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Chapter 650-Capital of Trading

Translator: ryangohsf

Editor: Nora

Somalia, Courage Port.

The newly claimed and built Courage Port was just a natural bay at this moment.

The bay did not have any port facilities, and it only had rows of wooden platforms built for the convenience of the merchant s.h.i.+p. Overall, it looked rather lackl.u.s.ter.

Even so, an endless number of s.h.i.+ps were entering and leaving the port.

Seeing the voyage squadron slowly close in, the various merchant s.h.i.+ps automatically made way. They were not fearful; rather, they had a deep respect for the voyage squadron.

Under Zheng He's instructions, the voyage squadron slowly stopped at the west side of the port.

Ouyang Shuo planned to split Courage Port into two; the west side would be used as a military port, and it would house the navy. On the other hand, the east side would be a trading port for voyaging merchant s.h.i.+ps to disembark and resupply.

Both sides had their own purposes and did not interfere with one another.

As for the middle region, Ouyang Shuo was prepared to build a large s.h.i.+pyard to produce merchant s.h.i.+p and wars.h.i.+ps locally. s.h.i.+pyards would be built wherever his navy was based, these were Ouyang Shuo's requirements.

Not to mention other things, just through the sales of merchant s.h.i.+ps, the profits earned would be enough to maintain the daily expenses of Friends.h.i.+p City. As the newly raised pillar industry of Shanhai City, the s.h.i.+pbuilding industry had matured. Based on the calculations of the Household Registration Division, no less than 30 to 40 people in the territory had jobs related to s.h.i.+pbuilding.

After one month at most, Shanhai City would be able to build up a large s.h.i.+pyard.

After Ouyang Shuo docked, when he saw the various resources piled up like mountains on the sh.o.r.e, he nodded his head in satisfaction.

The coolies coming and going were like ants, queuing up and carrying bag after bag down the s.h.i.+ps. When they saw Ouyang Shuo and his men, they all stopped and only left after bowing.

Ouyang Shuo was the Lord of this land.

Based on the plan, the first mission of the land was not to build the city wall or the port but to build the relay and the city's Lord Manor.

The manor had an important meaning. Only after it was built would it signify that Ouyang Shuo had officially become the ruler of this land; it would indicate that he had started his rule.

As for the relay, it was for communications. Only after building the relays could he communicate with China.

Just relying on the voyage squadron and the locally hired artisans and smiths, he would not be able to build Friends.h.i.+p City well. Without mentioning other reasons, what he really needed now was an architectural design team.

The overall planning and design of the city needed to be practical and logical, so he must hire professionals to design it.

The number of things involved in city construction were numerous, involving many elements.

Even after the city was constructed, there would be problems with management; they would need various officials, following the structure of Shanhai City to quickly start work. Of course, they needed a city magistrate to control the overall picture.

After all, there were only a few officials who came along with the voyage squadron; their duties were to help Ouyang Shuo deal with some daily administrative matters. The ones who could truly helm the s.h.i.+p were left in the territory.

All of the above needed the support of the territory.

Everything was fine, the key was just time.

From Xingzhou Port to Courage Port, it would take at least 25 days. Along with the movement of men and the gathering time, it would take a month.

Making use of this time, Ouyang Shuo was ready to personally lead the project to build the port and the city wall.

Five military tents formed a circle at the center of the valley, becoming the temporary command center of the land. Ouyang Shuo personally took charge, moving the artisans and coolies to start construction.

The entire land instantly became a ma.s.sive construction site, and everyone was extremely busy.

It was like Ouyang Shuo had returned to the 1st year of Gaia where he personally led people to construct Shanhai Village. Thinking back, it seemed like it had happened yesterday.

In truth, in just a short two years, the territory had undergone a huge change, a total upgrade in quality. Furthermore, the current Ouyang Shuo was not the Ouyang Shuo from before.

Even so, Ouyang Shuo was still as pa.s.sionate as before, throwing himself into the works. In just two days, the Lord's Manor was completed, and the inn was similarly built at the same time.

The moment the inn was built, Ouyang Shuo immediately sent a letter to Xiao He, giving a simple description of the current situation and asking him to quickly prepare a bunch of officials to teleport to Lion City then travel to Friends.h.i.+p City.

"The construction of Friends.h.i.+p City affects the success or failure of the long distance trading of the territory, so the officials must be the elite and good at completing their tasks. Please remember." Ouyang Shuo instructed.

At the same time, he ordered Xiao He to move Beihai City City Magistrate Gu Xiuwen over to take the role of Friends.h.i.+p City City Magistrate.

When Shanhai City upgraded to Grade 2 Prefecture, and the canyon river pa.s.sage was expanded, merchant s.h.i.+ps going toward Shanhai City could just directly enter the dock and did not need to go toward Beihai City.

With that, Beihai City, which had always been the door to the seas of Shanhai City, saw its strategic position dropping.

As one of the earliest personnel in the territory, Gu Xiuwen was deeply trusted by Ouyang Shuo. He also had vast experience in running an ocean city, so he was extremely suitable for the role of City Magistrate.

Although it was a city, but the importance of this City Magistrate position was the same as a governor.

Apart from officials, Ouyang Shuo also asked for a bunch of talented individuals that Somalia lacked like architects, s.h.i.+p builders, and steel makers.

These were normally needed to build a new city. However, Ouyang Shuo broke normality by requesting at least 20 thousand migrants from the Household Registration Division to be s.h.i.+pped to Friends.h.i.+p City

For Friends.h.i.+p City, Ouyang Shuo was going all out.

in 2nd letter, Ouyang Shuo wrote to the three intel organizations and the Honglu Temple. He requested for the three organizations to send a bunch of elites to Friends.h.i.+p City to build intel stations.

"The intel station in the city would be the base to affect the entire Africa, even a key point for Europe. We must spend all our efforts in building it, and we can't take it lightly." Ouyang Shuo mentioned in the letter.

Intel was forever going to be one of the things that Ouyang Shuo expended the most.

The construction of Friends.h.i.+p City was undoubtedly the best chance to stretch territory intel influence toward Africa and Europe. For this, Ouyang Shu was ready to take out 400 thousand gold more to use for their expansion.

The Black Snake Guards were the priority, so they took up 200 thousand.

Although Ouyang Shuo did not hope to rule the whole world, knowing the movements of the others was crucial.

As for the Honglu Temple, its mission would be to continue attacking the Somalia Country. One must not look at it like Shanhai City and Somalia were in a honeymoon state; this only occurred because the ripples from the war had not ended.

When it totally cooled down, how the two sides would coexiste would pose a huge question mark.

Ouyang Shuo did not hope to have his prestige and influence rise sky high with just one victory; he did not think he could do as he wanted in Somalia. To tie the various powers of Somalia to Shanhai City was the best way.

After he sent the letter out, Ouyang Shuo finally had the time to visit the Lord's Manor. He went directly for the meeting hall.

Since Friends.h.i.+p city was a given land, it naturally had a territory stone steele. The moment the Lord's Manor was built, a snow-white stone steele appeared in the meeting hall.

However, it could not be upgraded and did not have any territory specialties. Even worse was that it could not sp.a.w.n refugees.

Ouyang Shuo had an idea, before he came to the stone steele, he took out a black token from his storage bag; it was a black iron rank village creation token that had merged with a merger token.

"System Notification: Player Qiyue Wuyi has a fusible village creation token that can fuse with the territory stone steele, will you fuse it?"


With a Shua! the village creation token transformed into a black light and entered the white stone steele. The black light faded and the snow-white stone steele instantly became a cold black.

"System Notification: Village creation token fusion success, Friends.h.i.+p City has the ability to attract migrants and refugees. Please choose their race, Han Race or Somalia Natives?"

"Han Race!" Ouyang Shuo did not even hesitate.

"System Notification: Selection completed, sp.a.w.ning new migrants and refugees from today onward."

Although Ouyang Shuo had planned to build Friends.h.i.+p City into a mega city, its base was still only a grade 3 village; every day, there were only 12 new people.

"Better than nothing!" Ouyang Shuo sighed.

Using the merger token did not mean that he had an extra territory.

The Friends.h.i.+p City that had fused with the village creation token did not have any territory specialties. As for teleportation, it could not be opened, and it was basically a lone city.

For this, Ouyang Shuo took out a scroll.

Territory t.i.tle Scroll- Capital of Trading: After use, the territory will obtain the t.i.tle of Capital of Trading and related territory specialties will be born.

This scroll was obtained from the Singapore treasury, and it could finally be used today.

"System Notification: Territory t.i.tle Scroll discovered on player Qiyue Wuyi, will you use it?"


Another white light shone.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, Friends.h.i.+p City has obtained the t.i.tle of Capital of Trading. For the specific stats, please take a look, congratulations player!"

Capital of Trading: raise 25% increase in trading reputation, 30% increase in trading prosperity.

It was a very simple specialty, but it was also rather practical, perfectly fitting the position of Friends.h.i.+p City.

Just relying on the refugees that sp.a.w.ned to increase the population of the land was simply too inefficient. It was unable to let them swiftly develop. Apart from migration, Ouyang Shuo would attract people.

Apart from the three thousand families of the pirates, Courage Port would have a navy unit and a few sick sailors. With that, there would be around 10 thousand people.

Along with the future 20 thousand migrants from Shanhai City, that would bring their total to 30 thousand.

To a large sized city, 30 thousand people was still an exceedingly small amount. Ouyang Shuo had no choice but to turn his attention to the Somalia people.

The next day, the Lord's Manor sent out a notice, "Anyone that is willing to move into Friends.h.i.+p City will receive a 1 gold settling down fee. The first batch of migrants can obtain a 20% discount for house and shop purchases."

Next, they just had to see who would take the bait.

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