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When the insects in Ying Clan's castle stopped hissing, Jiang Ruoxin who was in sound sleep, immediately opened her eyes. Closely after that, she sat up on her bed.

Almost at the same time, Ji Yuelan who was sleeping on her side also turned over and sat up, eyes s.h.i.+ning. 

As immortal generals, even though they were in sound sleep, their perceptive capability still could never be matched by commoners. The two girls remained alert even in sound sleep. The moment they heard something outside, they immediately woke up. 

The two girls exchanged a glance with each other. However, before they made any response, a thunder-like growl and loud collisions between battle qis had sounded outside the house, which reverberated around Ying Clan's castle. 

"Who are you? How dare you raid the castle of the head of the branch of Force Emperor Immortal Palace in Redmountain City..."

It was Ying Canghai the head of Yin-Yang Sect who roared. He wanted to frighten the raiders in the name of Force Emperor Immortal Palace. Meanwhile, he was loudly warning everyone else in the castle. 

"Hehhehheh, Yin-Yang Sect is really something. If Force Emperor knows that Yin-Yang Sect's remains are hiding in Force Emperor Immortal Palace, I wonder what will you think about it?"

Another extremely grim voice sounded.

After hearing that, Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin changed their faces at once. After exchanging a glance with each other, they broke the roof at the same time and rushed out of the room, causing broken tiles shooting in all directions. 

Now that they had already known that Yin-Yang Sect was rooted in here, the two girls didn't feel it necessary to hide here anymore.

After breaking out of the room, they stood on the roof and looked around as they were both shocked. 

At this moment, the entire Ying Clan's castle had been fully covered by a pitch-dark fog. The fog had completely isolated the entire castle from the outside world. Something might be wriggling inside the gloomy fog. It was engulfing the castle inch by inch. In fact, this fog had completely covered the moonlight and the starlight.

Ying Canghai the head of Yin-Yang Sect whom the two girls had met in the daytime was floating in the sky while giving out brilliant battle qi with a pretty solemn look.

The four grand elders of Yin-Yang Sect had already been standing behind Ying Canghai, weapons in hand. In the blink of an eye, the five people had formed a battle formation being connected by their qis.

Besides, there were more than 20 male and female immortal generals in total in Yin-Yang Sect. All of them had come to the top of their roofs. Many of them had already put on metal wings. All the immortal generals were moving towards Ying Canghai, including Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin. They moved as fast as lightning bolts towards Ying Canghai and their masters only by touching the roofs on foot. 

All the other disciples of Yin-Yang Sect under immortal generals had already been awakened as they were all converging on the center of the castle.

Only one disciple in metal wings might not know the power of the black fog, and wanted to escape out of there rapidly. The moment he rushed out of a courtyard, he broke into the black fog. When he entered the black fog, he uttered a miserable shriek. In the eyes of everyone at present, his flesh separated from his bones. Closely after that, his flesh and bones turned into b.l.o.o.d.y foams and dust. Even his metal wings lost their l.u.s.ter and became mottled as they fell off the sky. 

All the disciples of Yin-Yang Sect were shocked by this scene as their faces turned pale.

"This black fog is the earlier stage of immortal power battle formation, stay away from it..." Ying Canghai roared as his battle qi started to burn like a torch in a split second, lighting up the entire castle. As the head of Yin-Yang Sect, he had to do something. "All the disciples of Yin-Yang Sect, come to my side..."

The so-called immortal power battle formation in Motian Realm was sage-level knight's realm in Taixia Country. The earlier stage of immortal power battle formation was half-sage level knight's realm and the fatal skill that fire immortal generals could apply. 

At this moment, a terrifying sneer came from the black fog, whose origin was in the east, west, south or north every once a while. n.o.body knew where it came from. 

The moment Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin approached the main residence of Ying Canghai, Brother Ying whom they saw in the daytime had rushed over here with two boxes, saying, "Hurry, put them on..."

They were metal wings in the boxes. The two girls immediately put on the two metal wings. Closely after that, they rose into the sky with the other immortal generals of Yin-Yang Sect who had put on metal wings. 

With metal wings, they would have a greater probability to succeed even if they escaped. 

The other common disciples of Yin-Yang Sect were also flying towards here in metal wings at their fastest speed. Those who didn't have metal wings were rus.h.i.+ng over there as fast as they could too. 

"May I know your name. Do you mind showing me your face? As Yin-Yang Sect has been living in seclusion for so many years. We don't mean to compete with anybody. I wonder whether we've offended someone or not. If you could forgive us and save us, I Ying Canghai will appreciate you very much. No matter how much reward will Force Emperor Immortal Palace provide you, Yin-Yang Sect will present you with the same reward..." Ying Canghai said loudly as he looked around.

Now that outsiders had already known the residence of the remains of Yin-Yang Sect, they would not be able to stay in Redmountain City any longer. On this occasion, Ying Canghai still had a fluke mind as he still wanted to preserve Yin-Yang Sect. Just now, Yin Canghai had already fought the stranger who had released such a terrifying immortal power battle formation for one round. After that, he realized that the stranger must not be inferior to him in battle strength. 

As Ying Canghai didn't know how many people were there among the opponents and that the powers of Force Emperor Immortal Palace might arrive here at any time, he didn't want to waste any time with them at all; instead, he just wanted to leave here as soon as possible. 

Soon after Ying Canghai's words, the area of black fog in the opposite of him had rolled. Closely after that, a team of people rushed out of there.

The team contained 8 people, 1 in front of 7. All of them were in black long robes. The one in the front wore a mask of long-teeth green face who felt pretty grim. Additionally, he was holding a 65 cm-long black gourd, on which bizarre runes were flowing every once a while. 

All the 7 people behind him felt like immortal generals. In black expressionless masks and black metal wings, they were all like owls. 

The 8 people's qi fields and costumes were all pitch-dark. They were never like those who lived on the rewards of Force Emperor Immortal Palace by killing the remains of Yin-Yang Sect. Although their costumes were similar to each other, they were different than the uniforms of any other human immortal palaces in Motian Realm. Given their frames, they were not demons; at least not demons except disguised demons. As disguised demons could change their faces whenever they wanted, it was not necessary for them to wear masks. Therefore, at the sight of the 8 people, Ying Canghai instantly felt a bit inauspicious. 

"May you tell me your names?" Ying Canghai asked in a m.u.f.fled voice as he told those behind him to be ready for a fight using his battle qi.

The team leader in iron long-teeth mask didn't answer Ying Canghai; instead, he glanced over all the immortal generals of Yin-Yang Sect distantly through his mask. After being glanced by this guy, they felt being licked by a serpent's tongue. Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin both felt gooseb.u.mps all over. The strange team leader finally uttered, "There're 28 immortal generals in Yin-Yang Sect: 1 fire immortal general, 4 water immortal generals, 6 earth immortal generals and 17 fierce immortal generals. All of them are present. We didn't come here in vain..."

After hearing that, all the immortal generals of Yin-Yang Sect changed their faces right away. It was already astonis.h.i.+ng that this stranger knew that the nest of Yin-Yang Sect was in Redmountain City. It was more heart-breaking and terrifying rather than shocking that this guy knew the concrete number of immortal generals of Yin-Yang Sect. 

"Sister Jiang, after a short while, if the battle breaks out and we're asked to escape in different directions, I will cover you..." Brother Ying told Jiang Ruoxin secretly.

After taking a look at Brother Ying, Jiang Ruoxin let out a sigh inside as she remained silent.

Watching the rolling black fog in the surroundings, Ji Yuelan bit her lips as she clenched one punch and put it onto the area between her b.r.e.a.s.t.s as if she was hesitating...

All the other immortal generals of Yin-Yang Sect revealed different expressions. At this moment, all of them felt a bit flurried unconsciously. 

"Who the h.e.l.l are you?" Ying Canghai roared as he continued, "How did you know the situation facing Yin-Yang Sect?"

"It's none of your business. Hehhehheh, I also know that No-Hatred Tortoise the top rarity of your sect has just returned today. As for whom I am, you will know it soon!" the one in iron long-teeth mask said icily. Closely after that, he put his hand on the black gourd and opened its lid while some golden sparkles flew out of its gourd towards the immortal generals of Yin-Yang Sect. 

"Go to h.e.l.l!" Ying Canghai launched a strike towards those golden sparkles while his fiery hot battle qi crossed the air zone of Ying Clan's castle like a red rainbow. As a result, the entire air zone of Ying Clan's castle turned scarlet.

All the people around Ying Canghai had sensed the scorching heat wave caused by the terrifying strike of this fire immortal general. None of those below fire immortal generals might be able to resist such a powerful strike. 

However, an unexpected scene appeared...

The golden sparkles thoroughly penetrated through the battle qi strike of Ying Canghai like dandelion seeds in the wind as if they were not real. Closely after that, they covered all the immortal generals of Yin-Yang Sect. 

There were 28 golden sparkles in total as same as the number of the immortal generals of Yin-Yang Sect. One golden sparkle targeted one immortal general. 

As Ying Canghai's strike charged at those people in black gowns, the black fog instantly surged and surrounded them. After hitting the area of black fog, Ying Canghai's strike had dissipated, only causing the black fog to undulate for a few seconds. 

Those golden sparkles moved so fast that very few people could see clearly what they were. Neither Ji Yuelan nor Jiang Ruoxin knew what they were. Watching the golden sparkles flying towards them, they all used their instincts to release their protective battle qi. Closely after that, they launched strikes to protect themselves...

In a split second, the air zone of Ying Clan's castle had become colorful and brilliant. 

When Jiang Ruoxin slashed towards that golden sparkle, the golden sparkle thoroughly penetrated through her sword shadow and her protective battle qi as if it was virtual...

Jiang Ruoxin flashed backward, closely followed by the golden sparkle. At the same time, she warned secretly, "Watch out, this thing is not afraid of our strike..."

"Ahh, what is this f*cking thing..." an immortal general of Yin-Yang Sect shouted.

The black fog continued to diffuse as the team leader waved his hand, sending an order, "According to the old regulation, besides those immortal generals, wipe out all the others..."

The 7 owl-like immortal generals then charged at those disciples of Yin-Yang Sect...

Closely after that, the air zone of Ying Clan's castle was filled with the growls and miserable shrieks of Ying Canghai and the disciples of Yin-Yang Sect. However, only after a short while, this region had become silent again.


"Watch out, Redmountain City, I met..." Ji Yuelan sent an incomplete message to Zhang Tie using her jade plate calmly at the last moment; because Zhang Tie's face suddenly appeared in her mind at this moment. Not knowing why, Ji Yuelan didn't consider her own safety at all; instead, she only thought about what Zhang Tie would do if he encountered such an accident without any preparation. 

Before she sent the complete message, Ji Yuelan had felt a head shock a bit. Closely after that, she fell into the endless dark...


At the same time...

Zhang Tie opened his eyes at a strike in Jiaotai Palace, Dragon Emperor City while lighting up his own fire chakra...

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