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Chapter 4151: Come Together

Vastsea Paragon was one of the Five Overlords and the strongest member of Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom.

No need to elaborate about his power since everyone knew about the Five Overlords. This included newly-debuted juniors as well.

None dared to utter a single word of disrespect when talking about them. Currently, Ancestor Jialun was only second to Vastsea Paragon. Thus, his power should be obvious.

Even ancestors from bigger sects would exercise caution when talking about him, let alone challenging him. However, Lu Qi didn’t care about Wandao Jian and went straight for his master.

Her intention couldn’t be clearer - that Wandao Jian was too weak to be her foe. Only his master was qualified to fight her.

This was quite a bold and arrogant claim to the audience. The chief elder of Sea Emperor was mighty enough, let alone his master.

“Who is she, why does she think she can challenge Ancestor Jialun?” One expert wondered.

“Someone capable of fighting Ancestor Jialun can’t be unknown in our continent.” Another ancestor answered.

This was rather logical. With the exception of the Five Overlords, only characters such as Hallowed City Lord or Nightloom can do so.

Alas, the ancestors present couldn’t come up with someone to match Lu Qi.

“Why the h.e.l.l is someone so strong obeying Li Qiye?” A last-gen cultivator brought this up.

If she was as strong as she claimed, then she would be a supreme existence in any sect. Such a being had no reason to work for a newly-rich young master. This confused the h.e.l.l out of the big shots.

The problem for them was Lu Qi’s incredible stealth technique. This rendered figuring her out impossible.

“Who are you to boast about challenging my master?” Wandao Jian uttered coldly.

“I might not claim to defeat Vastsea Paragon but your master? I’m confident about my chances, so it’s not boasting.” Lu Qi responded.

The crowd took a deep breath afterward. She once again expressed her confidence in her great ability.

Wandao Jian became serious as he gazed at her intensely. He still couldn’t guess her ident.i.ty and eventually said: “There is no need for you to hide your ident.i.ty since you are clearly a renowned cultivator. Please, broaden our horizon.”

“Renowned is a strong word, I’m just a nameless junior.” Lu Qi said: “But it’s not too late for you to give up.”

“I see.” Wandao Jian said seriously: “I will overestimate my own abilities and see what you can do then.”

He doubted Lu Qi’s power because powerful beings rarely hid their ident.i.ty. There was no need for them to do so; most rather flaunted their status instead of acting like cowardly rats.

“Kill them all.” Li Qiye lazily said.

Lu Qi’s eyes became colder after hearing the command. She told her opponents: “Come together.”

The expression of Wandao Jian’s group soured. Many big shots from their sect came today; it wasn’t only a trip to watch a battle.

Alas, this woman wanted to fight all of them at once? This was blatant disdain towards Sea Emperor.

“He talks big for someone who hides behind women.” One youth in the crowd complained about Li Qiye.

“Oh? Someone has an issue with me?” The bored Li Qiye suddenly spoke again while staring at the crowd.

Though some were annoyed, none dared to go against Li Qiye right now. He possessed enough power to intimidate anyone at this point.

“Seems like I’m viewed as rather incompetent and cowardly, just surviving off women.” Li Qiye smiled.

Sounds about right - many wanted to say this but kept their mouth shut.

“Mmm, first, there is nothing wrong with relying on the ladies.” He got up and told Lu Qi: “But fine, let me warm up.”

Lu Qi acknowledged the command and moved aside.

No one in the crowd expected this development after seeing Li Qiye moving closer to the battlefield.

“How many came from Sea Emperor? All come together because this play is becoming trite. Let’s end this fast.” He stretched and told Wandao Jian.

Many were astounded because Li Qiye wasn’t facing some random cultivators. However, he treated them as if they were nothing, not bothering to learn their name or t.i.tle.

Wandao Jian’s group was furious. It was one thing for Lu Qi to act arrogant because she seemed capable of backing it up.

On the other hand, everyone knew Li Qiye’s current cultivation. He had no chance against Abyss Scion, let alone all of them together.

In fact, Lu Qi was the exception here. Ninth and Terra Sword Saint themselves lacked the ability to make this claim.

“Hahaha!” Wandao Jian laughed from being too angry. It was one thing to be looked down upon by Lu Qi. Now, this young master dared to treat him like this too?

“I’ve traveled the world yet this is the first time I’ve seen such an arrogant…” He said.

“There’s a first time for everything.” Li Qiye interrupted him.

Wandao Jian couldn’t accept the lack of courtesy and blatant disrespect. His face became twisted with rage and murderous intent.

“Li Qiye! Your arrogance will be your downfall, there are consequences to insulting our sect!” Abyss Scion loudly interjected.

“Got it.” Li Qiye said: “Come, I’ll deal with all of you at once.”

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