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Chapter 5852: Heaven Curse

“Seems like no help is coming.” The telepathic conversation only lasted a split second but couldn’t evade Li Qiye’s eyes.

“This is it then, I’m thinking about how to kill you all, refinement or crucifixion to return your blood and dao essences to the world. Or maybe just dust to dust.” He smiled.

“If we go down today, we will drag you down with us!” Imperial Progenitor roared.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye raised his sword and countless more multiplied behind him.

Time never stopped flowing but neither did the living beings. One generation replaced the previous, multiplying and living endlessly. His swords represented the tenacity of life and he somehow harnessed it into an offensive force.

“Rise from the mortal coil, return.” Li Qiye chanted quietly and activated the will of the people to bare their fangs again. The swords weren’t sharp but this was unnecessary.

“Go!” The overlords prepared their defenses.

“Rumble!” Stonesplitter’s s.h.i.+eld started spinning and turned into a maelstrom wall.

Imperial Progenitor roared and summoned a curtain of swords, each as large as a planet. One needed to pierce through this vast expanse and all the sword dao before reaching him.

Dao Ancestor raised his chaos seal, fusing with it. The attacker needed enough firepower to tear the nine heavenly scriptures just to reach him, let alone injure him.

These defenses were the best this world had to offer. All of the emperors combined wouldn’t be able to break through.

“We can’t block it! Switch to attack!” Derivation shuddered because the mortal sword could still pierce their head and true fate.

The others felt the same way because they lacked knowledge of the attack’s fundamentals. Offense was also the best defense.

Alas, they would be revealing all of their cards and openings. Doing it haphazardly meant losing the fight for certain afterward.

“There is only one way, only one way to suppress him!” Primal shouted at Derivation.

The others stared at Derivation as well.

“Why are you staring at me?” Derivation had a bad feeling about this.

“Heaven Curse.” Dao Ancestor said with a serious expression.

“Go to h.e.l.l, don’t even think about it.” Derivation couldn’t help but curse, refusing the group.

“Come on now, I don’t have all day. I will start if you won’t.” Li Qiye said. The power of his blade continuously increased as the living beings became more determined, wanting to take down the high heaven.

This notion of never giving up was pa.s.sed down from one generation to another, acc.u.mulating and becoming stronger. Explosions could be heard in antic.i.p.ation of the incoming attack.

“We’re running out of time!” Primal shouted.

“Screw it, I rather all of us die than just me alone.” Derivation said.

“You’re not dying, we will gift you the power of the heavenly treasures afterward, you can have them for some time as payment.” Primal said.

“Is that a promise?” This finally tempted Lord of Derivation.

“Yes.” Primal agreed.

“It’s a promise.” The other three exchanged glances and said at the same time.

“Fine, screw it then!” Derivation gritted his teeth and shouted: “Dark Crow, your opponent is me, let’s see you block my Eldritch Heaven Curse!”

He moved forward, wanting to block Li Qiye by himself.

“Heaven Curse?” Li Qiye seemed interested.

“That’s right, activate!” Derivation shouted and his ma.s.sive frame split open like a blossoming flower.

He was a disgusting continent of flesh so when that split open, all the nasty pus and blood gushed out.

“Ahh!” He screamed in agony.

Something seemed to be flas.h.i.+ng deep in his body. To go with the flower imagery again, the pistol was s.h.i.+ning amidst the gus.h.i.+ng petals of blood.

He seemed to be scooping himself outward, channeling the released vitality and blood into this deepest region with the faint light.

Given his cultivation, his dao power and vitality were virtually endless. Nevertheless, the thing in there drained it all up.

Once it had enough, something ignited - not a lamp but a curse.

“Rumble!” The sky opened up and the dreadful might of the heaven descended, capable of shattering the entire world into dust.

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