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The masters of Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin were two beautiful middle-aged women with tall buns and phoenix eyes. They were in red and purple respectively. The other two women being called grand elders were also as beautiful as their masters. The head of Yin-Yang Sect was a 50-odd-year-old man. In black hair, he looked decent and n.o.ble like the owner of a city. 

This man was Ying Canghai, the head of Ying Clan in Redmountain City and the head of the branch of Force Emperor Immortal Palace in Redmountain City.

Of course, it was just his public ident.i.ty. Ying Canghai's real ident.i.ty was the inc.u.mbent head of Yin-Yang Sect. Superficially, the two masters of Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin and the other two women being called grand elders were Ying Canghai's wives, they were actually the four grand elders of Yin-Yang Sect. They were actually Ying Canghai's junior female fellow apprentices. In fact, only the grand elder in blue was Ying Canghai's wife. 

On the ground, those members of Yin-Yang Sect covered their real cultivation bases in secret methods and rarities. 

Ying Canghai's real cultivation base was fire immortal general despite he only looked like an earth immortal general in the public. The four grand elders of Ying-Yang Sect were all water immortal generals despite they all looked like below immortal generals in the public. Their real ident.i.ties could barely be discovered by the others in the public; especially in remote places such as Redmountain City.

Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin were already elders of Yin-Yang Sect; especially Jiang Ruoxin who was an excellent one among elders.

"Yuelan, Ruoxin, haven't you just joined Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace? Why did you come back so fast? Have you completed your mission?" Ying Canghai opened his mouth after the five influential figures of Yin-Yang Sect took their seats. At the same time, he glanced over Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin with his sharp eyes, saying, "I was told that the Grand Dragon Emperor had come back after disappearing for more than 900 years. The entire Dragon Emperor City was shocked by that. It's also said that the new Dragon Emperor Zhang Tie is exceptionally tricky. All the elders and grand justices of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace have lost their power. Did you leave Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace because of your exposure?"

The four beauties fixated onto Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin at the same time.

Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin exchanged a glance with each other. Closely after that, Jiang Ruoxin replied, "Head, we're back voluntarily. Because we've already completed our mission——bringing back the No-Hatred Tortoise that the Grand Dragon Emperor borrowed from our sect!"

Yin-Yang Sect was known as no hatred for three lives. Three Lives Sutra and No-Hatred Sutra were the independent secret cultivation method of Yin branch and Yang branch. No-Hatred Sutra was in the jade tortoise that the Grand Dragon Emperor once borrowed from them while the jade tortoise was called No-Hatred Tortoise in Yin-Yang Sect. When the Grand Emperor took away the No-Hatred Tortoise from Yin-Yang Sect, No-Hatred Sutra still spread among Yang branch of Yin-Yang Sect as some elders and branch heads mastered it. Whereas, when Yin-Yang Sect offended Force Emperor Immortal Palace and was almost wiped out by Force Emperor, No-Hatred Sutra was soon lost. 

Over these years, the remains of Yin-Yang Sect were hiding here and there. When they finally recovered a bit, they immediately tried to get back the No-Hatred Tortoise from Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace.

Especially within the late 100-odd years, Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin were absolutely not the only two persons who a.s.sumed such a heavy responsibility. However, all the earlier ones failed their missions. Compared to the setbacks that the earlier ones encountered, Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin got the No-Hatred Tortoise too smoothly.

"What? You've already got back the No-Hatred Tortoise?", Ying Canghai almost sprung up from his throne after hearing Jiang Ruoxin's words. The other four grand elders of Yin-Yang Sect also inclined a bit forward as they watched Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin in an unbelievable manner. 

"The No-Hatred Tortoise is in this s.p.a.ce-teleportation finger ring. You could take it out on the first day of next month..." Jiang Ruoxin said as he took out a finger ring and handed it to Ying Canghai.

After taking it, Ying Canghai closed his eyes as he penetrated his spiritual energy into the finger ring. Closely after that, he became thrilled.

At this moment, even if he couldn't use this s.p.a.ce-teleportation finger ring, he could still check the object inside it spiritually.

" is No-Hatred's as same as that being recorded in the ill.u.s.trated book left by our sect. Even the hidden grains on its sh.e.l.l are the same. Our Yin-Yang Sect is going to develop vigorously. We're going to invigorate..." Ying Canghai became excited as he handed it to the other grand elders of Yin-Yang Sect at present.

After looking inside it spiritually, all the grand elders were shocked so much. 

"When I went with your head to Dragon Emperor City to look for No-Hatred Tortoise, we almost couldn't come back due to heavy wounds as we encountered Long Jiutian the grand justice of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in the evening..." the beautiful woman in blue sitting beside Ying Canghai handed the finger ring back to Ying Canghai as she asked Ji Yuelan out of curiosity.

"Oh, Yuelan, how did you get this No-Hatred Tortoise with Ruoxin? Tell us about the details!"

"Actually, we didn't get it on our own; instead, Zhang Tie gave it back to us voluntarily..." Ji Yuelan said calmly.

"What..." After hearing Yuelan's words, the head and all the four grand elders changed their faces at a stroke.

"You've told Zhang Tie about your real ident.i.ty?" Ying Canghai immediately turned grim as he asked them solemnly. 

"We joined the branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in Heavenly Square City together with Zhang Tie. By then, we didn't know that Zhang Tie was the disciple of Dragon Emperor. As Yuelan and I got along well with Zhang Tie, after Zhang Tie ascended to the throne, he had let us a.s.sume important positions in Earth-Treasures Department. In the opinion of the others of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, we two are Zhang Tie's trusted subordinates. However, we didn't tell Zhang Tie about our real ident.i.ties. We usually behaved meticulously in case of failing the mission after exposing our real ident.i.ty. However, as the disciple of Dragon Emperor, Zhang Tie was really something. He has mastered a lot of shocking secret methods. We two didn't know how on earth Zhang Tie knew our real ident.i.ties. One day, he suddenly appointed us to have a drink with him in the Forbidden City; closely after that, he took out the No-Hatred Tortoise at the table and wanted to give it back to us. Not until then did we know that Zhang Tie had already known our real ident.i.ty..." Jiang Ruoxin explained. 

The head and all the four grand elders of Yin-Yang Sect exchanged a glance with each other in an unimaginable way. 

"Zhang Tie just returned it to you without any condition?" Jiang Ruoxin's master asked her with a frown.

"Yes!" Jiang Ruoxin nodded as she added, "Zhang Tie said it belonged to Yin-Yang Sect. After his master took it away, the Grand Dragon Emperor didn't return it. According to him, it was reasonable for him to return it to us!"

"Additionally, even though Zhang Tie had known our real ident.i.ty, he didn't discriminate us like others. He said that the secret methods of Yin-Yang Sect originated from the universal law——Single Yin or Yang couldn't exist long in this world. Methods themselves were not good or bad. He even expressed that if Yin-Yang Sect couldn't stay in other places, we could go to Dragon Emperor Big Domain. As long as we comply with the rules of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace there, he would never make us embarra.s.sed; nor would he let Force Emperor Immortal Palace hurt us!" Ji Yuelan continued. 

"Did Zhang Tie really say so?"

"Yes, he did. We two both heard it!"

Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin's firm expressions made those influential figures at present change their faces.

"Have you met anything abnormal on the way back to Nine Heavens Big Domain?" Ying Canghai asked after a short silence.

"No, we've tried everything we could to confirm it on the way. n.o.body was following us. Therefore, we spent such a long time on the way!" Jiang Ruoxin replied.

All those at present believed in the capabilities of Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin; otherwise, they would not have a.s.signed them to carry out such a vital task. After hearing Jiang Ruoxin's reply, all of them looked a bit better. 

Ying Canghai exchanged a glance with the other four grand elders before saying, "No matter what, you've made a great meritorious service for Yin-Yang Sect by taking back the No-Hatred Tortoise. If you have any requirement, just let us know. I and grand elders would consider it. You should take a rest after such a long travel. I've got something to negotiate with grand elders!"

"Yes, sir!"

Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin then left Sun and Moon Palace and returned to their courtyard along the way where they came from.


"Sisters, what do you think about that?" Ying Canghai asked the other beauties after Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin left there. Although being the head of Yin-Yang Sect, Ying Canghai didn't change the appellation of the four grand elders privately. 

"Yuelan and Ruoxin are always conscientious. They would never reveal their real ident.i.ties to Zhang Tie. When the former Dragon Emperor came back, they were also in Dragon Emperor City. Perhaps they were recognized by the former Dragon Emperor because of this. It was said that the former Dragon Emperor immediately recognize a lot of foreign powerhouses hiding in Dragon Emperor City. Perhaps the former Dragon Emperor had already discovered that they were cultivating Three Lives Sutra and known their real ident.i.ties. He then told Zhang Tie about that!" Jiang Ruoxin's master opened her mouth while all the others nodded inside. 

"I also think so. The power of an immortal emperor is unimaginable. Over 900 years ago, Dragon Emperor was powerful. Over 900 years later, I really wonder what other secret earth-shaking methods Dragon Emperor has mastered. Because Dragon Emperor had already visited the mountain gate of Yin-Yang Sect many years ago, I'm afraid that he could sense the secret methods cultivated by members of Yin-Yang Sect!" Ying Canghai nodded as he agreed with what Jiang Ruoxin's master said. 

"I feel it's an opportunity for Yin-Yang Sect. If Zhang Tie could really keep his promise, we might be able to leave Redmountain City and gain greater development potential in Dragon Emperor Big Domain. Although we don't need to worry about being chased by Force Emperor Immortal Palace in Redmountain City, we could barely further develop our sect here. We have to leave Redmountain City if we want to further develop our sect!" the beauty in blue said. 

"We should stay calm. Yin-Yang Sect couldn't endure any major frustration any longer. We still know nothing about the inc.u.mbent Dragon Emperor. After we transfer to Dragon Emperor Big Domain, if Zhang Tie suddenly changes his mind, Yin-Yang Sect would face a fatal catastrophe. I suggest we wait for a period. However, we couldn't miss such a rare opportunity. No matter what, at least Zhang Tie has shown his sincerity by giving the No-Hatred Tortoise back to us. Additionally, he didn't a.s.sign people to follow Yuelan and Ruoxin. Sisters, after Yuelan and Ruoxin return to Dragon Emperor City, one of you could go to Dragon Emperor City to contact Zhang Tie on behalf of us. We need to test Zhang Tie's moral standing first!" Ying Canghai posed a relatively safer solution as the head of Yin-Yang Sect.

All the others at present nodded...

"Ahem...ahem...three sisters, as we've got back the No-Hatred Tortoise, do you consider about..."

"Let's talk about cultivating pals later. It's voluntary..." Ji Yuelan's master flushed slightly as she suggested. 

"Well, it depends on you!" Ying Canghai s.h.i.+fted the subject at once after being glared by the beauty in blue. He took a glance at the other 3 grand elders before fixating onto one of them, asking, "Oh, Sister Xue, are you alright? Why were you silent just now..."

The beauty in green slightly quivered a bit as she raised her head with a smile, answering, "Elder brother, now that you've already made such a proper arrangement and the other sisters have already said everything in need, I will just take your advice..."


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