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Chapter 422 – Extra: n.o.ble School's New Student

My name is Gloviufee.

You can call the cool me Glow.

I grew up far from a city but I'm the best magic warrior in my parent's territory.

I also have real battle experience since I trained by exterminating monsters and bandits.

I devoted most of my time in developing my military might so my impatient parents threw me into a school.

The Gullgald n.o.ble Academy.

Honestly speaking, I'm not a person who should be here.

However, it can't be helped because my parents are n.o.bles.

I think I'll graduate quickly.

My mind changed after the entrance ceremony.

That's because of what the has said in her welcoming speech.

I wasn't inspired.

It made me repulsive instead.

「Act with common sense. Too much of something is not good. Do whatever you want to do in moderation. When you want to do something new, always consult the people around you.」

Full of c.r.a.p.

Common sense? I'll break it.

I have that much power.

And eventually, I'll be a close aide of the demon king.


This is not arrogance.

It is a confirmed future.

However, what should I do to break common sense?

For the time being, I'll dominate the school…no.

I should become the best in this school.


First of all, let's aim to be the best in cla.s.s.

Greetings are lively.

I should start here.

Wait wait.

Don't panic. are divided per teacher.

Not everyone is a freshman like me.

Moreover, everyone's a demon.

Not everyone looks according to their age.

This is rare but occasionally, a child-like person, who's in truth already a big man and an expert in magic, is already a hundred years old.

I like fighting strong opponents but I want to fight a battle where I'll surely win more.

Let's choose an opponent carefully.

Every time I'll win, my number of henchmen will increase.

I should go with this plan.

Someone I can beat….there!

Race, beastkin.

And a child too.

Beastkin is a race that truly looks how old they are.

Isn't he too young?

Why is he even here?

Maa, this is a school.

I don't have to worry about that.

I am looking at a strange ceiling.

「Where am I?」

「This is the school's infirmary. Aware already?」

「You are?」

「I'm not you. I'm the healing mage hired by the school. I'm a healer. You can call me oneesan or beautiful healer.」

Is that so?

「Ehto, why am I here?」

「I don't know. Didn't you faint somewhere?」

「You healed me?」

「Though I was called for that, I didn't do anything. You just pa.s.sed out after all.」


「What happened to you? Who carried you? I don't really know how long you were out but two hours have pa.s.sed since you came here….yeah, how many fingers is this?」


「Dizzy? Feel like vomiting?」


「Can you move your body?」

「ah…..I'm fine.」

「Can you stand?」

「No problem.」

「Good. Walk along this line.」

I walked.

I was kicked out of the infirmary after finding out that nothing's wrong with me.

Everything's okay but why can't I remember what happened before I pa.s.sed out?


Not a single thing.

I'm probably good.

Regaining my heart, I'll start again.

My magical power induced punch can even break rock.

I will find it hard to break school buildings though since there's magical protection there but if you give me time, I can break it.


For the time being, let's pick a fight with the next person I'll meet.

Yeah, I'll end it in a way that anyone will be blown away.

It doesn't matter who it is.

That's right.

Why did I even choose an opponent a while ago…oh, someone has come.

It's a familiar ceiling.

「You again.」

The familiar healer.

「Were you not informed during the entrance ceremony that you should declare if you have any illness?」

「I'm….not sick.」

「Then, how do you explain pa.s.sing out twice and taken to the infirmary in a short time?」

I spend the rest of the day in the infirmary.

The next day.

Physical condition, perfect!

Energy, full!

The food at the cafeteria is delicious.


Now….I'll do my best today!

「I can call a healer who's better than me. Please continue to sleep. You can't say no.」

I may be really ill.

Ah, my G.o.d.

What about my future of being the demon king's aide?

Will I be cured?

Eei, what's this anxiety?

I can't take this!

A few days later.

At a laboratory specializing in treating diseases.

「What are the symptoms?」

「Losing consciousness from time to time. The memory before and after that seems to be ambiguous….」

「I see. For the time being, wrap a turban on him. It is not for fas.h.i.+on. This is for him to not hit his head when he out. Wrap more. Any other symptoms?」

「Nothing else. According to the patient, he said that his body s.h.i.+vers whenever he sees a beastkin.」

「…….what is that」

A few months later.

I'm living peacefully at the school.

It seems like if I live peacefully, I will not faint.

Just knowing that is enough.

I gave up being the demon king's aide.

I am studying hard now.

My goal is to be a healing mage.

To become a healer.

I'll do my best.

After that, I got engaged to the beautiful healer oneesan.

I would not mind even if you laugh at me.

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