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“Ai, I’ll admit it. On this day, Chu Mu is more handsome than me.” Ye Wansheng pouted his lips and sourly watched countless people crowd around Chu Mu. There were also people pervertedly reaching out their hands to grab his younger sister.

But speaking truthfully, Ye Wansheng was feeling rather gratified being able to see these two people walk to this point today.

He remembered way back when he asked Chu Mu: “Are you really not interested in my younger sister?”

Chu Mu nodded his head very confidently, yes!

Ye Wansheng understood his younger sister very well, but even he didn’t expect that after being held captive at the Great Chu Family, he happened to give Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi an opportunity to be alone, and for some kind of emotions to breed between them.

Ye Wansheng was glad. He was glad that Ye Qingzi had met a reliable man.

“Ye Qingzi is so blessed! I also want a wedding!” Shen Yue grabbed onto Ye Wansheng’s arm and looked like she was smitten.

Shen Yue was Nightmare Palace’s Princess. If she got married, it would certainly be very grand. What female wouldn’t feel envious when they saw the solemn and dignified silver holy guards, the purple romantic bouquets, and the beautiful Immortal Ming Birds soaring through the air and the starry path leading to the moon lookout…

“Ye Wansheng, did you hear what I said?!” angrily said Shen Yue. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d was acting like he didn’t hear her!

“I’m feeling hurt because my younger sister was swindled away by someone else.” Ye Wansheng pretended to look reluctant.

He, in fact, was really feeling reluctant. This was a girl who had followed him around for so many years. He had watched her grow up from a young girl to a mature beauty. As a brother watching his younger sister marrying someone else, he obviously felt a bit reluctant. But most importantly, this could be used to s.h.i.+ft the topic!

Indeed, Shen Yue didn’t notice his intentions and really thought he was feeling hurt. She began to console him.

The adjacent Chao Lengchuan looked very suspiciously at Ye Wansheng. He really didn’t believe his words.

“Lengchuan, I also want a wedding!” said Xi Zhixian like a pampered girl. This tone was the same spoiled tone Shen Yue had used.

Xi Zhixian was mature and easy going. Thus, when she used a coquettish and pampered tone, men didn’t want to sit there and do nothing about it. Chao Lengchuan almost instantly nodded his head.

“You responded so fast. It definitely wasn’t sincere.” harrumphed Xia Zhixian.

Chao Lengchuan forced a smile. Ye Wansheng putting off the question led to him being criticized. And when he responded quickly, it also led to him being criticized. What was he supposed to do?

Again, it was Chu Mu who was blessed. He had managed to perfectly pick up a beauty.

“I’m being serious,” said Chao Lengchuan.

“Every man says the same thing. I don’t believe you.” said Xia Zhixian.

“Then what do I have to do to make you believe me?” Chao Lengchuan was a bit anxious. He really wanted to marry Xia Zhixian as the Crown Prince’s Imperial Concubine now so as to prevent something unpredictable from happening in the future.

Chao Lengchuan’s mind was very naive. He was still afraid that Xia Zhixian would leave him. He had to make it so that it was too late for her to change her mind, and she would eventually be dead set on him.

“Ok, I believe you. Let’s talk about this later. I still need to test you a little.” Xia Zhixian threw Chao Lengchuan a charming gaze.

Chao Lengchuan forced a smile. Why was his situation the exact opposite of Ye Wansheng’s?

“Fine. I’m someone who can take the test.” Chao Lengchuan didn’t try and rush things. Why not take it slow? At the very least, Chao Lengchuan could feel that Xia Zhixian, this mature woman, was slowly falling into his hands.

“Do you think that a woman like Master will eventually be married one day?” asked Xia Zhixian.

Chao Lengchuan knew that Xia Zhixian was talking about Yu Suo. He didn’t understand why she was still particularly loyal to Yu Suo. Initially, Chao Lengchuan had used some mental control on her. But he later discovered that Xia Zhixian’s devotion to her was from within the heart. As for why, Xia Zhixian would never say.

“There probably isn’t a person in this world willing to marry her, eh? Also, does she even understand what feelings are?” said Chao Lengchuan.

“I agree with your first point, but I don’t agree with your second. Her good side manifested out of life. How would you guys know how many of New Moon Land’s people she has saved before? Did you really think those servants, who would go to h.e.l.l or high water for her, do so because she possesses a flower’s charm? The charm is only temporary, and once the person awakens from the charm, they will loathe her. Only a kind act like giving someone a second chance at life will be remembered by people. In other words, only kind acts related to someone’s honor or life will make that person willing to pledge their life to her. Thus, on this point, I feel that even Xiao Maner is inferior to her.” earnestly said Xia ZHixian.

“I see. Right now, she’s considered one of our people. It’s impolite for me to say anything.” said Chao Lengchuan.

“She has sympathy, compa.s.sion, grief, and anger. What do you mean she doesn’t understand feelings? Rather, it’s just that we don't understand her feelings.” said Xia Zhixian.

Chao Lengchuan didn’t want to argue with Xia Zhixian, nor was there a need to.

“Haha, do you really want to know what she’s like when she likes someone?” Xia Zhixian didn’t care if Chao Lengchuan didn’t want to hear as she continued.

“I actually want to know that.” when Chao Lengchuan thought of that arrogant queen exposing a restless and in-love expression, he really thought it would be an interesting scene.

Chao Lengchuan thought again and asked: “Speaking of which, what if she one day falls for Chu Mu? What would that be like?”

“If she wants something, she’ll get it… oh, she’ll probably have it to herself. If that time comes, Ye Qingzi will be in trouble.” Xia Zhixian laughed.

“Eh, let’s not talk about that.” Chao Lengchuan hastily changed the topic.

Today was Ye Qingzi and Chu Mu’s wedding. It wasn’t too polite to gossip about Chu Mu here.

“They’re walking to the moon lookout.” Xia Zhixian stopped her casual guesses and focused on the couple wearing a fiery red ceremonial robe and a holy blue wedding dress. Her eyes gradually began to change.

Taking advantage of when Chao Lengchuan didn’t notice, Xia Zhixian sneaked a peak at Chao Lengchuan’s face. She seemed to imagine something in her head as a sliver of embarra.s.sment that was difficult to spot flashed across her eyes.


Cheers roared once more.

Everyone was holding up a bouquet in the plaza and on the streets. As Chu Mu led Ye Qingzi to the marriage moon lookout, these people threw the purple-colored bouquets into the air!

“Kiss her!!!”

“Kiss her!!!”

When people threw their bouquets into the air, the groom had to kiss the bride. Moreover, the kiss had to last until the purple flowers landed on the ground.

Chu Mu was a person to not bother about the trifles and abided with the common will. He boldly grabbed Ye Qingzi’s waist and pulled her into his embrace as he placed his lips on her pink and fragrant lips.

Over the past three days, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi had no less than a hundred pa.s.sionate kisses in different locations and at different times of day. However, they had never kissed in Wanxiang City under the fiery gazes of innumerable people.

Ye Qingzi didn’t expect Chu Mu to move so quickly. Before she could even get embarra.s.sed, her lips were monopolized by Chu Mu.

At first, she felt slightly uncomfortable since there were countless gazes watching them. Ye Qingzi was a woman who wasn’t as shameless as a man.

Gradually, as Chu Mu got into it, Ye Qingzi was no longer as pa.s.sive. The cheers in her ears kept growing louder, but eventually, only Chu Mu was left in her heart.

She didn’t care how many people were here to congratulate her. What she cared more about was that the person next to her when she stepped onto the moon lookout marriage altar was Chu Mu.

As the emotions stirred, Ye Qingzi was no longer as pa.s.sive and began to slightly react.

She grabbed Chu Mu’s neck and her soft b.r.e.a.s.t.s pushed into Chu Mu’s broad chest as she lightly stood on her tiptoes…

Their lips touched and brushed as their tongues softly tangled with each other. Sometimes they would softly kiss with affection, while other times they couldn’t hold back their feelings and deeply kiss. This was a world that only belonged to the two of them.

A kiss between the king and the queen seemed to ignite the feelings between the couples in the plaza. Numerous people who brought their lovers began to deeply kiss their significant other. Today, Wanxiang City was pervaded with romance, and a heavy affection between man and woman.

In the plaza, among all the different men and women, a snowy skin woman glared at the adjacent man, saying: “What are you throwing the bouquet so high for?

“So that they would kiss longer.” mischievously laughed the man.

"Aren’t you scared of being stifled?” Lin Mengling turned her face as she felt somewhat unhappy inside.

These people really were something. Kissing each other in front of everyone!

More importantly, right now people around her were kissing their partners, while she just foolishly stood there.

In front of a world of couples, even Divine Sect’s heavenly pride, Lin Mengling, was at a loss. This was a world that ignored status and strength. It only cared about whether one had someone they liked.

“How about we also…” Xia Yin mischievously raised his brows as he spoke to Lin Mengling.

“You dare?!” Lin Mengling’s eyes were filled with anger as she glared at Xia Yin.

“What don’t I dare not do?” Xia Yin withdrew his mischievous smile as he suddenly grabbed LIn Mengling’s thin waist and pulled her into his arms!

Lin Mengling was terrified by the sudden action and before she could react, she felt the fiery aura of a man. Then, her small lips were covered by someone else. She couldn’t curse even if she wanted to.

Atmosphere was a weird thing. If the people around a person were cheering, the emotions of this person would be easily affected and he or she would join everyone in the cheers.

And when everyone around was quietly and impa.s.sionately kissing their lovers, their intoxication and pa.s.sion from the kiss, as well as their deep affection, would make every single person feel envious. And for those who had never felt the feeling of a kiss before, they would want to try…

Lin Mengling really had hoped that someone would kiss her at that moment because she wanted to have a taste of that feeling. Thus, she saw the only man next to her, Xia Yin, as a fantasy. But this was just a fantasy; she couldn’t actually make it a reality.

However, she completely did not expect that Xia Yin had actually dared kiss her even without her consent!

It was sour and rough. It wasn’t as sweet as she imagined. But for some reason, it seemed to touch her heart.

Xia Yin knew that Lin Mengling didn’t have any experience. Thus, after the initial kiss, he slowly and softly guided her one step at a time.



The long kiss finally ended with a loud slap.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I’m going to send you to Divine Sect’s Execution Tower using my status as Vice Magistrate!” Lin Mengling angrily pointed at Xia Yin after slapping him.

Xia Yin indifferently laughed. He glanced at the bouquet he had thrown that still hadn’t landed on the ground and said: “Since I’m going to die, I may as well kiss you again.”

As he spoke, Xia Yin lowered his head and kissed her!

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