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If she didn't call, n.o.body knew what's going on.

Zhou Liang watched nervously as Zhu Fei really made a phone call to Qin Feng.

"h.e.l.lo, Qin Feng?"

"Where are you?" said Zhu Fei, grimly.

At this time, Qin Feng was still enjoying the sea breeze in Hainan. He had just accompanied Green Dragon to the ends of the earth. He was walking to Guanyin Statue in the South China Sea. The crowds were moving, the sun was very high, and he was irritated by the sun. But at least he was going to wors.h.i.+p Buddha, so he had to be full of sincerity. Even though his s.h.i.+rt was sweating, he kept going.

"I'm in Hainan. What happened?"

Qin Feng had not seen Zhu Fei for days, anxious to ask, "How's uncle's injury? You're not at work? Have you been tired lately?"

Zhu Fei was not surprised at Qin Feng in Hainan, and did not care what he was doing. At this time, Zhou Liang stood in front of her. Zhu Fei brewed for a moment, and then asked directly, "Do you have a girlfriend."


Qin Feng was stunned for a while, and asked in reply, "What do you mean? How do you think of to ask that?"

"No, I just want to know if you have a girlfriend. Please tell me the truth. This is very important."

Zhu Fei accentuated the tone, and then also turned on the amplification on the phone. As long as Zhou Liang was not deaf, he could hear the following words clearly.

Two people argued for so long. When the words rush to talk about here, in the end, they were waiting for Qin Feng's reply.

At this time, Zhou Liang was too nervous to breathe. He was really afraid that Sister Hua had not had time or could not make Qin Feng at all. If the guy said no, that would mean that Zhou Liang really had no chance to catch up with Zhu Fei.

That also proved his fate had been done. Zhou Liang had done his best, but still did not win the heart of Zhu Fei. If he forced to drag her to the side, it was no use. She was not happy. Even if they were together, so what?

That he liked her meant to give her happiness and let her happy.

"I...... I do."

Qin Feng hesitated, still said, "Can you not know? I thought you knew."

Finis.h.i.+ng saying, Qin Feng burst out a dry smile. His smile was very free and easy, as if never take the feelings of Zhu Fei seriously, as if he just took her as an ordinary friend.


This sentence, hit deeply in the heart of Zhu Fei. At that moment, her hand shook and the mobile phone almost fell on the ground. She was stunned in her place, aghast.

Although her heart had already prepared for it, and she should have also thought, to Qin Feng such an excellent man, how could he not have a girlfriend? She still wanted to hold the lucky psychology to try to ask, but did not expect, the cruel fact still came.

Zhou Liang, who was beside her, leapt three feet in excitement, clenched his fists tightly, and was happier than the national team entering the finals of the World Cup in Russia. "Oh, my G.o.d. Good fortune favors me. I told you, I told you. How could Qin Feng not have a girlfriend? He iso tall, powerful, handsome and charming. How can he not have one!"

Qin Feng felt not quite right, and asked a few words again, "Are you there? Zhu Fei? Why aren't you talking? Who's next to you?"

Qin Feng's words still haunted the ears of Zhu Fei, she dumbly hung up the phone.

She stared vainly at the stream of people ahead. Cars were coming and going in the parking lot outside the mall.Here there will be full of parking every day, but Zhu Fei had never felt that there was anything blocked. Today looking at the long traffic, her heart was blocked and could not breathe.

Zhou Liang looked at the sad Zhu Fei. He had a good time just now, but at the moment, he was also not in the happy mood.

Accompanying Zhu Fei to stand by, he stayed for about five or six minutes, and he could not hold back, "Zhu Fei, don't be sad.

Qin Feng does not belong to you originally. He is destined to be your life's pa.s.ser-by. Although the meteor is beautiful, it is only for a moment after all. To live is not to watch the flowers and enjoy the b.u.t.terflies. We have to really go to life. As for Qin Feng, it seems, he is not the kind of person who can be down-to-earth at all. He is very capable and very nice, but he does not have the basic conditions to take care of the family and take responsibility for you and the children. What is the use of having such good conditions? You should find a reliable husband, not just for seeing. Right?"

Zhou Liang's words were quite reliable, sincere, and no one could pick out any fault. If Zhu Fei could say anything bad, it could only show that she was not "normal."

Zhou Liang, such a big young master, could be so condescending to accompany Zhu Fei. Either his patience or love was enough.

If Zhu Fei wriggled on again, it could only be said that she was too much. Sooner or later she would be hurt by her own temperament.

"I want to be alone, don't follow me."

Zhu Fei's voice was very low. She was lonely walking along the roadside. In order to save money, she usually took the bus, but today she took a taxi.

Zhou Liang followed her, and also wanted to get on, but she shut the door of the car, and opened the car window. The driver started the car, "Zhou Liang, thank you for letting me know who I am."

When words fell, the driver drove away. Zhou Liang was shocked and stayed where he was, looking at the car disappearing in the streets. His heart was ups and downs. His ears also recalled this sentence left by Zhu Fei. Her temporary loss was not terrible. The scariest thing was that she took things too hard.

Although Zhou Liang was very worried, he did not catch up by taxi. He had to give Zhu Fei a time to adjust. All he had to do now was to go around the center of the Tianhe and looked for several high-grade sales offices on sale to see the supply of houses. Since Zhu Fei intended to stay there, the first thing to do was to give her a better living environment. Including Zhu Fangguo, he must let them feel his enthusiasm and the value of existence.


After wors.h.i.+ping the Buddha, Qin Feng was still a little uncomfortable in his heart.

Before Zhu Fei called, Sister Hua called first.

Seeing it was Sister Hua, Qin Feng was very excited. He thought that she thought of himself and wanted to let him return to Tianhe.

However, Sister Hua came up and said something about Zhu Fei, which made Qin Feng some confused, but after all, he understood that the core idea was to keep Qin Feng away from Zhu Fei and create a good pursuit condition for Zhou Liang. Otherwise, Sister Hua would never speak to Qin Feng.

Qin Feng although was not clear about what was going on, due to Sister Hua's "blackmail", he could only pa.s.sively agree to it.

Moreover, Sister Hua specifically mentioned that if Zhu Fei asked him if he had a girlfriend, he would say yes, and if she asked who she was, he would say it was Xiao Jinhua.

When Qin Feng heard this, his small heart thumped straight, and was a little excited, but Sister Hua said nothing else. She just wanted to fool Zhu Fei.

Finally, Qin Feng wanted to ask when she would let him go back to Tianhe, but Sister Hua did not reply. She just said that at the appropriate time she would let him go back, but if he went back personally, Sister Hua still wouldn't see him.

Qin Feng had no choice but to give up questioning. Not more than ten minutes after Sister Hua phone call was hung, Zhu Fei's phone call came.

That was the answer just now. Although Qin Feng heard the Zhu Fei was not right, he still said according to the request of Sister Hua.

He had no way. If he had to choose between the two sides, Qin Feng would certainly listen to Sister Hua first. As for Zhu Fei, Qin Feng really did not have that kind of meaning to her. At most they have the predestination to know each other and it just happened that Zhu Fei also was in difficulty. Out of sympathy, he just helped her.

However, this incident also made Qin Feng blush for a while. He knew that Zhu Fei was a good girl. Although he had no other thoughts to her, he just treated her as his younger sister. It was a little hard to refuse her so directly, but Sister Hua was so resolute there. Who knew how she thought. Qin Feng that wanted to return to Sister Hua's side with one heart also dare not make a bid, but had to agree.

They came to the Tianya stone and Haijiao stone. Here there were too many people photographing, and it was difficult to line up. Green Dragon and Lei Ming was anxious to greet Qin Feng, "Why are you so dazed? Come and take a picture."

To tell the truth, although he had not come here to take pictures, he had traveled to too many places in the world. Qin Feng did not want to do such a bad thing, affecting his image.

"You take your pictures. I'm gonna make a call."

Qin Feng was still a little restless. He found out Xiao Jinhua's phone number, and called back.

At this time, Sister Hua, with money from Zhou Liang in her hand, was naturally in a different mood. She was preparing to go directly to Jia Quan to talk to see if he, the chief of public security, could give an explanation to her about this case of smas.h.i.+ng Free Man Bar. Moreover, Sister Hua had also learned to be a good talker. She applied a bank card, and transferred 200,000 to it. This money is used to buy off Jia Quan. Sister Hua had never bribed. This was the first time she did it, and she was unexpectedly a little nervous.

Finally, she came to the hall of city security bureau. After explaining her intention, she was told that director Jia went to the government meeting.

Sister Hua rushed to the city government without stopping and stopped in the most conspicuous position in the parking lot downstairs. As long as Jia Quan came out of the building, she could see him and then she was sitting quietly waiting in the car.

When she saw Qin Feng's phone call, Sister Hua looked puzzled. What was the guy doing on the phone again? It seemed that my phone call just now ignited his heart's hope. She had to pour some cold water.


Sister Hua intentionally said with cold voice, without any heat for Qin Feng, "Why do you call again?"

Her voice was indifferent, filled with impatience and indifference.

She had no way. To let Qin Feng stay in the army, she had to be so cruel to refuse him. She could not give him a little room for fantasy.

"Sister Hua. Just now Zhu Fei called me up and asked me if I had a girlfriend. I didn't know why. Did something happen to you two? Why did she call me in less than ten minutes? And it was all about the same thing. Did you bully her? I listened to her moods and guessed something's wrong."

Qin Feng said.

Hearing this, Sister Hua was also a bout of nervousness. Fortunately, she called Qin Feng first. Otherwise, this matter would fail and that 6 million also had to be given back toZhou Liang, "How do you say?"

"I tell you what you want me to say. Other people's words, I may not listen to, but your words, I always bear in mind 100%.

I said I have a girlfriend, but also put on a very natural att.i.tude, did not take care of her emotions, seeming to have no feelings for her. But she didn't ask who my girlfriend was, and I didn't say."

Qin Feng said, "Is it not good to do so? I was listening to her, and she seemed down."

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