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After coming out of the secret tunnel of Ying Clan's castle, Zhang Tie flew around Ying Clan's castle to seek for clues. Pitifully, besides 7 underground secret tunnels leading to different locations, Zhang Tie saw nothing else valuable. 

In his lotus-flower eyes, those underground secret tunnels were almost transparent to Zhang Tie. After searching over the 7 secret underground tunnels from the sky, Zhang Tie didn't see anything suspicious. 

The ends of these secret tunnels were all hidden in mountains, woods and lakes. Some were in a private residence; some were connected to the location of the branch of Force Emperor Immortal Palace in Redmountain City. These secret underground tunnels varied from a few miles to dozens of miles in length in all directions. However, it was normal in the ends of these secret tunnels. There was no corpse or blood in these secret tunnels. Additionally, the switches in the secret tunnels were not triggered yet, which meant that the members of Yin-Yang Sect didn't even have time to trigger these secret tunnels. Even though the fastest ones had just entered the underground s.p.a.ce before being killed by the enemy that darted down. 

The enemy moved so fast that the members of Yin-Yang Sect didn't even have time to make any response. Additionally, they appeared being pretty familiar with Ying Clan's castle. That was a bit abnormal despite being real. 

After flying around for a while, Zhang Tie returned to the air zone above Ying Clan's castle. 

The powers of the headquarters of Force Emperor Immortal Palace had not arrived yet. The immortal soldiers of the branch of Force Emperor Immortal Palace in Redmountain City were still circling around the castle while numerous people were discussing on the mountain slopes around the castle. 

Needless to ask, only by concluding what he heard from those discussions, Zhang Tie had known the relations.h.i.+p between Ying Clan and Force Emperor Immortal Palace in Redmountain City. These contents made the means of survival and background of Yin-Yang Sect clear in Zhang Tie's mind.

After confirming that he couldn't find any people alive or complete head to know what happened to Ying Clan's castle in details, Zhang Tie gave up collecting clues from alive people. 

Although Zhang Tie didn't know what methods did the opponents use to wipe out the entire Ying Clan's castle, Zhang Tie's methods might also be out of their imagination. 

If it was the 1st day or the 15th day of the month, Zhang Tie could be able to use his s.p.a.ce-teleportation equipment. Then, the problem would be easily solved. As long as he took out an egg of soul-chasing b.u.t.terfly from Castle of Black Iron, he would be able to catch up with those butchers and might save Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin. Pitifully, it was March 20th. Previously, Zhang Tie didn't take some eggs of the soul-chasing b.u.t.terfly out of Castle of Black Iron in case of emergencies; therefore, he could only wait until 11 days later, by when even the most powerful soul-chasing b.u.t.terfly couldn't catch any odor of the butchers anymore. 

As there was no soul-chasing b.u.t.terfly in Motian Realm, those people might not imagine that Zhang Tie could trace them in such a magical way. Additionally, there was no Great Wilderness Sutra in Motian Realm either. Although there were powers above sage-level knights in Motian Realm, their animal-controlling skills were just close to that in Taixia Country before Great Wilderness Sutra became popular. Therefore, Zhang Tie could only use the secret skills in Great Wilderness Sutra. 

After taking a look at the surrounding environment, Zhang Tie flashed into the wood behind Ying Clan's castle. In a split second, Zhang Tie became visible. Sitting on the crown of a dozens-meters-high tree, Zhang Tie made a bizarre handprint and pushed it into the void. 

In less than 2 minutes, more than 10 birds had flown towards him from different directions and stayed on the twigs beside Zhang Tie. 

There were 2 owls, 1 grey falcon, 1 woodp.e.c.k.e.r, 2 wild cranes, 1 eagle, 3 great t.i.ts, 1 cuckoo, some larks and 1 starling. These birds kept tweeting and capering vigorously beside Zhang Tie. However, these birds could barely stay together in usual days. 

With the rustling of leaves, a leopard cat drilled out of the shrubs. After climbing onto the tree, it squatted down right in front of Zhang Tie. Then, it looked at Zhang Tie in a flattering way with its s.h.i.+ny black eyes. 

"Stay calm. As you were in the wood when the tragedy happened to Ying Clan's castle last night, you might have already seen it more or less. I could only ask you about that..." Zhang Tie told those animals as he stretched out his hand and stroked the leopard cat's head, adding, "Let's start from you..."

In a split second, what this leopard cat had experienced last night had entered Zhang Tie's mind sea.

When the leopard cat was resting on a tree on the mountain slope behind the castle, the weird black fog sudden appeared. This leopard cat used its instinct to sense the danger from the black fog as it instantly escaped away without even looking back...

This leopard cat didn't see too much; however, it provided the first piece of news for Zhang Tie. It was useful information——black fog. At the sight of the black fog, Zhang Tie had felt it was like the realm thing grasped by a semi-sage level knight. 

After injecting a wisp of battle qi that could be conducive to its health as its reward, Zhang Tie patted it. The leopard cat then meowed lightly and rubbed its head against Zhang Tie's leg for a couple of times. After that, it left the tree adroitly and soon disappeared into dense weeds. 

Zhang Tie moved his hand while the three great t.i.ts capered onto his palms and wrists at the same time. 

The three birds also saw something despite being not too much. Due to a different angle of view, they saw something different from that leopard cat. 

After receiving some rewards, the three great t.i.ts also flew away. Zhang Tie then got the second piece of information.

Then, it came to the third piece and the fourth piece...

None of these animals could see how those murders appeared; nor did they know what happened to Ying Clan's castle. However, Zhang Tie became increasingly clear about the entire process starting from the appearance of the black fog to its dissipation. The entire process lasted less than 10 minutes. When the black fog suddenly dissipated, an owl in the wood saw 9 people fly out of Ying Clan's castle from afar.

8 of the 9 people were in mask and black robe; except one who was a female in blackish green skirt. This woman flew shoulder to shoulder with the head of the others who was in a bucktooth mask while the other 7 were in black metal wings while each of them was lifting some people in a coma being bound together. 

After flying away from Ying Clan's castle, they entered an airboat behind the mountains. Then, the airboat flew towards the north...

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