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Chapter 5376 – One Step Away

“Boom!” Energy and golden flames surged toward her like water being sucked in by a whale.

Cultivators nearby felt their energy leaving their body again, unable to resist the vortex. This prompted them to run far away in order to avoid depletion.

The golden explosion was a beautiful sight to behold, looming above the meditating cultivator.

“A conqueror’s dao flame.” One dragon lord murmured.

She successfully converted chaos true energy to a conqueror’s true flame through the ignition process.

The raging inferno engulfed her, seemingly wanting to end her with both physical pressure and intense heat. 

“Clank!” Her dao laws appeared and coiled around her, deriving the mysteries of the dao and absorbing the inferno. Her dao started changing and gaining an imperial form.

“This is the key moment to becoming a conqueror.” A spectator commented while watching her use her dao to change her cultivation realm. 

“The birth of a conqueror.” Xiao Hu watched attentively. Although he had met many conquerors before, this was his first time observing the process.

“Boom!” Her dao laws erupted and exuded the aura of a conqueror - the transformation was completed.

This caused the inferno to intensify and tore up the sky. It once again tried to crush and burn her. 

“Zzz…” She started burning and sizzling noises could be heard as if fat was being rendered.

Her skin started changing color, going from a burnt yellow to a resplendent gold.

“Rumble!” Finally, the world shook violently and weaker cultivators nearly toppled over.

Her new imperial aura surged violently as she became resplendent, seemingly made from gold. It seemed to be metallic and unbreakable. Flicking her would result in a metallic clank; weapons wouldn’t leave a single mark.

“The immortal sh.e.l.l.” Xiao Hu murmured after seeing her current physical form.

Everyone understood that she was now a conqueror and watched with bated breath. The next moment was crucial - how many fruits would she be able to grasp?

After gaining an immortal sh.e.l.l, she released twelve fate palaces and her true fate. Four symbols manifested into reality - a tree, spring, cauldron, and pillar.

Suddenly, they came together and became one, causing her true fate to be dazzlingly bright. Cultivators could no longer keep their eyes open, having to resort to their heavenly gaze in order to see.

One palace released an enigmatic rune filled with life force, and then a second palace did the same…

“One, two, three, four, five…” Spectators started counting the ancient runes. The emergence of each rune felt as if a new ent.i.ty was being created.

Eventually, a total of twelve runes appeared from the twelve palaces, prompting everyone to take a deep breath.

“She’s really going for all twelve!” Xiao Hu blurted out.

“Such decisiveness. Not to mention her peers, she all of us from the older generations too.” Ferocity murmured.

“A new apex conqueror.” Li Xian’er said.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

Everyone knew of her ambitious goal at this point. Nonetheless, to actually see it shook them to the core. Some conquerors have experienced this process before but still became emotional.

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Emperor’s Domination Chapter 5376 – One Step Away summary

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