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Previously, Zhang Tie didn't know what was the optimum combination of a rarity and a secret method. But now, he knew. 

His invisible shen bead and the master-level hiding skill was such an optimum combination in effect. 

With an independent invisible shen bead or an independent hiding skill, Zhang Tie was not confident to pa.s.s by two immortal generals in front of them without being discovered. However, after combining the two things, Zhang Tie turned impossibility into possibility. 

When he pa.s.sed by the two immortal generals, Zhang Tie suddenly thought about killing the two guarding immortal generals; instead of saving those captives of Yin-Yang Sect at the bottom of the airboat. Such skill of sneaking to the side of one's opponent and giving him a sudden fatal strike was simply the skill that all the and killers were dreaming of. 

It was out of Zhang Tie's imagination that he had such an amazing ability.

Despite the killing intent that rose in his inner heart, Zhang Tie finally gave up killing the two immortal generals in black robe.

At this critical moment, even though Zhang Tie could kill the two immortal generals without arousing the attention of the others, it was meaningless for him to do so. Perhaps, he could change something by doing that, what counted most was saving the captives of Yin-Yang Sect. First, he needed to figure out the so-called Golden Soul Rune Miasma which had been applied to poison these people of Yin-Yang Sect and know whether he could relieve it by an antidote. If he couldn't, after these people were taken away, and died a few days later, Zhang Tie would have done all these in vain.

The aisle at the bottom of the airboat was longer than 50 m. The male and female captives of Yin-Yang Sect were respectively locked in the two bilges at the end of the aisle. Zhang Tie instantly came to the end of the aisle.

Fortunately, the bilge where Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin were locked in was at the corner of the aisle. Without being connected to any pa.s.sage or portal, this bilge was at the blind spot for the two immortal generals in black robe. Additionally, the two guards didn't worry that anyone could reach the bilges from other places except the entrance of the aisle where they were guarding. 

This bilge's door was facing a wall of the aisle. If he didn't make any noise, unless the two guards' sightline could turn a corner or they had lotus-flower eyes, they could never see whether the door of the bilge had been opened or not. Therefore, Zhang Tie could take action easily. Although he could be invisible, after all he couldn't penetrate through the wall himself. If he wanted to enter the bilge, he had to open its door. If the two guards saw that the door of the bilge had been opened, they would become alert for sure. On that occasion, it would be more difficult for Zhang Tie to save them. 

There was a black firm lock hanging over the hatch door. This lock was a senior product in Motian Realm called 7-star inter-link lock. Just now, Zhang Tie saw the Grand Justice Qian took out the key and opened this hatch door. If he wanted to open the hatch door, he had to unlock it first. 

However, as for Zhang Tie who was known as an immortal craftsman and a divine dominator and had lotus-flower eyes, it was no exaggeration to say that there was no lock in the world. 

The black 7-star inter-link lock had been opened silently as it started to float off the door without any noise. Closely after that, the door was opened by itself. Usually, when the door was opened, it would cause light creaks due to natural friction. Meanwhile, as the door was opened, it would cause a reciprocating motion inside the closed tubes of the door like a piston's reciprocating motion inside a cylinder. It would further cause slight airflow changes which knights with sharp senses could notice. However, at this moment, the creaks disappeared along with the slight airflow changes. As a result, the guards at the entrance of the aisle could never hear any noise from the bilge near the corner. 

The door was closed and locked by the black 7-star inter-link lock from inside again. Zhang Tie then entered the bilge where those female immortal generals of Yin-Yang Sect were imprisoned.

This bilge covered more than 100 square meters and was over 6 m in height. Although 16 women were put inside, it still looked very s.p.a.cious. It seemed that this bilge was specially designed for imprisoning immortal generals. One end of iron chains was fixed onto the top of the bilge being attached with some handcuffs and shackles. These shackles and iron chains could fix people onto the walls in case they rolled over or hurt themselves due to some intense flight maneuvers. 

It was pitch-dark inside the bilge. There was only a crimson altar lamp hanging over the wall on the left of the door which provided some dim light for this s.p.a.ce. 

There was no peculiar smell inside the s.p.a.ce; instead, the entire s.p.a.ce was full of women's body odor. Actually, given smells, Zhang Tie felt coming into the dorm of some women. 

All the 16 beauties of Yin-Yang Sect, which were shackled in a coma, had plump hourgla.s.s figures. Reflected by the dim lamplight, their looks were especially beautiful despite they looked weak. That got to be the feeling by watching beauties in the dim lamplight.

At this moment, Zhang Tie's heart raced. No wonder the guy surnamed Qian would carry its key with him. If he just handed its key to the two guards. n.o.body knew what those immortal generals in black robes would do here. Of course, perhaps they thought that those women's fates had been fixed. Therefore, they were not in a hurry to do that. 

There weren't any ugly women in Motian Realm, not to mention Yin-Yang Sect. Many women in this bilge could match Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin in looks. The others were all above average. Three of them beside Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin had exceptionally beautiful looks. 

Zhang Tie guessed that the 3 beauties were the masters of Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin. At this moment, the three women's eyes were also closed, which made them look pretty weak.

Zhang Tie immediately came to the front of Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin as he gradually became visible. 

"Ji Yuelan, how are you? Can you hear me?" Zhang Tie patted Ji Yuelan's face as he asked in a mature voice secretly. As long as Ji Yuelan was sane, she could definitely hear that. 

However, Ji Yuelan didn't make any response. Nor did Jiang Ruoxin. Therefore, Zhang Tie took out two vials of senior antidote produced in Taixia Country from his portable container as he slightly pinched their cheeks so that they could slightly open their mouths. Then, he poured the two vials of senior antidote into their mouths...

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