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Chapter 4038: Killing

No one expected a third party to join the fray at such a crucial moment.

“The monarch’s friend?” One spectator wondered. However, most knew that the monarch was also a friendless lone wolf.

“Who has the audacity to sneak attack me?!” The tree demon roared since victory was s.n.a.t.c.hed from his grasp.

“Hehehe, it’s your grandpa.” A figure appeared among the clouds - Jian Sanqiang.

“Him again?” Everyone found this surprising because Jian Sanqiang had no ties with Crimsondeath Monarch, at least as far as they knew.

“How dare you attack me?!” The tree demon was livid; his eyes contained nothing but rage.

“Just don’t like the way you look, that’s all.” Sanqiang smiled and shrugged.

“Brat, I’ll cut you to pieces too!” The tree demon roared and became engulfed in devilish flames.

However, he couldn’t attack because Sanqiang suddenly disappeared from sight. The guy probably escaped.

On the other side, Crimsondeath Monarch released another true link attack, no longer holding back any vitality and energy.

The black wyvern leaped up in the air and launched the cold freeze again towards the tree.

However, the tree was ready this time. He snorted and used his mirror to create black halos serving as a defensive wall.

The powerful ice managed to freeze the halos but it became weakened as a result, unable to seal or harm the tree.

“Buzz.” Rays suddenly lit up the sky afterward.

Everyone looked up and saw a ma.s.sive portal with countless arrows floating on the other side. This looked like an ocean ready to fire.

“Whoos.h.!.+” The arrows launched downward in an unstoppable manner, piercing through s.p.a.ce and time. This was enough to decimate an entire sect but there was only one target - the tree demon.

The tree demon bellowed in astonishment. Flames and branches gathered upward in order to stop the relentless barrage.

Numerous branches and leaves were left with holes in them. Nonetheless, their sheer number made up a formidable defense.

“Black Wyvern Seal!” Crimsondeath Monarch didn’t just stand there and watch.

The tree demon faced powerful foes from both sides, realizing how grim it was getting.

“Boom!” The true link managed to fully piece through the halos and sent the tree demon flying. The latter smashed into the ground and created another pit.

At the same time, the rain of arrows poured down the pit, wanting to annihilate the tree.

The monarch took advantage of this situation and unleashed another seal - this time, with all of his might.

“Boom!” Jian Sanqiang’s arrows and the monarch’s seal obliterated the area around the pit.

“Ahhh!” The tree and the main body of the demon suffered grievous damage at first. A few seconds later, he was fully crushed by the combined effort. He never expected to meet his end like this.

After all, the monarch was clearly weaker than him. If it wasn’t for Jian Sanqiang’s dirty attack, he would have killed the monarch already.

“He’s finally dead.” The spectators exchanged glances and heaved a sigh of relief.

If they had to pick a side, they would have chosen the monarch because he was the lesser of two evils.

In fact, he could be considered a good person when contrasted with the tree demon. His only faults were his brutality and overbearing nature.

“Yeah, it’s over.” Most saw the tree exploding and shared the same thought.

When everyone thought that it was over, a poisonous root suddenly drilled out of the ground and rushed for Li Qiye.

Thousands of branches spiked out as well, resulting in a violent wave intending to devour Li Qiye.

“No, he’s still alive!” One ancestor shouted.

Jian Sanqiang and the monarch tried their best to stop it but it was too late. The wooden wave turned into a monstrous jaw right before Li Qiye.

“This is the end for him!” A spectator bellowed.

“Clank!” At this critical juncture, a heavenly sword descended out of nowhere with violent energy rays. It caught the root of guard and pulverized everything. Not a single branch escaped destruction regardless of its size.

This root turned out to be the demon tree’s poisonous source. With it gone, the only thing left was his true fate. Thus, he decided to run right away. His true fate soared for the horizon.

Alas, the sword didn’t let up. A hymn could be heard before the sword slashed forward.

“Ahh!” It cut the true fate down so this spelled the end of the tree demon.

A gray-robed old man stood not far from there. He wore a large cap low enough to hide his face. The only thing discernible was his old age.

In reality, the hat was unnecessary. He already performed a shrouding technique to hide his true appearance. Only those strong enough would be able to see through it.

He was the one who killed the tree demon. It appeared that he wished to keep his ident.i.ty a secret for now.

“Thank you, Fellow Daoists, I appreciate it.” Crimsondeath Monarch was ecstatic and cupped his fist towards Jian Sanqiang and the mysterious man.

The old man didn’t bother responding. As for Jian Sanqiang, he laughed and said: “I wasn’t helping you. Young n.o.ble Li is my boss so I’m just doing my part.” Having said that, he disappeared from sight.

Nonetheless, the monarch still bowed in that direction because Jian Sanqiang did indeed save him.

He then walked closer and asked Li Qiye: “Young n.o.ble Li, Dark Hand is dead now so the job is mine?”

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