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The air feather-cla.s.s airboat was heading forward at a speed of over 600 miles per hour. It was not its maximum speed, but its normal speed, at which it would not arouse the others' attention.

The airboat was flying above the white clouds in the air like a sailing boat traveling in the ocean. Zhang Tie was like a sh.e.l.l that attached itself to the sailing boat. The difference was that Zhang Tie was lying on the top of the airboat; instead of its bottom. Additionally, with the combined effects of invisible shen bead and the master-level hiding skill, Zhang Tie was completely invisible to the others. 

As he didn't know about the situation inside the airboat, when he remembered Ji Yuelan's warning, he didn't directly make a spree killing inside the airboat to save the beauties; instead, he prepared to figure out the situation inside the airboat from outside first.

With his lotus-flower eyes and the powerful spiritual energy, Zhang Tie could thoroughly see through this airboat as it looked like a transparent yet firm air in front of him. 

Zhang Tie immediately saw 7 immortal generals in black robes inside the airboat, 2 of them were keeping an eye on those captives at the bottom of the airboat while the other 5 were resting or cultivating in their own cabins above. Among the 7 immortal generals, 3 of them were earth immortal generals while the other 4 were fierce immortal generals. At this moment, all the 7 immortal generals in black robes had already taken off their masks and revealed their real faces. Given their looks, they were nothing different than the immortal generals of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace or Force Emperor Immortal. Neither were they grim such as having long fangs nor ugly such as having disgusting looks. One of them was even somewhat handsome. 

When Zhang Tie caught sight of that handsome immortal general, his heart raced at once as that guy was Zhou Baifei.

Zhang Tie was too familiar with Zhou Baifei. This guy joined the branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in Heavenly Square City together with him. After that, he seduced women in the immortal palace. Then, after failing his speculative action in Dragon Emperor City, he was dislodged to a barren land. Finally, after Zhang Tie promoted to Dragon Emperor, he escaped away. Zhang Tie could never imagine that he could see Zhou Baifei here.

Under Zhang Tie's gaze, Zhou Baifei was absorbing a water-element crystal in a cabin with crossed legs. After more than 1 year, Zhou Baifei had kept his beard, which made him look a bit maturer. Besides, he revealed a hint of sadness. 

Previously, Zhang Tie thought that Zhou Baifei might be a mole of an immortal palace in Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. After Zhou Baifei escaped away, Zhang Tie didn't catch him at all as he was a trivial figure in Zhang Tie's eyes. Additionally, as Zhou Baifei was familiar with a disciple of Elder s.h.i.+, if Zhang Tie had gone too far, he might be taken as weakening Elder s.h.i.+'s power, which was not conducive to the internal solidarity of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. It was not worthwhile for Zhang Tie to chase after such a trivial figure. Therefore, Zhang Tie just let him go. Now, Zhang Tie realized that Zhou Baifei's background might be not simple; because few human immortal palaces in Motian Realm dared offend Force Emperor Immortal Palace. 

'Are they from Star Emperor Immortal Palace? But there does not seem to be such a fierce contradiction between Star Emperor Immortal Palace and Yin-Yang Sect. Why do Star Emperor Immortal Palace catch these people of Yin-Yang Sect in such a brutal way?'

Such a whim occurred to Zhang Tie as he had witnessed the weird methods of Star Emperor, 

If one person was criticized by numerous people, he would die without a sickness. As Zhang Tie had a bad impression on Star Emperor, he instantly doubted it was schemed by Star Emperor.

'Are they from Star Emperor Immortal Palace?'

'They're not given the direction of the airboat. Because Star Emperor Big Domain is in the south of Nine Heavens Big Domain, most of Star Emperor Immortal Palace's territory is in the south of Nine Heavens Big Domain. However, this airboat is heading for the north.'

Zhang Tie continued to search over the airboat spiritually. Zhang Tie remembered that at least a male team leader and a female immortal general should be in this airboat. Zhang Tie thought about finding some clues from that man or somewhere close to that man. 

The air feather-cla.s.s airboat was not large. Besides the 7 immortal generals in black robes and some aloof and stereotyped crew members who were manipulating the airboat, Zhang Tie instantly found his target in a relatively luxurious berth cabin on the top floor... In fact, he found the man and the woman at the same time.

On the big bed of the luxurious berth cabin, two human bodies were rolling together, one black, one white. In the loud crashes, the woman's enchanting groans and exclamations almost broke out of the roof. If not this berth cabin had been installed with a special sound isolative device, the entire airboat might have been filled with the woman's groans, precisely screams. 

Zhang Tie had not imagined that he could see such a live show in the airboat. Additionally, given the disorderly big bed, Zhang Tie estimated that the two people had been wresting for quite a while. 

Zhang Tie had experienced such stimulating scenes for many times. He was a veteran in this aspect. However, previously, Zhang Tie was always the male main character of such a scene. Zhang Tie only remembered one time when he peeped at such a scene performed by Hanna's elder brother and elder sister-in-law when he was a young soldier many years ago. From then on, Zhang Tie almost had not seen such a fierce scene anymore. 

As he was here to save people, Zhang Tie only threw a casual look at them. He really didn't feel like enjoying such a live show at this critical moment. 

——No matter what, your gestures are not as various as mine——this was what Zhang Tie thought in his inner heart. 

As his ears were full of the woman's groans and loud sounds of "pah, pah, pah", Zhang Tie was going to move his spiritual energy and attention away from the cabin. Right then, the man who was making sprints with his back against Zhang Tie said something.

"Three Lives Sutra of Yin-Yang really...something...Ying Canghai really wasted a lot as he didn't reclaim you..." the man stammered as he kept sprinting, sweat oozing all over. 

'Three Lives Sutra? Is that woman a member of Yin-Yang Sect?' Zhang Tie became stunned. After hearing this man's words, Zhang Tie stayed there. 

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