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Chapter 524: Conscience, it must be intentional (Part 1)

Who was Hua Jinrong?

He was from the first-cla.s.s family in the Central Empire, the eldest young master of the Hua family. It was not surprising that he will be the future head of the Hua Family. No need to mention the eastern country, even the people in Central Empire, who wanted to see him, were lining up.

In order not to get caught up in endless social gatherings, as soon as he finished negotiating with Lin Chujiu, Hua Jinrong didn't stay anymore. He asked his people to pack the things of his youngest brother and then set off immediately.

“If you have a chance to go to the Central Empire in the future, remember to look me.” Hua Jinrong's first impression of Lin Chujiu was very subtle, but after a short conversation, his views changed a lot.

Although Lin Chujiu didn't understand superiority and inferiority, at least Lin Chujiu was true and didn't hide her little calculations and careful thoughts.

For such a person, even if he doesn't like it, he also didn't find it annoying.

Lin Chujiu didn't stop Hua Jinrong, nor push him away. She personally sent Hua Jinrong out with the same att.i.tude as when she greeted him. She didn't hug his thigh just because of Hua Jinrong's politeness.

Hua Jinrong suddenly felt that Lin Chujiu was pretty good, but Hua Jinrong had no further plans to meet her. After a simple farewell, Hua Jinrong turned around to go, but when he turned around, the child in his arms suddenly cried and twisted his body to make Lin Chujiu carry him in her arms.

“Waa…Waa…” The child seemed to know that he was going to leave. He suddenly twisted his body and desperately stretched out his hand towards Lin Chujiu, asking him to hold him.

“Xiao Jiu, don't cry.” Hua Jinrong frowned and hugged away the child in a hurry, for fear that the child would break free from his embrace and fall… …

“Young master, let this slave do it.” Upon seeing this, the servant on the side hurriedly took the child, in fear that Hua Jinrong might hurt the child.

Hua Jinrong didn't care about his face, he quickly let go of the child and secretly felt relieved.

He hugged him because he felt sorry for his brother. In fact, he never holds a child, nor wanted to hold a child.

The servant hugged the child and coaxed softly. However, the more he coaxed the child, the more the child cried fiercely. Although Lin Chujiu felt sorry for the child's pitiful crying, she was afraid that the child would cry more, so she didn't step forward. She just stood by and watched.

She never thought that the baby she helped would be the youngest master of the Hua family. She didn't know the child's ident.i.ty when she rescued the child.

“Waa, waa…” When Lin Chujiu didn't hug, the child cried even harder. They couldn't coax him no matter what they do. The servant was afraid that something might happen if the child continues to cry like this, so he busily said: “Young Master, the little young master cry like this, I'm afraid he will hurt his body.”

Without waiting for the servant to finish his words, Hua Jinrong understood his meaning. He couldn't help but say to Lin Chujiu: “Xiao w.a.n.gfei, please help me coax the child.”

With Hua Jinrong's words, Lin Chujiu didn't hesitate anymore, and hurriedly took the child over.

What was strange is, the child stopped crying when he got to Lin Chujiu's embrace. He no longer cried just like earlier. However, the child cried too hard, so there were still tears in his eyes. His little hands were also tightly clenching Lin Chujiu's clothes. He looked very pitiful as if he was being thrown away.

“Little crying bag, do you want sister to die from heartache?” Lin Chujiu pinched the child's nose, causing the child to burst into laughter.

Seeing the child's innocent smile, Lin Chujiu's heart melted.

Although she didn't personally take care of the child, she hugged and carry him every day, and so she was reluctant to let the child leave.

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