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Chapter 1939 Blood-Kin Heart Revenge

Heavenly Court battlefield.

"You finally woke up!" Qin Ding Ling looked at Fairy Zi Wei who was slowly opening her eyes, she let out a breath of air.

"I…" Fairy Zi Wei was a little dazed but she soon regained her senses: "How is the battle situation now?"

"The situation is not good!" Qin Ding Ling said grimly, she spread her palms as a golden silhouette appeared.

Within the silhouette, one could see the scene of Fang Yuan suppressing Duke Long and Cang Xuan Zi.

Immortal killer move — Purple-Gold Dragon-Shaped Qi!

After using this killer move, be it offense, defense, healing, or movement, all of Duke Long's actions would have accompanying purple-gold dragon-shaped qi.

This was his main method in qi path, it was very comprehensive.

In the previous life, Five Elements Grandmaster died from this move by Duke Long.

But even in this state, Duke Long was repelled by Fang Yuan continuously.

Duke Long was still very strong, but Fang Yuan relied on Myriad Year Flying Wars.h.i.+p, displaying unprecedented time path battle strength!

Spring scissors and summer fan had incredible power, even Duke Long and Cang Xuan Zi could not block these attacks.

Fairy Zi Wei took a few glances and exclaimed: "Fang Yuan's battle strength is so terrifying! He seems to have a transformation path method to turn all of his dao marks into the same path. Not only did he advance to rank eight, his dao marks are at an absurd number. How did he do it?"

"Rather than thinking about this, you should think about how we can resolve this crisis now!" Qin Ding Ling urged.

Fairy Zi Wei was silent for a while before a.n.a.lyzing as she pointed at the silhouette: "Lord Duke Long's strength is not inferior to Fang Yuan, it is just that he is too pa.s.sive now as a result of protecting the immortal graveyard. This gives Fang Yuan the initiative, Lord Duke Long has to endure every offensive killer move he uses to make sure the immortal graveyard is intact."

Fang Yuan could casually dodge Duke Long's attacks but Duke Long had to block Fang Yuan's attacks. This was too great of an advantage.

If one a.n.a.lyzed this, they would see that Duke Long and Fang Yuan were quite similar in power level. But Fang Yuan's tactic was too wise, Duke Long would not be overly concerned if he attacked Heaven Overseeing Tower with high defense, but the immortal graveyard was different.

The primordial qi wall was destroyed by Fang Yuan, that was truly a huge move, it was crucial. It caused Duke Long to be taxed with defending against Fang Yuan's attacks now.

Star Constellation's will could have awakened more Gu Immortals from the immortal graveyard, but Limitless Demon Venerable was stopping her at the moment.

How could they resolve this issue?

Fairy Zi Wei started to think about this deeply but she felt a strong headache, the intense pain made her body shake as she almost fainted again.

"Be careful, your injuries are still quite severe!" Qin Ding Ling called out in concern.

Fairy Zi Wei nodded, frowning and enduring the headache, she spoke with difficulty: "The immortal graveyard is the biggest foundation and acc.u.mulation of Heavenly Court, we cannot lose it! We need to get rid of the problem which is Fang Yuan now, go and reinforce Senior Duke Long, get Gu Yue Fang Zheng to fight as well. He has been cultivating in the Demon Judgment Board recently, he progressed quite a bit. If you enter the Demon Judgment Board and coordinate with him, there will be good results."

"What about you?" Qin Ding Ling looked at Fairy Zi Wei with worry.

Fairy Zi Wei spat out a mouthful of blood: "I need to heal my injuries. Thankfully, there is a healing hall that can help me greatly. Don't worry, this Immortal Gu House is at the periphery of the battlefield, it will not attract attention."

"Okay, be careful!" Qin Ding Ling hesitated for a moment before gritting her teeth and flying away.

Fairy Zi Wei felt her vision turning dark, after taking several huge breaths for a while, she stabilized her injuries and decided to move towards the healing hall.

Immortal killer move — Summer Fan!

Whoos.h.!.+ Intense winds blew, sweeping everything in their path, rampaging through heaven and earth.

Duke Long grunted as he flew back by three hundred steps, countless purple-gold scale fragments were scattered along the way.

The storm also engulfed Cang Xuan Zi, the female immortal cried out in pain as her vines snapped, she used her defensive killer moves with much difficulty to resist the attack.

Her s.p.a.ce path defensive killer move was quite amazing. Any move that landed on her would have to travel through a huge distance to reach her.

But no matter how long the distance was, the time path tornado still went into the immortal graveyard. Even though it only suffered a minor loss, still far from total destruction, Heavenly Court's immortals still felt deeply pained when they saw that.

Fang Yuan snorted coldly, looking at Cang Xuan Zi coldly.

He was not happy with the current situation.

Cang Xuan Zi… he did not expect her to partic.i.p.ate, Fang Yuan knew nothing about her. Especially when she cultivated s.p.a.ce path, Fang Yuan's attainment level in this path was too low.

Without enough s.p.a.ce path attainment level, even though Fang Yuan had wisdom path attainment level, he could not deduce anything useful.

"The bigger threat between them is Duke Long." Standing on Myriad Year Flying Wars.h.i.+p, Fang Yuan looked at Duke Long again.

Not long ago, when Fang Yuan used summer fan, Duke Long flew back by five hundred steps, but now, it was only three hundred steps.

Summer fan was an old killer move, even though Fang Yuan modified it, it had already been used before. At this point, Duke Long was getting used to dealing with it.

Of course, the bigger reason was that Duke Long was continuously getting stronger!

"Heavenly dragon's last stand…" Fang Yuan muttered, he could feel what the Northern Plains immortals felt in the previous life when they fought Duke Long.

Duke Long was strong to begin with, and more terrifyingly, he was continuously getting stronger.

Fang Yuan knew that even though he had the upper hand now, it was because of his wise tactic of targeting the enemy's weakness! Duke Long was forced to defend it.

In terms of real battle, if he fought Duke Long and Cang Xuan Zi, they would be evenly matched.

Fang Yuan had Myriad Year Flying Wars.h.i.+p, he coordinated well with it. This was the first time Duke Long was fighting with Cang Xuan Zi, and even though Cang Xuan Zi had deep foundation on par with Di Zang Sheng, she was unfamiliar with fighting techniques, it showed that under normal times she faced combat rarely.

Thus, Fang Yuan could also sense that she was getting more proficient in her methods as the fight went on.

After all, a battle of life and death was the greatest form of training.

"Time is pressing, if I cannot succeed soon, I will need to give up on this target." Fang Yuan took a look at Heaven Overseeing Tower, once Genesis Lotus' method was activated, he would attack that place.

Before that, he should destroy the immortal graveyard first. After all, n.o.body knew which monster would emerge from it next! After all, including Duke Long, Heavenly Court should have a total of four Dao Guardians.

Fang Yuan's eyes s.h.i.+ned with bright light, countless thoughts moved in his mind at rapid speed, countless battle tactics were being created.

At this point in time, he still had many trump card killer moves left. There was time cutting edge, unlimited qi sea, five finger fist heart sword, lead soul into dream, and other killer moves.

If he faced other enemies, these methods would decide the battle and kill them. But Duke Long and Cang Xuan Zi were not simple characters, against them, if his move failed, they would be prepared against the attack, Fang Yuan would not be able to use them effectively anymore.

Kill Duke Long and Cang Xuan Zi? It was not impossible for Fang Yuan!

But at the same time, Duke Long still had the killer move triple qi retraction, it was very threatening. If Fang Yuan got hit by it, the consequences would be severe. Fang Yuan was similarly wary of it.

Furthermore, other than triple qi retraction, did Duke Long have other methods of similar strength?

Fang Yuan was not sure.

At the same time, Cang Xuan Zi was quite an unknown factor, she had lived much longer than Duke Long and also had a complex relations.h.i.+p with Genesis Lotus, who knew what methods she could bring out, it would not be surprising.

Fang Yuan continued to attack, he aimed attacks at the immortal graveyard while looking for an opportunity.

Duke Long and Cang Xuan Zi were experienced monsters, their battle experience was incredibly vast.

Fang Yuan tried for a long time but he could not create any opportunities.

Amidst the intense battle, a cloud of blood suddenly appeared.

The cloud of blood approached Fang Yuan, it had a peculiar aura.

Fang Yuan stepped softly as Myriad Year Flying Wars.h.i.+p shook, a group of daybreak flying swords flew out and attacked the cloud.

The blood cloud was pierced by Fang Yuan, it was easily torn to shreds and vanished, but Fang Yuan's expression changed.

At the next moment, Cooking Luck Pot appeared above him, blood markings appeared and stuck themselves onto Cooking Luck Pot, attempting to corrode Fang Yuan's luck.

"Blood path killer move?" Fang Yuan's heart shook, his attacks slowed down as he split his attention to mobilize Cooking Luck Pot.

But no matter how he tried to cook his luck, he could not get rid of the blood markings. To get rid of them, Fang Yuan would need to concentrate fully, it would expend a lot of his time.

Fang Yuan cast his gaze far away as an Immortal Gu House approached him.

This was a red tombstone with countless words moving on it, it was the rank eight Immortal Gu House — Demon Judgment Board!

"Fang Zheng… is that you?" Although lacking a clear reason, Fang Yuan guessed the ident.i.ty of the person inside the Demon Judgment Board.

Within Demon Judgment Board, there was Gu Yue Fang Zheng and also Qin Ding Ling.

"Fang Yuan was. .h.i.t!" Fang Zheng was surprised and joyful: "Thank you for amplifying the power of my killer move."

At this moment, behind Fang Zheng, Qin Ding Ling was placing both palms on his back as she helped him with her full strength.

Seeing that this move had effect, Qin Ding Ling was surprised too, she looked at Gu Yue Fang Zheng in a new light.

Fang Zheng only had rank seven cultivation level but like what Fairy Zi Wei predicted, the killer moves he created were very effective on Fang Yuan.

"Worthy of Fang Yuan's nemesis, the p.a.w.n left behind specially by heaven's will." Qin Ding Ling sighed to herself.

Heaven's will attempted to destroy Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's plan, using Fang Yuan as the p.a.w.n. But Fang Yuan as an otherworldly demon was the greatest variable himself, thus heaven's will arranged for Fang Zheng as well, to become the counter to Fang Yuan.

Thus, after Fang Zheng became the Demon Judgment Board Lord, he used the experience of the previous generations of Board Lords to create his own killer move, blood-kin heart revenge.

This blood path mimicked luck path, it also contained the profundity of human path. Qin Ding Ling's amplification was only icing on the cake.

Blood-kin heart revenge activated again!

The blood cloud approached while Fang Yuan dodged it.

But the blood cloud followed him closely, it did not stop chasing after him.

"I've already used sovereign immortal fetus Gu, this body has no bloodline relations.h.i.+p with him, why is the blood cloud still approaching me?" At once, Fang Yuan's gaze flickered with uncertainty.

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