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Chapter 229.1 - Her betrayal

Feng Qi took a second look at him, “Oh, you have something you don't understand? Ask me then.”

If this was any other day, with how moody Feng Qi was, Feng s.h.i.+yi definitely wouldn't normally talk to her.

But right now, he had to something to ask of her so he could only quietly keep his head down.

“That … I'm just saying if, if you don't think this person is worth being the father of your child but you still want to marry him, why would you do that?”

Feng s.h.i.+yi finished talking and suddenly, it was deadly quiet for a long time.

He silently looked up and saw Feng Qi's eyes flas.h.i.+ng dangerously.

Nearly immediately, he then saw Feng Qi's red lips open and spit, “You're going to have a child! You're going to get married!”

Feng s.h.i.+yi: “........” Can't we just have a civil conversation? I said if! If!

He sucked in a deep breath before pulling a smile together, “Can you answer me seriously? This is really important to me.”

Feng Qi looked him up and down a countless amount of times before laughing evilly, “Oh, did you get someone pregnant?”

“......” Feng s.h.i.+yi looked at her darkly, thinking that there really was a reason why she hadn't been married out at such an old age.

He silently turned around.

He felt like if he continued to ask, without waiting for her answer, he'd already die from throwing up too much blood.

When he turned around and left, Feng Qi's eyes narrowed before snorting, crazy!

When Lou Qingwu returned to her Leaning Wind Pavilion, Little Bell anxiously paced around and let out a relieved breath when she saw Lou Qingwu.

She hurried towards her, “Master, where did you go? I was so worried.”

Lan Bai stood to the side, “I told you not to worry. Master has Thousand Face with her, so nothing will happen to her.”

Little Bell then laughed, embarra.s.sed and didn't say anything further.

Lou Qingwu went over to her and pat her shoulder, “It's alright. I just went out for a bit. In the future, when I leave and come back too late, there's no need to wait for me. You can rest early.” She rea.s.sured her.

“Yes.” Little Bell answered her before taking a second look at her, and then turning around to go to sleep.

Until her figure disappeared did Lou Qingwu then tell Lan Bai to sleep as well, before entering a room with Thousand Face.

When they were inside, Thousand Face took a record keeping book out and pushed it in front of Lou Qingwu, “Master, this a record of the Ruan family's recent transactions. They managed to hand over the amount they owed Jinsi building, but because it was so rushed, they spent a lot of resources to move the things and pushed away a lot of business. When we bought their stores, we also managed to steal a few of their old customers too. After this time, the Ruan family's suffered a huge loss. Adding on to the extra things they promised you, like giving out an extra thirty percent of profits, the Ruan family's nearly running empty. There's only money going out and not going in so I believe, in the near future, the Ruan family will be on the brink of bankruptcy.”

“En.” Lou Qingwu's carelessly flipped through the book, but her face didn't show anger or happiness. “Continue to put pressure on them so that Ruan Xiuren can't even take a break.”

Ruan Xiuren, Li Miao, and those others that pulled the strings on the murder of the Tang and ning family, she wouldn't let a single one of those go!

“Master, if at that time, the Ruan family is pushed too hard, would he find out it's you and use the ninth madam …”

“......” Lou Qingwu grew silent.

After a long time, she waved her hands, “You should go rest. We'll wait for when he does figure it out and then speak.”

Even she didn't think that that day would come.

What if that person did come and beg for her to let go of Ruan Xiuren?

What would she do then?

Tell her the truth?

Tell her that the reason the Ning family was ma.s.sacred, was because of the person she married?

She really didn't know if she could tell her.

“Yes!” Thousand Face saw hurt flash on Lou Qingwu's face as his own face grew pensive, and unwilling to hurt her, he turned around to leave.

But suddenly, he turned around again, “Master, there's something else I want to tell you as well.”

“Oh? What is it?”

“Apart from us, it seems like there's someone else also putting pressure on the Ruan family. Should we investigate?”


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