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PMG Chapter 817

Edited: OddManOut

Chapter 817: Why the Jade Emperor’s Heart?

The crowd was suddenly feeling doubtful. They were lost in their thoughts as Lin Feng continued speaking, “There is something else that you forgot to mention, after Jade Heaven's people entered the emperor’s palace the entire mysterious world started shaking violently. Besides, Jade Heaven's people wanted to block the entry to the palace so that everybody would die outside. It was us, people from Tian Chi, who prevented the door from closing. But all in all, many young geniuses died outside.” said Lin Feng calmly. Many eyes were now on the Jade Heaven group. Amongst them, someone shouted, “Jade Heaven has been deceiving people over and over again for so many years! They entered the mysterious world with the help of every influential group in the Gan Yu region. Everybody was supposed to join hands to find the emperor’s grave but they wanted to enter the palace on their own while letting our people die outside. Those from Jade Heaven really have no morals or principles! How cruel!” Everybody was staring at the people from Jade Heaven. 

“Our young leader was killed in the mysterious world, how could they have possibly found treasures? I don’t think so!” said the leader of Jade Heaven, glancing at the crowd. He then turned back to Lin Feng and said, “Everybody, listen to me, the last thing that happened was him stealing the emperor’s heart, this is what triggered everybody’s expulsion out of the mysterious world. Imagine how powerful the emperor’s heart must be, maybe it contains incredible treasures, otherwise, would such incredible events have transpired? I advise you to, at least, make him take the emperor’s heart out.” 

n.o.body knew who to believe here. Who had obtained the most precious treasures? Lin Feng or someone from Jade Heaven?

“Let me talk. In the end, we, people from the East Sea Dragon Palace, were in the palace. For the time being, let’s not talk about the fact that Jade Heaven's people cheated us, we can settle accounts later. However, Lin Feng really did corrode the emperor’s organs. Kong Jiu Ye from the Nine Cloud Swords Sect and Gu Qian Qiu from the Xiao Yao Sect can confirm that. I am almost a hundred percent sure that Lin Feng obtained some heaven-defying treasures.” said Duan Wu Ya, looking at Lin Feng and his friends in a gloomy way. He then continued, “Besides, apart from Lin Feng who obtained the great emperor’s heart, all the others from the Tian Chi group obtained extremely powerful and precious treasures, even the Xiao Yao agility technique ended up in that girl’s hands, I’ve seen her use it.” 

“Those treasures come from the Zun cultivators’ underground palaces. They are extremely powerful and I am convinced that even strong Tian level cultivators don’t possess such powerful treasures.” Duan Wu Ya was trying to paint a bad image of Lin Feng and his friends. Everybody was staring at them greedily. Apart from the emperor’s heart, they had obtained other treasures?

“Hehe. Our elite disciples should make them hand over the emperor’s heart and the other treasures.” said the purple-golden dragon king, following Duan Wu Ya. The Tian Chi group benefited the most from the mysterious world experience, did they think that they could get away with it and leave like that?

Everybody had greatly benefited from the mysterious world experience. The jade emperor’s grave appeared, the mysterious world collapsed, and some people obtained Zun level items. Unfortunately, those groups’ Zun cultivators didn’t know these details, otherwise they would have rushed over there and taken the Zun level items for themselves. 

“You killed our Jade Heaven's people, you stole our crown and flaunt it in front of us.” someone from Jade Heaven said and immediately landed in front of the group of Tian Chi people. 

“You stole our Xiao Yao agility technique, how audacious!” someone from the Xiao Yao Sect said as they landed next to them as well.

“I’ve also heard that you killed some people from the East Sea Dragon Palace, hmph!” 

All those people belonging to various groups of influence were looking for an excuse to gather in front of the Tian Chi people, gradually surrounding them. The others were strong as well. Silhouettes were flickering one after the other. Everybody was surrounding them, they all wanted to get something as well, the Zun cultivators’ treasures, the jade emperor’s heart… everybody was dreaming of obtaining such treasures, especially the emperor’s heart. 

The seven snow eagles from Tian Chi remained silent, disasters and rewards came hand-in-hand. Tian Chi obtained wonderful treasures which in itself was a cause for celebration but now everybody wanted to attack them and steal their treasures. 

“Everybody, do you want to create a war between clans, sects, and empires? It looks like you want to start a fight when you surround us like this.” one of the snow eagles said coldly. He then added in a voice as cold as before, “Don’t forget that the Tian Chi Empire has never been disrespected by others.”

“Why so serious? Tian Chi obtained such great treasures, don’t be too greedy, let us have some of them. Also, let everybody have a look at the emperor’s heart.” a strong cultivator from Jade Heaven said offered indifferently. Those influential groups had always attempted to maintain a fair level of peace, they couldn’t let strong tensions arise between them. If they did and a great war started, the results would be too tragic. Those Tian level cultivators couldn’t handle facing those consequences.

“Indeed, we don’t mean to offend the Tian Chi Empire, you just obtained too many treasures. We’re also curious to see emperor’s heart.” the purple-golden dragon king continued to play along.

“How shameless!” shouted Huang Fu Long furiously. “After doing all those things, you still daresay you don’t want to offend Tian Chi, you’re really shameless!” 

“Shut the h.e.l.l up!” shouted the purple-golden dragon king furiously, staring at Huang Fu Long, “Who allowed you to open your mouth little boy?” 

“Pfewww….” Huang Fu Long sighed with rage while glaring at the purple-golden dragon king. 

“Hurry up now, everybody is waiting.” said the purple-golden dragon king. Everybody got closer to the group of people from Tian Chi. If Lin Feng and his friends didn’t hand over the treasures, they would attack and steal them for themselves. 

“What if we don’t give you anything?” said Lin Feng indifferently while glancing back at the crowd.

“If you don’t hand over anything, we’ll attack. Of course, when fighting, sometimes tragedies are inevitable. People from the Tian Chi Empire cannot blame us for that.” the purple-golden dragon king enjoyed answering his question.

“In other words, you want to kill us, right?” said Lin Feng smiling as well, he was fearless.

“I didn’t say such a thing.” said the dragon king, not admitting what he said but evil lights were twinkling in his eyes. He was tacitly confirming Lin Feng’s words.

“Okay. You want the emperor’s heart, let me take it out.” Lin Feng suddenly became flexible. They all became impatient because Lin Feng was willing to take out the emperor’s heart now.

“Of course, you've made the right decision.” the dragon king had smile on his face.

“Everybody, move back at least a thousand meters and open a way for us, n.o.body should stop us from leaving. Then I will put the emperor’s heart on the ground.” said Lin Feng. People glanced at each other. It seemed like Lin Feng was scared of dying to them. Of course, they had so many people and a thousand meters was nothing so Lin Feng would probably be unable to escape.

The crowd gradually moved away of at least a thousand meters. In the middle, there was only Lin Feng and the people from Tian Chi, n.o.body was threatening them now. 

“You go first, as far as possible.” said Lin Feng to the people from Tian Chi. n.o.body knew what Lin Feng was planning.

“No, how could we abandon you?!” said Tang You You. 

“Don’t worry, relax. Just leave it to me, if you do, I have a solution to protect myself. Trust me.” Lin Feng encouraged her calmly. Tang You You looked at Lin Feng’s eyes and nodded. If Lin Feng said so then it meant he really had something in mind. 

“Ok, we’ll go first. Please be careful.” the snow eagles said turning into animals again. The whole group then rose up in the air and left. The others watched as the snow eagles left, their eyes were filled with murderous intentions. However, n.o.body attacked at that moment. They were very far from Tian Chi, so they could wait for Lin Feng to hand over the emperor’s heart and then they would chase and kill them.

Lin Feng looked at his group leave and smiled. He then glanced at the crowd and immediately a heart appeared in his hand, the emperor’s heart.

“Come and take it.” said Lin Feng throwing the heart at the East Sea Dragon Palace people. At the same time, he ran back with his greatest speed. 


“Boom boom!” Monstrous amounts of Qi emerged in the atmosphere. Everybody was throwing themselves at the people from the East Sea Dragon Palace, who would grab the emperor’s heart first? 

Lin Feng turned into an arrow and ran away with incredible speed. He just observed all those people gathering and fighting. A radiant smile appeared on his face.

“Boom!” Qi kept exploding in the atmosphere. Terrifying sounds were sounding constantly as a lot of people were starting to bleed or were coughing up blood. In the horizon, a vast palace appeared. It contained imperial Qi and looked domineering, it was the jade emperor’s palace!

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