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Chapter 1176: Materials

Athena’s gaze made Python frown, “To be honest, I’m not completely sure that both mother and child will be safe.”

“At least you can guarantee the child’s safety?” Athena’s eyes lit up.

“Understood.” Python looked deeply into Athena’s eyes before she finally nodded slowly, “I won’t say anything euphemistic. I’m really not sure.”

What if, I mean just in case, I can only choose 1 between the child and the mother, how should I choose? This question, as the parents of the child, you and him must think clearly and answer me. “

Everyone’s hearts tightened. They had been in contact with Python for so long, and she would never exaggerate the facts. Since she said this, it proved that the situation in Athena was not optimistic. The last question was very heavy and very realistic.



The 2 said 2 different answers.

“Chen Rui! I have something to say.”

“No, you listen to me first.” Chen Rui held Athena’s hand, shook his head, and stopped what she wanted to say, “I know what you want to say, but you are wrong. All the people here are all unique and irreplaceable. These are not sweet words, but sincere words. In many things, I will choose ‘future’, but in this case, I choose ‘now’ and it will not change.”

That decisive tone made Athena’s eyes turn red, “But…”

“There is no ‘but’. If I’m destined to have only 1 daughter in my life, I will not have any regrets.” Chen Rui cast his eyes on Python’s face, “Besides, this is just a ‘what if’ situation, the real hope is still huge, isn’t it?”

“‘There is indeed hope, but if you do nothing, there will definitely be more ‘what ifs’.” Python pondered for a while before she spoke up, “Fortunately, there is a page of the Book of Destruction with you. What I need is the silver box that holds the Book of Destruction. With this container in place, and with some materials, it should increase the chances a lot.”

Chen Rui cheered up, “What do you need? I’ll find them right away!”

“Fountain of Vitality, 2 pieces of the top grade dark shadow crystal, 2 pieces of the top grade best brilliant crystal, 3 golden dragon saliva flowers, 3 thunder heart vines, 5 rainbow calla lilies, 7 purple serene gra.s.s, 3 rainbow calla lilies…” Python said the names of a large list of materials. Some of which Chen Rui already had, such as Fountain of Vitality, but most of them were not available. There were even a few names that were unheard of.

Chen Rui hurriedly memorized. When Python finished speaking, he had already made a complete list and calculated it carefully, “The 7 rainbow and rainbow calla lilies are plants of potion materials, but it is said that they are basically extinct. It hasn’t been sold for thousands of years, and potioneers have already found alternative materials. As for ambergris flower, I only know that there is white one, and I have never heard of thunder heart vine.”

“Ambergris flower is the companion plant of dragons. It can gather strength and enhance life force. It is especially effective for the growth of dragon larvae. It is very rare and usually white for crafting potion.” Lalaria next to her said, “There are 3 qualities of dragon saliva flower. The sequence in accordance of low to high quality is white, silver, and gold. Many young dragons like to eat this kind of flower. As far as I know, there are many white dragon saliva flowers, but silver-grade flowers are already quite rare. If it is gold, I can be sure that it is not even in the Dragon Island.”

Chen Rui’s heart sank, and Zola thought about it, “Don’t worry, I remember that Aunt Sophia usually likes to plant flowers and plants. She probably has them there.”

“Her Highness Sophia?”

“She is the first wife of His Highness Pagris, queen of the Dragon Valley.”

Chen Rui suddenly realized that she was the wife of the human world’s Dragon Emperor Pagris.

“I’ve seen thunder heart vine. It’s a rare wind element plant which is helpful for the training for thunder. Unfortunately, the only one from Dragon Island was given by the old man to the blue dragon for training.”

“Wind element plant?” Chen Rui’s mind moved, “The Storm Island! Lalaria, please go to the human world with me this time, alright?”

“If it’s about you alone, I won’t be bothered to deal with it. But Athena is my reserved harem, 1 of my good friends. Okay, I’ll go with you.” Lalaria said to Athena solemnly, “If you want to thank me with your body, I will definitely treat you well. We can even treat that brat as our own.”

Athena, “…”

Your whole family are brats. Chen Rui silently ignored the second half of the weirdo loli’s words, and he suddenly had a flash of inspiration, “Right, human world! Rainbow gra.s.s and rainbow calla lilies are neutral plants. Although they are extinct in the Demon Realm, they may not be extinct in the human world! We can start with the potioneer in the human world! “

Python nodded, “In that case, from today onward, I will live here. I will teach Athena a secret technique. With the help of those materials, she can temporarily fuse the Book of Destruction’s container during the delivery time. I calculate that there will be about half a year before the child will be born. There is not much time left for you, but if there is a channel, this time is not too short.”

“Thank you.” Chen Rui said very sincerely. If it wasn’t for Python, he wouldn’t know that Athena and the child would be in such danger.

Python glanced at him indifferently, but she didn’t speak.

“Let’s not further delay. Delia, please contact Celine of the Dark Shadow Empire to find these materials together. Her Custer Family is a top commercial family, and she handles a lot of magic materials usually. This part is what we need. If there is no top grade brilliant crystal, then collect the second grade crystals. After that, I can refine them into the top grade; I will go to the human world to search for some of them, but you have to try your best on your side. We need to try to find all the materials as soon as possible.”

“Don’t worry, leader.” Delia took the list, checked the label part with Chen Rui worryingly, and kept the list until it was confirmed correct.

“Chen Rui, you are going to the human world?” Athena asked.

En, I will take Zola, Isabella and Lalaria together. First, we will go to the Storm Island to find thunder heart vine, then Dragon Valley.”

“Then take Alice and Kia with you. When you rescued Tiffany from the human world, you promised them so, and you haven’t fulfilled it until now.”

“I’m sorry.” Chen Rui looked at Alice and Kia as he shook his head, “It’s not that I don’t want to take them there, but our trip is not for fun; it’s about you.”

“It’s just looking around. It’s okay.” Athena explained, “They won’t disturb you, and they can help you collect materials. With the current strength of you and Zola, there shouldn’t be any danger. Besides, I have half a year’s time.”

“Athena.” Kia shook her head, “I have to stay here. I prepare your nutritious meals every day. I’m worried if someone else does it. I won’t go anywhere for the next 6 months.”

Isabella smiled slightly, “I’ll stay too, Athena’s current state is not very stable. Kia’s strength is not enough, so sometimes it’s inconvenient. Moreover, Duoduo also needs to be taken care of. If I didn’t ask Olypheus and Adeline to take her out to play today, she might cry in shock just now.”

What Isabella said was the truth. Athena was at the intermediate stage of the Kingdom level, and she was at the early stage of the Demi-G.o.d. As long as she was more careful, there would be no great danger. Kia was different. Her life would probably be in danger in case of any accidents.

“Kia, Yini, you guys.” Athena was so touched that she was speechless for a while.

Alice’s eyes were subconsciously bright when she initially heard that she was going to the human world, but now the more she looked at Athena, the more she felt ashamed. She lowered her head, “This time your matter is really important, so I won’t go. Besides, I’m the lord of the Dark Moon Estate.”

“Forget it.” Isabella unceremoniously exposed the short story of the madam lord, “Our madam lord throws everything to Joanna and the others, the standard slack-off party. Even if she disappears for a year or so, nothing will happen to the estate. Maybe it will be more prosperous without a person who commands blindly.”

“Female fox, who are you talking about blindly giving orders?” Alice had always been at odds with Isabella, so she almost jumped up in anger. But then she gave it a second thought: No, it seems that the female fox is helping me by saying this.

Isabella stopped bickering with Alice and said to Zola, “Say h.e.l.lo to daddy and mommy for me. We will go see them together next time.”

The last time Isabella went to the human world, she was considered a daughter by Zola’s parents. Isabella’s care and tenderness were something that Zola didn’t have. Besides, this Devil’s Snare Flower was also quite blackhearted. Meria and Span regarded her as their own. They got along well. When Meria hugged Isabella to say goodbye back then, she cried more than holding Zola.

En, don’t worry.” Zola nodded.

“Okay then, Alice, Lalaria, Zola and I will go together.” Chen Rui thought for a while before agreeing. The light of the Tower of Glory shone on his body, “Everyone has nothing to prepare, right?”

“Athena, help me tell my sister and let Dodo pretend to be me if necessary.” The loli princess glanced at Isabella and said hesitantly, “Also, Sister Yini…”

“Not female fox anymore? Do you want to say: Female fox, you will be my sister from then on?” Isabella imitated Lalaria and laughed “Oh Hohohoho“.

Hmph!” Alice originally wanted to say a few sincere words of thanks, but her mouth flattened again when she heard this sentence. She soon disappeared into the light of the Tower of Glory.

Chen Rui smiled apologetically at Kia, “Kia, after the baby is born safely, you, I, Athena, Isabella, and everyone will go out and have fun together. Python, during this time, I’m counting on you here.”

Kia nodded vigorously as she watched him enter the [Star Gate] together with Athena and others.

Python didn’t look at Chen Rui, but she just looked at the sky as she said something to herself in a voice that only she could hear.

“Is everyone a unique and irreplaceable existence?”

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