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PMG Chapter 593: Di Ling and Wu Dao

Chapter 593: Di Ling and Wu Dao

On the huge and vast field were billions of people with more and more arriving. 

They were the people from three empires. In the middle, there were five incredible geniuses, everybody wanted to be next to them to see them, Di Ling and Ba Guan Yan Yu Mo from the Firmament Empire hadn’t arrived either. They were the two geniuses of Firmament. They were incredibly powerful geniuses.

“They have arrived, it must be them.” At that moment, all sorts of comments were spreading in the crowd, people were gazing into the distance, as expected, some people on ferocious wild beasts were arriving. Those people looked like those who had just arrived, their Qi was monstrously strong and majestic, they hadn’t arrived and yet the crowd could already sense their Qi, they were so strong. 

“Everybody arrived so quickly!” said a voice in the distance while some people were approaching. 

Besides, at that moment, a silhouette appeared, it was flying as swiftly as a goose, then it started descending like a falling tree leaf before finally landing on the huge field. 

“Yu Mo from the Firmament Empire is late!” Thought the crowd while looking at the five cultivators who had already arrived. They were all monstrously strong, they had come especially to see those people.

“Qi Qing Jian you have seven ancient swords, Liu Yu Qin you are a beautiful woman, the Firmament Empire can be proud of its two geniuses.” Said Yu Mo while looking at them, they were easy to recognize.

“You probably are Xue Sha of the Tian Sha Sect… And you must be Ku Yao Tong the Dead Tree…” Said Yu Mo while looking at them. He could recognize all of them and then he looked at Jun Mo Xi, smiled and said: “In total, there are four empires partic.i.p.ating in the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu as well as nine countries under their jurisdiction. Surprisingly, there is only one genius from Dragon Mountain, the other is from a country under its jurisdiction, Xue Yue. YOU are the one from Dragon Mountain, you must be Jun Mo Xi.” 

“Yu Mo, you’re quite smart.” Said Jun Mo Xi while smiling. Yu Mo’s eyes were very particular, they were entirely white which gave people the impression they could drown into them. 

“So one person must be missing, Di Ling.” Said Yu Mo while smiling. He knew that only eight people were considered as the strongest cultivators of the Great Compet.i.tion, himself as well as seven others. All the others couldn’t rival with them and meant nothing to Yu Mo. 

Apart from those eight people, there were many other geniuses, for example Tang You You and Qing Meng Xin, but Yu Mo didn’t care about such people, he didn’t even think about them. 

“When will Di Ling arrive?” Asked someone at that moment. Yu Mo laughed and said: “He’s here already, but he just hasn’t shown himself, that’s all.” 
“Boom boom boom!” At that moment some rumbling sounds spread in the air. Th

e crowd opened the way for somebody, that person was bathed in a red light which dashed to the skies. That person’s Qi was extremely brutal. 

“Boom boom boom !” After each step that person made, even though they seemed like light steps, people’s hearts were shaking violently. 

“Di Ling, possessor of the the firmament blood!” The crowd was stupefied, he was terrifying. He was very young and was diffusing the Qi of a peerless cultivator, he seemed to be much stronger than all the geniuses they had ever seen. 

Each of his steps sufficed to make people’s hearts shake violently. Di Ling’s steps seemed to be in perfect harmony with cosmic pulsations! That was much more powerful than a human earth fusion, he could borrow strength for those cosmic pulsations. 

The rumors were true, Di Ling was really the most terrifying cultivator of Xue Yu, he had the firmament blood, he was really impressive.

“Boom boom boom!” Finally, Di ling also arrived on the fighting stage, he looked at the six others in an insufferably arrogant way. 

“Di Ling.” They were astonished. They started releasing a monstrous battle energy. None of them could stand being looked at in such an arrogant way. They were outstanding disciples from Xue Yu, they all wanted to appear as the most dazzling person of the compet.i.tion. They wanted to be admired and revered by everybody. 

“There’s someone else.” Said Di Ling indifferently. Just like the others, he perfectly knew that those people were the only ones who could compete with him, all the others were too weak. 

Besides, he was considered as the most probable winner for that year’s compet.i.tion, he felt extremely proud and lucky.

“Duan Wu Dao isn’t here!?” Di Ling glanced around and saw that Duan Wu Dao hadn’t arrived, then, he looked at Jun Mo Xi and the other people on the side of the group of people from Dragon Mountain. 

“Duan Wu Dao?” When someone saw Di Ling’s twinkling eyes, the crowd was stupefied. Those geniuses were incredible, they were like heroes. Their strength was terrifying, they were all exceedingly strong, just like Jun Mo Xi. n.o.body could rival with those people. 

“Isn’t Duan Wu Dao going to come?” Thought many people suddenly. Duan Wu Dao hadn’t arrived. Maybe that he had an undeserved reputation, after all he was from Xue Yue, how could he be as strong as the other seven?

Many people pulled a long face and remained silent when they saw that Di Ling was staring at them. 

“Duan Wu Dao doesn’t dare come.” Said someone at that moment, it was Di Long, many people turned their heads and glared at him furiously. 

“If Duan Wu Dao was here, you wouldn’t dare talk s.h.i.+t like that.” Said Di Ling while looking at Di Long in a despising way. How shameless, such people dared joke about Duan Wu Dao. 

When Di Long heard Di Ling, he pulled a long face, he looked hideous.

“Hmph.” The people from Xue Yue laughed in a cold way, Di Long looked at them and said: “When Duan Wu Dao arrives, I will compare my strength with his!” 

“Alright, go and have a try.” Said someone at that moment in a cold way. Immediately after, a terrifying and violent Qi emerged in the atmosphere. A silhouette was running in the sky, that person didn’t look extraordinarily handsome but at first glance, one could see that that person was extremely brutal and violent. That person was cold, emotionless and violent.

“Duan… Wu… Dao!” Di Long at that person and was astonished. Duan Wu Dao had arrived.

For all the people from Dragon Mountain, Duan Wu Dao was a mystery, he was the prince of Xue Yue but he was very enigmatic.

“Boom boom boom!” 

A terrifying Qi and force emerged and invaded the atmosphere. All those brutal and violent energies then took the form of a light beam moving towards Di Long at full speed. Duan Wu Dao’s ice-cold pupils suddenly terrified Di Long who immediately started shaking violently.

“You want to fight? Let’s fight.” 

Swift energies descended from the sky, Duan Wu Dao hadn’t arrived yet his clothes were already fluttering in the wind as well as his hair. He looked like rice straws on a field, he was almost about to fall down under those monstrous energies.

“How terrifying…” Thought Di Long, he was regretting. He couldn’t even move under that Qi. 

“Boom boom boom!” A terrifying sound spread in the air. Duan Wu Dao immediately punched Di Long, the ground broke apart as Di Long’s body was embedded into the ground. 

“Little piece of s.h.i.+t.” Said Duan Wu Dao coldly. Di Long had the impression that his head was going to explode… Duan Wu Dao had his foot on his head while glancing around at the crowd in an extremely aggressive way. 

Di Long wanted to fight? Now, his head was under Duan Wu Dao’s foot and blood kept gus.h.i.+ng. 


PMG Chapter 594: The Aggressive Woman

Chapter 594: The Aggressive Woman

When the crowd saw that, they weren’t surprised, Duan Wu Dao was extremely aggressive and violent and what they were seeing confirmed what they had heard. 

Who had said that Duan Wu Dao couldn’t rival with people from the other empires? His strength was already terrifying. Di Long had acted recklessly but he had already broken through to the sixth Xuan layer, and he was much stronger than an ordinary cultivator of the sixth Xuan Qi layer. However, in front of Duan Wu Ya, he was worth nothing. Duan Wu Ya, in a flash, could defeat him and put his foot on his head.

“Duan Wu Dao destroys those who offends him and is good to those polite to him.” Thought many people. That saying about Duan Wu Ya was famous abroad. His reputation wasn’t unjustified, he was as expected, extremely violent.

Lin Feng was in the middle of the crowd and was also looking at Duan Wu Dao. Last time, at the Xiang Jiang lake, Duan Wu Dao had appeared only after Lin Feng had left, this time, it was the first time that he saw Duan Wu Dao, the prince of Xue Yue. He looked impressive. Even though Lin Feng had never seen him before, he had already heard about him many times. 

“He is indeed monstrously strong, he is not weaker than the others.” Thought Lin Feng. Di Long was considered as an extremely strong cultivator in Dragon Mountain, he was ranked seventh but in front of Duan Wu Dao, he seemed extremely weak and couldn’t even withstand a single attack. Duan Wu Dao could kill such people very easily. Di Long was ridiculous, he had dared despise and humiliate Duan Wu Dao… With what had just happened, Di Long’s determination would be severely influenced. 

The seven other geniuses were also looking at Duan Wu Dao. How strong, he was definitely strong enough to mingle with them but in the end, there would be only one real winner.

At that moment, the crowd was particularly excited and full of ardor. Those who were going to partic.i.p.ate in the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu were, indeed, extremely strong. They hadn’t traveled to Mi Cheng for nothing, it was definitely going to be worth it. Only real geniuses were going to partic.i.p.ate there. Seeing all those extremely strong cultivators made them want to become even stronger on the path of cultivation. 

“Duan Wu Dao, we’re meeting once again.” Said Di Ling at that moment coldly, he looked proud. 

Once again?

The crowd was stupefied, so Duan Wu Dao and Di Ling had already met in the past? No wonder that Di Ling had been asking about Duan Wu Dao, they knew each other, maybe even quite well. 

“Indeed, this time, I will finish first.” Said Duan Wu Dao sounding extremely firm and tenacious. In front of everybody, he was saying that he was going to end as the best cultivator of the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu. 

“As long as I am alive, you will be finished first.” Said Di Ling not submitting himself. If he had come, it was with the sole purpose of finis.h.i.+ng first. 

“What about us???” Said someone at that moment. It was Xue Sha and his eyes were bloodshot, he looked evil. 

The Tian Sha Sect was full of terrifying people, they knew some evil skills, for example, they could swallow people’s blood and flesh to become stronger.

Xue Sha was saying what everybody thought. Did they think that they were only two people competing for the first place?

“You?” Said Di Ling while glancing at Xue Sha before adding: “You have a chance to finish in the top five, yes.” 

“Top five??” Xue Sha smiled coldly. Di Ling thought that he would finish in the top five, how ridiculous. 

“You will see.” Said Xue Sha while groaning coldly. He then rolled up his sleeves, his silhouette flickered and he disappeared.

Xue Sha had immediately left. He had seen everybody and had an idea of how strong they were, they were all extremely strong in any case. At that moment, he just needed to become stronger and break through to the next cultivation layer, then finis.h.i.+ng first at the compet.i.tion wouldn’t be a problem. 

Of course, everybody had the same idea as Xue Sha, the others’ silhouettes also immediately flickered and everybody disappeared. 

When the crowd saw them leave, they dispersed.

“What do you think?” Asked Yun Fei Yang to Lin Feng at that moment while smiling. 

“Those eight people are extremely strong, I can't compete with any of them…” Said Lin Feng. He was well aware that his cultivation wasn’t enough, those eight people were monstrously strong, Lin Feng felt like the pressure was huge.

Duan Wu Ya had told him to finish in the top nine… That would be extremely difficult… 

“Don’t worry, until the very end of the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu, nothing is decided.” Said Yun Fei Yang while smiling. Lin Feng slowly turned his head and asked: “What is that supposed to mean?” 

“At the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu, there are people from the empires, right? But there are also people from the countries under their jurisdiction, even though they are not as strong as people from the empires, they are still selected, ten for each, do you know why?” 

Lin Feng remained silent and shook his head. He didn’t understand why, he had always thought that they had ulterior motives. 

“Because the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu is not only one big battle, it is divided into stages, during those stages, people who have really high natural abilities have many opportunities to become stronger and stronger, it is possible to break through to the next cultivation layer at any time during the compet.i.tion. In the past, it has happened that some kept breaking through to higher cultivation layers consecutively, they didn’t stop becoming stronger… So between the beginning and the end of the compet.i.tion, some people end up much stronger than they were initially.” Said Yun Fei Yang. Lin Feng’s heart was pounding, he didn’t hear about that and didn’t understand anything actually.

“Don’t worry, when the right time comes, you will understand. You are extremely gifted, you will definitely become much stronger.” Said Yun Fei Yang while smiling. Lin Feng looked at him and said in a deep and meaningful way: “You seem to know a lot of things.” 

Yun Fei Yang had suddenly appeared from nowhere and had said that he was from Duan Ren City… Since the events at the Xiang Jiang Lake, he had kept astonis.h.i.+ng everybody, including a time before in Dragon Mountain. Yun Fei Yang had easily defeated a cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer. Besides, he had become stronger since that time. Lin Feng was particularly surprised to see that Yun Fei Yang knew so many things, including things about the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu. 

“Lin Feng, we’re in Mi Cheng and it’s an ancient city. We should go for a walk the three of us.”

“Alright.” Said Lin Feng while nodding. Then, the three of them started walking, the air in Mi Cheng was special. 

“Bro, the air in Mi Cheng is filled with the Qi of the earth and the sky, it is so dense here.” Said Xiao Ya. Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang nodded and took a deep breath. It was marvelous. It was probably very fast and efficient to practice cultivation in such a place, more than in Dragon Mountain or Xue Yue at least.

Lin Feng took out a gourd, opened it and started drinking, in a flash, his fire energy started flowing at full speed in his body thus stimulating his pure Qi too. Lin Feng’s livid face turned slightly red.

“That alcohol is so strong.” Said Lin Feng while smiling, he then continued drinking a few slurps. He smiled at Yun Fei Yang and asked: “Do you want some bottles too?” 

“No need, that alcohol is for you, I don’t like taking other people’s things.” 

“Eeeeya, eeeeya!” 

“Move away!” 

At that moment, a person was riding a horse in the distance, Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang turned their head around and saw a cloud of dust around a horse. 

There was a woman wearing fire red clothes fluttering in the wind on that horse. She looked valiant and heroic. 

“Get lost!” She shouted furiously, someone didn’t move promptly enough so that girl whipped him when she pa.s.sed next to him and they gave a horrible shriek since thereon her whip which burnt the person's arm.. 

“Bro, that girl is so rude.” Said Xiao Ya, she felt upset. That woman was too aggressive.” 

Lin Feng remained speechless, that woman was indeed very rude but Lin Feng had seen many people like that so he wasn’t surprised anymore, the world was cruel. 

That woman wasn’t weak, she had broken through the Xuan Qi layer already. Behind her, there were some cavaliers as well, she probably belonged to some important family.

“Little b.i.t.c.h!” Her fire whip then immediately moved towards Xiao Ya, she would be severely injured if it reached her. 

She had heard Xiao Ya when she had said that she was rude…. 

When Lin Feng saw that, He looked at her in an ice-cold way and immediately moved in front of Xiao Ya to obstruct her way. 

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