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Chapter 1598: Chapter 1597-I’ll pay you back sooner or later!

Translator: 549690339 

In the dimly-lit interrogation room, Yun Duo’ er, who was wearing reading, was lying on a table and writing something.

“Here … There’s a small white Bridge made of stone. Cars can cross it …” She explained to Wu Xiumin, who was next to her, while she was drawing.”I remember driving north for five or six minutes from the bridge, then we made a move in the forest on the right …”

“I really … Can’t remember that girl’s name. I think there’s a” Sha “in her name. Also, she’s a tour guide. She’s the female lead in the promotional film we shot for Jin hai city …

“After I killed her, I buried her in the forest. There was a pine tree with a slanted trunk …



“Wu aoshan was buried deep in the mountains to the West of Hailan city. There’s a not-so-big Mazu Temple there, and about 200 meters West of the Mazu Temple, there’s a depression …”


“Mu Zixuan is an amateur photographer. I buried her in the woods behind Anxiang City women and children’s health Hospital. There are no obvious markers there, so I don’t know if I can still find her exact location …


“However, I’m afraid you won’t be able to find Cao lejiao’s corpse …” When the cold and disdainful aura disappeared, Yun Duo’ er looked old. It was as if she had become an old woman overnight. Her eyes were dejected, and the corners of her mouth trembled as she said,”I buried her in a wasteland in the provincial capital of Yuezhou, but that wasteland has now become the financial center of Yuezhou …”

Just as Yun Duo’ er was explaining the location of the burial, Zhao Yu, Miao Ying, and cui Lizhu were sitting on a high-speed train from the West River to the capital, Jingzhou.

As Yun Duo’ er’s confession was very important, the capital’s police Department made an exception and sent the interrogation video to Zhao Yu’s mobile phone in real time, so that he could know the progress of the case as soon as possible.

“Wow …” After seeing Yun Duo’ er’s confession, cui Lizhu pouted and said,”in that case, should we contact the police in Guangzhou immediately?”

“No matter what, we have to find Cao lejiao …” He said.

“Shh …” Miao Ying looked around. Even though they were in the first cla.s.s, they were not in a private room, and there were still many pa.s.sengers around. She whispered to cui Lizhu,”be quiet!”

“Mm …” Cui Lizhu pursed her lips and asked Zhao Yu,”boss, I don’t understand. When Yun Duo’ er found out that we found her DNA in Wei Qiqi’s teeth, why did she completely break down?”

“I was worried that she would continue to quibble! For example …”Cui Lizhu lowered her voice and said,” she could lie and say that she had a conflict with Wei Qiqi before, and Wei Qiqi bit her!

“But Wei Qiqi’s kidnapping and death had nothing to do with him?

“If that’s the case, won’t we still be unable to do anything to her?”

“That’s a good question,” Zhao Yu said expressionlessly.”I was also wondering about it!”

“Stop it …” Cui Lizhu narrowed her eyes.”Your eyes have already betrayed you!”

“Cui,” Miao Ying looked around again. When she saw that no one was paying attention to them, she said in a low voice,”Wei Qiqi’s teeth found Yun Duo’ er’s DNA, which means that the two of them have a direct connection. This will link up our entire evidence chain!”

“If it is used as evidence in the court of law in the future, even if Yun Duo’ er quibbles and refuses to admit it, it will be useless! Through the complete chain of evidence, the court would eventually p.r.o.nounce Yun Duo’ er guilty.

“Yun Duo’ er must have understood this, so she gave up on resisting!”

“That’s right!” Zhao Yu echoed,”we’ve made the right move! I’ve long realized that we can’t set up traps and falsify Yun Duo’ er’s interrogation like we did in the past.

“We can only completely destroy this smart and cunning woman if we find solid evidence.

“Xiao Cui, think about it the other way around,” Zhao Yu said, pointing to Yun Duo’ er on the phone screen.”When we told Yun Duo’ er what we found on Wei Qiqi, Yun Duo’ er was very clear about it.

“She knew where Wei Qiqi was buried, and she also knew that Wei Qiqi had bitten her back then. So, she also knew that we couldn’t have lied to her!

“I think that’s what she’s been worried about.

“However, due to the long pa.s.sage of time, she still had some hope. First, they think that we can’t find Wei Qiqi’s corpse. Secondly, they thought that even if they found the body, they might not be able to find any evidence.

“But …” Zhao Yu laughed.”These two Lucky Chances were denied by us, so she lost the meaning of continuing.

“Perhaps …” He raised his head and sighed.”For Yun Duo’ er, this is a gamble! Perhaps she was already prepared for this. As long as we don’t find out that Wei Qiqi bit her, she will continue to resist.

“If not, you might as well confess and confess …”

“So, if we fake it, she’ll immediately notice, which will ruin our plan!”

“Oh …” Cui Lizhu said.”It turns out that there are psychological tactics in this! I’m really in awe of you, boss! To judge the situation and use different methods on different criminals, it was too awesome!

“You’re a natural-born hooligan … No, a natural detective!”

“What are you saying!” Zhao Yu said seriously,”a ‘natural-born detective’ is enough to send me away? Isn’t your flattery a little too lousy? He didn’t even say anything about shaking the universe or reversing the universe, right? Continue, continue …”

Cui Lizhu narrowed her eyes in disdain.

“But …” Miao Ying suddenly said,”we’re lucky! I heard from the forensic experts that it was a miracle that Yun Duo’ er’s information was able to be saved from Wei Qiqi’s teeth in that terrible environment. The probability of that happening is too low!”

“Yes!” Cui Lizhu echoed,”the bones have been soaked in water for a long time, so the evidence was not destroyed. We are so lucky!”

“I think it’s precisely because the probability of this happening is too small that Yun Duo’ er is so fearless, right?”

“Zhang Peipei talked to me about it,” Zhao Yu said.”Wei Qiqi is indeed a brave girl. The bite that she took on Yun Duo’ er was not simple. That bite must have left a deep impression on Yun Duo’ er!

“The blood residue didn’t just seep into the gaps between her teeth, it also seeped into the wormholes in Wei Qiqi’s teeth! Although the skeleton had been in the water for a long time, due to the pressure, the muddy water did not affect Yun Duo’ er’s blood residue …

“I think this is what I always say. It’s not that I don’t want to take revenge, it’s just that the time hasn’t come yet, right?” Zhao Yu sighed.”Those who have committed a crime will have to pay for it sooner or later! It’s only a matter of time …”

“Yes, the Justice of heaven is long and loose!” Cui Lizhu said,”that’s what the great detective Zhao always says!”

“Shh …” Because cui Lizhu’s voice was too loud, Miao Ying reminded her again.

At this time, in the video on Zhao Yu’s mobile phone, Yun Duo’ er had already finished her confession regarding the location of the burial, and was starting to confess all the crimes she had committed.

Zhao Yu and the other two didn’t speak anymore, but focused on the mobile phone screen.

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