Fugitive Poison User ~I Am Somehow Recovering In A World Full Of Miasma~ Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

We stepped out of the store to wander around this deserted village after finis.h.i.+ng up our shopping. As soon as we do so, the countdown on Poison Condensation ends.
I could put it to the test when we head out for the day tomorrow, but I’m itching to experiment with it now.

‘Whichever would be would be fine. You could say that we are wasting no time, but also, it would be good to have an understanding of your abilities.’

Hmm, either way would do, huh?
Well, if I don’t do it today, I’ll do it tomorrow. I don’t think it makes that much of a difference.
But, it’s piqued my curiosity is all.
It seems like there are many types of poison… stuff like miasma too.
What’s the difference between miasma and toxin anyway?

‘”Miasma” is air that fragile humans cannot withstand. “Toxin” is simply poison. Incidentally, monsters born in miasma are not necessarily immune to poison.’

That doesn’t sound quite right, but if that’s what the poison pro is saying, then I guess it must be true.
So that means that though I can use poison, I may not necessarily be able to produce miasma?

‘I know not of the future, but that is true for now.’

Then, why don’t we go out and find a monster close by to test my skills?
That way, even if something dangerous comes up, I can just run back to the village.
With that said, Veno widens his field of perception.
Plus, being stung by that mosquito was my fault for not paying attention.

‘Count on me.’

I look for a place near the village that would likely be inhabited by monsters and end up returning to the path Arleaf deliberately detoured around. I walk slightly down that path.
Branching from the paved main road, this supposedly dangerous path had been paved at some point. However, running across was a b.u.mpy trail made of packed dirt.
That seems to be the trail left behind by monsters.
If you wanted to fight something strong, you should probably head down that way.
I look left and right to check for anything.


Seemingly with a blip, Veno senses a monster.

Ultramarine Blue Giant Rat

I came across an intensely blue rodent the size of a capybara.
Maybe it’s because I had experience fighting the wolves, but I feel pretty calm right now.
It might also be because that guy just looks like a mouse.


Perceiving a threat, it comes over here to threaten me.
Is something that small really going to attack me?
Do monsters try to kill every living being they see?
I wonder if

this guy’s dangerous.

‘Unfortunately, this one pales in comparison to the Midnight Blue Wolf you have fought. This is not the monster of which the girl warned you. Their footprints differ as well.’

Veno then highlights the set of more dangerous footprints.
At a glance, they seem to be in the shape of a deer’s hooves.
They seem just like the ones I saw as a kid at the zoo.
Anyway, back to the rat in front of us.
Well, it seems like it’s just the right target to try my poison against.

‘A mischief of rats would be quite the bother, even to me. Heh heh… just like human sc.u.m.’

This guy… From time to time, Veno really despises humans.
Dragons really think they’re above all else, eh?


With nimble footwork, the Ultramarine Blue Giant Rat closes in on me. But before it gets too close, I bring out my condensed swamp toxin.
A fist-sized ball of poison appears in my hand.
Just in case, triple tap! The first shot was fist-sized, but I produced as much as I could for the other two.


Perhaps I was unprepared, but the rat evaded my first throw. I hit my second and third shot.
Ooh, the second ball of poison I flung was nearly the size of a watermelon.
The speed of the projectile wasn’t all too impressive. But, with such a big blob of highly condensed swamp toxin, the Ultramarine Blue Giant Rat had been thoroughly drenched.
The big splash created a big puddle along with it too.

Squeak… squeeeak!

The Ultramarine Blue Giant Rat trembles after being covered from head to tail with poison.
Then, with an angry cry, it charges towards me again.
It seems like it’s still more than energetic.
My attack did less than I thought it would…

‘The immediate effects are present, but it does not seem like it is a devastating blow.’

Its movement did become slightly sluggish, but it’s irritating how I couldn’t kill it in one shot.
It won’t just die like that Spray Green Mosquito did, I guess.
It would be easy to tell whether my poison worked if the rat started running around, trying to escape, like a c.o.c.kroach after being sprayed with pesticide.
Though how the Ultramarine Blue Giant Rat’s face is turning purple is an obvious sign.

Squeak! Squeak… squeak… wheeze… wheeze

If I left it like this, it would probably die, but it would take quite a while.
The rat sees me drawing my sword and quickly squirms over to get the first strike. However, it makes contact with nought but my blade.


The Ultramarine Blue Giant Rat was easily slain

slain with the slightest swing of the sword.
It leaves me with an unpleasant feeling though.
It’s the same feeling from last time with the wolf, as if I’ve murdered a living being… A lot of first experiences since I’ve come to this world.

“Now then…”

It’s not pity in the slightest, but we shouldn’t put the carca.s.s to waste. We should store it away with magic.
I’m not too sure what I can do with a corpse showered with poison, but at least I can feed Veno with it.
We should quickly leave this animal trail so that we don’t encounter anything more dangerous.
Right after I do so, I see why they said dangerous monsters roam here.

‘Aye… it’s true. It would be too much for you at this time.’

Rose Grey Swordhorn

As its name suggests, this giant deer-like beast has got a pair of sword for antlers.
Just by its sheer size, you can tell it’s the master of its domain.
Even without measuring its large antlers, the body itself is about three meters long. It seems like it can move pretty quickly, too…
I’d definitely be one-shotted if I were to be stabbed by those sword-like antlers.

‘Judging from what we have learned about you today… you would need to be at least level 30 to challenge this one. And like the Midnight Blue Wolves, it would take much sacrifice for you to go toe to toe with it.’

Getting rushed by those wolves would’ve been rough, huh?
I bet they’re strong together as a pack.

‘Furthermore, there are more than just one. There are quite a few that have pa.s.sed through here. It is likely that it would be a difficult endeavor, even if you are strong.’

Oof… the existence of something that dangerous isn’t a surprise to you at all.
So, if you were fully recovered, how much of a fight would that be for you?

‘Are you blaspheming against me? It is obvious that I can defeat it in a single blow. I wouldn’t even need to get serious.’

I’m not sure how much of that is truth, but the magic casted on him really had bound him.
Still… will the time to hunt that monster come?

‘I am sure there are people looking for its horn and other materials.’

I’d like to think that the materials from that swordhorn would sell for quite a bit of money.
But speaking of which, I’m not planning on doing anything reckless.
Fortunately, it’s walking away from us, down a path I’ve never seen before.
It’s clearly above my level and I don’t want to go picking a fight I

fight I know I can’t win.
Well, since the concept of levels exist in this world, if I keep on steadily getting stronger, I’m sure I’ll be able to be able to take him down before too long.

‘A wise decision.’

With that, we leave the swordhorn for another day.
The sun had completely set by the time we reached the village, so we go back to our inn to rest.

A scene of people working farming equipment, medicine, and magic on a barren patch of land lies before my eyes.
A man br.i.m.m.i.n.g with blinding light is ahead of me… or at least he seems to be full of positive energy. With a smile, he walks over to speak with me.
Curiously, a conspicuous sword is strapped to his back.

“This is our dream—to create a nation of our own on land we can comfortably live on.”
“Is that right? It’s a worthy goal.”
“We, who have been prosecuted and chased away from our homes, are trying to cultivate this land to something livable. With this test case, we are aiming to live in a world without struggles.”

They chase such a n.o.ble dream.
That’s right… this is just something I’ve heard but carrying out your plans requires you to be resolute and many comrades as well.

“I aim to build that future so that everyone can live in happiness. But you… I would like for you to remember what I’ve just told you. And whenever you feel like it, please tell whoever you see of my silly dream.”
“How do I put it… you really can tell your foolish life story to anyone. However, they say that even fools can sometimes accomplish great feats and change the world. You should try your hardest. But, however silly this all may be, making sacrifices and giving generously towards a grand dream isn’t.”

For real, though… this setting sun really is something else…

With a sudden snap, a peculiar energy fills my body and I awaken.

‘Hmm? What is wrong?’

Hmm. There’s some weird energy is flowing into me and my legs hurts as if it’s cramping up…
Maybe because it’s from all the vigorous exercise I did since coming to this world.
I get out of bed, hoping that my muscles don’t ache.
You don’t sleep, Veno?

‘My circadian rhythm differs to one of humans. I believe you could simply say I am not used to this kind of lifestyle yet.’

I can’t tell you exactly how a dragon’s cycle is, but I’d like to think that not doing anything and simply staying put all the time would be tough.

‘Not in the slightest. I can slightest. I can peek through your memories and not moving my body would mean I expend less energy. Food comes from what you hunt, so I am not starving either. Your worries are unnecessary.’

That right?
Well, there are some parts I’d like to point out, but since you said you’re fine, I’ll drop it.

‘As well… you should take a gander at this.’

After being told that, I check out what Veno highlighted.
This time, it’s my status screen.

Kogure Yukihisa
Poison Earth
Level 14
Acquired skills: Spirit Link, Poison Absorption, Poison Release, Poison Condensation, Cla.s.s change available, Detect Poison

What is this?
All of a sudden, I’ve levelled up to 14?!

‘I had noticed it whilst checking your vitals when you jolted awake. We ought to think about how this happened. Oh, and I wish they would pipe down already outside.’

He’s right.
Still… all of this is happening and I don’t have spare time for research why.
I’m starting to get slightly annoyed at it, but it beats having people after your head, so it’s not that bad in comparison.
It really is loud outside though, hey? Is it because we’re so close to the tavern?

Ugh… this brings up bad memories of how idiots caused a huge ruckus when I stayed at a cheap hotel for a business trip, making me get no sleep at all.
This isn’t so bad compared to that, I guess. But now, thinking back on that company, it wasn’t that bad either.
Loud noises and cheap hotels just go hand in hand.
Anyway, we should think of how this happened.

One: this was due to Forced Possession Summoning. Day by day, Veno’s power flows into me.

‘That is not impossible. Though it would be rather sudden.’

That’s true. I need to be on standby to measure the change for this to be my control case.
But I can keep this as one of the hypotheses.

‘Two: perhaps the quintessence of monsters we hunted in the afternoon—the experience points we have earned—have to be stored in you in order to reach me.’

Well, to put it in gaming terms, it would be that I’ve formed a party with Veno.
But Veno is bound to me by Forced Possession Summoning.
And so, with him in that state, Veno can’t receive all the experience points he should be earning. Instead, the remainder goes to me. That is plausible too.

But I haven’t really fought anything that would give me so much experience either.
I mean, normally in a game, novices wouldn’t be sp.a.w.ned around monsters that are too strong. So, then, where did all my levels come from?

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