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Chapter 5671: Young n.o.ble,Go

Villagers greeted Li Qiye during his stroll. Everyone gave the feeling of returning to simplicity.

Eventually, he made it to the back where a woman waited. Although she hid her aura, people couldn’t help but shudder.

Staring at her gave the impression of seeing a b.l.o.o.d.y spear capable of slaying emperors. One wouldn’t have the chance to talk before having their throat pierced if she desired so.

She had something different than murderous intent. The latter stemmed from inner murderous thoughts but the one from her was a piercing will to slay immortals.

She was gorgeous like a water fairy. Her smile could captivate a kingdom. Unfortunately, her piercing presence always stole everyone’s attention. They had no time to appreciate her beauty.

Her eyes lit up the moment she saw Li Qiye. Her aura softened immediately and her beauty took the front stage, turning her into a G.o.ddess of the sea.

“Young n.o.ble.” She sighed, having waited countless years for this moment.

He gazed deep into her eyes and saw their lethality, causing him to become sentimental. He spread his arms wide and she threw herself into his embrace like a swallow returning to its nest.

He hugged her tightly, instilling an affectionate warmth and telling her that time was still flowing. She breathed in his scent and savored the moment.

“Young n.o.ble.” She said softly.

“I shouldn’t have.” He said.

“I did it, I haven’t forgotten you, Young n.o.ble.” Zi Cuining remarked.

“Yes, you did, but perhaps I have wronged you by turning you into a spear meant for killing.” He sighed.

“I was willing and this was the path I must take to give my dao value.” She shook her head.

“Being a weapon, how lonely and torturous.” He said softly.

“My heart is determined for this goal.” She locked eyes with him.

“Silly girl.” He gently stroked her hair.

“Without you, Young n.o.ble, I would be a skeleton in the nine worlds instead of standing here right now.” She said.

“While that’s true, I can’t help wondering if this is my fault.” He smiled.

“You’re not at fault, this dao would have been devoid of meaning if I didn’t listen.” She consoled him.

“True, this dao has reached the extreme and it’s time to return to simplicity.” He said.

“I’ve been waiting for you to return and guide me.” She said: “We’ve all been waiting.”

“I know, that’s why I’m here since it’s time to finish this.” Li Qiye looked ahead and said.

“I don’t know what is going on in there, the empress and the others stopped communicating afterward and are relying on High Heaven Aegis.” She commented and raised her hand, revealing flashes of blades and sabers beyond the gateway.

“The battle has been hard on everyone, such a heavy cost.” He gazed through the gateway.

“We fought without regrets, it’s a shame I could only contribute so little.” She said.

“In the end, someone has to defend and another has to clean up the aftermath. This is the last struggle, everything would have been in vain without you all.” He said.

“Hope has returned with you, Young n.o.ble.” She smiled happily as if she hadn’t done so for eras now - a beautiful smile that could even melt rocks.

“I’ll go take a look now, time should flow again.” He said.

“Please do, Young n.o.ble. He is still around and only you can exterminate him.” She said with a serious expression.

“I know, no need for that though.” He smiled.

“What do you mean, Young n.o.ble?” She didn’t expect this response.

“This is very useful, the timing is perfect too so you all helped me out.” He said mysteriously.

“It’s because this was beyond our capabilities.” She said.

“This is a treasure of use to me, the plan wouldn’t be as smooth without it.” He shook his head.

“We leave it to you then.” She said softly.

“You’ve endured a lot so now that I’m here, it’s time for you to take the next step.” He nodded.

“I shall follow your advice, Young n.o.ble.” She spoke with a firm gaze.

“This will help you break through again. Now, you will return to being yourself, no longer just a weapon.” He said.

“I understand, I will refine this dao again.” She said.

“This process will be agonizing.” He said earnestly.

“I am ready just like before when you said I could slay immortals. I did it back then, I can do it again.” She said.

“Very well.” Primordial light flickered around his finger as he said: “This will hurt.”

“Please start, Young n.o.ble.” She took a deep breath and stared straight at him.

His finger eventually touched the spot between her eyebrows. It penetrated her flesh and left behind an indelible law.

The engraving process left her shaking in agony - a pain worse than having one’s skin flayed and bones removed. It went beyond the realm of physical torture and affected the soul itself.

“Ah...” She became drenched in sweat while trembling.

He hugged her but didn’t stop the process - still forcefully embedding primordial light into her mind.

The pain alone could cripple and torment someone, making living a fate worse than death. However, she endured with the help of his grand dao.

“Buzz.” As the process inched towards completion, a dao pierced through her true fate and brought her to the brink of death.

“Ah!” She finally lost consciousness.

After a long while, she woke up and saw Li Qiye still there, embracing her.

“You made it.” He greeted her with a smile.

She looked within and saw a dao spear looming inside her mind, looking eternal.

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