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Chapter 820

Chapter 820: Fighting Beasts!


Just as quickly as it appeared, the palace disappeared again.


There was a gigantic fissure in the ground and several corpses. They had all died from the weight of the palace.


They wanted to escape? Would Lin Feng let them off that easily?


Lin Feng, threatened by all those influential groups risked his life to let his comrades from Tian Chi leave. He decided to stay there alone and face those people. Besides, he was forced to use the power of the emperor’s heart, therefore, he had to kill all those who had seen it.


Lin Feng could control the palace and n.o.body knew how many treasures were inside. If the news spread, it would draw everyone’s attention in the Gan Yu region and the strongest cultivators would come to Lin Feng’s front door trying to kill him.


Zun cultivators would attach plenty of importance to what happened in the mysterious world this time because the emperor’s grave appeared. Cultivators had been going there for hundreds of years but the grave never appeared. 


If the news spread, the same thing that happened to the great emperor would happen to Lin Feng. He would be chased and would face a dead end eventually, he would have to hide in the palace and close it off, waiting to die inside.


Those who knew the palace’s secret had to die. 


“Boom!” A terrifying sword Qi dashed to the skies. The strong cultivator of the Nine Cloud Swords Sect hadn’t died. He emerged out of the ground and at the same time glanced at Lin Feng coldly. His eyes were filled with murder. Fortunately, he acted fast and dived into the ground where he was mostly protected from the impact. However, his vital organs were damaged and he almost died.


“Even if we can’t kill you, don’t think that you can kill us. You might be a genius but you won’t be able to keep the palace a secret. Everyone will know about it and they will kill you.” the cultivator from the Nine Cloud Swords Sect said while coughing mouthfuls of blood. His tone of speech was cold. He released sword Qi and made a hole in the ground, he wanted to escape using an underground road. 


“I can’t kill you guys?” Lin Feng was still smiling. He moved his left hand and in a flash, a snowy tower appeared. Inside the tower was an incredible b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi as if it caged incredible beasts.


Snowy animals were roaring, barking etc. inside. The two strong cultivators under it didn’t know what to think.


Lin Feng had other treasures to fight them with?


The remaining two cultivators were going insane. What a f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.d! They were Tian level cultivators, they were supposed to be stronger than Lin Feng. But Lin Feng kept playing around with them and humiliating them. They were injured by Lin Feng even. They were bleeding profusely. Now, Lin Feng had even more ways to play around with them. 


“Roar!” Some terrifying sounds made the vaults of heaven tremble. The Earth was crackling and huge fissures were appearing. Two terrifying beasts appeared in the air, both were gigantic. One of them was a gigantic roc, its black wings were flapping slowly. Its two eyes looked utterly frightening. 


That beast was a Tian level beast.


Besides, next to that roc, not far away, there was the beast which had roared and made the earth crack a moment before. Its Qi was explosive and rolling in waves in the atmosphere. Its entire body seemed to be filled with an infinite amount of physical strength. It was a violent bear.


What terrifying beasts! Lin Feng

could also control such terrifying beasts?


The gigantic roc and the violent bear were staring at Lin Feng with their ice-cold looking eyes. Their Qi was rolling in the atmosphere.


“Kill those two.” Lin Feng ordered the beasts.


The two beasts were Tian level beasts, so of course they could understand people. However, the beasts acted like they didn’t understand what Lin Feng said. They just stared back at Lin Feng with their gigantic eyes. 


The great mother had educated them, so they weren’t going to attack Lin Feng. They could only obey orders. However, Lin Feng hadn’t broken through to the Tian Qi layer yet, how could he give those beasts orders? Would they obey him, even if the great mother had given them to him?


“Kill those two!” Lin Feng’s voice sounded firm this time. The two beasts seemed to understood that they had made him furious. 


“Roar!” A monstrous Qi came out of the bear’s nostrils. It was still staring at Lin Feng. 


“Okay.” the roc said to Lin Feng. The roc was under Lin Feng’s control. The great mother had put them in the tower and had given the tower to Lin Feng. If Lin Feng wanted, he could keep them inside the tower forever. They hated staying trapped in that tower


It turned its head and stared at the Xiao Yao cultivator. It flapped its wings and created a hurricane. 


“Go!” The cultivator of the Xiao Yao Sect and the Nine Cloud Swords Sect were terrified. Both of them turned into rays of light as they ran off in opposite directions.


The Xiao Yao cultivator was particularly fast, already a few thousand meters away. It seemed like he was following a particular pattern with his particularly graceful movements.


“Bzzzzzz!” A terrifying roar spread in the air, scaring the Xiao Yao cultivator from head to foot. He was fast, extremely fast, but the roc was a flying beast and speed was its strength. n.o.body could imagine how fast a roc could be. Even a Xiao Yao cultivator couldn’t match a roc in speed.


“Eeeeee ya!” Its claws were dazzling to the eyes, it seemed like a thousand swords appeared in the sky and were targeting the Xiao Yao cultivator. It seemed to be one of the special abilities of the roc.


“Argh!” The Xiao Yao cultivator was going insane as he accelerated, but those terrifying claws immediately crashed onto his head and killed him. The Xiao Yao cultivator didn’t even have time to dodge.


The violent bear was on the other side. Even though it wasn’t as fast as the roc or even the Nine Cloud Swords Sect’s cultivator, its physical strength was amazing. Even though it was running in the sky, the ground was shaking. The physical strength was so incredible that it was hurting the Nine Cloud Swords Sect’s cultivator’s internal organs, preventing him from moving at full speed.


The terrifying beast was closing in on him, the frightening physical strength was becoming even worse. The Nine Cloud Swords Sect’s cultivator turned around, his facial expression looked ice-cold. A terrifying sword Qi appeared in the atmosphere. Considering the fact that he couldn’t escape, he had to face the beast head on. 


“Die!” A sharp sword appeared, it looked to be an ultimate skill. The sword immediately crashed onto the beast’s body. 


“Roar!” The violent bear roared violently while looking at the sky. It punched the air with its gigantic paw, crackling sounds spread in the air. The bear had broken the sword. Instantly, the Nine Cloud Swords Sect’s cultivator turned deathly pale. 


The bear’s paw contained a terrifying oppressive physical strength. 


“Roar!” The bear opened its gigantic mouth and roared again. The Earth and the sky shook violently. The sword cultivator was struck by the bear’s paw and died! 


That paw contained such a monstrous physical strength, n.o.body could imagine challenging it!

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