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Chapter 951: Summoned, no good impression

Two hundred taels of gold mixed with sand, as well as several corpses that had been cannoned, were enough to prove that the Third Prince's credit was substantial. Not to mention that the Eldest Prince had pointed out in court that the batch he had made had been mixed with sand. The gold bricks were marked in hidden places for easy inspection in the future.

After catching such huge evidence, the Eldest Prince did not need to do anything. The Second Prince and others would not let the third prince go. With the help of the three princes, and the sixth prince's intervention from time to time, the Third Prince was arrested on the same day for falsely claiming credit. The courtiers who came to greet him became a joke.

However, the Emperor loved the Third Prince. When he learned about this incident, his first reaction was not to accuse the Third Prince. Instead, he suppressed the matter and wanted to resolve it privately, but…….

When the Emperor's son reaches adulthood, it means that the Emperor is old. Each son has power in his hands. It can no longer do whatever it wants.

No matter how dissatisfied the Emperor was, with the cooperation of several other princes, the Third Prince's hypocrisy, greed for merit, and deception spread. Even if the Emperor did not deal with him, the Third Prince's reputation was ruined.

"Hahaha, you don't even know how ugly the Third Prince's face is. Just to see his twisted face, spending 100 taels of gold is so worth it." The Eldest Prince was overjoyed and did not hide his gloating at all.

Of course, he only dared to express his likes and dislikes so directly in front of Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu.

Because of the Hua Family's respect and the Lin Family's constant help, Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu lived comfortably in the inn in the Central Empire. The people at the inn did not dare to embarra.s.s the two of them. They could go out at any time without having to be as careful as before.

At this time, the three of them were in a secret village, exchanging information on each other and what was going to happen next.

"Laugh as much as you want. The Emperor can't touch others, but he can touch you." Lin Chujiu shook her head but did not do much to persuade the Eldest Prince.

The Eldest Prince has been holding back his grievances for more than twenty years, and he held it in. It was good for him to vent it, otherwise, it would be bad if he couldn't hold it anymore.

"The old man will only take it out on me. I didn't do anything. I just said that I made a mark on the gold brick." The Eldest Prince's good mood disappeared instantly. Although he had received a t.i.tle, the partiality of the Emperor can still make him feel uncomfortable and sad.

His father was too partial. He was not angry when the Third Prince was reported with false merit. Instead, he was angry with him for marking the gold bricks and for speaking about it.

Why can't he say it?

He was trampled by the Third Prince. But because this matter was related to the imperial family, he didn't say anything, right?

How can people repay evil with kindness?

What’s more, do any of them who come from the royal family repay evil with kindness?

His father was becoming more and more brainless as he got older. Does he think that after so many years, he is still the stupid son who accepts his fate and obeys his orders?

Xiao Tianyao did not comment on the Emperor's favoritism and only said: "This matter will be over soon. Maybe the Emperor will summon us tomorrow."

"Huh? How is it possible? So soon?" Recently, the Hua Family frequently mentioned Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu to the Emperor, but judging from the Emperor's att.i.tude, he didn't intend to meet them at all.

“There must be something to divert the attention of the courtiers, otherwise how will the Third Prince escape?” He was not in a hurry to wait for the Emperor to summon him before, because he knew that such a thing would happen.

As soon as the Third Prince's matter comes up, to divert public attention, the Emperor will summon them, and will even treat their matter as a major matter until the Third Prince's matter cools down.

The Second Prince and the others want to use this matter to win over the Third Prince. He's afraid it will be a bit difficult. At most, they can only make the other party silent for some time, but this time was enough.

"Is the old man so partial?" The Eldest Prince still had some hope in his heart. In his heart, although his father was extremely partial, he was still a wise emperor, but……

When the Emperor's confidants brought up the matter of Xiao Tianyao in the morning court the next day, the Eldest Prince knew that he was still too naive, and he still had hope.

"An outsider can see it more clearly than me. My life has been in vain." Perhaps, he still had expectations in his heart, so he beautified his father. Unfortunately, his father disappointed him time and time again.

Just as Xiao Tianyao had guessed, to suppress the incident of the Third Prince, the Emperor treated Xiao Tianyao's killing of the three martial saints as a major and special matter and even summoned Xiao Tianyao to the palace main hall to interrogate him.

The courtiers did not understand what the Emperor meant. Although the princes were unwilling to do so, the Emperor had made up his mind and insisted on it. No matter how powerful they were, they could not change the Emperor's decision.

“Is Imperial Father aren’t afraid of chilling our hearts?” Because of the joint deal with the Third Prince, the Second Prince and the others got closer and closer, faintly hugging each other.

They have no other way but to stick together. The Third Prince was greatly favored. If they work separately, they will be no match for the Third Prince.

The courtiers could see this too. Although they feel ashamed of the Third Prince's behavior and have opinions, because of the Emperor's att.i.tude, they don't show it openly. They all followed the Emperor's wishes and turned their eyes on Xiao Tianyao, the prince of the East.

On the morning of the next day, Xiao Tianyao entered the palace with the Eldest Prince. When the ministers saw this scene, some were surprised, some were sarcastic, and some were thoughtful.

They were all well-informed people, so they naturally knew that Xiao Tianyao's wife was the daughter of the Lin Family. In addition, Xiao Tianyao has good relations with the Hua Family. Does the Eldest Prince want to get the support of the Hua Family and the Lin Family?

Of course, speculation was just speculation, and many courtiers did not think that Xiao Tianyao, a prince from a small country, could change anything.

The Central Empire treated its ministers quite favorably. They did not need to kneel during the morning court but only had to salute. This made Xiao Tianyao particularly satisfied.

He doesn't mind saluting the Emperor. He can accept it even if he kneels. This was the rule of the world. No matter how arrogant he was, he understood his situation. But if he can avoid kneeling, he naturally likes not to kneel.

"Long live the Emperor." As the courtiers kowtowed, the morning court officially began. Today, the Emperor did not listen to the courtiers' invitations, but directly asked: "Where is Prince Xiao of the East?"

"Your Majesty!" Xiao Tianyao came out with a calm expression and stood in the hall, ignoring all the eyes that looked at him, looked down upon him, or disdained him.

Before coming to the Central Empire, he knew what his status was. He would not act impulsively, nor would he act unethically just because of a look from others.

"Are you the Xiao Tianyao who killed 3 martial G.o.ds in our Central Empire?" When the Emperor opened his mouth, he was very unkind and almost convicted Xiao Tianyao. It can be seen that the Emperor has no good impression of Xiao Tianyao……

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