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What mermaid princess Lan Qie said was also reasonable. Chu Mu’s property was unsuitable to fight against creatures with water property. When they were of similar rank, Chu Mu fighting against Wupan Navy’s vice chief Tie Jun would only be in disadvantage. The war was not over yet, if he exhausted all his strength on this, once any accident happened, he would not be able to salvage it.

Chu Mu did not recklessly attack. Lan Qie took out an exquisite-looking conch and blew a solemn melody.

Familiar figures immediately appeared from the ocean waves below the stronghold.

Those were mermaid princess’s bodyguards. Chu Mu was already familiar with two of them. They were both around middle cla.s.s Immortal rank, holding a high position amongst the Ocean Iguana Demon race.

A total of seven figures appeared under the stronghold wall. They were all Ocean Iguana Demons. There were three low cla.s.s Immortal rank and four middle cla.s.s Immortal rank.

“Ice Demon Sharks are already attacking their trapped fleets. Their vice chief brought a group of experts to attack Windy Rain City directly. The longer we stall them, the greater their losses,” said Lan Qie.

Mermaid princess still did not want Chu Mu to go. Chu Mu’s current condition was already not at peak. He fought in Eastern Wild Forest battlefield and defeated the 300,000 subjugation alliance. Then, he rushed to Cloud Gate to reinforce the defense. And now, he rushed to Windy Rain City battlefield, he needed rest to recover his fighting strength.

Chu Mu took into consideration of the overall situation and did not force himself. He left this battlefield to Lan Qie.

The seven Immortal rank Ocean Iguana Demons dove into the water under mermaid princess’s order.

Ocean Iguana Demons were similarly experts at manipulating water. These seven Ocean Iguana Demons forcefully took back the control of the ocean on this continental shelf. They swept up seven waves and crashed towards Giant Tortoise Bixi.

Giant Tortoise Bixi was much larger than Ocean Iguana Demons. This huge ocean beast totally ignored the obstruction and violently slammed towards Windy Rain City!

Furious like an underwater volcano, Wupan Navy’s vice chief Tie Jun had never received such humiliation before. It was just a tiny New Moon Land, he could flatten it by himself!

Giant Tortoise Bixi slammed down its claw and immediately splashed up layers of tall waves!

These waves contained violent shockwaves. Even though Windy Rain City’s stronghold was built by the best rock materials, it could not endure multiple crashes of the hidden shockwave in those waves.

The seven Ocean Iguana Demons’ mission was to defend Windy Rain City. They swept up screens of water to turn them into layers after layers of ocean walls, protecting Windy Rain City’s stronghold.

Giant Tortoise Bixi tyrannically crushed its way through these ocean walls. When its body was blocked by the last ocean wall, this monster suddenly swept its body horizontally. A huge whirlpool tumbled up with this monster as the center!

The seven Ocean Iguana Demons suffered the impact of this power and were blown away from the ocean. Two Ocean Iguana Demons flew all the way to land and were bleeding profusely.

Low cla.s.s Immortal rank Ocean Iguana Demons clearly could not resist Giant Tortoise Bixi’s attacks. Mermaid princess did not force those two Ocean Iguana Demons to continue fighting. She let them retreat from the battlefield.

Giant Tortoise Bixi raised its head, its thick neck was making a rumbling noise.


A huge water pillar was shot out from Giant Tortoise Bixi’s mouth. This water pillar split the ocean into two and the continental shelf below could almost be visible!

The astonis.h.i.+ng water pillar gushed towards the stronghold. The force behind this water pillar could easily pierce through the entire Windy Rain City!

Sang Ying looked at the approaching water pillar and paled. However, mermaid princess Lan Qie seemed rather calm.

She curled up the corner of her lips and hummed out beautiful syllables. These water syllables were not just soundwaves. Chu Mu could see these syllables flying towards the stronghold wall.

These water syllables adhered to the stronghold wall, mysteriously applying a thick layer of water wall on the stronghold wall!


The water pillar slammed onto Windy Rain City’s stronghold wall. Waves of water energy carrying shockwave and destruction energy spread out onto the entire Windy Rain City’s stronghold wall from the position of the collision!

At the same time, the water syllables mermaid princess hummed out began to glow blue, appearing like a dark blue s.h.i.+eld covering Windy Rain City’s stronghold wall.

The water pillar pushed on, the water syllable s.h.i.+eld dimmed at times, as if it would be broken any moment.

Crack! Crack!

Many cracks appeared on the stronghold wall. It seemed that it could not endure this water pillar anymore.

Tie Jun coldly looked at the stronghold from Huge Tortoise Bixi’s shoulder, “I’m going to see who dares to obstruct me!”

Saying so, Tie Jun issued the order to Huge Tortoise Bixi again, telling it to strengthen the water pillar energy. He wanted to burrow a hole through Windy Rain City’s stronghold and crush Windy Rain City.

At that moment, the Ocean Iguana Demons already returned. They chanted incantations simultaneously and took up an ocean formation on the five corners around Hur Tortoise Bixi. They wanted to restrain its power!

Tie Jun coldly swept a glance at these Ocean Iguana Demons and spoke, “A bunch of useless Ocean Iguanas, get lost!”

Huge Tortoise Bixi could only forfeit the attack and swept its horrifying tail. Another violent sweep found a middle cla.s.s Immortal rank Ocean Iguana Demon away horizontally above the ocean surface.

“So troublesome!” Tie Jun looked at these Ocean Iguana Demons which were pestering him irritatedly and chanted an incantation.

Two diagrams appeared in front of Tie Jun. A Thousand Tentacle Demon Octopus and a Deep Sea Giant appeared from the diagrams.

These two soul pets were both middle cla.s.s Immortal rank. They seemed to be even stronger than those four middle cla.s.s Immortal rank Ocean Iguana Demons.

After Tie Jun’s summon, Thousand Tentacle Demon Octopus and Deep Sea Giant pounced towards those Ocean Iguana Demons.

“See what other soul pet you have to stop me!” snorted Tie Jun.

New Moon Land suddenly had so many middle cla.s.s Immortal rank creatures and dealt a heavy blow to Wupan Navy after creating an Immortal seventh rank tsunami. All of those exceeded vice chief Tie Jun’s expectations.

However, a leader rank person was on a different level from Gate Master rank after all. He alone could deal a devastating blow to New Moon Land. The entire New Moon Land would not be able to stop his advancement!

Bam! Bam!

Huge Tortoise Bixi sank half of its body into the ocean, leaving the other half above water. It no longer stepped on the waves to move forward, but directly on the continental shelf, approaching Windy Rain City step by step.

It was far away at first, so those New Moon Land city guards only felt this creature to be big. However, when it slowly approached from the horizon, they realized just how big this Huge Tortoise Bixi was!

Its muscles were like steel beams, its four limbs thick and robust. It was filled with destructive power and carried an island-like sh.e.l.l on its back. If such a creature slammed towards a city, the city would instantly be flattened.

Seeing Huge Tortoise Bixi approaching closer and closer, Lan Qie also frowned.

This vice chief Tie Jun was certainly very strong, it would not be so easy to take him on.

She held up the conch in her hand and was hesitating whether to blow it or not.

At that moment, Chu Mu held down Lan Qie’s conch and shook his head, “I can’t let your Ocean Species make such a sacrifice for us. Let me take him on.”

After Lan Qie blew the conch, there would definitely be tens of thousands of Ocean Species coming out from the water.

This army was huge, it would not be a problem to stop Huge Tortoise Bixi’s advancement. However, with Huge Tortoise Bixi’s high cla.s.s Immortal rank destructive power, this Ocean Species army would also suffer a heavy loss.

Lan Qie had already helped New Moon Land plentily. She almost annihilated the 100,000 strong Wupan Navy army on the Ocean. He could not bear to let them continue making sacrifices.

He should do it himself. Even though fire property was incompatible, Tie Jie should have a short temper. He might be able to lure him onto land to fight.

Lan Qie’s pearl-like eyes looked at Chu Mu and began hesitating.

She certainly did not expect a high cla.s.s Immortal to appear in Wupan Navy. Such a rank had a decisive role in a war. This was her lack of consideration.

Chu Mu did not wait for mermaid princess to say anything. Two types of Devil Fires flared up on his body and he slowly floated up.

Compared to Huge Tortoise Bixi’s body, Chu Mu was like an ant. However, Chu Mu showed no fear. Since he could defeat Seven Headed Hydra King, it would not be a problem to take on this Huge Tortoise!

“Ni! Ni!”

Suddenly, a familiar and majestic call came from the horizon.

This call carried the tyranny of a ruler. When the soundwave made contact with the ocean, whirlpools appeared in the entire ocean within their visibility!

The ocean flowed backwards and created an astonis.h.i.+ng whirlpool. Huge Tortoise Bixi could no longer take a step forward.

Chu Mu and mermaid princess turned their gaze towards the source of the call.

This voice......

Chu Mu did not interact with it much, but he would never forget such a unique voice!

This was little Yellow Spring Calamity’s voice!

Chu Mu was elated. The royal ocean guards really escorted little Yellow Spring to Dark Sky Ocean!

He could tell from its tyrannical call that the restrains on its body were removed.

It would be making a comeback!

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