come out. Many young people had forgotten about them or didn’t even know about them, it was also an opportunity for them to regain their prestige.

In the distance, the crowd was stupefied when they heard them. They looked at Lin Feng; such a terrifying battle was happening because of a medium-level emperor! These people were all from Ancient Holy Clans, even Celestial Emperors couldn’t get involved in such a terrifying battle, there were only Saint Emperors or Ancestors. The Holy City hadn’t had such a terrifying battle for a very long time, and Lin Feng was the protagonist in that story.

The strong cultivators in the sky could only use strength to fight. If they used other methods, millions of people would die in the region!

Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian and Ji Dang Tian kept fighting and colliding. Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian turned into a dark grey energy, illusionary grey energy emerging from his body. The impression was that ancient G.o.ds had come for Judgement Day.

Ji Dang Tian

Tian grunted icily, he made a cutting motion and a terrifying and gigantic cyan dragon appeared. The s.p.a.ce seemed to be cut into two where the dragon appeared, terrifying destructive energies dashed to the skies.

“Imprint Death!” said Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian icily. His eyes became dazzling as light beams emerged from them. The rays lashed straight towards Ji Dang Tian’s eyes. At the same time, he ran forwards, a halberd appearing in his hands, strong wind energies emerging from it.

The halberd cut through the air towards the terrifying cyan dragon, a long grey trail appearing behind the it.

Ji Dang Tian moved aside and closed his eyes, it felt like a terrifying battle had been going on inside his head as well. However, at the same time, he flashed forwards, the earth and sky shaking violently. The ancient cyan dragon roared in a thundering rage and attacked. Some buildings started collapsing as a gigantic path also appeared behind the dragon.

Ji Dang Tian kept running ahead. The cyan dragon flew towards Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian. People on the ground raised their heads, What a terrifying battle…

“Back!” Other people kept running away.

Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian raised his gigantic halberd and shouted extremely loudly, “Ji Dang Tian, will you give up or not?”

“Lin Feng is doomed!” said Ji Dang Tian icily.

“Alright, we’ll see how you intend to capture him!” said Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian, his halberd descending from the sky. The heavens and earth kept shaking violently. The halberd shot

halberd shot towards Ji Dang Tian, slicing apart the air. It was Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian’s special strength, and almost impossible to stop.

Ji Dang Tian’s robe fluttered furiously as he made some hand seals, his cyan dragons roaring again. The heavens and earth kept shaking. A destructive energy pulsed out towards the halberd.

Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian jumped forwards, he looked like a sword holding a halberd. He looked terrifying.

“p.i.s.s off!” shouted Ji Dang Tian. Cyan dragons kept attacking, destructive energies exploded all around them. However, Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian was surrounded by peerless sword lights, and nothing could stop him. The air was being shredded around him. The cyan dragons started being cut into two.

Ji Dang Tian kept advancing, rumbling spreading out around him, and terrifying fissures appeared as the atmosphere was literally being destroyed. The air around him kept exploding.

The halberd crashed down onto his energies. Explosions rang out around Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian, and his muscles twitched. He had the brief impression he was going to explode. Ji Dang Tian was having a hard time too, he coughed up blood and was forced away.

They’re both badly injured, thought the astonished crowd. How incredible! Those strong cultivators’ energies wouldn’t disperse for a very long time. Saint Emperors’ energies lasted for a very long time!

But explosions kept shaking them, the strong cultivators in the sky kept fighting!

Ji Dang Tian swore icily, “Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian, you declared the war against our four Ancient Holy Clans today!”

“So what? Clans today!”

“So what? I protected Lin Feng. n.o.body will take him away!” said Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian, continued to press forwards with the halberd in his hands. He looked invincible.

Ancestor Xuan Tian and Ying Zi Chu’s battle was terrifying, too. n.o.body dared get close to them, they were already some distance away. Lin Feng was the only medium-level emperor in the middle of the battle, but a strong cultivator was protecting him. Even great emperors didn’t dare get too close, and remained far away among the rest of the crowd.

More and more strong cultivators from the four Ancient Holy Clans kept arriving, but there were only Saint Emperors fighting, so they couldn’t get involved. How terrifying!

“That Saint Emperor is hundreds of thousands of years old, he’s a legendary cultivator who is still alive.” For many people, becoming a great emperor was already extremely difficult. If Saint Emperors didn’t get killed or injured, they could live for a very, very long time. They were almost immortal.

In the distance, people from Champion University were watching the battle in astonishment. Those people were fighting because of Lin Feng: the four Ancient Holy Clans, the Animal World, the World Clan, and two ancestors of the university. What a terrifying battle! Some people were injured. Those cultivators could even destroy entire cities. If those Ancient Holy Clans lost cultivators, it would be a tragedy, but maybe that they hadn’t antic.i.p.ated such a thing could happen!

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