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Chapter 215: Su Qian's whereabouts

Li Zhu stood by the side of the vehicle and waited for Zhang Xiao Qiang patiently. With lifted emotions, Zhang Xiao Qiang remembered what Li Zhu had said, that the car came with a dozen girls.

He took a look at the crowd, the ladies were all frail and weak, they were not that beautiful and rather ordinary. He looked over a few times and finally saw a few familiar people.

They were the waitresses from the restaurant and used to be with He Wen Bin but in the end, they ran with Su Qian. Who would have thought that he would encounter them again?

When they saw Zhang Xiao Qiang and Three, they remembered escaping from them and running away with Su Qian. Now that they were back in Zhang Xiao Qiang's hands, they became afraid. When Zhang Xiao Qiang took his first glance around, they lowered their heads down like ostriches and buried their faces, afraid that they would be recognized. Zhang Xiao Qiang missed them a few times and could only recognize them after three tries.

"Are the women inside?"

Zhang Xiao Qiang pointed to the women who were squatted and asked Li Zhu. Li Zhu cast a glance at the disheveled women and shook his head.

"Out of the dozen-odd women, two of them violated the rules and were killed. Their bodies were never found, there were a few who looked ordinary and came with the other women were kept, the remaining few prettier ones were shared amongst Liu Tou and his pals. Those women are the ones that we won't see, and are kept inside their houses."

Li Zhu explained the situation of the ladies to Zhang Xiao Qiang. Zhang Xiao Qiang nodded and decided to have Li Zhu bring him to Liu Tou's residence to take a look.

"Oh yeah…." Li Zhu suddenly recalled something.

He looked at Zhang Xiao Qiang and continued: "I remember that day, Liu Tou led 30 plus people out and only 5-6 of them came back. One of his trusted aides that followed him for the longest time never came back, I'm not sure if the women had something to do with it. I remember that Liu Tou was in an extremely bad mood that day, as though something bad had happened."

Upon listening to that, Zhang Xiao Qiang nodded his head, he knew that it was definitely Su Qian. Su Qian's ability to kill Chen Yi proved her resolution, adding that she seized Brother Long's warehouse and had no lack of ammunition, not any person could handle her.

It was a pity that Su Qian's life had been miserable since young and had bad luck when she grew older. During the apocalypse, she encountered the man that had perverse speed, bullets were useless against him and for Su Qian to be able to run from him, it was already considered weird.

One after another, the members charged into Liu Tou and his confidants' homes and pulled out all the women in hiding. The women inside did not know who the Combat team members were and were extremely terrified. They tried their best to conceal themselves, a pity they encountered experts that knew how to search.

The Combat Team members had followed Zhang Xiao Qiang to search countless places, no matter what the place was, they would be able to tell the locations where people could be hidden. Following a couple of screams, the women were all dragged out. Some of them were not cooperative and continued to hide inside the houses, they did not know if their previous masters were beaten to death or burned to death, but they fought with the combat team members.

But who were the Combat Team Members? They were people who fought against zombies, against mutated rats and fought against Liu Tou. Seeing how uncooperative the women were, they gave them one tight slap each and pulled them by their hairs, not giving a care whether or not they would harm the delicate skin of the beautiful women.

The rough actions of the members caused the beautiful women to become completely docile. They were pulled and lined up into a row and waited for Zhang Xiao Qiang to inspect them. Zhang Xiao Qiang acted as though he never saw how rough his subordinates were, he knew that they had suffered plenty. After the cruel battle the previous day, they had barely slept and had to fight through the night once more. After seeing the captives and being surprised attacked on again, having a temper was completely normal.

Additionally, Zhang Xiao Qiang never served the army and did not know of the army disciplines. In his eyes, his subordinates were already behaving well. As long as they did not violate or a.s.sault the women in front of him, he would close his eyes.

The women lowered their heads and watched a pair of dirty army boots walk towards them. They had no idea as to what their future would be, their hearts beat rapidly yet they did not dare to breathe deeply, afraid that they might cause the man to become unhappy. A few of the more coward ones even started trembling in their feet.

Zhang Xiao Qiang went close to each and every single woman. He wanted to see the Su Qian who said that she would never rely on a man, what her expression would be. All of the ladies looked beautiful and still had meat to their faces, unlike the other women who were extremely skinny.

Their clothes were dirty, seeing the dust on their bodies, Zhang Xiao Qiang knew that their hiding locations were extremely dirty. But compared to the other ladies, they lived rather good lives. Seems like even in an apocalypse, pretty women would have the advantage.

Zhang Xiao Qiang knelt down and looked at the lady in front of him. When the woman saw Zhang Xiao Qiang's army boots stop in front of her, she started trembling. The first thing she saw when she took a glimpse was his half-naked body with a pair of military pants, a pistol holstered to his waist and a sword in hand. She did not dare raise her head, she prayed that Zhang Xiao Qiang did not see her, but why must Zhang Xiao Qiang stop in front of her of all the women?

A big hand covered with calluses toucher her clean chin and lifted her head. She did not dare to struggle and weakly lifted her head along with the hand, and their eyes met.

Zhang Xiao Qiang saw the tears trembling in her eyes and her trembling lips and found it funny, am I that scary?

The lady in front of him trembling in fear was someone Zhang Xiao Qiang saw at the restaurant before. At that time, for the sake of letting Zhang Xiao Qiang recover the grain depot, Brother Long had got all the women out for Zhang Xiao Qiang to pick and this lady was one of them.

Out of the original four ladies that followed Brother Long, two of them followed Zhang Xiao Qiang, one of the ladies who did not follow Su Qian chose to stay behind and helped He Wen Bin out to manage the newly recruited women and even quarreled with Three. The remaining one was the one before Zhang Xiao Qiang, looking at her eyes filled with tears, Zhang Xiao Qiang put his hand down.

"Where is Su Qian? And the others?" Zhang Xiao Qiang did not see Su Qian, Chen Yi, and the other three women and was puzzled.

Seeing that Zhang Xiao Qiang had no intent of blaming her, it pacified her fearful and intense beating heart. She replied: "Su Qian was taken by the boss, I never saw her again. One of the three sisters that followed Brother Yi was shot to death, the other two who were deemed unsatisfactory by the boss were hacked to death, I've always been regretting, I should never have…" Zhang Xiao Qiang did not bother listening to her confession and turned to leave. He was annoyed, angry at Su Qian for the fact of bringing death upon other people.

To Zhang Xiao Qiang, women were extremely precious, for her to harm 3 of them directly, Zhang Xiao Qiang did not know where Su Qian would be hidden by Liu Tou. He could not be bothered to look for her, because of the fact that her ruckus had caused Zhang Xiao Qiang to lose three women, three women who could become mothers.

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