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Chapter 1182: Soul

“Brother…” Seeing Sophia’s appearance, Alice, who was always sad in her heart, couldn’t help crying, “Let’s think of a way and see if there are such flowers in other places!”

“Dragon saliva flower is the companion plant of the dragons. Only…” Lalaria said half a sentence, and she couldn’t continue anymore.

“We really can’t just take this dragon saliva flower away.” Chen Rui withdrew his hand, quietly released the colorful mist, and took a deep breath, “Its life force is not the strongest, but the meaning of ‘life’ contained in it any plant I have ever seen. Your Highness Sophia should be watering it with true love and soul these years. If we take it away like this, Your Highness Sophia’s soul and life may collapse at any time.”

The galaxy garden could indeed transplant this dragon saliva flower, but Chen Rui faintly sensed something abnormal, so he didn’t do anything immediately.

“Then, Athena and the unborn child…” Zola couldn’t help but say something as she herself was in a dilemma now.

“Child?” This word shocked Sophia, “The reason why you need this flower is…”

“It’s Athena, brother’s pregnant wife…” Alice wiped away her tears.

Although Alice’s spoke intermittently with a sobbing tone, Sophia had already understood the outline of the matter, so she couldn’t help but look at Chen Rui a few more times. It turns out that it is for his wife and unborn child.

When mentioning the child, Sophia couldn’t help thinking of her own experience, so her eyes turned red, “Sir Richard, if this golden dragon saliva flower can really help your wife and unborn child, please…”

“Your Highness Sophia…” Chen Rui looked at Sophia excitedly. He could sense Sophia’s mood was not because of the disparity in strength or threats, but out of true love and true kindness. Just because she had suffered misfortune, she hoped to prevent others from such misfortune. For this reason, she did not hesitate to sacrifice her greatest sustenance. This alone was worthy of respect.

“It has nothing to do with strength. First of all, please accept my most sincere grat.i.tude as a husband and a father.” Chen Rui bowed deeply to Sophia, but she did not take the golden dragon saliva flower immediately. Instead, he observed carefully for a while.

“Your Highness Sophia, I would like to ask a question that may upset you, but please answer me. Were you around the golden dragon saliva flower all the time when… your baby died? “

Sophia recalled her memory, “At that time, even when I was recuperating on the White Jade Palace bed, I was praying to the Dragon G.o.d, but unfortunately… Since then, I have treated this dragon plant, which was originally intended to be a gift to Avril, as her…”

With that said, Sophia covered her face while sobbing.

Chen Rui didn’t express much emotion this time, but he focused on the golden dragon saliva flower. Zola saw that his expression was a little strange, and she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Do you have any special feelings?”

Zola looked at the golden dragon saliva flower for a while, then she shook her head, “No…”

“It may be my illusion, or it may be…” Chen Rui narrowed his eyes, “You go to their side first.”

Zola nodded. All of a sudden, purple starlight shone from Chen Rui’s body. A boundless breath enveloped the entire garden in an instant.

Stanwell, who was far away, felt as if he was in stormy waves. All his senses were lost. He could only faintly feel an instinctive fear from his soul.

The power of this star… That’s right, it’s the one he launched in the face of Raphael last time!

Compared with the last time, the power breath this time is more than 1000 times stronger!

This trembling feeling even surpa.s.sed the level when Zola released her breath just now!

Pagris and the elders of the dragons in the palace at the peak of Holy Spirit Peak also felt it. Pagris was shocked again – Another powerful breath! Not Zola’s, but…

What Zola said is indeed true! That Richard’s strength is even above her!

However, why did this terrifying powerhouse release breath in the White Jade Palace? Could it be Sophia…

As soon as Pagris thought of this, he couldn’t sit still anymore. His figure flickered, and he disappeared from the throne.

Meanwhile, Stanwell’s pressure suddenly disappeared, because he had been pulled over by Zola’s power. With the fairy dragon’s protection, Sophia and others were no longer oppressed by Chen Rui’s momentum.

Once upon a time, Stanwell thought about seeking revenge from ‘Richard’ after his strength improved, but he found it funny now. This wish would never be realized. He could only look up at that figure.

A strange cl.u.s.ter of nebula appeared behind Chen Rui. The moment this cl.u.s.ter of nebula appeared, the feeling of ‘death’ emerged in everyone’s mind, including the Dragon Emperor Pagris who had already s.h.i.+fted over.

Pagris even had a feeling that if he faced this kind of ‘death’, he might not be able to escape even if he tried his best!

The feeling of ‘death’ disappeared immediately. Chen Rui put away the power of [All Star G.o.ds View] and finally nodded, “It really has a sense. This emotion is no longer pure ‘fear’.”

Zola finally understood, “You mean, this dragon saliva flower…”

“Yes, it already has a real soul.”

“Soul!” Sophia was taken aback and immediately responded, “Avril!”

“This trace of soul power is very thin. If it weren’t for my special sense of life and faith, I would have almost overlooked it. As for whether it is the Avril mentioned by Your Highness, I’m not sure.” Chen Rui had another sentence that he didn’t say: Since this was a separate soul, once it was collected with the galaxy garden, that soul would be completely obliterated and become the ordinary golden dragon saliva flower.

“It must be Avril! My child!” Sophia couldn’t believe it. Feeling that the hope that had been extinguished for many years was rekindled. She burst into tears, “Please, save her!”

Chen Rui frowned and said nothing. Alice couldn’t help but speak up, “Brother, please help Her Highness Sophia.”

“Don’t worry, he’s just thinking.” Zola patted Alice’s shoulder and nodded to Pagris behind her.

“This soul is too weak, so I’m not sure. Let’s try it first.” A silver-white goblet appeared in Chen Rui’s hand. This cup was engraved with a pair of wings, exuding a soft and peaceful s.h.i.+ne.

Pagris was a person who recognized good items. He was slightly shocked, “Holy Grail!”

This cup was indeed Holy Grail, 1 of the 3 holy relics of light. Holy Grail had the special power of [Holy Soul], which could warm and nourish the damaged soul ent.i.ty in Holy Grail until it recovered. The recovery time depended on the degree of damage to the soul ent.i.ty. One could also speed up the recovery speed by sacrificing the power of light during this period.

Pagris only noticed the Holy Grail, but he didn’t see the ring on Chen Rui’s hand, which was 1 of the 7 artifacts, b.l.o.o.d.y Ring.

Chen Rui looked at the golden dragon saliva flower carefully, hesitated for a moment, and put away the Holy Grail and b.l.o.o.d.y Ring again. It was not because he was afraid of what would happen by activating the 7 artifacts, but because he was really not sure.

His original idea was to use the power of the b.l.o.o.d.y Ring to draw out the soul from the dragon saliva flower, then use the Holy Grail to nourish it. Both Veronica and Python are beneficiaries of the Holy Grail, but even Veronica’s soul that was about to dissipate at the beginning was much clearer and stronger than the current one on the golden dragon saliva flower. Once the extraction fails, the soul will completely disappear. Judging from the current situation, the chance of failure is very high.

Chen Rui thought for a while, and a force full of vitality appeared in his hands. The plants in the entire garden seemed to be full of vitality in an instant, and even the withered gra.s.s in the corner reappeared green. The golden dragon saliva flower was no exception. This was [Spring Territory] which was fused with Nirvana power. Part of the life force of the golden dragon saliva flower that faded under the fear of ‘death’ might had been fully restored, but in terms of soul, there were still no substantive changes.

The breath in Chen Rui’s hands had changed again. This was a breath different from the previous ‘life’. As the powerhouse at the intermediate stage of the Pseudo-G.o.d, Pagris could sense the purity and profundity of this power. Seeing new plants emerge one after another under Chen Rui’s feet which then sprouted and even blossomed at an incredible rate, Pagris finally determined what this power was. He exclaimed, “Creation law!”

“Creation origin law.” Zola corrected him.

Origin power! Pagris was stunned. Could it be the Book of Creation? This is why ‘Richard’ tried his best to sneak into the Holy Light Mountain and fight Raphael?

In fact, Dragon Emperor only guessed a small part of the truth. He didn’t expect that Chen Rui had already been a ‘regular visitor’ to the White Cliff.

“It still doesn’t work…” Chen Rui shook his head and drew a rune in the air with his fingers. Pagris recognized a part of it was the Dragon Inscription. It was actually so precise and perfect. Whether it was the ease of drawing or the attainments of the inscription, it was all above him, the Dragon Emperor!

Dragon Inscription was only a small part. The main body was ancient runes. The 2 were mixed together to form an esoteric novel that even Pagris could not understand. The runes scattered around the golden dragon saliva flower. All of a sudden, the power of the Dragon Inscription stored for tens of thousands of years in the entire White Jade Palace was drained by the rune array around the dragon saliva flower.

This power was originally extremely thick. If it penetrated directly into the dragon saliva flower, it would explode in an instant, but under the action of the inscription array, the majestic power was filtered, purified, and decomposed, and then gently wrapped around the dragon saliva flower, strengthening it bit by bit.

“Its soul power is too weak now. Let’s wait a few days and see.” The starlight on Chen Rui disappeared.

Pagris learned the outline of the matter from Stanwell’s whispered report. Although he found it unbelievable or even absurd, with the powerful strength shown by Chen Rui and Zola, plus the Dragon Emperor himself had agreed in the palace hall before, the 2 taking away the dragon saliva flower was just a matter of effort. There was absolutely no need to go to such lengths to deceive Sophia.

It seems that there is really hope…

“Thank you, sir!” Sophia bowed Chen Rui deeply.

“I can’t guarantee success, but I will definitely do my best.”

This matter was quite troublesome. 1 mistake, and the soul attached to the dragon saliva flower would disappear. It was a thankless work. Chen Rui did not have to do this, he just needed to take the dragon saliva flower and leave, but he chose to help Sophia.

It was not for anything else, just for the love and hope of a mother. Sophia reminded Chen Rui of himself when he lost Duoduo, so he decided to do it.

“Sir Richard.” Pagris also said, “Regardless of success or failure, please accept my sincerest thanks.”

Chen Rui nodded to Pagris, “Although I have set up the rune array, I need to cast spells and observe regularly every day, so I will stay in the Dragon Valley these days. However, my coming to the human world this time has something to do with the safety of my wife and my child. Therefore, the time is limited, so I need Your Majesty to help me find the things on this list. I hope to get them together as much as possible. The price is not a problem.”

Pagris took the list from Chen Rui and looked at it, “Some things are really rare, but please rest a.s.sured. I will mobilize all the power and connections of the Dragon Valley to do this. There is no need to worry about the cost, sir. Take it as my grat.i.tude.”

“Thank you.”

TL: Shouldn’t he ask Python, the soul expert herself?

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