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On November 9th, after many days of long-range raid, the army of 100,000 warriors of huge bear tribe were finally less than 1000 km away from Eschyle City. For the tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness. If 100,000 warriors were less than 1000 km away from their core, with cavalries' speed, this distance was already suitable for the two tribes to fight.

Its distance had already reached the cordons of most tribes. It meant the two tribes would fight very soon.

Although the greater part of the army of huge bear tribe was still about 1000 km away from Eschyle City, the vanguard of the army was already less than 400 km away from the Sciatta town in the west of Eschyle City.

At this moment, Zhang Tie had already confirmed that Elzida didn't cheat him. The whole huge bear tribe was Elzida's gift to him. Everyone across the huge bear tribe, including the most common warriors and big figures like Sarlin Pontiff had paid enough tribute to him, a guy who was doomed to the clan elder of huge bear tribe. Each of his orders was very absurd and required a high cost of huge bear tribe, could be implemented resolutely.

Take this time as an example, his original intention of ordering the huge bear tribe to set out towards Eschyle City had been hit by Neymar. Zhang Tie really wanted to confirm his ruling authority towards huge bear tribe. If Elzida's prophecy had lost its sacred influence in huge bear tribe, Zhang Tie would not waste time on those people who treated him as a puppet.

Elzida wanted him to take responsibility for the future of huge bear tribe. Therefore, Zhang Tie firstly should confirm whether huge bear tribe was worth for him to be responsible for. Otherwise, the prophecy of great prophet and pontiff was just a mad old man's illusion which could not restrict him at all. He didn't think that he owed Elzida or Slavs. He had not reached any agreement or made any promise with anyone. Therefore, he didn't have to take responsibility for the future of Ice and Snow Wilderness.

If he had to take responsibility for that, Zhang Tie felt that his responsibility for O'Laura and Sabrina might be greater than that for all the Slavs.

According to Zhang Tie's plan, if he could really take over huge bear tribe, he would stop the army and return his army northward to the base of huge bear tribe when they arrived at the small town Sciatta. If so, this action was just an armed cruise. If huge bear tribe was not worthwhile for him to do that, he would leave Ice and Snow Wilderness directly from Eschyle City by boat and return to Blackhot City.

Zhang Tie had already delivered the order to stop when the vanguard of his army reached the small town Sciatta. They would wait there until the great part of the army arrived. Based on the current marching speed, the greater part of allied forces would arrive at Sciatta Town by the evening of the day after tomorrow. After resting one day near the Sciatta Town, the army would turn around and return to the base of huge bear tribe.


After exiting the underground relics for a few days, Zhang Tie could obviously feel that the temperature of Ice and Snow Wilderness gradually declined. The north wind became increasingly chilly. The Ice and Snow Wilderness was going to enter winter.

After pitching the camp last night, Zhang Tie directly came to the camp of Thor's Hammer for an investigation.

Zhang Tie was very curious about xiphodons. After several days' contact, Zhang Tie found that this animal was born to be ridden. Although it might not be the strongest beast for riding, at least it was the best and strongest one that Zhang Tie had ever seen.

Xiphodon was the most comfortable one with the highest speed and the best endurance that Zhang Tie had ever seen. Additionally, it could carry the heaviest burden. According to his subordinate, in certain rigorous environment, xiphodon could cooperate with the cavalry in fighting for one week without eating or drinking. What an amazing ability.

Xiphodon could run at a speed of about 120 km/h. Common xiphodons could carry above 1500 kg in battle. Plus its own weight of more than 4 tons for an adult. A xiphodon could also break everything except for the city wall at a speed of 100 km/h.

If not considering the speed of the greater part of the army, Thor's Hammer had already reached Eschyle City yesterday.

In the camp of Thor's Hammer, the cavalries were loading off the battle armor for their own xiphodons. Many cavalries were busy feeding and watering xiphodons and combing fur for them before eating themselves. Seeing those though guys taking care of xiphodons so patiently, Zhang Tie bet they would never take care of their women at home.

For cavalries of Thor's Hammer, xiphodons were not only for riding, but their brothers, partners and family members. For most of cavalries, as xiphodons could live long, they could befriend one or two xiphodons at most in their whole life. Therefore, they especially treasured their partner.

"What's that?" He saw some cavalries throwing purple pies into a xiphodon's mouth and the xiphodon enjoying it, Zhang Tie walked over there out of curiosity.

When he didn't disguise, Zhang Tie looked like a commoner. He liked to stay with his subordinates and warriors very much. When he was in Blapei, Zhang Tie, as a small official of Logistics Department who had rich payment, always stayed in the vehicle maintenance workshop with those repairmen. He always drilled in and out of the cha.s.sis of vehicles. Although being covered with oil, he enjoyed it.

When he acted kindly in Blapei, his subordinates felt him easygoing; however, if he did that at this moment, he would make his subordinates flattered and highly inspired. Zhang Tie was still the same person; however, due to different positions, the same deed had different effects.

Seeing Zhang Tie coming over, the cavalry who was feeding his xiphodon instantly became thrilled as he hurriedly stood at attention.

"Easy, I saw you feeding it with something weird and it seemed to be different to other food!" Zhang Tie explained kindly, "What did you feed just now. Can you show it to me?"

"Colonel, I'm feeding Tyrrhenia with perilla stem!" the warrior answered loudly as he pa.s.sed a hat-sized pie to Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie took it over and found it was about 5 or 6 kg. It was made of leaves of dried broad-leaved herbaceous plant in the shape of pie. Zhang Tie remembered that Sabrina told him that xiphodon ate meat. He also found that most of xiphodons ate jerk these days.

Coincidentally, Sabrina was at Zhang Tie's side. Zhang Tie then threw a dubious look at her.

"My clan elder. Don't look at me like that. I didn't lie to you..." Sabrina peered at Zhang Tie in a charming way, "Tyrrhenia is the speciality in Costari Plain and the most favorite food of xiphodon. As there's no tyrrhenia in other places except for Costari Plain, xiphodon could only eat meat in other places. Even in Costari Plain, tyrrhenia could not be easily found. When there's no tyrrhenia, we will feed them with meat."

'Xiphodon is an omnivorous animal?' Zhang Tie realized that at once. However, after thinking it carefully, he found it was not strange at all. 'Most of bulky terrestrial animals like bear and elephant are omnivorous animals even herbivores. Aren't horse and cow herbivores? But they are all very powerful and could run fast. Weren't dinosaurs, the biggest and strongest animals in the legend, herbivores?

Zhang Tie bore the name of tyrrhenia in mind and was thinking about taking a look at such a plant when he reached Costari Plain.

After taking a round in the camp of Thor's Hammer, Zhang Tie was going to come back. Right then, an airs.h.i.+p flew towards the camp. Although being not as exaggerating as the fury-cla.s.s airs.h.i.+p, it was also huge and s.h.i.+ny, which looked brilliant. A remarkably huge bear-head symbol being surrounded by gears was on it.

"Eschyle City sends you beauties?" Sabrina blinked her eyes towards Zhang Tie.

"I guess they are here to inquire about the intention of huge bear tribe!" Zhang Tie smiled.

"Haven't you heard the term "Spencer women?" Sabrina asked.

"What do you mean?"

Therefore, Sabrina told Zhang Tie about the allusion, "I bet the big figures of Spencer clan must bring you some beautiful Spencer beauties. Perhaps they are using honey trap to you!"

"Is my image that embarra.s.sed? Do Spencer clan plan to deal with me by only two women?" Zhang Tie almost cried.

"It seems that it's my fault!" Sabrina sighed.

Zhang Tie burst out laughter. Ignoring others' eyes, he directly patted Sabrina's plumpy b.u.t.ts. After that, he walked towards his tent, "What are you talking about? How come a man blame a woman. Let's take a look at the Spencer women!"

Looking at Zhang Tie's casual look, Sabrina revealed a smile as she walked towards the main tent in the distance together with Zhang Tie.

The huge airs.h.i.+p landed about 1 km away from the camp. After that, a team of people walked towards the camp...

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