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Qin Feng had no sooner boarded the plane than he received a WeChat message from Sister Flower.

Sister Flower: Did you leave? I just saw your note. Why didn't you wake me up? I could have given you a ride

Qin Feng: Why wake you up when you were sleeping so well?

Qin Feng: I'm on the plane and need to turn off my phone. Talk when I'm back?

Sister Flower: Be safe. I'll be waiting for you

Qin Feng: Breakfast is on the table. If it gets cold, you can use the microwave

Qin Feng turned off his mobile phone and closed his eyes.


Qin Feng was back in the suburbs of Beijing.

When he put his special combat equipment on again, his heart had filled with emotion. He was reminiscing about the past missions he had been on when Green Dragon threw an apple at him, laughing.

"Captain Qin, what are you thinking? Have you gotten too used to living in the city?"

Qin Feng chuckled. "A little bit. Hopefully I'll sleep better out here." Qin Feng stretched out and said, "So Flying Eagle, they here yet?"

Green Dragon replied, "Yeah, they're talking about the battle plan in the war room. Want to go listen?"

Qin Feng scoffed. "Of course not. They all just talk nonsense. Besides, in the Middle East, we have to count on ourselves. Real combat is always the best teacher. Even training is kind of useless." Qin Feng bit into the apple.

"Whoa, what's up? You have a problem with them?" Green Dragon said, looking at him suspiciously.

"Did you forget about their captain, Lei Ming, from the last time you were in the rainforest? Their people moved ahead of the plan and exposed our position. They almost made the mission fail! If not for Xiao He's efforts, they would have had to sacrifice at least three or four."

Qin Feng followed up with, "This time we have to stay alert."

Green Dragon agreed. "Yeah, if it weren't for Xiao He, Lei Ming would have gone to military court."

"Alas." Qin Feng pulled up a blade of gra.s.s and held it in his mouth. "Look, this time Lei Ming will likely make the same mistake. He thinks we're suppressing him and his men, and obviously wants that to change…"

Qin Feng was interrupted by the door of the war room opening.

Smoking and wearing although he had just come from indoors, Lei Ming strode forward followed by three men. The captain was as tall and seemingly powerful as Qin Feng had remembered. He approached Qin Feng and Green Dragon.

"Captain Qin, you and your men ready? You should really have a smaller group since the last mission failed. For this mission, the headquarters have decided that my Eagle SWAT team will take the lead. You two are going to have to listen to my command, all right?"

Lei Ming held his head high and continued speaking in an arrogant tone. "Oh, what a pity. That little woman, what was it again? Green Snake. Her waist was so slim. We didn't get a chance to experience her before she unexpectedly fell…"

"What the h.e.l.l are you talking about?" Qin Feng and Green Dragon shouted at the same time. Qin Feng pointed at Lei Ming and shouted, "Want us to beat you?"

Lei Ming laughed. "I'm the commander this time. Go ahead. Hit me. I'm happy to see what the court-martial will do to you two."

Qin Feng was ready to hit Lei Ming's smug face, but he was restrained by the rational Green Dragon. "Captain Qin, calm down. Ignore him."

Qin Feng quickly realized that this was a deliberate trap set by Lei Ming. If he fought, there would be a video of it sent to the headquarters immediately, and he would inevitably be punished. The Golden SWAT team would likely be disbanded.

Qin Feng had built up the team's reputation, and he could not stand to see his achievements torn down because of this jerk. Besides, Sister Flower was waiting for him. He couldn't afford to make any mistakes.

Instead, Qin Feng spit on the ground then turned to head toward the military helicopter hidden in the dense forest.

"Where are you going? Everyone's in the war room with all the gear. Don't you know how to carry your own?" Lei Ming shouted after him. "I'm ordering you both to go get all of your combat gear and carry it to the helicopter."

Qin Feng desperately wanted to hit Lei Ming, but Green Dragon pressed his trembling arm and said calmly, "Let's do this right, and it'll all be over on time."


Everyone was silent during the five-hour flight to the border. They would be parachuting down to the ground and then a.s.sembling at a.s.sembly Point 3. The situation on the ground was unclear, and there was concern that there might be an ambush.

Lei Ming pointed to Qin Feng and Green Dragon and said, "You two, parachute first. Go to the two flanks of the area. If you don't see the enemy, send a signal light."

As soon as the hatch opened, a turbulent wind poured in. After Qin Feng and Green Dragon double-checked their parachutes, they jumped out of the cabin one after another. In mid-air, the wind was very strong and the visibility was awful. However, Qin Feng still did his best to check the ground through the wind and sand. Although the area was extremely barren and there was not likely to be an ambush, it was better to be careful.

As he approached the ground, he saw no signs of the enemy, and he gestured to Green Dragon through the air. Once they fell into the bushes, they quickly split up to check an area 100 meters wide.

After the inspection was done, they shone an ultraviolet light back towards the helicopter.

Lei Ming nodded contentedly, and said, "See? Didn't we all say Qin Feng was great? He is an excellent a.s.sistant and, after the mission is successful, all the credit is ours. He can struggle with the mines and the cannons."

"Captain Lei is clever. The number one SWAT seat will be yours sooner or later," a member of his team said cheerfully. The other three raised their thumbs in approval.

Through the wireless headset, Qin Feng whispered to Green Dragon, who was 50 meters away.

"Ready to rescue the hostages? They should be within twenty miles of here. We'll use our heat sensors. Prepare to fight. Watch out for Lei Ming. And be careful." They were out here looking for hostages that were being held by a terrorist organization. Three of the seven hostages were Chinese. Their status was unknown; there was very little water in the area, and wild animals often hunted here.

"Don't worry," Green Dragon replied.

As Green Dragon slowly drew closer to Qin Feng, he looked up at the others who were parachuting down, and quickly said, "One hostage is an official. The Chinese side is afraid of causing a stir, so it hasn't disclosed that info. We need to maintain secrecy."

"I know. I don't need your orders." Qin Feng thought that Green Dragon seemed a little too nervous.

Green Dragon replied, "Also, your relations.h.i.+p with Sister Flower has attracted the headquarters' attention. If it's disclosed, Lei Ming will probably blame on you, because your relations.h.i.+p with her is a hidden danger. Be careful."

Well, that's good to know, thought Qin Feng.

At that moment, on a nearby hillside, there was a sudden burst of energy. Qin Feng felt the energy change and shouted, "Hide! Come on!"

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