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Chapter 173: Ma.s.sive Killing

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

It was eight o’clock on a windless night. The neon lights of Feiteng Internet Cafe reflected on the wet streets, creating psychedelic reflections on the dirty water stains. There was a Jetta parked in front of the cafe. A group of six which included Zhao Yu, Zhang Yaohui, and Lan Bo were standing by the Jetta’s window, blocking the view of the internet cafe from inside the car.

There were two men in suits in the front seats of the Jetta. They were detectives from Xihuan Branch who had received order to monitor Hou Meng’s girlfriend. At that moment, an elderly detective looked up from the window and said to Zhao Yu and company with a worried look, “Bros, you are making things difficult for us! This,” he pointed his chin toward the internet cafe, “isn’t this a little too much!?”

However, Zhao Yu and company were still expressionless. Their backs were facing the internet cafe, and although they were looking at the two tailing detectives in the car, their focus was spread out and they seemed to be waiting for something. The detective who spoke looked awkward after seeing that no one bothered with him. He wanted to say something more but felt that the atmosphere was not right and stopped himself. In the end, the young detective in the pa.s.senger seat started to lose patience. He was unfastening his seat belt and wanted to get out of the car and reason with them.

Lan Bo, who was smart and tactful, quickly came out from the crowd and pa.s.sed a pack of Chunghwa cigarettes over as he smiled apologetically.

“Bros, bros! We’re all doing work, it must have been tough on you! Come, have a cigarette first.”

The elderly detective had no choice but to take the cigarettes. The young detective sat down again helplessly although he still felt displeased. Lan Bo quickly took out a lighter to help them light their cigarettes. Unexpectedly, at that moment, a series of loud chaotic noise and the sound of breaking gla.s.s came from inside the internet cafe. There was also a woman screaming within the chaos!

“This really won’t do!” The elderly detective was getting impatient again and said worriedly, “We’re all in the same line, don’t you guys have to go by the rules? You’re taking this too far. What should we do if our superiors put the blame on us?”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, kekeke…” Lan Bo quickly helped the two light up their cigarettes. “Please do not worry bros, our Officer Zhao already said that he will give you a satisfactory answer! You will definitely not be implicated!”

Just as Lan Bo finished his sentence, the main door of the internet cafe suddenly opened.

With a baseball bat in his hand, a blonde led a few of his accomplices and strutted out from the internet cafe. The blonde was called Zhou Yang, and he was the same blonde who had previously gone to the police station to extort money from Zhao Yu. The accomplices behind him were also young punks from Yuxi Alley. After seeing the blonde come out, Zhao Yu left the Jetta and walked over.

“Big bro!” The blonde rushed to Zhao Yu and bowed humbly. “That woman has confessed! She said that Hou Meng called her this morning saying that he got into some trouble and is gonna go into hiding! He’s gonna look for a person called Ji Chunhua for help!”

“Mmm…” Zhao Yu nodded and asked, “How’s it? Broken?”

“Yes! Broken! They have to be! This woman is very stubborn. We had to break her legs before she spoke!” the blonde said seriously.

“Great!” Zhao Yu nodded his head without looking up. “You know what to do after this? Don’t worry, I’ll get you guys out as fast as possible! You will definitely gain from this!”

“Definitely!” The blonde pounded his chest. “If it’s from big bro, we’ll definitely do our best! Come,” he said to his men, “let’s go, brothers!” The young punks all nodded at Zhao Yu before proceeding to the front of the Jetta and kneeling down with their fists together! Clank… the baseball bat also fell onto the ground. Zhao Yu gave a fierce stare at the two detectives in the Jetta before spitting on the ground, and then brought the people away. The two detectives suddenly felt a chill go down their spines and did not dare to say a word!

“Heh heh heh…” Lan Bo smiled apologetically as he gave them a salute. “Bros, now…you can explain to your superiors? I have to trouble you to clear up the mess here! Bye bye…”

This had all been a part of Zhao Yu’s extreme plan to capture Hou Meng! In order to get information from Hou Meng’s girlfriend, he even used extreme methods by hiring the blonde and his gang to break her legs! In his past life, Zhao Yu’s main job was to do such dirty jobs for people, so naturally, he was familiar doing it now; however, the purpose was entirely different this time! He had wanted to do it himself, but due to his special ident.i.ty now, he had to delegate this task to the blonde and his gang in order to help force a confession.

As for the blonde and his gang, they did not escape after beating up someone, but went to the two monitoring detectives and surrendered themselves. As such, both parties were able to account for this properly and the whole incident had been done accordingly and by the rules.

Until now, Qu Ping’s death had already deeply upset Zhao Yu. He could not think of what was right or wrong, all he could think of was quickly arresting the murderer and seeking revenge for Qu Ping! He would do this at all cost! Even if Hou Meng’s girlfriend knew nothing, he would still break her legs without mercy! Not only her, but anyone related to Hou Meng were within Zhao Yu’s range of attack! He would not hesitate even if he had to break all their legs! At that moment, revenge and hatred had already spread throughout his body like a tumor, turning Zhao Yu into a ruthless and tyrannical demon!

The police car with Zhao Yu and company was moving fast on the road. Zhang Yaohui, Lan Bo, and the rest of the agents were all stealing glances at Zhao Yu. They had witnessed the brutality of the blonde and his gang toward Hou Meng’s girlfriend, as well as their respectfulness toward Zhao Yu, thus deepening their impression toward this legendary gangster detective! They had never dared to imagine what Zhao Yu had done just now. However, Zhao Yu’s brutality unexpectedly got instant results. Hou Meng’s girlfriend had indeed lied to the police. Hou Meng had contacted her after killing Qu Ping!

After her confession, Zhao Yu and company all made their target Hou Meng’s sworn brother, Ji Chunhua! At that moment, the police car was headed toward a tea house in the outer north. The boss of this tea house was Ji Chunhua. According to intelligence, Ji Chunhua was having tea with a group of friends in the tea house now.

No one spoke in the police car and the atmosphere was serious and tense. According to the information, Ji Chunhua was no ordinary character. He had both connections in the underworld and within the government. One could imagine that he must have had many helpers and followers within the tea house!

As Zhao Yu and company did not have a search warrant, they could theoretically only ask questions and not resort to any force. If they got into a conflict with these people, the consequences would be dire!

“Bro…Bro Yu,” Lan Bo held his phone and said to Zhao Yu, “Dafei and Liu Xueshan from your team are the ones in charge of monitoring Ji Chunhua! They’re our own guys. Shall we…Get them to go up with us?” Lan Bo was obviously worried that he would be at a disadvantage if there really was a conflict. However, Zhao Yu kept looking out of the window and did not say anything.

At this point, an agent named Liu asked worriedly, “We already asked Ji Chunhua previously, and he claimed that he was not in any contact with Hou Meng! If he doesn’t admit later, what should we do? We can’t…” Everyone looked at Zhao Yu again after Liu’s question.

This time, Zhao Yu broke his silence and asked the group coldly, “Anyone of you brought your gun?” The agents all shook a little after Zhao Yu’s sudden question about the gun. “Well…well…” Liu thought of something and said to Zhang Yaohui, “Yaohui, didn’t you bring your gun today? Where is it?”

“It’s been taken back!” Zhang Yaohui shook his head. “The higher-ups knew that we Team B members were emotionally unstable after Team Leader Qu’s death, so they took my gun away!”

“It’s okay! It’s okay!” Lan Bo quickly said to Zhao Yu, “Dafei and Liu Xueshan are on duty now and monitoring an important target. I’m sure they have one!?”

“Mmm!” Zhao Yu said coldly without moving his eyes, “Let me ask you, do you wanna seek revenge for Team Leader Qu Ping?”

“What kind of question is that?” Zhang Yaohui panicked and his eyes turned red. “The answer goes without saying!”

“Exactly!” Liu chimed in. “Of course we want to!”

“Huh!” Zhao Yu snorted coldly and asked again, “Are you afraid of being punished?”

“No!” The agents all said unanimously. “If we’re afraid, we wouldn’t have come here with you today!”

“Good!” Zhao Yu laughed coldly. “If that’s the case, you have to listen to my instructions and act accordingly when we reach the tea house!”

The agents all nodded. Although Zhao Yu looked calm when he talked, the agents could clearly sense from his cold and murderous expression that there was the implication of a ma.s.sive killing!

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