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Chapter 452: Absolute Despair!

Translated by: Notsaneinthebrain


Nuo Na was dumbstruck as well when she saw Lin Feng attack, she also hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would be so powerful.


Lin Feng looked like a weak young n.o.ble from the city. When they first met, she a.s.sumed that he had run away from a n.o.ble family and entered the desert. Meeting them and then encountering the Wolves of the Desert had caused this situation.


“Interesting!” Joked the second young master interrupting everybody’s train of thought. The second young master was still sitting atop his horse, he then smiled and said: “I wouldn’t have thought that the tribe would allow someone like you to cultivate. Even if you have cultivated a little bit, the truth is that everyone from the Black Wood Tribe is useless.”


When Lin Feng heard him, he was surprised but immediately laughed and shook his head. That second young master was really a waste of s.p.a.ce; he hadn’t even been able to determine Lin Feng’s strength from such a blatant display of power.


“Lang Ya, take some people and bring me his head!” Said Hei Mu in an ice-cold tone while pulling a long face.


Lang Ya was the strongest warrior of the Black Wood Tribe. He had already broken through to the fourth Ling Qi layer. He was using his famous weapon as well, his wolf-tooth club. His wolf-tooth club weighed a hundred and fifty kilograms. With a single attack he could tear flesh and break bone.


Lang Ya was a huge muscular man who was bareback, he grabbed his wolf-tooth club and rested it onto his shoulder, he looked imposing and domineering. His eyes were large like copper-bells, and he was fixedly staring at Lin Feng.


“I don’t need anyone else to interfere, I will kill him myself.” Said Lang Ya in an ice-cold way. He only took a few huge steps in Lin Feng’s direction and immediately arrived in front of Lin Feng.


Without the slightest bit of hesitation, he raised his wolf-tooth club and was aiming at Lin Feng’s head. While attacking with his weapon, a whistling sound filled the air as an extreme force crashed through the air. The members of the Black Wood Tribe were staring at his weapon, Lin Feng had no possible escape from that wolf-tooth club.


But at that moment, everybody was astonished. The wolf-tooth club had struck down, but Lin Feng wasn’t there anymore. He suddenly appeared by Lang Ya’s side.




The wolf-tooth club landed on the ground and the shock made Lang Ya’s entire body tremble. The crowd then suddenly saw a strange action from Lang Ya, he fell onto the ground and started crawling. He didn’t  have the power to stand up, blood could then be seen dripping onto the golden sand, turning it a deep shade of red. Finally, the crowd realised what had happened and started shaking, their hearts were racing.


The strongest warrior of the Black Wood Tribe was dead. But, they didn’t even see how he died. The only thing they knew was that he been killed by Lin Feng, there was no doubt about that. Lin Feng had killed him in the blink of an eye.


“If you are planning on killing me, everyone here should join forces, one or two people will just waste time.” Said Lin Feng indifferently which astonished everyone present. Lin Feng was telling everyone there join forces and fight together against him.


Hei Mu was gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth and fixedly staring at Lin Feng, but he didn’t give another order.


“Tras.h.!.+ Go together and kill him, then bring me his woman!” Shouted the second young master impatiently. He couldn’t stand watching this any longer. Lin Feng turned his head towards him and released a monstrous ice-cold energy. It was extremely sharp and piercingly-cold which made the second young master start to s.h.i.+ver. He felt like ice-cold needles were piercing through his skin.


“Second young master, we will kill him and bring you that girl to play with!” Said a few bandits while galloping towards Lin Feng. However, at that moment, he had already released a powerful deadly energy which covered the sky. Those who were attacking Lin Feng were astonished and immediately stopped moving, they didn’t dare move against Lin Feng anymore.


The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng suddenly disappeared from his initial position and appeared in front of the person who had just spoke out, humiliating Meng Qing and Lin Feng.


“Huh?” When that person saw Lin Feng’s ice-cold eyes, he started to s.h.i.+ver. He looked puzzled, he was mounted atop an armoured-horse and should be looking down at Lin Feng, but surprisingly Lin Feng was stood eye level with him, how was that possible?


The man’s eyes then followed Lin Feng’s body down and when he realized what was going on, his heart almost leapt from his chest and a s.h.i.+ver ran down his spine. His face looked terrified and hopeless, because at that moment, Lin Feng was floating in the air, he was walking on air which meant that Lin Feng was AT LEAST a Xuan Qi layer cultivator!


“THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! THUMP!..” The sound of everyone beating hearts was audible. The one on the horse was still shaking and his facial expression was hideous. Xuan Qi layer… Xuan Qi layer… Those were the only words that filled his mind… Xuan Qi layer.


He wasn’t the only one, when the others saw Lin Feng’s body float through the air, they all froze in shock, like statues.


Lin Feng was a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer? But he was so young!


Hei Mu was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. He had given his tribe the order to kill an extremely strong cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer? On top of that, he was extremely young, which meant he was talented.


Hei Mu was regretting everything. He was finally realizing that his daughter was right, Lin Feng, from start to finish, had never even though about running away. Otherwise, why would he come back to the Black Wood Tribe with her, only to flee afterwards. On top of that, Lin Feng had never seemed like he was scared of the Wolves of the Desert.


The most ridiculous thing was that Hei Mu had never even considered that such a thing might be possible. After he heard Hei Shan tell him about the Wolves of the Desert, he had only thought about how to appease them and never considered anything else. He had tied his daughter up and delivered him to the enemy. At that moment, he was realizing that in his panic, he had sided against Lin Feng, who was much stronger than the Wolves of the Desert. Thinking back, he should have treated Lin Feng as a respected guest.


However, what really happened was ridiculous.


Hei Mu had been so scared of a weakling, and because of that weakling, he ordered people to kill an extremely strong cultivator, Lin Feng.


The second young master and the tribe were astonished. Lin Feng had the strength of the Xuan Qi layer.


“What did you say a moment ago?” Asked Lin Feng while looking at the man who had just humiliated Meng Qing and him. His voice was cold and emotionless. The man could only tremble and look blankly at Lin Feng. He kept shaking his head and saying: “I didn’t say a word!!”


“Nothing?” Lin Feng was smiling. His smile was particularly resplendent. He then released a monstrous deadly energy which burst into the sky and enveloped the man’s body, the energy was so oppressive that he was almost falling to the ground.


“Die.” Said Lin Feng. A bright and resplendent light flashed through the atmosphere and fell towards the bandit, a spot of blood then emerged between his eyebrows. After collapsing to the ground, his eyes were still wide open but apart from a few convulsions, his body was lifeless.


“THUMP! THUMP! THUMP!” Everyone’s hearts were pounding while looking at the dead body beneath Lin Feng who was still floating in the air.


“Pssh.. Pssh…” Blood suddenly sprayed into the air, all of the people who were just rus.h.i.+ng to attack Lin Feng together had collapsed and fell from their horses. The crowd could only see the light from sword Qi, but they never saw a sword being unsheathed.


Some of the men urged their horses and started galloping in the opposite direction, however, anyone who tried to run was immediately killed under the sword lights. Countless silhouettes were falling from horsebacks one after the other, they were all dead.


It was terrifying, everyone was terrified and panic-stricken.


Fear continued to fill the people’s hearts as they then saw Lin Feng slowly rise higher into the air.


A moment before, they looked down on Lin Feng. However, they were now looking up at him and admiring his strength. Lin Feng, to them, was as dazzling as the sun.


“You want to kill me?” Lin Feng’s arm streaked across the sky, he was surrounded by the midday sunlight which made his figure seem even more majestic. A few bandits let out horrible shrieks and their bodies flew away. Lin Feng had taken their lives.


“You humiliated Meng Qing?” Lin Feng raised his hand again and his sword light shot through across the sky. Immediately after, more blood splashed into the air. He was killing each of the Wolves of the Desert one by one.


Lin Feng didn’t stop killing. His sword light was dancing across the sky as blood filled the air.


At that moment, Lin Feng was still floating in the sky, he looked like a G.o.d of death. He was absolutely merciless as he continued his ma.s.sacre.


The members of the Black Wood Tribe were all astonished and fixedly staring at Lin Feng. Their jaws were agape. They were dumbstruck and had fallen into despair.


In what seemed like an instant, he had already killed a great number of people. In no time, he had slaughtered hundreds of people from the Wolves of the Desert and at that moment, only one was left: the second young master!!

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