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Jia Quan's driver was a hard-working veteran of the special forces, and he had the reflexes to match. He had been startled by the sudden appearance of Qin Feng and deftly hit the brakes. The Audi's tires squealed against the pavement, and a strong rubber smell filled the car.

Jia Quan had been sitting in the back row of the car preparing to call his lover when the sudden stop made him fly forward into the back of the pa.s.senger seat. He angrily shouted at his driver, "What's going on? Don't you know how to drive?!"

The driver was quick to apologize, knowing that leaders.h.i.+p didn't tolerate mistakes. "I'm sorry, Director Jia. A madman burst out in front of us. I thought it best to avoid hitting him, sir."

Hearing the driver's explanation, Director Jia looked through the winds.h.i.+eld and spotted Qin Feng.

Why does this guy look so familiar? he thought to himself.

Jia Quan had specially investigated the person Liu Bangguo had called him about. However, he only knew that he had been mixed up with Zhao Jun and had strong combat skills. He also had his photographs, which flashed into his mind as he stared at the man standing resolutely in the center of the road.

The driver, who was fired up after being reprimanded, opened his door and headed toward Qin Feng.

Pointing at Qin Feng, the driver sternly asked, "Are you looking for death?"

Qin Feng laughed in response and pointed over the driver's shoulder. "Your driving skills need work. Before you made that turn, you could have seen me by the side of the road from an angle of about twenty degrees through the column gap."

The driver puffed up his chest. "I've been driving for more than a decade. Who are you to try to teach me how to drive?" As the driver for the director of the city bureau, he was honored everywhere in Tianhe City as one of the Brothers Xiang, but here he was being ridiculed. By who? Some silly boy playing games.

While they had been arguing, the security guard from the compound gate and some of Jia Quan's colleagues had approached to observe. The driver became even more frantic now that he was being watched. "Believe it or not, I'll detain you and kill you!"

"Oh, sure. Come on then," Qin Feng said with a smirk. He mockingly lifted his wrists as though he was preparing to be cuffed. "The news from yesterday about Li Faxian. It seems you haven't heard…"

The driver scowled. "d.a.m.n it, don't mess with me." He made a move to head back to the car and grab his handcuffs. However, at that moment, Jia Quan emerged from the vehicle. As soon as he appeared, everyone who had gathered around to watch the disagreement quickly bowed their heads and retreated a few steps.

Jia Quan surveyed the crowd, then calmly asked, "Is there something interesting going on here? Go about your business."

Embarra.s.sed, the crowd quickly dispersed.

Jia Quan, dissatisfied with the driver, looked at the man and said, "What do you hope to accomplish by yelling? What do I always tell you? Be gentle with the common people and always be courteous."

"Director Jia. This guy...," The driver bent his head and began to explain, but Jia Quan cut him off.

"You can leave. This is my friend, and we have something to discuss."

Hearing Jia Quan's words, the driver looked at Qin Feng again as if facing an enemy. His pupils were full of fear. This poor, young guy was actually a friend of Director Jia's?

Qin Feng, seeing the driver's distress, cheerfully patted him on his trembling chest while saying, "Hey man, it's going to be okay. Your future is bright."

In response, the driver quickly retreated to his car and drove off.

Qin Feng handed Jia Quan a cigarette and said, "Thank you for last night."

"It's nothing. Secretary Liu made the calls. Was there any other choice?" Then Jia Quan smiled and said, "Brother, your courage is frightening."

"Director Jia, you're a sensible man. But Li Faxian did something that troubled me. I'm afraid he'll hurt you one day." Qin Feng continued, "I made him kneel, which I a.s.sume you know already. Do you take offense?"

Jia Quan laughed. "How can I? I know him very well. He just needed someone to put him in his place. He's gotten too comfortable, following me all these years in the Tianhe. I suppose he's learned his lesson now though."

Although Jia Quan sounded calm, he felt somewhat troubled in his heart. Even if his people were undisciplined, they still looked up to him. Qin Feng could do whatever he wanted to in response to Li Faxian, but he had been a bit of a bully.

Qin Feng continued to inform Jin Quan of recent events. "Sister Flower and I left Zhao Jun. The morning prior, I cut off Zhao Jun's three fingers. How many years do you think I might be sentenced for that?"

In Qin Feng's eyes, three fingers were like three farts in the wind—not worth worrying about.

However, Jia Quan was stunned. Although past his prime, Zhao Jun still had a strong reputation. Qin Feng, this underling, was so bold that he would commit such a crime?

This man is certainly a force to be reckoned with, Jia Quan thought. Even Liu Bangguo hadn't heard this news yet. Jia Quan realized the Tianhe wasn't powerful enough to hold down someone like Qin Feng.

"Brother Qin, you make me laugh. Zhao Jun is guilty of a lot of evil. You've just done your part to rid the Tianhe of some evil. Even if you did cut off three fingers, it must have been in self-defense. I will personally testify on behalf of my brother."

Jia Quan's intent was obvious. He wanted to recruit Qin Feng. Even if Zhao Jun wasn't much of a threat to him, he didn't want to take any risks. He needed the right men on his team, and did not want to risk offending Qin Feng. He realized that he might offend Secretary Liu, but Jia Quan was more concerned about who else could be backing Qin Feng.

Qin Feng smiled and said, "Thank you. You really have helped me in many ways. I'll soon be leaving the Tianhe for a time, but before I go, I want to tell you something."

"Go ahead."

"Sister Flower is very important to me. Please take care of her while I'm gone. Since she's left Zhao Jun, I've been worried that she might face trouble. You see…"

Before Qin Feng finished speaking, Jia Quan patted his chest rea.s.suringly. "Don't you worry. Who would dare to mess with my brother or my sister?" he said. "If anyone tries, I'll kill him."

Qin Feng felt incredibly relieved. Then he said, "Actually, she and I have discussed opening a bar after I return. After all, it's hard to leave a line of work once you've been in it for a while. We would like to invite you to be a shareholder. As it is, we already rely on your care. As a shareholder, you won't have to care about anything. You can just wait for your dividend at the end of the year. 40% of the shares, how does that sound?"

Jia Quan laughed. "Brother, what are you saying? When you need your brother's help, just say the word. Shares? No. I don't need all that. If you lack money, speak up. I may be working cla.s.s, but I can afford a few hundred thousand for my brother."

Jia Quan continued, "Rest a.s.sured. When the shop is open, I will spread the word. Anyone who dares to make trouble for you will have trouble with me. I can't make that guarantee elsewhere, but here in the Tianhe, no one will dare to cause you trouble. Go ahead and do as you please."

Qin Feng smiled graciously, but said, "That's not a good deal for you. I won't let you lose money. Although we are friends, we still need to do business fairly, right? I'd feel more comfortable if you would accept some of our shares. What do you say?"

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